These beasts Eternal Life

These beasts Eternal Life

These beasts Eternal Life:
Should every creature on this earth has a beginning and an end, life and death. But for this one animal that does not seem to apply, because he could live forever.

Turritopsis Nutricula, otherwise known as the immortal jellyfish. As the name implies, the jellyfish got its own uniqueness. When mature, these jellyfish can go back to the polyp stage and then grow again from the beginning.
This is possible because the immortal jellyfish is able to develop cell transdifferentiation, cells that turn into new cells. In this process, the tentacles of the jellyfish immortal transformed into a new polyp. Theoretically, this process can continue indefinitely.

Immortal jellyfish is shaped like a bell, with a maximum diameter of about 4.5 millimeters. In no part of the abdomen bright red. In young specimens, only has eight tentacles only, while the adult can grow up to 80-90 tentacles.

Believed to originate from the Caribbean, but it has spread throughout the world. Generally in the tropical oceans. Although referred to as immortal jellyfish, in fact, in the wild they have to die because of predation by predators and disease.

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8 Countries Most Visited UFO

8 Countries Most Visited UFO

8 Countries Most Visited UFO:
Whether or not an alien in this world is still a mystery, but some people have reported if it has seen an alien or UFO in the area.

From various reports, the following 10 States have statistics about aliens ever visit. I do not know, why aliens happy to all places.

1. United States of America
Perhaps the most compelling evidence of alien visits to the United States is a large number of 'mass sighting' in U.S. airspace, the UFO sighting by multiple witnesses.

Newspaper archives 1997 /

A perfect example of 'mass sighting' is an event in Phoenix lights off mass on March 13, 1997. More than a hundred witnesses went to the front of their respective homes. All the people claimed to have seen one shaped a 'triangular or V' hovering over the city of Phoenix, Arizona, on this evening.
It is estimated that between five and ten percent of the American population has seen what they describe as a UFO. The United States also holds the record for the highest number of reports of abductions by aliens.

2. Brazil
Meeting with Alien in Brazil reportedly due to some strange events, the story about Chupacabre. Alien Encounter with this often ends with someone getting seriously injured. It is said that no such thing as Colares UFO attack. That victim was attacked with a powerful laser beam that causes burns.
Perhaps the most unique is the attitude of the Brazilian government and the armed forces were forced to take seriously their UFO sightings. As if they know the aliens have some purpose which is not good.

When the city of Varginha UFO invaded in 1996, the Brazilian air force, police, firefighters and army units were mobilized, they should have arrested two aliens. While the details of this incident remain confidential.

Brazilian Air Force has released a large amount of information on UFOs, including the details of the so-called 'night UFO', where they launched fighter jets to intercept a UFO twenty incredible.

3. Russia
In 2009, the Russian Navy issued a file about UFOs, which revealed a series of UFO encounters of the Soviet era. Files tells how a Russian submarine stalking a UFO and UFO's to the surface and eventually fly to the sky.

One of the most remarkable stories revealed by the Navy file tells of a meeting with the aliens on Lake Baikal, the world's largest freshwater lake and the deepest, in 1982.

A group of military divers, who were practicing on the lake, it should find a group of humanoid creatures dressed in silvery current, at a depth of fifty meters. The divers chase and three divers died in the chase for the body pressure difference.

4. China
China (and Tibet autonomous regions) has a long history related to alien life, with several sightings dating back thousands of years. ancient myth tells of a flying machine (sometimes referred to as the pearl of the sky), is sometimes made by men, but more often by the gods.

Some ufologists, especially Hartwig Hausdorf, speculating that many stories in Chinese mythology the dragon is actually referring to extraterrestrial beings.

Chinese emperors sometimes arrested and taken to the train ride pulled by a flying dragon, and the gods themselves are said to have dropped out of the sky with a dragon. One emperor even achieve immortality because dragon captured and taken to fly into the sky. Hartwig Hausdorf even suggest that the entire Chinese civilization has been built around the influence of the alien.

Since the Cultural Revolution and China was ruled by a communist regime, recording evidence of UFO sightings more impossible published.

5. Canada

Many events in the country, ranging from something strange disappearing in the forest or crop circles aneh.Stefan Micholak, claiming he got burned by the exhaust reactor UFO in 1967.

Illustration incident Shag Harbour /

It is most popular in Canada is incident Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia, the visibility of an unidentified object crashed in the waters.

