NASA Releases Image of Mercury With Beautiful Colors

NASA Releases Image of Mercury With Beautiful Colors

NASA Releases Image of Mercury With Beautiful Colors: Planet Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system, and may be seen by the human eye as the moon the Earth. But surprisingly NASA Mercury published a different appearance that we believe over the years.

Planet Mercury is mapped by NASA's Messenger satellite appeared to have beautiful colors. Variations in the color that signifies the composition, this small planet has different types of rocks on the surface.

Instruments spacecraft NASA's Messenger also said there are a variety of chemicals and minerals. NASA Satellite Messenger describes the actual appearance of the planet Mercury, "This is the eccentric planet," said David Blewett of the Johns Hopkins University, told the meeting of the American Journalists Association Advancement of Science (Advancement of Science meeting) in Boston last week.

Mercury is the smallest planet of the eight planets of our solar system, because Pluto is no longer considered a full planet. Smallest planet also has a global magnetic field like that on Earth, Venus and Mars. Color variations planet indicate the composition of minerals, rocks and chemicals at the surface.

In this image released by NASA on Friday, from collision meteor impact basins seen on the top of the Mercury, and the bright orange color indicates the volcanic plains. While the orange spots and a small brown spot where the material is stored due to erosion by a volcanic eruption.

NASA study in December of last year showed the ice and organic material in the craters at the poles of the permanent planet Mercury. Collision of meteors visible at the top Mercury

NASA Satellite Messenger conduct primary mapping mission in March 2012 for a year, and now his mission is to make a more detailed survey. Here are pictures of another planet Mercury taken by NASA's Messenger satellite:

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Oops, eel Monster Successfully Arrested

Oops, eel Monster Successfully Arrested

Oops, eel Monster Successfully Arrested:
An eel-like creature that giant camera gets caught in Raritan River, New Jersey, United States. Creepy, many call like extraterrestrials, because the creature has a large rounded body, thick lips, and a row of jagged teeth.

Is this a sea monster? Maybe not. A fisherman from New Jersey, Doug Cutler, managed to stab the creature in the Raritan River in 2011 and then, but the new pictures were widespread on the Internet.

He admitted, in the past two years for fish in the river, has never been seen creature. This is the first time Cutler catch hideous creature.

"A friend of mine who posted the photos to a contest of people who catch the odd animal," said Cutler, told The Christian Science Monitor, February 28, 2013.

A spokesman at the New York Department of Environmental Conservation told the local newspaper, that the creature was probably a kind of 'lamprey' or large sea eel. The creature is a kind of ancient vertebrates that live in the waters of the north Atlantic.

While oceanographers explained, lamprey may have a length of up to 3.9 meters and weigh up to 5.5 kilograms. Lamprey captured Cutler a length of 3 meters and a weight of 4.5 meters.

Cutler also refuted the notion that says the photos are the result of engineering. "Just me and my colleagues who photographed the creature could feel the fear when he first saw it. Lot of people who do not believe in the secrets of nature," said Cutler.

Sea lamprey Petromyzon marinus has a scientific name, which comes from the Mediterranean and North Atlantic. Generally they can be found in the waters of the eastern United States, Nova Scotia, southern Greenland, the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia.

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10 Unique Wedding Traditions in the World

10 Unique Wedding Traditions in the World

10 Unique Wedding Traditions in the World:
Getting married does not just give promises when the contract, or 'vow' in the church, and exchange rings and the reception afterwards. Often a lot of tradition involved is held on the day sacred. Of the various traditions that exist, presented unique 10 below.

1. Rumbling

This tradition is called Charivari. It could be a wedding tradition most 'disturbing'. How not, the home of the bride will be visited by relatives and neighbors and they make noise segaduh possible. For example, banging pots and pans.

This tradition has been around since medieval times, but the possibility existed long before that time. Charivari traditions exist in several locations scattered in France, usually begins after the wedding vows (vow) is taken.

2. Ring in Pedicure

Usually the wedding, the couple pinned ring finger. Not so with the Hindu tradition Bichiya implement. For people who are newly married, one bride put the wedding ring on the finger partner.

