Accidental Invention Makes Rich inventor

Accidental Invention Makes Rich inventor

Accidental Invention Makes Rich inventor: Sometimes, the most successful business opportunities and profitable successfully developed without a plan. Of unexpected events and the inventor of willpower, which eventually brought him to be successful and rich.

Here are some examples of people who suddenly become rich because of unintended events.

1. George De Mestral: Velcro

Mestral was a Swiss engineer nationality. On a sunny morning, he walked through the countryside. On his way he had trouble when I had to take off his clothes dried on a thistle flower.

He also thought that it might be a useful finding. amenggunakan a microscope, he studied the dried thistles and discover what makes the plant sticky.

With rear blatar scientist has, she also made a product he called Velcro. In late 1950, he began selling the product. In 1970, these products are selling well in the world market today.

2. Percy Spencer: Microwave Oven

Percy Spencer is a scholar of American engineering that is assigned to investigate a machine that can detect enemy aircraft during World War 2 ago.

At the time of his research, he accidentally melt a candy bar in his pocket because the microwaves emitted from the detector plane. He then tried the corn and eggs.

Finally he and his friends realized that it could be used as a tool for cooking. He secured his discovery and patented in 1940. And sales of products sold rose today.

3. Arthur Fry: Post-It Notes

Arthur Fry, an American scientist who on one Sunday in 1973 at a church, found this brilliant idea.

Arthur had an unpleasant moment when he finished the book, and when he wanted to continue to read the next day he forgot to have to continue from page keberapa.

He also imagine if he put a small paper in the page, it will be a better reminder. And because of his imagination that he created a product which ultimately made him wealthy.

4. Joseph McVicker: Play-Doh

You know, the toys 'evening' color is usually used as a children's toy? In 1952, a man named Joseph McVicker was just an ordinary employee who works at a company called Kutol.

One day, the woman's sister-in-law initiated an idea. The sister collects toxic cleaning fluid in place worked. Joseph also see this as a business opportunity to make money.

He also gave the dye into a dough kneading it interesting. Some time after that, Joseph set up a company and a profit of millions of dollars.

5. Robert Chesebrough: Vaseline

Robert Chese Brough 22 years old when he decided to work in the oil industry. One day, in an oil well, she finds a liquid oil that is usually referred to as one of the candles.

But he saw that the material can heal wounds in human skin. Entrepreneurial soul encourages him to take the material home and study it.

After some trial and error, he managed to extract petroleum jelly which ended up being an early form of Vaseline. In 1880, Robert suddenly rich after he sold his invention that.

6. Leo Hendrik Baekeland: Bakelite

In 1907, a Belgian chemist named Leo Baekeland discovered polymer Bakelite. These polymers are important materials for kitchen appliances, radio and telephone.

He accidentally found it while planning to make a replacement lacquer (wood coatings), but failed. He also tried heating elements that failed in an iron pot and did not think he had invented Bakelite.

In 1910, he established company in the field of kitchen equipment and does not require a long time to get millions of dollars in profit.

7. Roy Plunkett: Teflon

Roy Plunkett was an American scientist who in 1938 accidentally discovered that Freon is left alone to harden and change color like white candles.

But rather than throw it away, he decided to investigate and discovered that the material contains anything unusual.

In 1945, he gave the idea trademarks and within a few years the company earn billions of dollars in profit. He declared his retirement in 1975.

8. William Henry Perkin: Mauveine

Henry Perkin was a British chemist who discovered Mauveine, the first synthetic dye, when she was 18 years old. He found dye by mistake while trying to produce a cure for malaria.

Not long after that, he patented the manufacturing process, and a year later he built a factory called Greenford Green.

He started his business by selling dyes and quite popular. At the end of 1860, Mauveine has spread throughout the country and William became a millionaire before the age of 36 years.

He then sold the company to purchase a laboratory to conduct other research.

9. Harry Coover: Super Glue

The funniest thing behind the discovery of the world's most popular super glue is actually the glue that is made because of the failure of an experiment conducted by a chemist named Harry Coover.

