Mystical and Awesomeness Black Cat from Various Faith

Mystical and Awesomeness Black Cat from Various Faith: Like the night before Halloween, black cat symbol is sold in the form of a small doll or a key chain. Animals with eyes lit up at night is always associated with the world of witchcraft or magic.

Some people believe that the presence of a black cat is always identified with the coming of the nation's supernatural or ghosts. Usually the black cat did not come in any place and time.

Only the lonely places and wingit only the appearance of a black cat's favorite spot. Some people believe the presence of a black cat is a sign of awesomeness.

Where a black cat found, certainly around that location were no ghosts or other supernatural beings who are doing appearances or just passing by.

Belief in black cat stems from the history of ancient Babylon in the time past. At that time, black cat sacrificed in a ritual ceremony to be burned with the other offerings.

This myth arises because there is a black cat that sleeps in the middle of a snake with pulasnya, and it was the serpent is a symbol of evil. This understanding continues to grow until the Middle Ages in many nations and beliefs.

1. German
There is a belief that if there is a black cat that jumped into the bed of the sick, death will come to the hospital.

2. Normandy
They believe if the way you see a black cat that was crossing in the middle of a full moon, they believe that you will be attacked by an epidemic.

3. Finland
People there believe that the cat was Black who carry the human spirit to the afterlife.

4. China
The presence of a black cat is a sign that they will be exposed to the disease or will become poor.

5. India
The reincarnated soul can be freed by throwing a black cat into the fire.

6. Bengali
That there is a woman who can transform the human soul into a black cat and a black cat hurt each would hurt her too.

7. Celts
Believe that black cats can predict the future.

8. Druids
At the time of ancient Britain believed that the cat is the incarnation of evil person in the past then the law becomes a black cat.

There are also other faiths, who said that a black cat is one of the witches disguise.

Although there were no witnesses who had seen a witch who turns into a black cat or a black cat that turns into a witch, but they say that one day they hurt a black cat and a black cat was injured, and the next day they found the same injury in the same cat was injured in a woman.

Another belief says that black cats are witches partner to complete "Their evil deeds".

They will fly their broom and began to make a fuss, but the belief that one is terminated by giving them a sweet candy in anticipation of the witches in order not to create confusion.

Believe it or not, whether black cat something to do with the spiritual world it is all up to you. Then what will kepercayaang black cat in your neighborhood?


Mystical and Awesomeness Black Cat from Various Faith