7 Kids Toy with a Price

7 Kids Toy with a Price

7 Kids Toy with a Price:
For parents, the happiness of the child is paramount. One is in the buy toys. But what if the price turned out to be very expensive? Here are the seven most expensive toy ever.

1. Lost in Space B-9 Robot

This sophisticated robot toys made according to those in the series Lost In Space. Every detail of the robot is reproduced from the original models from the pattern to the blueprints. So no wonder the robot is sold for U.S. $ 25 thousand or USD 242 million.

2. Three Wheel Bike Titanium

When children enter the age of the children, a tricycle would be his favorite. Tricycles this could be a super deluxe options. Made of titanium, the bike is likely only be used until the child is 3-4 years old will cost the equivalent of a mortgage is $ 2,500 a year or $ 24 million.

3. Gold Nintendo Game Boy

Game Boy this one seemed to cause a different sensation when played. Not because of the content of the game but as they coated diamonds and 18 carat gold. Gameboy price is U.S. $ 30 thousand, or approximately USD 290 million.

4. Playhouse

Playing house could be activities that stimulate the imagination and creativity of children. Especially if the kids could play in the playhouse made specifically to fit their height. New England Lodge Playhouse is sold at PoshTots site is equipped with television, air duct and air controllers. It cost U.S. $ 54 thousand or USD 523 million.

5. Teddy Bear

Renowned German toy company, Steiff, celebrating the anniversary of the Teddy Bear-125 by way of interest. The company released 41 stuffed Teddy Bear. The dolls are sold limited terbuar fitted mouth of gold and eyes of sapphires. One doll was sold auctioned for U.S. $ 195 thousand or USD 1.9 billion.

6. Barbie

Barbie doll toy this one is really special. Only one piece made by an Australian jewelery designer, Stefano Canturi, Barbie is wearing a diamond necklace. When auctioned for breast cancer research, Barbie was sold for U.S. $ 302,500 or U.S. $ 3 billion.

7. Miniature Lamborghini

Although the shape of cars, whether these items are sold to children. Moreover, the price miniature Lamborghini was U.S. $ 4.8 million, or USD 46 billion. With these prices, who knows how much of the original Lamborghini Aventador model which sells for U.S. $ 380 thousand can be bought.

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Shakespeare Houses Destroyed, Important History Lesson

Shakespeare Houses Destroyed, Important History Lesson

Shakespeare Houses Destroyed, Important History Lesson:
Maintain awareness of cultural heritage, a place that contains a high historical value is not always easy in practice. Not only in our country, even in Europe are always proud of being able to keep the legacy of its history well, it has a unique story. Moreover, this happens at the most popular literary figures: Shakespeare.

A house in the UK, is believed to be the poet wrote several of his masterpieces such as The Tempest, and where he died in 1616, according to the Foundation Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.


The building has historical and cultural value which is very important and is a national treasure.

But this view is not agreed upon by Francis Gastrell. He bought the house in 1753 but he was annoyed by the many tourists who come to see the house, according to architectural historian Gavin Stamp.

Gastrell also called arguing with local officials because of tax issues.

Gastrell already received ridicule by locals after he cut down a mulberry tree planted by Shakespeare in the garden.

Then annoyance peaked when he destroyed the entire house in 1759 down to only its foundation remains.

Residents Statford-upon-Avon is very angry and Gastrell be a very unpopular until he was forced to move to another city, Stamp said. And, the house was rebuilt in 1880 by the British government.

The role of Government is Important

Why a cultural heritage so easily abandoned? Many causes. One is because it is privately owned and require extra maintenance costs. Gravity, the government often lent a hand.

A century ago, the problem is still happening in the western hemisphere. As is the case in England, in addition to the home of Shakespeare, there are many other examples. For example, In 1808 Lady Howe demolish the villa owned by Alexander Pope in Twickenham for similar reasons.

"People like Gastrell can do what they like, the government had no power to stop them. People believe that they do have an absolute right to destroy their property."

The idea that the state could do anything to stop someone on private property assessed silly moment.