At first, he was experimenting to make a gun sight (sight glass on the arms) are made of plastic using chemical cyanoacrylate.

But the experiment failed miserably and ended up being a super-powered glue called 'Super Glue'. This product became very popular and in demand in the market and sold more than 2 billion products until now. This is arguably the most profitable ever.

10. Frank Epperson: Popsicle

In 1905, a boy named Frank Epperson accidentally put a mixture of powdered soda and water with a small stick in a glass.

He did not know if it is the beginning of the discovery of ice lollipops. However, only in 1923, he realized the incident became an idea.

At first, Frank opened a shop selling drinks and ice lollipops which was then called "Eppsicles". Furthermore, the ice is changing names and patented by the company Popsicle. In 1928, the Popsicle sales of more than 60 million packs around the world.


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7 Things's Most Feared Man in the World

7 Things's Most Feared Man in the World

7 Things's Most Feared Man in the World: In general, fears that many experienced people in the world, ranging in matters concerning everyday life, from relationships, family, to finance.

As summarized from the,, here are the things most feared man.

1. Fear of Death

Fear of death is the ultimate fear that people experience. Almost all the people are not ready to die knowing that death sooner or later must come. Many people are scared and worried about what might happen after death.

To overcome this fear, it is important to understand that life is a cycle of birth and death, both are two sides of the same coin. Excessive fear of death is called Thanatofobia.

2. Fear of Failure

When trying something, there are always two possibilities, namely succeed or fail. Atychiphobia is an irrational fear of failure that ultimately makes a person not want to do anything for fear of failure.

If the phobia remains untreated, the symptoms will continue to worsen over time. Loss of motivation and a decline in confidence will soon follow which can lead to more severe symptoms such as depression.

3. Fear Denied

Everyone wants his presence received, both by the environment as well as loved ones. Some people even there are so dependent on the recognition, approval or judgment of others to himself.

These people are so driven by the need to be accepted so as to lose his own identity. Some people then withdrew because of fear of rejection. They eventually distanced himself from friends, family and caregivers who care for them.

4. Fear of the Dark

Except for the purpose of sleep, most people are not in a state of sleep be afraid of the dark. Region-daearh dark too often a source of crime.

Fear comes from uncertainty faced not being able to see objects clearly in the vicinity.

Excessive fear of the dark is called Lygophobia, the intense fear of something that does not pose a real danger.

In many cases, this fear is mixed with the fear of ghosts and other mystical figures.

5. Fear of Falling from height

Imagine yourself at an altitude often create panic and fear. Symptoms include cold sweat, shaking and nausea. Excessive fear of heights called Hypsiphobia

6. Fear of Losing a loved one

Being together with loved ones is a moment the happiest in life. When it comes to end of togetherness, both because of separation, divorce or death, many people suddenly fell sad to depression.

Spend more time with family and friends of a loved one. When it comes time to lose them, then the memories will still make those left behind feel excited to live.

7. Fear Poor

If you have poor or grew up in a poor neighborhood, people generally have a very strong fear of poverty. The best way to fight poverty is to educate yourself and learn how to earn money.

Money plays a central role in our lives and deserves the attention. But sometimes people are so afraid of falling into poverty and loss of wealth. Excessive fear is called Peniaphobia.

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When the Heart 'Dirty' It Will Happen In Your Body

When the Heart 'Dirty' It Will Happen In Your Body

When the Heart 'Dirty' It Will Happen In Your Body: The liver is a vital organ of the body. Therefore, it needs to be kept 'clean' in order to stay healthy. When you can not keep it, the liver becomes 'dirty' and there are some things that will happen in the body.

Protein synthesis, detoxification of toxins that are absorbed by the intestine and produce biochemicals that contribute to digestion is an important function of the liver.

The liver also plays an important role in regulating cholesterol metabolism, resulting in a blood clot, eliminating excess bile from the body, and so on.

Liver dysfunction can lead to serious health complications. Infection by viruses such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, metabolic disease, alcoholism, excessive iron deposition in the liver cells are some of the causes of liver damage.