6. German
Some of the earliest UFO sightings occurred during World War II. All pilots were puzzled by the appearance of warplanes strange. Rumours desusnya is, the Nazis had a secret project to create a fighter. Although no known evidence of its truth.

7. France
In 2007 the French government made a policy that has not been done before, is compiling all the UFO files from the past, present, up to the future. They hope that UFOlogy will be able to explain that they can not explain before.

8. Indonesia
You would never think that if Indonesia included into this list, but Indonesia has reported a number of very much related to UFO sightings each year. The incident was awesome was when the Air Force UFO chase in Surabaya and tried to shoot him, but managed to avoid the UFO.

The news was circulated in July 2008, began when the surrounding community foundation Juanda saw a strange light. One witness, Rizqinofa M recounts son saw a strange object to produce a light like the light on Thursday (07/24/2008) at around 19:30 to 20:00 pm. In fact, she also ran her record it in YouTube.


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Such is the Oldest Bird Arts in History?

Such is the Oldest Bird Arts in History?

Such is the Oldest Bird Arts in History?:
Like a bird species known so far to be the ancestors of birds was not the first birds. Formerly, there were hairy species in the dinosaur age is believed to be an ancient species of birds that exist today.

The findings of these feathered dinosaurs and change the way people see the birds and their evolution.
Fossil birds along 30 cm to be strong evidence that there was a bird that explore the Earth's skies in the dinosaur era. Presence against avian origin for this species.

Previously, scientists believed that birds evolved from dinosaurs similar theropods, from the early Cretaceous era, about 120-130 million years ago.

However, the new findings in the area of ​​Northeast China was much older than the theropod that lived in the middle Jurassic.

Scientists estimate Earth Eosinopteryx are more than 145 million years ago.

"This discovery further doubt on previous theories, the famous fossil Archaeoptryx and touted as the first bird., And these findings are very important for the evolution of modern birds," says Dr Gareth Dyke, a senior lecturer for Vertebrate Palaeontology of the University of Southampton.

"These findings also showed that the origin of birds or poultry is much more complex than previously thought," said Dyke.

According to the analysis of the fossil, ancient birds Eosinopteryx have hairy bodies and can not fly. Therefore, the wings are too small, and besides bone structure limits its ability to flap its wings.
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7 Dogs Record Breaker

7 Dogs Record Breaker

7 Dogs Record Breaker:
Dogs are man's best friend the most understanding and quickly trained. That is why the dog was an overwhelming favorite to be maintained. From a variety of training by humans to pet dog, several world record. For example, 7 dogs below.

1. Most Solve Balloon

Solve 100 balloons in 44.49 seconds earned Anastasia. A dog Jack Russell terrier, she lives in Los Angeles with his owner and trainer, Doree Sitterly.
2. Fastest rider Skateboard
Tillman, a bulldog, across the parking lot along the 100 meters in just 19.68 seconds at the 2009 X Games in Los Angeles, making him win the world title.

3. Top Dog
Giant George, a Great Dane breed with a height 43 inches (109.22 cm) of Tucson, Ariz., holds two world titles: highest dog and tallest dog ever. A large dog that has garnered a lot of benign fans due to his owner, David Nasser, always inform the dog's activities via his website and YouTube.

4. Most Dogs Jumping Rope

Thirteen dogs Geinousha Uchida, of Japan, holds the world record for the most dogs skipping rope.

5. Most Tennis Ball in Mouth
Augie golden retriever dog 8 years, earning a world title for the most tennis balls (five) in the mouth for a time.

6. Balancing Glass of Water
Sweet Pea, Australia border collie dog, get a world title: Most steps down the stairs by a dog staring forward while balancing a glass of 5 ounces of water (10 steps) and walk 100 meters with the fastest by a dog balancing a can on his head (2 minutes 55 seconds).
7. Oldest Dog
Bluey, a cattle dog, holds the world title for the oldest dog to the age of 29 years and 5 months. Les Hall of Victoria, Australia, Bluey gained in 1910, and the dog was keeping cattle for 20 years before he died on 14 November 1939.

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Easy Hair Loss Due 5 Type Air It

Easy Hair Loss Due 5 Type Air It

Easy Hair Loss Due 5 Type Air It: Change of seasons is often a cause of hair loss and dry matter. Besides the weather, hair products made from chemicals also trigger severe hair loss.

Apparently there are important things that we often forget when caring for hair. The water we use to wash your hair can also be a source of loss itself. Here are five types of water that can trigger hair loss, as reported by Boldsky.