That the cultural heritage is preserved British decent few radical beliefs, says a historian.

But after decades of witnessing the historic buildings were destroyed, communities and the government was determined to do something.

Action pioneered by John Lubbock, representatives from Orpington in Kent, became the beginning of the Ancient Monuments Act legislation, which ensures the UK's cultural heritage must be preserved.

Awareness has grown so big, and how our country? So many heritage buildings that suffered a tragic fate. Community organizations that care had to fight tooth and nail for the government to be aware of.

When the governments of countries in the western hemisphere there has been aware since decades, even a century ago, so when the country is taking similar action? Is this a sign of our country so far terAtinggal? What do you think?

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Top 12 Waterfalls in Indonesia

Top 12 Waterfalls in Indonesia

Top 12 Waterfalls in Indonesia:
Waterfall, or the population of Java called waterfall, becoming one of the favorite tourist destinations. Charm offered by the outpouring of millions of cubic feet of water from a height is an awesome sight.

There are many tourist sites waterfalls in the country, 12 of which are summarized below because it involves high waterfall.

12. Sewu Grojogan waterfall (81 meters)
Located at the foot of Mount Lawu (2632 m asl), 27 km from the district. New reef, Central Java. This waterfall is one of the tourism program called "INTANPARI" (Agricultural Industry and Tourism), this waterfall has a height of 81 feet measured from the ground up.

11. Cimahi waterfall waterfall (85 meters)

Located in the village of Cisarua, about 10 kilometers from Erode, or about an hour from London. For those residents who want to find entertainment nature and away from the frenetic metropolis, this waterfall is a tourist destination that fits for them.

10. Cipendok waterfall waterfall (92 meters)

Located in the village of Karang Tengah, Cilingok district, about 25 km from Navan. With a height of 92 meters and is surrounded by a beautiful natural forest.

9. Curup Calm Waterfall (99 meters)

Quiet Curup waterfall is the highest waterfall in South Sumatra, which lies near the village of Bedegung, Tanjung District Court, about 56 kilometers south of the District of Muara Enim.

8. Moramo waterfall (100 meters)

Located 65 km to the east of Kendari, Moramo Waterfall is easily accessible by car or by boat. The uniqueness of this waterfall which has levels, 127 levels as high as 100 meters along the 2 km diperbukitan highlands of Southeast Sulawesi. And surrounded by natural forest into a native habitat in Southeast Sulawesi.

7. Citambur waterfall waterfall (100 meters)

Citambur waterfall, a waterfall a height of about 100 meters in the village of Karang Jaya, District Pagelaran, South Cianjur, West Java. Surrounded by natural forest with beautiful views makes this waterfall is the exotic attractions.

6. Sedudo Waterfall (105 meters)

Sedudo Waterfall located in Ngliman, sub Sawahan. about 30 km from Nganjuk. In addition to the attractions, this waterfall is often used as a place of execution Traditional Ceremony by local government and community. This further adds to the attraction for both local and foreign tourists.

5. Jarakan waterfall (115 meters)

Waterfall located in the village Jarakan Ngancar, District Plaosan. Jarakan Falls as part of the waterfall attraction developed by the government Magetan.

4. Sipiso piso waterfall (120 meters)

Sipisopiso waterfall waterfall waterfall is located in the highlands of North Sumatra. With a height of 120 meters, about 25 km from the city Kabanjahe.

3. Gorge waterfall Payakumbuh Harau (150 meters)

Located in Canyon Harau, 35 km from Bukittinggi. On the sidelines of the hills and valleys Harau there is a deep ravine and a waterfall is very beautiful, and sometimes filled with a bunch of butterflies flying around, making this waterfall is a combination of nature with beautiful views.

2. Madakaripura Waterfall (200 meters)

Madakaripura Waterfall located in District Lumbang, Probolinggo is one of the waterfalls in the area of ​​Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. This waterfall is known as the hermitage Mahapatih Gajah Mada before serving in the kingdom of Majapahit. Madakaripura waterfall shaped alcove surrounded by hills dripping water all over the field like a cliff's raining, 3 of them even formed a waterfall pouring again.