Usually wedding rings are made of silver and worn pinned on the bride's toes. Therefore, if you see women who wear a ring like this, chances are he is a married man and a tradition Bichiya.

3. Three Days Without Toilet

This one feels the most unique traditions and absurd. Bride and groom should not use the shower or toilet for 3 days and 3 nights. When they break, then their marriage would be doomed. Starting from the death of a child born, or even so barren.

Usually brides who carry this tradition was only given a little water to drink every day so they are strong menjalaninnya. And do not be surprised, the perpetrator is not far from the traditions of our country. Namely in Tidong, Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia.

4. Dancing with the Bride

In Poland there is a wedding tradition that allows all guests to dance with the bride. At the reception, her father would start dancing with his daughter who became the bride, and his brother will distribute fabric (apron) to the guests.

Those who put the money will get a chance to dance with the bride. Until it's time the groom will throw his wallet so that outperforms all the other guests in the money. When this is a sign that he would bring his wife to go for a honeymoon.

Well, be sure to have money in your wallet if you want to marry a Polish woman, yes .. hehehe

5. Throw Ritual Plate
It is not known for sure where the original tradition applies the first time, as there are in some countries. The ritual of throwing plates made by the bride and groom as a sign that, they would get their marriage impede the ark. So, by throwing plates at marriage, it is believed to be preparing a variety of possible unpleasant future. As well as the hope that they'll get lucky and lasting throughout life.

6. Bride Kidnapping

The tradition of bride kidnapping also includes the rituals that were held in various regions of the world, in their own way. For example, in Europe, in the Romani Gypsies and you are still doing this ritual. For them, the kidnapped bride who wants to be married and still keep it together for 2-3 days, then she would be willing to be a wife.

While in our country, the tradition of bride kidnapping like this can be found in the area of ​​Lombok and Lampung.

7. Married with Animals

In some parts of India, there is a belief that, if there is a baby girl who had a tooth with a root on the upper gums, a sign that one day he would be killed the tiger, or other scary things. This is a picture of how the influence of evil (ghost) hated it.

The only way to avert the possibility to marry animals. Fortunately this is not a wedding ritual wedding ceremony seriously. That is, just as the ritual as a repellent of evil spirits. After that, she can marry the man she loved.

8. Flushing fluid Rotten

Rituals like this one birthday tradition in some places our country. In Scotland, a bride to be married, before the day of the marriage ceremony takes place will get a surprise from relatives.

He will suddenly foul liquid doused from head to toe. Ranging from rotten eggs, various sauces, anything that makes us hold nausea. The purpose of this tradition that the bride shunned from various evil influences.

9. Skip the Broom Handle

Possible ritual jump the broom handle many western people do. Jump over the broomstick goal during the wedding ceremony is, as the beginning of their new life, "sweep" of life in the past. It is also a sign of union of two families, as well as an homage to the ancestors.

10. At Foot

Ritual at the foot can be found in South Korea. Usually, after the wedding ceremony, the shoes and socks are removed by the groom's friends. Then tie the rope around her ankles.

When these friends of the groom will begin hitting the soles of his feet with yellow Corvina fish. In turn they will continue to land a punch without stopping. The goal is, to be strong when the groom first night.

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Telomere, Tools For Knowing When We Dead

Telomere, Tools For Knowing When We Dead

Telomere, Tools For Knowing When We Dead:
A new discovery could guess when we will die. Similar appliance testers pregnancy test pack.

As reported in the dailymail, new testing methods will soon be available in stores in the UK is able to measure the composition of the tip of chromosome one, called telomeres, through a blood test. Telomeres is believed to researchers as one of the indicators of aging cells that are most significant and accurate. When the aging cell reaches a certain level, that could mean the end of your body move.

Of course, outside of things like unforeseen accidents or malignant disease suddenly attacked. With telemore, test biological age may be one clue when age will end. Or in other words, know when to die.

Maria Blasco, of the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre in Madrid is the inventor of the new commercial telomere test. Furthermore Blasco explains, that older and younger biological age of a person can be measured by the length of their telomeres, and it may differ from the real age of a person.
For example, 65-year-old man could be a younger biological age than men aged 45 years, which means the 45-year-old was likely to have shorter. The longer the telomere, the longer you age.