1. Chlorinated water

Chlorine is a disinfectant and oxidizing chemical that when added to water in the right amount will not damage hair. However, it will cause dryness of the hair, if it is used to wash it regularly.

Chlorine is usually used to keep the pool water clean. Thus, if you want to keep hair beautiful, it is advisable to wear headgear while swimming.

2. Water desalination

This type of water is used in many Middle Eastern countries are far from water sources. The process of desalination is done by removing the salt content of sea water, so the water undrinkable. However, this type of water is considered bad for your hair because it contains a number of high chlorine and sodium. Water use can cause hair to become frizzy, brittle and dryness, especially on the hair roots.

3. Rainwater  

Due to high air pollution, rain water can make hair dull and dry. In addition, acid rain is also considered to be very harmful to your hair.

4. River or lake

Well water pumped from the river or lake is not good for hair health. This type of water contains less minerals and vulnerable to environmental pollution and contamination such as bacteria growth.

5. Water wells  

Ground water comes from rain water that passes through the layers of the earth and settled in the basement. High amounts of minerals such as iron and magnesium are found in the soil can also be found in ground water. These minerals cause excessive dryness of the hair and makes it look dull.

Human hair has natural moisturizer, a protein called keratin and melanin that gives color to the hair. However, with the changing trends, many of us are experimenting on your hair.

The use of chemicals and harmful dyes can cause permanent damage and if the water that we use contain chemicals, hair loss gets worse. Therefore, it is very important to keep hair healthy by using natural products and inculcate habits of healthy eating and drinking.

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This 7 Tier Hacker

This 7 Tier Hacker

This 7 Tier Hacker:
In the world of computers and the internet, hackers is not a familiar name. Pekerjannya was hacked data, information or security system to control it. In tingkatanya, turns Hacker divided into several groups. What are they?

1. Script Kiddies
This group is a group beginner or newbie to hacking the website or other systems using a program that has been created by hackers earlier and experienced.

Script Kiddies just use these programs without having to try to make a new program. The majority, they only understand the basic concepts of hacking only. Most of the Script Kiddies perform an action on the basis of whim and did not do it for some reason. Arguably just as the search for identity in the world of hacking.

2. Hacking Group
Hacking Group is a collection of people as well as Script Kiddies are united for a specific purpose. They will feel stronger when the power, experience and skills they have combined in one group.

The majority of people in the Hacking Group action with specific objectives of the course but to seek popularity, they also make a profit. In Hacking Group is still classified in several categories such as Defacer, Cracker and Carder.

Defacer are a group who loves to change the look of the website in order to show the existence of the group and to voice their aspirations.

Cracker is a group that does not focus on the assault of a website. This group seeks only to find loopholes a paid software that can be used freely and for free.

Carder is a hacking group that focuses on online stores or banks. By hacking the online store or a bank, they will get the customer's credit card information in order to use the site to shop for other items they need.

3. Hacktivist
Hacktivist is a group of people who have the same vision and mission. They average the expertise, skills and experience that high. The group is holding an action with political and social goals. One example of this is when the famous hacktivist Anonymous also has a 'branch' in each country.

4. Black Hat Professionals
This group is a group that good at coding. This group can not be destroyed or can also be found easily. They will continue to grow and develop. On average, one group is an enemy of the government and businessmen.

5. Organized Criminal Gangs
Group one is arguably dangerous group because they are directly under criminal gangs. People in this category are the chosen people who have expertise in above average. They act gently so that the police-would be difficult to detect or catch too.

6. Nation States
One group was arguably more organized and hidden. During the action they target critical infrastructure such as government, public, financial and military. One example is the emergence of viruses flame that could make a scene in the middle of the Iranian government in 2012 ago.

7. The Automated Tool
People who fall into this category is the dangerous virus makers can also infect a website or program for certain electronic devices (PC and mobile device). The group was also divided into categories on the basis of the level of experience and ability.

According, to ward off an attack from the seven groups are expected to understand the characteristics of the attackers before making deterrence or defense as well.

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Why Can Owl 270 Degrees Rotating Neck?

Why Can Owl 270 Degrees Rotating Neck?

Why Can Owl 270 Degrees Rotating Neck?:
Owls as nocturnal animals - for food at night has keistimewan could turn his neck to 270 degrees. Why did it get like this? Over the years the puzzle so the world of science.

Now, researchers have solved the mystery of how the owl can rotate its neck to 270 degrees, without the slightest injury.
In a study published in the journal Science, the researchers found that the owl has a bone structure and circulatory system are unique, so it can support a large head.