1. Sigura gura waterfall (250 meters)

Located about 250 km from Medan. The falls were produced by Asahan river from Lake Toba has a height of 250 meters.

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Apparently Google's Failed 10 Products Total

Apparently Google's Failed 10 Products Total

Apparently Google's Failed 10 Products Total: The world and the internet as Google has been about. The tech giant made of various kinds of services to facilitate the work of man. But you know if I also have products gatot or fail miserably? And here are 10 products failed Google cited HowStuffWorks.

1. Google Wave

Perhaps this is the most gatot Google services. If Google+ does not continue to do innovation, and innovation, would have fared the same as Google Wave. When it first appeared (2009) Limited via invitation, staying digadang strong competitor Facebook with the full support of Google services: Gmail, YouTube, Buzz, etc.. But what is immoral, do not comply with the commotion.

2. Google Video
Before acquiring Youtube to dowry USD 1.65 billion, Google had its own video service called Google Video. Following the acquisition of Youtube, Google Video had several times changed the service. Launched in 2005, Google Video even been targeted to form a video rental.

3. SearchWiki, Knol, and Sidewiki
SearchWiki, Knol, and Sidewiki, are some of the services that Google created to kill Wikipedia (2008). Services stretcher in the form of a browser extension. Yet this attempt failed. Knol closed in May 2012. SearchWiki ceased operations in late 2010. And Sidewiki stopped service in September 2011.

4. Google Buzz
Still hear how Google so tout this service three years ago. 2010, Google Buzz is integrated into Gmail and even appeared on the pages of websites side by side with the Like Twitter and Tweet Facebook. Google Buzz officially collapsed in 2011.

5. Google Notebook and Shared Stuff
Two of these services eventually replaced or merged into other successful products such as Google Docs and Google Reader Google. Google Docs now also incorporated into the Google Drive with plus penyipanan documents and files on the 'cloud'.

6. Jaiku
Google acquired Jaiku a microblogging site in 2007. In 2009, Twitter tempestuous prima donna and around the world. In the same year, appearing in the internal rift that resulted in the closure of Google's Jaiku.

7. Dodgeball
In 2005 I did two important acquisitions: Android and Dodgeball. The first great success. Secondly, it is a success elsewhere. Dennis Crowley founded Dodgeball in May 2005 and then it was no certainty when the groom Google. Two years racing with stress, Dennis Crowley resigned from Google and Foursquare establish successful until now.

8. Google Print Ads and Google Radio Ads
Both are targeting the advertising business, but with a different conventional media (print) and radio. Unfortunately two advertising projects is not sustainable. Keep in mind if the two ads are targeting the audience offline. Google translate to audience metrics themselves online.

9. Google Answers
The service is similar to what dimili Yahoo!, Yahoo! Answers. But if difikir logically, if we ask him (Google) in search engines and get an answer very quickly in the search results, why should Google Answers service? It makes failure.

10. Google Lively
The concept is simple and attractive. Users seemed to live in a virtual world and communicate (chat) via 3D avatars. Unfortunately Google Lively just breathe for one semester in 2008.


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Want to Know the World's Largest Observatory?

Want to Know the World's Largest Observatory?

Want to Know the World's Largest Observatory?:
This is the largest observatories in the world, named ALMA ((Atacama Large Millimeter / Submillimeter Array). Inaugurated on Wednesday (03/13/2013).
Standing at an altitude of 5000 meters above sea level, Chajnantor plateau (plateau Chjnantor), Chile. ALMA radio telescope equipped with 66 large-shaped antenna has a diameter of seven to 12 meters.

"This is a milestone for a project that never materialized largest observatories in the world," said an astronomer ALMA, Giani Marconi.

The project is expected to provide information that was not previously available that may help scientists to understand the origin of the universe. Scientists hope the research of gas and dust that form stars and galaxies.

Giani Marconi said the ALMA makes the place special is almost no vapor.

"Almost no steam at all that radiation from celestial objects, from galaxies and stars, come without problems, is not absorbed by the atmosphere itself," said Marconi.

