3 Black Sand Beach Exotic

3 Black Sand Beach Exotic

3 Black Sand Beach Exotic

1 . Punaluu , Hawaii

Punaluu is a beach located on the Big Island , Hawaii . This beach is famous for its sand colored black, which was created by lava flowing from a volcano into the sea and then subjected to cooling . Interestingly , visitors are not allowed to bring home the beach sand , because it is considered illegal .

2 . Waianapanapa , Maui

Waianapanapa Beach is a black sand beach formed by waves crashing against volcanic rock over tens of years. At this beach , you can find some wonderful sites that are worth to visit . You can also view and into sea caves and bridges made ​​of natural rock . In the winter , the waves became very high , so swimming , surfing , diving and all the activities on the beach would be very dangerous . When the surf is calm , you can play kayaking , swimming , and diving .

3 . Lost Coast , California

Lost Coast is a beach located in California and stretches about 80 miles. Although you can actually swim in this beach , most people do not do it . Why ? Because according to them , this is not an interesting beach to visit , unless you want to hike along the beach and stopped to take pictures and such .
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The beauty of the islands Exotic Unique Shaped

The beauty of the islands Exotic Unique Shaped

The beauty of the islands Exotic Unique Shaped

Nature created is so unique , so do the millions island on Earth . Some of them have a very unique shape and make curious travelers that invites curiosity to come there just to take pictures and setting foot into the unique island .

Following the world 's most unique island shaped dolphins , hearts , boomerang -shaped island until sperm are some examples of uniquely shaped island . Environmental Graffiti reported from the island which is said to have the meaning of each of the unique shape .

1 . Boomerang Island
The world 's most unique island shaped Aboriginal traditional weapons , Australia , is a boomerang . Boomerang island in the South China Sea . The island is part of the Spratly Islands

2 . Island tree
This tree -shaped island in the Isles of Scilly , off the coast of Cornwall , southern England . Seen from the sky , its shape is similar to a tree . There are sticks, twigs , leaves and even the bottom of the tree as there are forms of soil .

3 . sperm Island
The island is shaped like a sperm , it is a very unique island . This picture was taken from a plane in flight over the sea between Japan and Europe . This is clear from the appearance of the island is only a sand and soil . But from the sky , the island looks like a sperm cell swimming in the vast blue ocean .

4 . liver Island
This is a very unique island romantic . Off the coast of Croatia there Galesnjak island in the Adriatic Sea . But people call Beloved Island . It is because of this heart-shaped island , a symbol of love .

The island is privately owned , filled with plants and trees . Turanj island near the city became the world's attention in 2009 when it published a Google Earth satellite photo of this heart-shaped island .

5 . Island stingray

In Denmark , there Aebelo island in the Kattegat Sea . It is on the north side of the island of Funen , Denmark 's third largest island . When viewed from the sky , shaped like a stingray . In fact, there are parts of the island are sandy and Formatting a long line , as if it was part of his tail .

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3 Exotic Animals Albino

3 Exotic Animals Albino

Albino , a condition that causes a living thing to be different than usual because of the occurrence of a gene from both parents resesive .

Almost all types of animals may be born in the albino condition , even though invertebrate creatures like crabs or fish . Here is 3 albino animals are quite remarkable :

1 . albino Gorilla

As the only albino gorilla who was rescued , Snowflake has a lot fascinated zoo visitors for nearly 40 years , before it finally died of skin cancer at the end of 2003 .

Most gorillas can only survive for 25 years , so that Snowflake has managed to break the record .

During his life , Snowflake 've done 22 times conception , but none tangible albino offspring . Some people say that , sometimes it resembles Snowflake humans rather than animals .

2 . albino Alligator

There are only a few can even count fingers the number of alligator / crocodile white in the world . But not everything is completely pure as albino . The picture above is Bouya Blan , 22 year old albino crocodiles living in Florida . The albino animals have very little pigmentation , even his eyes was almost colorless .

Next is White Diamond , who was born in Louisiana but raised in Germany 's Serengeti Safari Park . The 15 -year -old crocodile is a variant of an albino alligator Mississppiensis the only one in Europe .

3 . albino Snake

Snakes can show some variation of the pattern abino , and they will be patterned skin like white snow . As a predator who moves silently , albino snake has a disadvantage in the world of wild animals due to his skin color is bright and they usually can not survive much longer .
Two-headed albino snake , it is very unfortunate , but it would be very unusual if it can survive for a long time . The owner admitted that the greatest difficulty he faced was because the two are often mutually peg head with each other ! So worry not going to survive much longer .
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3 Scorpions Most Aggressive and Dangerous in the World

3 Scorpions Most Aggressive and Dangerous in the World

3 Scorpions Most Aggressive and Dangerous in the World
Be careful after the rain was over , the rain is not dangerous , but the animals that used to appear after the rain is over is very dangerous , could even lead to death .

Here he Scorpion , Scorpion or known to people in Britain and the United States . Well , you should know and recognize some of the most dangerous types of scorpion in the world .

1 . Death stalker , Leiurus quinquestriatus
Type : Terrestrial , Opportunistic Burrower
Origin : Middle East and North Africa
Size : 10-13 cm
Temperament : aggressive

Deathstalker is known as a species that has the most deadly poisons . Its venom is a mixture of various toxic and very powerful neurotoxin that can cause the pain was unbearable , then fever , followed by coma , convulsions , paralysis and death .

Fortuaznately , for healthy adult humans , although painful , but it can not kill . Small children , the elderly and weak individuals ( eg, a weak heart ) are at high-risk groups would be death if stung by this scorpion .

2 . Arabian Fat - tailed scorpion , Androctonus crassicauda
Type : Terrestrial dessert
Origin : Middle East and North Africa
Size: about 10 cm
Temperament : kaga too aggressive

Fat - tailed scorpion or Androctonus is one of the most toxic scorpion species in the world . His name is just " Androctonus " which means man - killer .

Among all the species Androctonus perhaps the most danger is Arabian Fat - tailed Scorpion 's . Toxins that can rival the poison he had Deathstalker with high levels of the neurotoxin .

This species is responsible for the deaths of several people each year . It is still a debate who the most deadly scorpions , whether Arabian Deathstalker or Fat - tailed .

3 . Yellow Fat - tailed scorpion , Androctonus australis
Type : Terrestrial
Origin : Middle East , North Africa , India
Size: more than 9 cm
Temperament : aggressive sometimes calm sometimes

In accordance with its type ie type " Androctonus " , yellow fat - tailed is a highly lethal type , although it is not as strong as poison or Arabian Deathstalker fat - tailed .

Yellow fat - tailed poison can kill a person within 2 hours , if not immediately given serum ( no effect on healthy adults ) . Getting the serum is also not easy , even in the U.S. alone in getting the serum is still very difficult .
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