Here are the signs that your body is shown when your heart is not healthy, as reported by Livestrong:

1. There are dark circles under eyes
2. Irregular bowel movements, usually not every day
3. There was a problem on the skin, such as dry skin, itching, eczema, acne, psoriasis and other
4. Abdominal bloating, full of gas and digestive disturbances after eating
5. Cause body odor and bad breath
6. Feeling tired, weak, lethargic and depressed
7. Distended abdomen.


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5 "Main Book" Remains of Hitler

5 "Main Book" Remains of Hitler

5 "Main Book" Remains of Hitler: ITVEST through World War II had made ketar-ketir America and its allies. Imagine, through shaft "ROBERTO" Rome-Berlin-Tokyo, Adolf Hitler and his allies have made a topsy turvy countries in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Thoughts Hitler had become a byword dimasanya, especially the idea of ​​the idea of ​​superior Aryan race. Here are some thoughts Hitler documented and summarized in several books:

1. Mein Kampf

Mein Kampf ("My Struggle") is a book by Adolf Hitler. This book Hitler wrote while in prison. In this book, he talks about his views on the future of Germany. He also describes his future plans for the Jews.

As he rose to power, in 1933, he manifest some of the book, one of which resulted in the massacre of the Jews. The book is available free in the civil offices during Nazi rule in Germany. After World War II, the book is considered to be illegal for sale in Germany and Austria

2. Zweites Buch

The Buch Zweites ("Book Two") is an edited transcript of the mind of Adolf Hitler on foreign policy written in 1928. The book was written after the first book called Mein Kampf.

Bad results after the election of the Nazi Party in 1928, Hitler decided that the public does not fully understand his ideas. He retired to Munich and began dictating Mein Kampf sequel that focuses on foreign policy, to extend the ideas in the book.

Buch Zweites origins can be traced back to one of the major issues during the 1928 Reichstag elections, as well as the condition of ethnic Germans in Italy.

3. My Political Testament

Testament of Adolf Hitler was asked by Hitler after receiving a telegram from Göring Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring that prompts succession, combined with the news that Himmler trying to negotiate surrender with the Allies.

The contents will be dictated by Hitler to his secretary Traudl Junge which was eventually published in his Berlin Führerbunker on April 29, 1945, the day that Hitler and Eva Braun were married.

They allegedly committed suicide the next day on April 30, two days before the surrender Berlin to the Soviets on May 2, and more than a week before the end of World War II in Europe on May 8. It consists of two separate documents, wills and political evidence.

4. Unmasked: two confidential interviews with Hitler in 1931 (Ohne Maske)

Unmasked: two confidential interviews was with Hitler in 1931 which later became a book that claimed to consist of short notes Richard Breiting transcripts of two confidential interviews with Hitler in 1931.

In addition there is an essay (in the form of an epilogue) by Dr Edouard Calic titled The Anatomy demagogy and Adolf Hitler Bent for Destruction, a comprehensive set of notes and also by Calic foreword by Golo Mann.

The authenticity of the transcript have been tested. First published in German in 1968 under the title Ohne Maske, The book is translated by Richard H Barry and published by Chatto & Windus in 1971

5. Hitler und Briefe Notizen

Hitler's Letters and Notes is a book by Werner Maser. This book is a collection of Adolf Hitler's private correspondence and personal notation with comments by Maser.

This book contains photo-facsimile of the original hand-written documents, from age 17 until his death. Maser found this book malambungkan new perspective to the development of Hitler's political philosophy.

6. Tischgesprache (Hitler's Table Talk)

Hitler's Table Talk (Tischgesprache) is the title given to a series of conversations and monologues wartime delivered by Adolf Hitler, which is transcribed from the period 1941-1944.

Statement Hitler was noted by Heinrich Heim, Henry Picker, and Martin Bormann, and later published by different editors, under different titles, in three different languages.

Martin Bormann, who served as Hitler's personal secretary, persuaded Hitler to allow a special team of officers choose to record any personal brief conversation for posterity.

The first record was taken by Heinrich Heim lawyers, ranging from 5 July 1941 to mid-March 1942. Then followed Henry Picker took note of March 21, 1942 until August 2, 1942, after Heinrich Heim and Martin Bormann continued adding material until 1944.