The construction project took more than 10 years and is estimated to reduce the cost of sebasar U.S. $ 1.3 billion and received an injection of funds from Chile, the United States, Europe, Canada and Japan.

Photo: Reuters.com and other sources
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Hihihi ... Until why sleep like this, anyway

Hihihi ... Until why sleep like this, anyway

Hihihi ... Until why sleep like this, anyway:
If it's very sleepy, with any position, and wherever we can sleep soundly. So the spectacle of the crowds, who cares? Some of the photos below show people who sleep with a variety of unique.


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Warming: Rat Snakes prey Helping Friend

Warming: Rat Snakes prey Helping Friend

Warming: Rat Snakes prey Helping Friend:
Perhaps no one ever hurt a friend or friends? As a man who has the highest excellence among all creatures, we apparently still have to learn the animal instincts. Even on a pair of white mice.

In a zoo, Zoo Hangzau Zheijang province, eastern China, a unique happening at once heartwarming sight. When two white mice put in a snake cage for dinner, one rat was immediately approached by a snake as its first meal.

However, what happens? Friends in white mice bravely approached the snake and attack to help a friend who is in danger, dying in the mouth of a snake. Of course this action very brave, considering the green snake is venomous. So, not only is much larger than the size of the body of the rat, snake strength is well above its class.

A guard on duty to feed the snake, watch and capture the incident. He was full of emotion take back the attacking rat snake predators. According to the guard, this mouse has a right to earn a chance to live.

The above story might be an afterthought, that we should treat a friend, not only to laugh when happy, but it is also present when he was in grief and need help.

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Unique, Necklaces from Human Hair

Unique, Necklaces from Human Hair

Unique, Necklaces from Human Hair:
An artist from London created a unique masterpiece, a necklace of human hair. Just look necklace wrapped around the neck in the photo below. This necklace is made of strands of hair. Glance like lace attached. Inspired by Victorian style, this necklace is made with pure hand craftsmanship techniques, forming a beautiful jewelry.

Kerry Howley is, the owner of a jewelry designer ideas. He argued that women should have hair on their chests, but the form of jewelry.
Each year, people spend a lot of money to purchase a variety of hair products such as shampoos, conditioners, vitamins, and so forth just to get your hair healthy and beautiful. But when the hair is falling out or cut, man hair like he does not need them anymore. This is what makes Kerry to explore the beauty of the other side of the hair that has been unused.

"I want to know if he can make unused hair into something more interesting," said Kerry on her personal website. Using the general form of a necklace as well as interesting patterns and symmetry, Kerry has created a balance between the craft strangeness and beauty to the beholder.

Artist's home city of London has won a contest entitled "Attraction / Aversion" by making this necklace. Although he uses a strange material, but the necklace hair magic he can be very interesting and of course very beautiful. It takes skill, thoroughness and high persistence to create this kind of jewelry.

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Want to Know the Contents cockpit F1 car? Check this out ...

Want to Know the Contents cockpit F1 car? Check this out ...

Want to Know the Contents cockpit F1 car? Check this out ...:
Formula 1 racing series is one sport that is full of risk. They should spur car at high speed, to hear instruction constructor teams to take notice arena. Oh yeah, and last but not least keep in mind they have to drive a car is complex.

In the wheelhouse or the cockpit, so many instruments. Well, if you want to drive a Formula One car, first you have to look at the control room at the steering wheel of a new car is the McLaren MP4-28.

Cockpit of an F1 car is a simple, molded seats in such a way, four-point seat belts and most of the parts are made of carbon fiber. All the controls of the car with the ultra-sophisticated machinery worth billions of dollars is placed on the steering wheel, and the driver must operate at speeds approaching nearly 322km/jam, wearing big gloves fireproof.

1. Green button 'N'
Let's start with an easy one. The big green button labeled N is an indication for the neutral. We may never see it all in our cars, and the button is very useful for the F1 drivers who want to go back to the pit stop.

2. Green button '+10'
Green button '+10' used by drivers when he sees the data in the car, the key to open 10 pages at a time. There must be a lot of data on the car.

