Warming: Rat Snakes prey Helping Friend

Warming: Rat Snakes prey Helping Friend:
Perhaps no one ever hurt a friend or friends? As a man who has the highest excellence among all creatures, we apparently still have to learn the animal instincts. Even on a pair of white mice.

In a zoo, Zoo Hangzau Zheijang province, eastern China, a unique happening at once heartwarming sight. When two white mice put in a snake cage for dinner, one rat was immediately approached by a snake as its first meal.

However, what happens? Friends in white mice bravely approached the snake and attack to help a friend who is in danger, dying in the mouth of a snake. Of course this action very brave, considering the green snake is venomous. So, not only is much larger than the size of the body of the rat, snake strength is well above its class.

A guard on duty to feed the snake, watch and capture the incident. He was full of emotion take back the attacking rat snake predators. According to the guard, this mouse has a right to earn a chance to live.

The above story might be an afterthought, that we should treat a friend, not only to laugh when happy, but it is also present when he was in grief and need help.


Warming: Rat Snakes prey Helping Friend