Strigiformes scientifically named species has a large cavity in the cervical vertebrae, which houses the arteries. Great room that makes the blood vessels are not hampered when the bird is turning his neck.

"Great room that allows blood vessels to keep blood supply to the brain and the eyes while its head was spinning," said the brain specialist, Dr. Philippe Gailloud, Senior Researcher of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

The findings of this study are obtained after the researchers tested by injecting liquid dye into the blood vessels of the dead owl.

When the owl's head turned, the blood vessels in the neck bone will grow and make a liquid dye entry. "The puddle of blood that makes energy supply to the brain and eyes of owls stay awake," said Gailloud.


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Under the Sea Monster wad Group

Under the Sea Monster wad Group

Under the Sea Monster wad Group: Many researchers who have not examine life on the seabed. Apparently, the mysterious creatures passing by not a few.

Jason Bradley, a marine photographer, managed to take a picture of the creature from the ocean floor in detail. There are already dead, some are still alive when he snapped his camera

1. Unique underwater creatures are usually found in coastal waters of the North Pacific from Japan to California to a depth of 165 meters.

2. Viper Fish

3. Fish with big teeth are usually found in the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean, the Pacific and the Atlantic.

4. Stomiide, family dragon fish

5. Eel fish has a mouth like a bird's beak is usually found at depths of 300-600 meters below the sea.

6. Mustellus shark can grow 1.6 meters long with a weight of 13 kilograms.

7. One of the sea monster who successfully met the photographer during an underwater hunt.

Caters News / Jason Bradley
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7 Unique Hobbies bin Strange

7 Unique Hobbies bin Strange

7 Unique Hobbies bin Strange:
Hobbies, leisure activities are often carried out on time to deliver pleasure indeed manifold. And many of them unique.

Sometimes, a unique hobby that can make a lot of people shaking their heads, such as a hobby 7 below.

1. Pura Pura Dead
Chuck Lamb, 47, who is often called by the dead may have the strangest hobbies are: play dead. Not quite up there, he also recorded all the scenes of death in the form of photos and videos and published on its website since 2005.

Because of this strange hobby, his website is visited by 32 million people and attract the attention of the TV media to invite. Video footage can be seen in

2. Nampang In Live Broadcast
Paul Yarrow of south London has a strange hobby: narcissistic in a live broadcast. So, if the TV crew came to a place and began preaching the latest news from the site, people are always behind the presenters. Paul had nampang in several live BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky News at a different time and place.

3. Giving $ 10 To Strangers
Reed Sandridge lost his job last year and has a new hobby since then. he gave a $ 10 per day to someone who seems as if they could use it, different people every day.

Not long after he was stopped from work, on the third anniversary ematian her mother, she began to give and documenting the gift in a small black notebook, and tells about the people he meets.

On day 94, he has given nearly $ 1,000, handing out money in blizzards, in the rain, on the sunniest days. Some people even give him the money to be used to help others.

4. Collecting Ecstasy Pills
A Dutch national who has this dangerous hobby. He has a 2.400 ecstasy pills with different colors and shapes. But in 2009, most of the collection was stolen goods. The collector did not want to mention his true identity for fear of being arrested on evidence collection objects results.

5. Stepping up Roller Coasters
A 78-year-old grandfather from Pittsburgh has an unusual hobby for a man his age. Grandfather is riding roller coasters 90 times per day and a total of 4000 times during his lifetime.

Vic Kleman spent 5 hours climbing the Jack Rabbit roller coaster at Kennywood Park located - West Mifflin. Vic Kleman admitted having this hobby since 1959 and is a member of the American Coaster Enthusiasts.
6. Lengthen hair

Hair is the crown of a woman. done in various ways such femininity hair to make it look beautiful and be a pride for its owner. including the lengthening hair.
If the length is fairly certainly looks beautiful, but what happens if the length is 37 feet instead end it looks awful. even this is done by busy-busy one big family. They are 7 sutherland brothers from New York. The photo above was taken in 1881-1884

7. Duct tape a stunning artwork
Serves as an adhesive tape antarbenda true, but not permanent like glue. However, there are those who are considered 'crazy', use Duct tape a stunning artwork. Ranging from sculpture, car stickers, floral art, tote bags, extra luggage in the car, to make the dress in party

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10 Most Popular in Irish mythology

10 Most Popular in Irish mythology

10 Most Popular in Irish mythology:
Long history of Ireland is full of ancient mythology and folklore. The ancient Ireland, the Druids and the Celtics believe in the power of magic, and a lot of confidence spread to the legend of the modern world in many countries.