3. Switch red
On the edge of the wheel, the red switch that can be rotated and labeled with the number on it is a switch for transmission cars. This button allows the driver to adjust transmission settings with fast cars, customize cars and adjust your grip strength.

4. Red lipstick
This is not a technical term, but the red button that looks like a lipstick is actually a radio switch. This tool is used by the driver to talk to colleagues in the pit stop.

5. Yellow button labeled 'OT'
Our discussion more interesting. Yellow button labeled 'OT' is the key used to improve engine performance when used to overtake other drivers. This button is usually operated in conjunction with DRS and KERS, we will discuss the key later. OT stands for 'take over'.

6. White button marked 'X'
It seems likely that the function has a sophisticated, but in fact the 'X' white only serves to receive and activate the driver data page. Disappointing.

Now we are in the heart of the F1 steering wheel.

1. Green button '+1'
This button allows the driver flipped upside dashboard data pages one by one.

2. Yellow button 'P'

This button is a pit lane speed limiter. By pressing this button, the speed of the car will drop to 80km/jam speed to avoid sanctions while speeding in the pit.

3. Switch green
Switch reads this number is used to control the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS). This button is used to store kinetic energy as electricity and can be used for extra performance on the car. Racers can determine how much energy is stored by the car's keys.

4. The red button
This button is used to control the Drag Reduction System. The system moves the rear wing to reduce air resistance and increase speed on straight track. But do not forget to restore the system to the next corner or the tire wall on the outskirts of the track as well.

More control buttons on the top right side of the steering wheel F1.

1. Green button '+1'
This button allows the driver flipped upside dashboard data pages one by one.

2. Yellow button 'P'
This button is a pit lane speed limiter. By pressing this button, the speed of the car will drop to 80km/jam speed to avoid sanctions while speeding in the pit.
3. Switch green
Switch reads this number is used to control the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS). This button is used to store kinetic energy as electricity and can be used for extra performance on the car. Racers can determine how much energy is stored by the car's keys.
4. The red button
This button is used to control the Drag Reduction System. The system moves the rear wing to reduce air resistance and increase speed on straight track. But do not forget to restore the system to the next corner or the tire wall on the outskirts of the track as well.

Now we are to the bottom right side of the steering wheel of the McLaren F1.

1. Blue button labeled 'confirm'
This button is used when the engine noise blocking your hearing when communicating with colleagues, because the current state is the same as when you fend off kamikaze lunge 241km/jam of Michael Schumacher. Pressing the button it could mean that the driver has confirmed that he has got the message without having to talk. Perhaps the key can also be labeled 'not now' ... or something else.

2. Keys 'drinks'
Driving a F1 car is making thirsty work and this can relieve the thirst of the drivers. That button can remove the water in a matter sepermilidetik.

3. Button tires
Big buttons that looked impressive at the bottom of this image is the key to set the function of the tire. Rider to adjust the button to tell the computer what the tires are mounted on the car so it can change the settings accordingly.

The bottom steering MP4-28 is relatively small in the lower left and has the following functions.
1. Purple button
Purple button on the bottom left of the steering looks harmless enough but this is a multifunction button and set more than 50 different settings on the car. Starting from the screen on the dashboard to the engine parameters.
2. Mercedes-Benz Logo
McLaren's Button was reminded about who makes their car engines.

Well, are you quite know. Is it all pretty and finished discussed? Should think twice, because there are many more in the back.

Out of sight behind the wheel, drivers still have the paddle shifters to change the transmission, that gives the KERS power boost and clutch, even if only used to power the car.

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Well, turns out the Alien and the U.S. Military Already Lama Interact?

Well, turns out the Alien and the U.S. Military Already Lama Interact?

Well, turns out the Alien and the U.S. Military Already Lama Interact?:
The existence of aliens is often called aliens have always kept a mystery. However, recently, a U.S. nuclear physicist, Charles Hall revealed the figure of aliens involved in military cooperation with the United States over the years.

In his tour of Australia, Hall reveals details of the experience that happened a few decades ago.