Simply put, these telomeres that protect your DNA from damage and disruption. Along with the heavy duty, the telomeres from shortening. At middle age and above, depreciation reached a point where they are no longer able to protect the DNA and the situation will worsen when the body's cells begin to divide. The impact is going to loose your skin and wrinkles, immune system becomes ineffective, and spread on the body the more severe disorders such as diabetes and heart disease.

Is it expensive to 'peek' time of your death? In the UK this test method for 400 pounds, while prices for commercial test pack is still not reported.


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Ouch, Rare Disease - Muscle Moves Bones

Ouch, Rare Disease - Muscle Moves Bones

Ouch, Rare Disease - Muscle Moves Bones:
A student at New York experienced a rare disease that is only experienced by about 800 people around the world. This disease makes the muscles turn into bone. Doctors difficult to cure because not much research done to understand this disease.

Joey Suchanek (20 years old) were still actively studying at Marist College, New York. He suffered from a disease called fibrodysplasia ossificans progressive (FOP), a rare disease that can not be cured and cause connective tissue turns into bone in her body.

"My left arm petrified with an angle of 90 degrees and locks into the side of the body. Well my right arm in a 90 degree angle, but I can fold it to grab and eat their own face can not be stretched though. When I was a baby, growing bones near ribs lock my arms until I grew up, "Joey said as reported by CBS News.

According to Joey, no matter when he was born. Until one day, he had a lump on her head. Initially doctors suspected the lump was cancerous and picked it up, but bumps up again a few months later. Upon further inspection, it turns out the lump is not cancerous.

Because when the internet was not yet widespread, Joey's father every night to go to the bookstore to find out the strange symptoms in children. Suspect a rare disease, Joey and taken to a geneticist at the age of 2 years old and was diagnosed with FOP.

This disease affects the growth and cause severe scoliosis. Uneven hips and left leg grew shorter than the right leg. He also had pain for 8 weeks until the bones stopped growing. When this happens, Joey was not able to walk.

"The most painful part is the swelling, swelling really intense.'s Really unexpected. Doctors can not do much. Yet able to estimate how long the symptoms will last," said Joey.

Until now, there were 2 people in the world who are considered experts on the disease, namely Dr. Frederick S. Kaplan, head of the orthopedics division of molecular medicine at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in Philadelphia, and Dr. Eileen Shore, also from the University of Pennsylvania.

According to Dr. Kaplan, FOP is a very rare disease and only affects about 1 out of 2 million people. All patients with FOP are born with abnormalities of the bunion, the bump on the joint at the base of the big toe. The foot is the last part that grows in the embryo.

Newborns usually do not indicate a problem, but parents can be suspected if the child can not look stiff or crawl. Around the age of 2-5 years, a painful swelling and look like tumors can appear suddenly. It is the response of the immune system that attacks the skeletal muscles, tendons and ligaments and ultimately destroy the network.

"Instead of forming scar tissue from muscle destruction, something in the immune system triggers the formation of stem cells that have the potential to connect with the nearby cartilage, converting cells into bone, muscle is not new," said Dr. Kaplan.

Because the disease is very rare and not well understood doctors, Suchanek was willing to become the face of a campaign to raise money for research. He also decided to tell his condition to the public Internet through a social site Reddit Ask Me Anything by program (AMA).

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World moo Telepathy

World moo Telepathy

World moo Telepathy:
Telepathy, remote communication sciences have been associated with the spiritual world. Can the world of science to answer? What exactly is telepathy?

Etymologically, the word telepathy comes from the word "TELE" which means "Far" and the word "pathos" meaning "feeling". Because it can be concluded that telepathy is an ability to feel everything from afar.  
Knowingly or not, we actually often experience symptoms of telepathy is. Symptoms such as when to say something to a friend, but at the same time our friend was saying the same words we want to say.

The example above, was impressed as an event that could occur due to aspects of coincidence. This assessment is not entirely wrong. But behind what is considered to be a coincidence that, behold the power of telepathy is working affect neural reflex vertices us.

