3 Scorpions Most Aggressive and Dangerous in the World

3 Scorpions Most Aggressive and Dangerous in the World
Be careful after the rain was over , the rain is not dangerous , but the animals that used to appear after the rain is over is very dangerous , could even lead to death .

Here he Scorpion , Scorpion or known to people in Britain and the United States . Well , you should know and recognize some of the most dangerous types of scorpion in the world .

1 . Death stalker , Leiurus quinquestriatus
Type : Terrestrial , Opportunistic Burrower
Origin : Middle East and North Africa
Size : 10-13 cm
Temperament : aggressive

Deathstalker is known as a species that has the most deadly poisons . Its venom is a mixture of various toxic and very powerful neurotoxin that can cause the pain was unbearable , then fever , followed by coma , convulsions , paralysis and death .

Fortuaznately , for healthy adult humans , although painful , but it can not kill . Small children , the elderly and weak individuals ( eg, a weak heart ) are at high-risk groups would be death if stung by this scorpion .

2 . Arabian Fat - tailed scorpion , Androctonus crassicauda
Type : Terrestrial dessert
Origin : Middle East and North Africa
Size: about 10 cm
Temperament : kaga too aggressive

Fat - tailed scorpion or Androctonus is one of the most toxic scorpion species in the world . His name is just " Androctonus " which means man - killer .

Among all the species Androctonus perhaps the most danger is Arabian Fat - tailed Scorpion 's . Toxins that can rival the poison he had Deathstalker with high levels of the neurotoxin .

This species is responsible for the deaths of several people each year . It is still a debate who the most deadly scorpions , whether Arabian Deathstalker or Fat - tailed .

3 . Yellow Fat - tailed scorpion , Androctonus australis
Type : Terrestrial
Origin : Middle East , North Africa , India
Size: more than 9 cm
Temperament : aggressive sometimes calm sometimes

In accordance with its type ie type " Androctonus " , yellow fat - tailed is a highly lethal type , although it is not as strong as poison or Arabian Deathstalker fat - tailed .

Yellow fat - tailed poison can kill a person within 2 hours , if not immediately given serum ( no effect on healthy adults ) . Getting the serum is also not easy , even in the U.S. alone in getting the serum is still very difficult .

3 Scorpions Most Aggressive and Dangerous in the World