Here are 10 most popular legend among the people of Ireland.

1. Banshee

Banshee is a woman who brings death as a sign to someone. Sometimes you see a Banshee as an old woman dressed in rags, sometimes you see it as a beautiful young girl, and sometimes you see it as a woman who was washing clothes with blood stains.

Every time she looks, she cried with a terrible voice, and according to legend, the crying will bring death to a family member who heard it.

One story says King James I of Scotland thought she was approached by a Banshee. Shortly after that, he died at the Earl, Atholl.

2. Pooka

The Pooka is a particular type of fairy hunchback who created havoc in the world. Pooka appeared at night in rural and coastal areas of Ireland. On a good day, Pooka would cause damage to agriculture, destroying fences and disturbing the animals. On a bad day, Pooka will be standing outside the farmhouse and called the people who were in the house with their name.

If anyone hooked out, Pooka will take them away. Pooka also love messing with the ship pulled away from the Irish. Pooka believed to be the cause of so many shipwrecks along the rocky coast.

3. Changelings

According to legend, fairy women often gave birth to children with disabilities. Because sound more pleasant fairy babies, they will go into the world and replace it with a healthy human baby, and leave Changeling. When Changeling looks like a human baby, he does not have the same emotional characteristics. Changeling was happy when misfortune and sadness going on in the house.

Changeling legend has lasted for centuries. William Shakespeare talks about his role in Changeling, "A Midsummer's Night Dream." "Three hundred years later, Scarlett O'Hara, Rhett Butler's believed illegitimate child was a changeling in" Gone with the Wind. "

4. Dagda's Harp
In Irish mythology, Dagda was a high priest who has a large and beautiful harp. During the war, an enemy tribe stole Dagda harp and took her to an abandoned castle. Dagda followed tribe and was called to go to the location of his harp. Dagda came into his harp and began playing chordnya.

Harp music was issued a heartbreaking and everyone in the palace began to cry. Dagda struck another chord and play the harp, Music Mirth and all the soldiers started laughing. Dagda then played the final chord and harp music issued lull everyone, so the Dagda could escape unharmed with his magical harp.

5. The Children of Lir
The story of the children of Lir from Irish mythological cycle. Lir is the ruler of the sea. He has a wife and 4 children. When Lir's wife died, he married his wife's sister, Aoife. Aoife was jealous of the children of Lir and want to get rid of them.

One day Aoife took the children to the lake. While they swim, she cast a spell on them and change the children of Lir into swans. The children remain a swan by magic spells, until they heard the sound of church bells.

Geese swim from lakes, rivers and streams through many years of waiting for the bell, until St. Patrick came to Ireland and the kids can be free of the curse after 900 years later.

6. St Patrick

For most people, St. Patrick is the one who brings good days and green beer to pubs around the world. In fact, St. Patrick was not named Santo until many centuries after his death, and he was not Irish.

St. Patrick was born in Britain in a wealthy family. During his childhood, he was kidnapped and sold into slavery in Ireland. For many years in slavery, he converted to Christianity, and after his release, he spent the rest of his life teaching Irish about Christianity, but it was soon forgotten after his death.

It was not until many years later, the pastor began to tell the story of St Patrick which has forced all the snakes out of Ireland. Something that can never be done because it did not exist there snakes in Ireland.

7. Shamrock
3 green leaves of Shamrock over the unofficial symbol of Ireland and one of the marshmallows in Lucky Charms. Shamrock has been the most meaningful to the historic Irish culture.

The Druids believed that Shamrock was a sacred plant that can ward off evil. Celtics believe Shamrock had mystical properties since 3 plants heart-shaped leaves. The Celtics believe that 3 is a sacred number. Some Christians also believe Shamrock has a special meaning, three leaves representing the Trinity.

8. Finn MacCool
Finn MacCool is a mythological warrior who appeared in Irish legend. One popular story tells of a salmon who knows all the knowledge in the world. Finn decides to eat salmon to get knowledge.

As he was cooking fish, juices spray out and burn fingers Finn. Finn put his thumb in his mouth to stop the pain instantly and directly to master the knowledge that belongs to the salmon. Since then, whenever Finn sucking his thumb, he gained whatever knowledge he sought.