In 1964, Hall told me, when he was a weather observer at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, USA, Hall witnessed the mysterious interaction.

"I watched the interaction between the military and the mysterious tall, white, like humans beyond Earth," says Hall is a former Vietnam War veteran in his home, Albuquerque, as reported by The Age, Monday, March 18, 2013.

Hall continued, the plane carrying the alien is able to accelerate quickly, faster than the speed of light.

Since the incident, the use of cameras is not permitted at these locations, the location where the interaction aliens and the U.S. military. In fact, the site has been mysteriously removed from the map.

When Hall arrived at the site, a colleague wanted to lock the alien is the weather station so they would not go to another building.

Hall also said at that time there were five aliens, two of the three remaining men and women. Surprisingly, these aliens went to the bathroom.

"When you encounter the figure of 'high white', such as shock, you do not believe what you see. Ghosts or angels, or are dreaming,'' said Hall.

Previously, Hall admitted that he had met with three types of aliens. That alien with being 'white' high about 2.5 meters, gray alien with yellow or orange color, and numbered 24 aliens with teeth like Norway. They also noted English.

The existence of aliens is associated with the transfer of technology to the U.S. military.

Initially, Hall wrote that experience in a book of fiction to disguise the identity of these aliens. However, what he wrote is the truth.

Hall admitted to not being ridiculous. He said U.S. officials have made it all silent since this information will cause a commotion, people were not ready emotionally accept the alien life form.

Meanwhile, Mariana Flynn, president of the UFO Research Centre NSW believes Hall has met with aliens. "But, this topic can provoke a group of people, especially those in charge of the aliens," he said.

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Come Meet Knowledge Making Fire

Come Meet Knowledge Making Fire

Come Meet Knowledge Making Fire:
In the 1980s there was a movie called "Firestarter", which tells about a girl who has the ability to burn anything it sees. This capability is called Pyrokinesis. Recently, there is also a movie about pyrokinesis, the film series "Heroes" where there is a character named Meredith has pyrokinesis abilities. So, what is pyrokinesis it?

Pyrokinesis, derived from the Greek word πυρ (PUR, meaning "fire, lightning") and κίνησις (kinesis, meaning "motion"). A capability that exceeds that of the fire. Which mental owners were able to manipulate fire and heat.

This can be achieved by accelerating particles to increase the temperature until it reaches the level of extreme heat and could emit sparks that could dispense api.Sebagian of people with this gift have the ability to enhance their personal temperature to warm, even in the coldest conditions.

In some traditions pyrokinetic (people who can use pyrokinesis) can make a fire, but a "technical" pyrokinetic can only manipulate fire, although they can burn combustible materials, making the fire afterwards. The ability to make fire out of thin air, without any combustible material, called "pyrogenesis."

Pyrokinesis is under the umbrella of telekinesis (or, sometimes, PK), which means that a practitioner uses his mind to affect the physical world around them. Traditionally a pyrokinetic can start a fire when the conditions in accordance with an adequate supply to create a fire, the fuel, oxygen and heat, then manipulate the intensity of the fire and the direction in which the ingredients are.
So pyrokinetic can inflame a stack of newspapers and not burn curtain nearby, or cause a fire spread quickly through a particular area at a speed that is not reasonable.
Although there is no empirical experiments that have been proven as displayed by the tradition of popular pyrokinesis, the ability to produce heat has been shown by certain martial arts practitioner.

This martial artist, by manipulating energy "chi", they can radiate heat from their hands or other parts of their body. Some argue that this ability is not "right" but only in the form of bio feedback pyrokinesis and just control, improve and increase the body's natural ability to produce heat, while others say that it is the ability of the material world mind manipulation and thus qualifies as (telekinesis) .
Many who have this ability to work with the negative energy that tends to be warmer then transformed into positive energy. The owner of this ability tends to be full of negative energy and thus very hot to the touch, or the lack of negative energy that makes frozen enough to touch.