Talks note (Führer Headquarters) Führerhauptquartier in Hitler's inner circle. The talk was not just thinking about war and foreign affairs, but also the characteristics of Hitler's attitude about religion, culture, philosophy, personal aspirations, and feelings about enemies and friends.


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Creation of First Human Origins

Creation of First Human Origins

Creation of First Human Origins: Creation of Adam is the story of the creation of the first man. Adam is reported as one of God's creation of the most controversial or most touted by other creatures of God. The events narrated in the Qur'an.

When God said to the angels: "I will create a vicegerent on earth. They ask (about the wisdom of God's ordinances, saying): Are You (O Allah) to make the earth one who will make mischief therein and shed blood, while we, we hymn Thy praise and sanctify Thee?.

He said: Surely I know that which ye know not. "(Surat Al-Baqarah: 30)

Creation of the Land

Allah has ordered the angel Gabriel came down to earth to take on part of the land as a material to make Adam.

However, the earth refused to allow his land taken even swear by Allah that they are not willing to hand them over for concern as apprehended by the angels.

Gabriel back after hearing that oath and He was sent and then Archangel Michael Archangel Israfil but both also helpless to do anything about it due to the oath made by the earth.

So, Allah ordered angel Azrael to the task and pressing the earth so that the earth does not reject even swear because the task is carried out on the order and the name of the Lord.

So, Azrael down to earth and say that his coming is on the order of Allah and his message to the world not to dispute that allows the earth to disobey God.

According to Ibn Abbas, earth and heaven land used to be used to create Adam. The land is:

1. Land Jerusalem (Palestine) - head as a glory to put brains and common sense.

2. Hill land Sinai (Egypt) - ears as listening and taking advice.

3. Land Iraq - forehead as praying to Allah.

4. Lands of Aden (Yemen) - as a decorative face and beauty.

5. Land of Al-Kautsar well - eye as eye-catching.

6. Holy Land Kautsar - teeth as a smooth-sweet.

7. Land Temple (Mecca) - the right hand as a living and working place.

8. Land Paris (France) - as a member of the left hand to do istinjak.

9. Land of Khorasan (Iran) - as a hungry stomach.

10. Land of Babylon (Iraq) - double the sex organs and lust and temptations of the devil.

11. Land Sinai (Egypt) - the reinforcement of human bone.

12. Ground India - foot as a member of standing and walking.

13. Land of Paradise (Paradise) - liver as confidence, faith, and desire.

14. Land Taif (Saudi Arabia) - tongue as a place to say the shahada, and prayers of thanksgiving.


Adam's body has nine cavities or pores. Seven ports in the head and two in the body that is two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, a mouth, an anus and a urethra.

Five senses comes with certain members such as eye to sight, ears for hearing, nose for the detection of smell, tongue to flavors such as sour, salty, sweet and bitter, and skin to feel for heat, cold, pressure, viscosity and pain.

When God created Adam's body, soil is mixed with fresh water, salty and rancid with fire and wind. Then Allah Nur resapkan into Adam's body with a variety of "nature".

Then Adam's body gripped Jabarut fist and placed in Environment Malakut. The land is mixed again with the term fragrances and ingredients from nature Nur Allah and dirasmi with "Bahrul Uluhiyah".

Then, the body is immersed in a "Kudral 'Great" that is the nature of "Road and Jammal" then perfected body.

The time of the creation of man is not mentioned how long even by any means whatsoever calculation as in the Quran: "Would not have gone to man a period of time (the left), and he (still not yet exist and) not be a thing called- call ... "(Surat Al Insaan: 1)

According to the evidence scholar, Adam's body shrouded in a tempo of 120 years, 40 years on dry land, 40 years in the wet ground and 40 years in the land of dark and smelly.

From there, God changed Adam's body with the glory and tertutuplah from the appearance is the reality. Since this process is through the creation of "dirty", no wonder the angels and Satan will underestimate the human scene was created from clay.