In the 18th century, there was a Swedish scholar named Emanuel Swedenborg are interested Occultisme. Once upon a time he was in a meeting with a number of scholars. But suddenly he left the meeting and immediately ran out, saying there was a fire in Stockholm.

Seeing strange shown by Emanuel's, obviously the audience thought he was crazy again. But later one hour later, there was news of a fire in Stockholm was great and burned many houses in the city that included a meeting Emanuel.

Perhaps, we consider the events or anything like that mediocre. Yes we may consider, once again just coincidence. But this kind of symptoms that developed into a science that we know as the science of telepathy.

Telapati View of Scientific

Telepathy can be proven scientifically, at least from the results of several experiments scientists recently.

Scientists from Duke University, North Carolina, USA conducted a study using mice. They make rough shape telapati in animals that allows a pair of rats received instructions to use their minds.

By using a microchip implanted in their brains to communicate with each copy, a pair of mice are able to collaborate and solve simple puzzles, although in one experiment they were thousands of miles apart.

Researchers claim that this is the first study connecting the brain to the brain (brain-to-brain interface). This success raised hopes that one day animals and humans can read each other's thoughts.

"As far as we can tell, these findings demonstrate for the first time that a direct channel of information changes behavior can be established between the two brains of animals without using any form of communication," says a researcher, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Lead researcher, Miguel Nicolelis, said the study is the first step towards linking the diverse minds to be 'brain network' that enables the sharing of information among groups of animals. "We can not even predict what kind of properties that arise when animals begin to interact as part of the network of the brain," says Miguel.

"In theory, you can imagine that the combination of a number of the brain where the brain will provide individual solutions can not achieve it alone," he said.

In a study published in the journal Scientific Reports, the scientists implanted electrodes in the brains of mice microscopic allowing the mice intsruksi working from the other mice, even though both mice were far apart.

The first rat called 'encoder', thinking to find water in kandangannya to respond a certain light and hit the lever. The brain is connected to a second rat, which is referred to as the 'decoder', who were not given the signal light. Well, although not given the signal light, the second rat brain relies on instructions and he pressed the right lever. This demonstration shows that the second rat was guided by the thought of the other mice.

The second test involves two separate mice Durham, USA, and Natal, Brazil. By recording brain signals from the first mouse signals and transmits it over the internet to the other mice, scientists are able to change the behavior of the second rat.

How to Train Telepathy?

There are many theories how to learn telepathy. Many are connecting with the spiritual world, so there are some restrictions in accordance beliefs held.

We will not discuss how telepathy from that side, but trying to take a middle ground acceptable to logic. It is most needed in learning telepathy is trained suggestion.

When performing a suggestion we should be able to unite and align with the will of our inner speech. Here we can use the suggestions short, dense and contain. Suggestions that have been programmed to be stored and recorded in our subconscious, do not try to change it because the concentration will obviously disturbed. It also meant that our subconscious is accustomed to receiving suggestions or positive suggestion. Because basically the inner strength to work according to what is ordered by our unconscious first. So before mensugesti others we must mensugesti mind and our unconscious first.

Suggestion could be belief that any suggestion that you send to other people would be able to influence the subconscious of the person.

How to train concentration
Concentration is required when performing telepathy, because the concentrate which was instrumental for achieving the object to target. However, to achieve concentrations sempurnah one should diligently practice. Among those exercises you can do by reading a book while listening to the radio.

Try to concentrate on reading the book so did not hear again the voice of the radio. very nice if you could read the alphabet back and forth without one pronounce. This means almost perfect. If you've already been through means you will be easy to carry out concentration and telepathy.

An expert telepathy is highly charged must be able to concentrate and create inner visualization of the goal object. Visualization can be shaped light with a telepathic link between objects. Here is necessary to explain that when you concentrate should be able to bring the picture of the person who will be your object, with a record of the image must be clear and not intermittent.

Once you have mastered all these then filled with the suggestion that be your goal. In everyday life you probably never seen or experienced a psychic who can read people's minds to his interlocutor. For the layman this may very amazing at all, but not so with those who master the science of telepathy. It is very reasonable for anyone to master telepathy, or at least have been able mensugesti subconscious.

