Stephanie Beaudoin, Thieves Sexiest in the World

Stephanie Beaudoin became popular in cyberspace when a picture of herself wearing a black bikini in circulation. 21-year-old woman was arrested by the police for breaking into houses with his gang comprising of three teenagers.
 He is charged with 108 violations related to 42 theft. But the most sexy body apparently attracted the attention of Internet users. One Twitter user wrote: "Criminal of the most attractive new favorite on the internet." Another said: "Stephanie Beaudoin will steal your heart, then things." 
And a user Sarah Felter wrote: "Is he a criminal sexiest in the world? Look at her bikini photos and discuss this. " Beaudoin is a student majoring in nursing from Quebec, 
Canada. He was tried in a court in Victoriaville, Canada. The charges against him include possession of a weapon, breaking and entering (the house) and receiving stolen property. The next court that will be undertaken Beaudoin held on 17 November. Source:

Stephanie Beaudoin, Thieves Sexiest in the World