  9. Faeries

Faeries exist in some form in mythology around the world, but there is a special form of fairies (fairies) from Ireland. Elf in Irish society regarded very lively, and far from perinya Peter Pan, Tinker Bell.

Irish fairies can take any shape he wants, but usually chose the human form. They are said to be beautiful, strong and hard to resist. And that is unfortunate because most fairies of Ireland is told often brings misfortune and bad luck to the people that he came.

10. Leprechaun
Leprechaun probably the most widely known types of different types of fairies that exist in Ireland. Leprechaun legend has existed in Ireland since the Middle Ages. Traditionally, the leprechaun is a fairy high and often appear to man as a parent, which is much different from the mainstream of modern fairy (small like a kid in a green outfit).

According to legend, leprechauns like to collect gold, which they keep in a pot and hide at the end of the rainbow. If the man managed to catch leprechauns, fairies must grant three wishes man before he can be released.

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Want So Good Leader? Not Just IQ but EQ

Want So Good Leader? Not Just IQ but EQ

Want So Good Leader? Not Just IQ but EQ:
Intelligence is a godsend, said some people who believe in it. Meanwhile, on the other hand said that intelligence could be trained. But not a few who say that intelligence is only possessed by human beings whose name, so no one is not smart.

Because human nature is to lead one of them then started researched and developed intelligence. The results are Charles Spearman (1904) with "Two Factor" theory of his and Thurstone, with "Primary Mental Abilities" him, generating grouping of human intelligence which then dianggung glorifying the Intelligent Quotient (IQ).

However, when the empire collapsed IQ Daniel Goleman popularized in 1999 another type of intelligence called Emotional Quotient (EQ). The successful man is not determined by IQ but EQ.

According to Anthony Dio Martin, in his article "Increase Profits By Improving EQ The company's Manager", many CEOs (chief executive officer) of large and small companies that have a very low EQ.

This is on top because they are chosen to occupy the top position on the achievement of targets or looking for maximum profit within a short time. CEO looks primarily reflected mastery makes statistics, articulate, and able to hit the target on schedule.

According to Anthony, CEO characteristics with low EQ is:

1. Having excessive self-awareness. CEO category usually selfish, have high self-reference (self-reference is the source), or in his mind always heard "I think I'm OK, means must be implemented, and should be OK."

2. Self-management is low. CEOs like this usually can not control themselves so have seemed emotional, greedy, reactive, and has the mantra "If I wants like this, it means to be like this is what happened!"

Some other features that are related to social-awareness, in which the most prominent is the attitude of non peduliannya on the surrounding environment, more sensitivity to the feelings of the people around them do not have.

CEOs who have one of the above characteristics will of course have a low ability to empathize, so his listening skills were also poor. No CEO does not have a higher education, even his IQ is high, do not stop learning, so well honed his speaking ability. Happens they included talk the talk and not walk the talk.

According to him again, in the business not only needed business strategy, the manager emotional intelligence should be a virtue. And by Travis Bradberry, author of "Emotional Intelligence 2.0", "... Many CEOs are being Promoted for being a good financial manager, not as people managers." In other words, during this guide to choose the CEO based on business interests alone, great as financial managers and not the clever to manage human beings lead.

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The Flying Dutchman, Ghost Ship Most Popular Stories

The Flying Dutchman, Ghost Ship Most Popular Stories

The Flying Dutchman, Ghost Ship Most Popular Stories:
Ever heard of The Flying Dutchman? This is an urban legend, a story of a ghost ship that may be the most popular. Moreover, his name is often referred to and used in a variety of films.

According sakibul saga, The Flying Dutchman is a ghost ship that can never be anchored, but have sailed the seven seas forever. Flying Dutchman is always visible from a distance, sometimes illuminated by spotlights dim light.

Many versions of this story. According to some sources, this legend came from the Netherlands, while the other was to claim that it came from England play The Flying Dutchman (1826) by Edward Fitzball and the novel The Phantom Ship (1837) by Frederick Marryat, later adapted into Dutch story Het Vliegend SCHIP (The Flying Ship) by the Dutch priest AHC Rmer.

Other versions include the opera by Richard Wagner (1841) and The Flying Dutchman on Tappan Sea by Washington Irving (1855).

Some reliable sources said that in the 17th century a Dutch captain named Bernard Fokke (another version called the captain Ramhout Van Dam or Van der Decken) sailed the seas from Holland to Java with incredible speed.

He was suspected asking for help to reach the speed demon said. But in the middle of the voyage to Cape of God Hope sudden bad weather, so the shaky ship. Then a crew requested that the cruise stopped.