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Wow, There are 45 million Type Interest in this giant park

Wow, There are 45 million Type Interest in this giant park

Wow, There are 45 million Type Interest in this giant park:
Dubai Miracle Garden is the biggest flower in the world, located in Dubailand. A land area of ​​72,000 square meters covered with 45 million kinds of colorful flowers from around the world. These flowers are not only beautiful extend, but also formed a variety such as hearts, stars, igloo (the typical home pole), pyramids, and others.

Dubai Miracle Garden opened right Valentine's Day, February 14, 2013 last. Flower development company name is root. They said, not impossible to develop an oasis in the desert, through the use of waste water and irrigation.

Not only beautiful, flower display in Dubai Miracle Garden will continue to change each season. Travelers can get a new experience each season. While in Europe there flowers die from winter, even in Dubai, winter is the peak time for flowers to flourish. In contrast, Dubai Miracle Garden will be closed at the height of summer.

Although it has been open to the public, the appeal of the park is not complete because some outlets still unopened. Some outlet shopping, restaurants and nursery crops are still in the stage of development of the second, which will be worked on this summer.

Still no plan to open stores and restaurants in the complex's flower garden. However, Dubai Miracle Garden is receiving tourists.

After the center opened in February, flower gardens will be closed at the end of May and reopened in October. Because summer temperatures in this place an average of 40 Celsius from June to September. This condition is not so friendly to plant flowers.

Dubai Miracle Garden is open daily, 9:00 a.m. to 9:00, from October until the end of May. Entrance tickets sold for 20 AED (about USD 52 774) per person, children under three years free. Open from 10:00 to 22:00 local time on weekdays, and at 10.00-24.00 local time on weekends and holidays.


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When Robots Forming Band

When Robots Forming Band

When Robots Forming Band:
Technological advances more and put a robot in every facet of human life, to the music world had to accept the presence of the robot.

Captured! by Robots, thus the name of the band that is 90% manned the robot. Only one member of a truly human. An entertainment website wrote the following, "The concerns people in the past would have dominance par machines and robots are now realized. The robots have mengivansi music world by forming a band."

Truly Captured! by Robots is a touring musical comedy project that has existed since 1997. Yes, it has been more than 15 years. Members quite complete, including robots brass players - brass section.

In a variety of performances, often showcased that robots were initially ruled by JBOT, a man (musician Jay Vance). However, the robots revolt and instead turned to enslave humanity.

There is a unique message from the band's formation, the man explained that not to be enslaved by the machine. See a clip below their performances.

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Originally Camel creature Pole Ice?

Originally Camel creature Pole Ice?

Originally Camel creature Pole Ice?:
Camels are known as animals that live in the desert and dry. However, in the past in mid Pliosene era, ancestors of this animal was never alive in the cold, very close to the pole.

This fact was revealed from the findings of fossil camels by the research team at the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa.
The research team, which was led by Natalia Rybczynski paleobiolog managed to find a fossil camel estimated 3.5 million-year-old on Ellesmere Island. The island is located in the northernmost part of Canada, Nunavut.

"This fossil is the first evidence showing that camels once lived in the area," said Rybczynski told LiveScience.

"These findings surprised us. Why, we often associate the camel as the animals that live in temperate habitats dry (arid) and half-dry (semi-arid), "he explained again.

There are 30 pieces of bone which is part shin camel fossils have been found of the research team. The bones were then identified using collagen fingerprinting method. The amount of protein, called Collagen Type I, which is contained in the bone were calculated.

According to analysis published today in the journal Nature Communications, revealed that the ancestors of the camel that found 3.5 million years old and a size 1/3 times larger than modern camels alive today.

Rybczynski said the circumstances at the time of 3.5 million years ago is indeed possible for a camel to live in areas close to the poles. Mid Pliosene era was known as a warm condition. Global temperature during that 2-3 degrees Celsius warmer than the current temperature.

Going forward, Rybczynski and his team plan to continue searching for camels in the area around the North Pole. "We hope to find more evidence," said Rybczynski.
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