SHC More Fatal
Phenomenon experienced by the 'owner' pyrokinetics, in contrast to the so-called body penghangusan spontaneously or Spontaneous human combustion (SHC). SHC is often fatal, because the heat is going to be able to turn your body a pile of ashes in just a few minutes. You can imagine how strong the heat, when compared to the burning of bodies in the crematorium that uses heat at a temperature of 1110 C. It took 8 hours to burn the bodies in situ. Even then, not abandoned as the SHC events.

SHC is a phenomenon that is not directly related to pyrokinesis, but the logical conclusion derived and have been drawn between the two is this: if someone burst into flames for no reason that can be understood, of course can be targeted pyrokinetic. Other theories around them, SHC and pyrokinesis practitioners who struggle to control their abilities and accidentally turn it on themselves, so there SHC.

Willy Brough (12) from Turlock, California, for example, supposedly able to start a fire just by looking at him. As a result, he had to accept it when evicted families because they possessed jahat.Untunglah, a farmer who lived near his home would pick up the boy and send him back. But unfortunately, at the new school he only lasted one day. Since only a day, five classrooms flames coming from his eyes.

Another example is Benedetto Supino of Formia, near Rome, which in turn form the attention of people. Starting in 1982, when he read comic books in the dentist's waiting room suddenly lit up.
Since then, he and his family were struck by several fires. Tables and chairs and an assortment of other items on fire every time Benedetto past, including bed linens, or items held, especially books. Similarly, he considered the serious stuff, like that ever happens to a plastic object held by his uncle.

That ability makes Benedetto feel very embarrassed and even depressed. While scientists are not capable of much help.

Another tragic fate experienced by Jennie Bramwell is an orphan. In just a few weeks after the adoption, at the Dawson home, adoptive families Thorah Island, Ontario. Has happened dozens of times smaller fires. The fire licked the ceiling, walls, furniture, towels, and even the family pet cat, occurs spontaneously when Jennie was nearby. Jennie was returned to the orphanage.

Professor Mario Scuncio of Social Health Tivoli provide a diagnosis rather awkward to assess psychiatric conditions boys are quiet and nerdy it's very normal.
Dr. Giovanni Ballesio, dean of the medical department of health of Rome University, who had investigated the possibility of abnormalities in people who have the ability to generate high power was not able to find any explanation behind all the fire. Benedetto just rested his hopes on Demetrio Croce parapsychologists are trying to teach him how to control his ability.

Vincent H. Gaddis, in his book Mysterious Fires and Lights, stating that there is one power of the mind that is able to increase the volatility of molecules that directly affect a target object. Once the volatility increases, the object becomes hot. To burn the curtains, clothes or other flammable objects just need some hot sparks.
Vincent wrote this book based on her research in the field of parapsychology in 1967.

Ability as well as regularly developed by Tibetan monks, even this tested in the process of their initiation, by wrapping themselves in sheets damp cloth and paper, and spent a cold night in the mountains, sitting in the snow. In the morning, if they pass the exam, paper and cloth will dry up and several feet of snow that touches the bone around the monks would melt.

Excess human beings are capable of burning objects around it is a feature of its own, but if they can not control the excess power can be a curse in itself.
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Amazing Lightning Photo Currently Volcanic Eruption

Amazing Lightning Photo Currently Volcanic Eruption

Amazing Lightning Photo Currently Volcanic Eruption:
A photographer, Martin Rietze, managed to capture a rare event: a volcanic eruption that throws lightning phenomenal.

Volcanic worked as a photographer, Martin went to Japan to witness the eruption of Mount Sakurajima in southern Kyushu. In this, he makes stunning images time of the eruption, as the appearance of lightning when magma spewed volcanic smoke accompanied soar.

Sightings of lightning when volcanoes still a subject of debate among scientists. One hypothesis holds that magma bubbles are thrown, or the ash itself is electrically charged, because that's what causes lightning.


Overview Martin Rietze:
Rietze had photographed volcano for ten years, and many famous works can be seen in an online gallery: Alien Landscapes on Planet Earth.

His experience first when I saw the eruption of Mount Etna in Sicily. And until now, he has no plans to release a full career risk.

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