But the captain did not want to, then he said I vowed never to step back and will continue through the storm to reach the destination city, or he and all the crew members will be damned forever.

Suddenly the storm hit the ship so that they lose against nature. And cursed the captain with the ship's boy being body alive and sail the seven seas for eternity.

That said, the ship was condemned to sail the seven oceans until the end of time. then the story was spread very rapidly throughout the world.

Other sources also mentioned the emergence of malignancies among the crew that they are not allowed to dock anywhere dipelabuhan.

Since then, the ship and its crew doomed to always sail, never docked / pull. According to some versions, this happened in 1641, the others guess in 1680 or 1729.

For many centuries, the legend of The Flying Dutchman is an inspiration of the poet and novelist. Edward Fitzball since 1826 has written a novel The Pantom Ship (1837) were removed from the experience of meeting with this spooky vessel.
Many famous poets such as Washington Irving and Sir Walter Scott are also interested in lifting legend.

Community Recognition
Many witnesses who claimed to have seen this ghost ship. In 1939 the ship was seen in Mulkzenberg. In 1941 a group of people on the beach watching the ship sail Glencairn who suddenly disappears when it will run against a rock.
Sightings of The Flying Dutchman was again seen by the crew of a military ship Jubilee MHS near Cape Town in August 1942.  

There is even an account of Christopher Columbus voyage, while Columbus's crew spotted a ship floating hang the screen expands. After seeing it, the crew was killed instantly.

Myth lately also tells if a modern ship saw a ghost ship and a modern crew gave the signal, the modern ship will sink / woe.

For a sailor, an unexpected encounter with a ghost ship, The Flying Dutchman will bring harm to them.

Some reports sightings of The Flying Dutchman who had documented:

1823: Captain Oweb, HMS Leven tells has twice seen an empty vessel tossed blindly amid the ocean from a distance, but in a moment the ship then disappeared.

1835: Narrated in that year, a British-flagged ship besieged by a storm in the middle of the ocean, was visited by an alien ship that is touted as the ghost ship The Flying Dutchman, and then suddenly a foreign vessel approached and seemed to want to hit the ship them, but strangely before the two foreign ships collide then vanished.

1881: Three children aboard HMS Bacchante including King George V had seen sebuat unmanned ships that sail their boats against the current. The next day, they encountered one rather than die in a terrible state.

1879: Son of the SS Pretoria also claimed to have seen the ghost ship.

1939: This looks at Mulkzenberg ship, several people who witnessed the battered ship kerana surprised suddenly disappeared.

1941: Glencairn shore Witnesses reported an obsolete ship that hit rocks and fragmented, but after an investigation at the scene, there was no sign of the wreck.

1942: Four witnesses had seen an empty vessel into the waters of Table Bay and then menghilang.Seorang employee has documented these findings in his diary.

1942: Sightings The Flying Dutchman was again seen by the crew of a military ship Jubilee MHS near Cape Town in August 1942.

1959: The crew of the ship Straat Magelhaen again reported seeing a mysterious ship adrift amid a sea of empty telescope.

How just went
That said, there is a way to circumvent the possibility of passing the ghost ship. How to put a horseshoe on the ship mast as protection.

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Paranormal phenomena are Fixed 10 Mysteries (Sec. 1)

Paranormal phenomena are Fixed 10 Mysteries (Sec. 1)

Paranormal phenomena are Fixed 10 Mysteries (Sec. 1):
Paranormal phenomena, which are often associated with the world of the 'other' lot is told from time to time. Many of them became urban legend, or the scope of "trust not believe it."

Some of the story below is a report that was published in the news media in the past. At least, this is the real ever recorded. Because it is too long, How Are You World dividing it into two parts. This is the first part.

1. Ghost Ship of the Frozen North (1931)

Baychimo, a weighing 1322 ton steamship owned trading company Hudson Bay Trading Co. a route from Alaska to British Columbia used to transport goods and passengers.

On October 1, 1931, the ship returned to Vancouver. It's unfortunate, stuck in the middle of the journey Baychimoo winter arrived very quickly, so it stuck in the frozen seas. The captain and crew are helpless but to wait for help.

On 15 October, the company sends aid rescue plane. However, at the beginning of flight could only carry 22 people. The captain and 14 crew was forced others to build a shelter on the ice.

Very bad weather, storms are common. They had to wait weeks on the ice is frozen. On 25 November, after the storm passed, the captain and the crew were surprised to see their ship, Baychimo, vanished.

