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Brazil 2014 World Cup: Brazil vs. Mexico Wednesday 18-6-2014 - Video

Brazil 2014 World Cup: Brazil vs. Mexico Wednesday 18-6-2014
Video Brazil VS Mexico Wednesday 18-6-2014
Best Performance of a Lifetime of Ochoa
Fortaleza - Mexico goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa became a star field when El Tri successful draw against Brazil. He mentioned that it was like a once in a lifetime best performances.

When diving match at Estadio Castelao, Fortaleza, Wednesday (06/18/2014) pm dawn, the advanced Group A World Cup, Mexico successfully forced the game against Brazil ended with the score 0-0.

Shown under the pressure of tens of thousands of supporters of the Samba team, Ochoa was able to perform excellent. He is capable of carrying six times to rescue important.

Withstand the onslaught of the success of Brazil, Ocoha praised the performance of his peers defense.

"It was a tough game, especially against Brazil at home alone grass. When we heard their supporters giving spirit, we know that we must try twice as hard," Ochoa said on Football Italia.

"Fortunately the team was able to show outstanding defense and the whole group is gaining valuable points."

"I think that it is a once in a lifetime performance, due to keeping wicket without conceding with saves against Brazil in the World Cup as well as the achievement," he added.

Furthermore, Ochoa also mention one of the most difficult rescue he made in the match against Brazil. Heading carried forward Neymar Dani Alves cross in the 26th minute was the most difficult tepisan done that strengthen the club Ajaccio goalkeeper's

"I think it was the hardest, because it's right next to the goal post," said 28-year-old goalkeeper.

Brazil 0 ~ 0 Mexico (Highlights) Group A: 2014... oleh HumanSlinky

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