Entry of the Spirit

God commanded Spirit to enter the body of Adam, but like other beings, spirit as well refuses, lazy and shy because of a body like a rock. It is said the spirit hovering around the body of Adam, witnessed angels.

Then, Allah ordered angel Azrael compel the soul enters the body into the body of Adam. It put them in body and spirit slowly penetrated into his head that took 200 years.

Once diffused into the head of Adam, then berfungsilah brain and nerve tersusunlah properly.

Then, there was and continues to open eyes that are still hard to see her body and the angels around him.

Ear begins to work and heard the angels rosary sentence. When the spirits come to the nose, he sneezed and his mouth open as well.

God taught the phrase, "Thank God," which is the first sentence uttered Adam and God himself who responded.

Then the spirit came into Adam's chest past her desire to get up when the ground was hard as a stone. When it is shown that human nature in a hurry.

When the soul reaches the stomach, the abdominal organs and organized perfectly and then Adam began to feel hungry. Finally, the spirit permeates throughout Adam's body, hands and feet and perfectly berfungsilah all flesh and blood, bones, nerves and skin.

According to history, very good cuticle was then compared to human skin color now and can still be seen in the nail as a reminder of their descendants.

With the already completed a first human creation and Adam called "Abul Basyar" namely Mr. Man. However, only the Prophet of the title "Abul Spirit" or "Abul My late" Father of Spirits ie.


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Why Sharks Whale Always to Sea Level?

Why Sharks Whale Always to Sea Level?

Why Sharks Whale Always to Sea Level?: Whale sharks can dive in the cold waters to a depth of hundreds of meters. However, the biggest fish Worldwide should always go back to the sea surface.

"They went to the surface to warm up," said Michele Thums of the Marine Institute, University of Western Australia, presented the findings of a team of researchers who studied the behavior of the whale sharks.

He said the findings open up new insights about the behavior of whale sharks (Rhincodon typus), which has not been revealed. Formerly known that whale sharks are regularly diving at a depth of about 100 meters and then back to the surface quickly. This movement is called immersion style "bounce" or "yo-yo".

However, the research team, involving Professor Mark Meekan of the Australian Institute of Marine Research, discovered that whale sharks can also do very deep dives lasting more than two hours.

Whale sharks always come back periodically surface between one dive and the next dive. This pattern is similar to those found in marine mammals, such as whales or dolphins, which are necessary to the surface to breathe.

"But the whale shark is a fish that does not need to breathe air," says Thums. So he and his team went into the field in search of the answer to that phenomenon.

Research conducted on the four whale sharks. Three sharks at Ningaloo Reef off the northwest coast of Western Australia, and one other on Christmas Island. The four sharks characterized by depth and time recording devices that can also record dives in water temperature.

The data obtained from the device revealed that the sharks spend the longest time on the sea surface after a dive the deepest and coldest, the average temperature at 340 meters with around 14 degrees Celsius.

"The whale shark is at the surface averaged over 145 minutes," says Thums. He concluded that behavior arise because the whale sharks takes regulate their body temperature. Whale sharks regularly to the surface to warm up after spending time in the deep ocean where the temperature cool.

Whale sharks, like other types of fish, are ectothermic. Their body temperature to adjust to the temperature of the surrounding water. Whale sharks can not regulate their body temperature through internal physiological processes such as mammals. Eventually they develop behaviors to the sea surface temperature is warmer to warm the body.

"Similar to a regular reptiles bask in the sun to warm the body. Reptile then occasionally move down a rock when his body felt warm enough," says Thums.

He and Professor Meekan published a study titled "Evidence of Thermoregulation by the World'' s Largest Fish," in the journal Journal of the Royal Society this week's issue.

According Meekan, a complete understanding of the behavior will help develop conservation strategies and management of these plankton-eating animals effectively. These findings can also be used to predict the impact of environmental change on whale sharks.


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An Object Caught While Filling Fuel from the Sun

An Object Caught While Filling Fuel from the Sun

An Object Caught While Filling Fuel from the Sun: Scientists speculate if our sun could serve as fuel stations. The speculation comes after NASA telescope managed to capture a rare occurrence where a space object refuel from the sun.