A few days later, a seal hunter claims to have seen a ship afloat on the high seas. The distance is 44 miles (71 km) from the original. And, over the years numerous reports of sightings Baychimo continues until the last time seen in 1969 and the fate of the 'ghost ship' was now remains a mystery.

2. Pascagoula Phantom Barber

In June 1942, a resident of Pascagoula, Mississippi struck by terror scary. That mysterious figure dubbed Phantom barbers Barber, because it operates like a ghost midnight.

The main objective blonde girls. The way it works with in like a thief, through the window and cut the hair of the household were asleep. He never took things other than hair.

His first victim of two young girls in a convent, and a 6 year old girl, and continued so terror terrible position in Pascagoula. Police were puzzled. $ 300 reward offered for those who can provide information and assistance dogs can not reveal the identity of the perpetrator.

An incident that occurred at the couple's home with the arrest of Terrell Heidelburg dikatikan Phantom Barber. One night, this family home dimasukki someone through the window and ambushed the couple Terrell. The wife is unconscious, while her husband was brutally beaten. Fortunately both survived. Two months later, police arrested William A. Dolan, a clam as the prime suspect.

Dolan's residence was searched and police found a few strands of hair so as if the case of the 'ghost hair' is complete. In fact, Dolan continues to deny the allegations but could not escape the charges of attacking pair Terrel. In addition it is very difficult to measure the Phantom Barber snared by law, because the ghost is never touched or made violent than their hair. This case was mysteriously fizzled.

3. The House of Blood (1987)

William and Minnie Winston was an elderly couple who lived in a rental home in Atlanta, Georgia. On the night of 8 September 1987, Minnie saw blood splattered bathroom. He immediately told her husband to check.

How shocked they were to see blood splotches appeared in many of the rooms, from the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and hallways. The blood spots just show up on the wall.

They finally reported the strange incident at the local police. Initially, the police did not believe and think it is a joke William alone. Later, when blood samples were taken, the laboratory results indicate that the blood is human blood, blood type O, while the husband and wife's blood group A.

This case is not revealed, or maybe shut up. Since a few years later William and Minnie Winston moved to a new home. Home 'bloody' is said to have rented to someone else and no news after that creepy.

4. The Guyra Ghost (1921)

On 8 April 1921, the Bowen family in Guyra, New South Wales, Australia, suddenly terrorized by attacks hail. The local police were contacted to investigate the incident.

Every night thereafter, the police arrived on patrol, and even special forces were deployed guard house. Surprisingly, the attacks continue to hit the rocks, and out of nowhere. Police frantically looking for the source. They give up.

When the attacks continue to occur for days, one of the family's daughters, Minnie who was 12 years old went home and claimed he did this to scare his older brother. Of course, this explanation can not be accepted by the authorities.

Strangely, when he was sent back to Glenn Innes to visit her grandmother, attacks 'Poltergeist' is returned, the house showered with rocks. In early August, when Minnie was summoned home, stone attack began to subside and eventually stop.

This case just disappear, with no one able to reveal. Because Minnie Bowen after marriage never tell what really happened, and how this phenomenon arises. Is there any influence of evil spirits around Minni as a child? There was never revealed.

5. Eleanore Zugun (1925)

Eleanor Zugun, 12-year-old girl had a strange incident on him. It started when he was staying at his grandmother's house in Romania. One day, a sudden pins and needles flew across the room and stabbed Eleanor skin. Objects scattered around. Broken plates, a large vessel of water into the air and fell shattered just a few meters from Eleanor. His grandmother Eleanore believed was possessed by an evil spirit.

A few months later, Eleanore was sent to a convent for an exorcism, but to no avail. The priests Eleanore finally sent to a mental hospital. The paper also contains the story.

Furthermore, Eleanor was taken to the Countess Zoe Wassiliko-Serecky in Vienna. Countess is a protector of Eleanore and trained as a hairdresser, because he knew Eleanor was not crazy and not properly restrained in a mental hospital.

Strange, Eleanor seranga on increasing. He slapped, bitten, hair pulled, and a variety of objects flying towards him with the purpose of injuring him. Countess puzzled by this phenomenon, because he saw a black shadow moving around the little girl before this phenomenon occurs.

Eleanore finally brought to the National Laboratory of Psychical Research in London. The attacks continue to occur, namu when he was 14 years old, a strange phenomenon is stopped and the next Eleanor normal life.

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