NASA Telescope captures image of a planet-sized dark object crossing objects such as the sun and a hose extending from the visible object in the direction of the sun.

This object is then immersed in sunlight then disappeared into the dark space. Video recorded by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory shows that the dark object is a dead star, stars that no longer emit light due to run out of fuel.

When passing through the sun, the stars die is too dark because the temperature is cooler than the bursts of the solar corona. Gravity dying star makes the mass of the sun drawn in part, so it looks like an elongated tube.

Successfully captured the rare event that this camera makes the emergence of a new theory that the star was dead can live again after filling enough fuel taken from another star.

Here's the video:


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What color shirt disposable Well, Get Protected from UV Radiation?

What color shirt disposable Well, Get Protected from UV Radiation?

What color shirt disposable Well, Get Protected from UV Radiation?: Ultraviolet radiation (UV) is known to be one cause of skin cancer. Sunlight is good for health, but not all the light is good. The researchers advised to avoid the sun between the hours of 9 am to 3 pm to avoid the risk of skin cancer.

Skin cancer or melanoma disease is a disease characterized by the growth of skin cells that are not controlled and can damage surrounding tissue and can spread to other body parts.

Early symptoms of skin cancer is easily recognizable and can be cured if found at an early stage. Generally there is a kind of rough skin that itch like a wound in the skin. It usually appears behind the palms, face, ears, neck, lips or forearm.

Traits or symptoms of skin cancer is usually indicated by the spots and bumps on the skin. The skin is also more easily followed bloody itching and pain. If the skin has been showing these symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor.

People most susceptible to skin cancer are those aged 40 years and over. Men are also more susceptible to skin cancer than women. As for the race, people with light skin or white colors are more susceptible to skin cancer than those with dark skin.

Every year or melanoma skin cancer cases rising in the U.S. and western countries such as Australia and the UK. The findings, published in Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research is expected to be useful for the textile industry and of course to reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Scientists from the University in Barcelona Cataluna also mentioned, bright colors such as white and yellow over the risk of skin cancer on someone.

The study, published in the journal Industrial and Engineering Chemistry found the fact that this type of material with a choice of dark colors, it turns out better absorption of sunlight.

"The color and cotton is one of the factors that have a remarkable influence to provide protection against ultraviolet radiation," said Dr Ascension Riva, who led the research.

In their research, the scientists put cotton into three solution are red, blue and yellow. They then measured the ability to absorb UV rays of each material.

The results found that the dark blue color has the highest level of UV absorption, followed by the Color Red Color Yellow, while the low absorption rate.

Dr. Riva hope the results of this study, clothing factories to obtain more information so as to design clothing that can protect themselves from the sun more effectively.

"The research that will be given to the garment factories to improve protection against the sun on the clothes," he said.

The invention is an improvement to bring clothing that can protect the skin from excessive UV radiation. That said, this discovery is a solace, given the effort reduce global warming as a major cause of excess UV radiation as of late.


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Complete results of the 2014 World Cup Qualifier

Complete results of the 2014 World Cup Qualifier

Complete results of the 2014 World Cup Qualifier:
Might German at home this time does not apply. Although semapt lead with a convincing score 4-0, Germany had bowed sluggish at the end of the game as if the victory is in sight failed to achieve.

Niall McGin scored for the visitors in the 30th minute. Score 0-1 to Northern Ireland's advantage lasted until before the game was over. Camp host can breathe easily in 79 minutes. Helder Postiga goal transform into the same position one and last until the game is completed.

Spain are preparing for a third victory in the 2014 World Cup qualifiers. But the victory was gone after Oliver Giroud who came on in the 88th minute Benzema scored a goal for France. This match ended in a 1-1 draw position.
Complete results of the 2014 World Cup Qualifying European Zone 16-17 October 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012:
  • Russia 1-0 Azerbaijan
  • Belarus 2-0 Georgia
  • Israel 3-0 Luxembourg
Wednesday, October 17, 2012:
  • Latvia Liechtenstein 2-0
  • Andorra 0-1 Estonia
  • Faroe Islands 1-4 Republic of Ireland
  • Bosnia Herzegovina 3-0 Lithuania
  • Cyprus 1-3 Norway
  • Ukraine 0-1 Montenegro
  • Croatia 2-0 Wales
  • Czech Republic 0-0 Bulgaria
  • Netherlands 1-4 Romania
  • Austria 4-0 Kazakhstan
  • Slovakia 0-1 Greece
  • Iceland 0-2 Switzerland
  • San Marino 0-2 Moldova
  • Macedonia 1-0 Serbia
  • Hungary 3-1 Turkey
  • Germany 4-4 Sweden
  • Albania 1-0 Slovenia
  • Belgium 2-0 Scotland
  • Italy 3-1 Denmark
  • Spain 1-1 France
  • Portugal 1-1 Northern Ireland
One more game, the Poland vs England game delayed to Wednesday, 17/10 at 22:00 pm. Poland vs England match was postponed due to heavy rains around the stadium where the game will be the holding.
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Wow, This is the most unique and strange 10 Car in the World

Wow, This is the most unique and strange 10 Car in the World

Wow, This is the most unique and strange 10 Car in the World: Cars are sometimes made not only as a regular means of transportation but also as a vehicle that is not unusual either function mapun technology.

The cars look unique and bizarre concept, besides economical and environmentally friendly, it is also used for utilities such extreme for offroad conditions or only to find that sensation only in the list of world records.

1. Terceper Cars in the World Powerful Jet

Terceper car will be entered Guinness Book of Records as the most vehicle aka flat flat world. How flat? This car is a mere 19 inches.

Creator Perry Watkins also pair the jet turbine engine in the back of his car. Either the car is legal or not worn on the streets.

2. Colim: Caravans are Compatible

This vehicle was designed by Christian Susana is the result of cross breeding a car and caravan for camping. The front can be removed-off, if it was not for camping, dam into a car with two passenger seats. Perhaps the strange appearance, but flexibility was amazing.

3. World's Longest Limousines

This limousine total length of 30 meters. Got 26 tires, room for many passengers, heated indoor pool, sunbathing deck, a few beds and a helipad ...!!!

5. Peel 50: World's Smallest Car

This three-wheel car broke the record as the world's smallest car will be produced and ready to weave in a traffic jam on the streets of Britain.

6. Evolution: Mobil Super Economical

Different from economy cars in general, the concept is not as hybird cars, but the weight of just 450 kg.

Its speed reaches 160 km / h with a 2-cylinder turbo diesel engine. The door is unique because it is not located on the sides but uses a front wing door.

7. Eclectic: energy-autonomous vehicle in the First World?

This car is equipped with solar panels and windmills as a source of energy and also a re-plug to charge electrical power because the solar panel and windmill could only take this car as far as 14 miles. According to a press release Venturi, it costs about U.S. $ 31,500 dollars.

8. Thrust SSC: Speeding Up to 750 Miles per Hour

Thrust SSC (Super Sonic Car) is powered by two Rolls Royce turbojet engine 205. Workers who sprayed the equivalent of 145 cars Formula One (F1). It weighs 10 tons and has a maximum speed record 766 miles per jamdi Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA in October 1997.

9. Peugeot Capsule: Tiny Car to Escape

Designers envision Alp Germaner vehicle to escape, but not to be used to escape into space as a concept-fiction films, it will take you to the off-road terrain.

Peugeot Capsule inspired KLR 650 motorcycle is moving with power. Complete with GPS, LCD screen that also functions as a rear mirror, internet connectivity and enough trunk space for a weekend with him.

10. Truck Mattrack: Car Ski

This truck is actually ordinary truck wheels replaced with belts mattrack. The manufacturers' Mattrack "seems to be able to make this kind of vehicles of all 4 × 4 vehicle - from ATVs to trucks weighing 20 tons.

Short belts make Mattrack Truck runs almost everywhere except on snow is too thick or deep. In deep snow, belts longer needed.

Short belt can also be used when crossing the glacier (river snow) are short, while glaciers wide use long belt.


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