5 Athletes Most 'Mad' Throughout History

5 Athletes Most 'Mad' Throughout History

5 Athletes Most 'Mad' Throughout History: A. Jack Johnson (boxer)

Jack Johnson (1878-1946) not only won the first black heavyweight, but also pave the way for future athletes to talk dirty and beat a white woman in an era where you could be put to death when doing so. Jack Johnson was an influential figure for Muhammad Ali.

After becoming champion, missed an open media figure "White Boxer" who can beat him, and restore racial hierarchy back to its original order in which whites are at the very top and black underneath.

Undefeated former champion James J. Jeffries returned from retirement to fight Johnson, to satisfy the white masses. In the "Fight of the Century," Johnson makes Jeffries gave up on the round-15.

Outside the ring, Johnson hobby is sports car racing and travel around the world. He has gold teeth and stick m ucikari where the handle is made of gold and always had a pet leopard to the streets.

He spent his life as a jazz musician, nightclub owner in Chicago, a stage actor, working harbor, reef fishing, bull fighters, volunteer secret agent in World War I to the Government of the United States and as beer sales.

He is also a legendary eater and drinker (and spend a night in Russia to fight drinking with Rasputin).

It should be noted that all the above mentioned is not a lie, and not a joke. Yes, he had become a bull fighter! Johnson has an impressive life. Johnson had any contact with the Moulin Rouge star, German spy Mata Hari, a sex symbol like Lupe Velez and Mae West.

Dated October 18, 1912, Johnson was arrested because it deals with Lucille Cameron. It is a violation of the Mann Act article "Moving beyond the boundaries of women into the country for immoral purposes".

Cameron is thought to be a prostitute. Cameron, who became his second wife, refused to cooperate and the case is completed. Less than one month of the incident, Johnson was arrested with the same offense. This time, a woman, another prostitute named Belle Schreiber, who has been living together in 1909 and 1910, testified against Johnson.

In the Kenesaw Mountain Landis courtroom, Johnson was convicted by a jury of all white people in June 1913, despite the fact that all incidents are used to punish him before the issuance of Mann Act. He was sentenced for one year and one day.

2. John brisker (Basketball Player)

John brisker (born June 15, 1947, in Detroit, Michigan) is an American professional basketball player who disappeared in Uganda in April 1978. He was officially declared dead in 1985.

Playing in the ABA (American Basketball Assocation) 70s, full of fist fights, and full of atmosphere funktastic is a good way to be cool at that time. But more than just cool and behave badly, we are talking about John brisker.

Even within a league, because the offense involved brisker fight fist fights that are affected by cocaine use. As a result of his actions, the head referee gave Dallas Chapparalls fine of $ 500 to brisker.

Not just the opposing team who are victims of anger brisker. I was so mad, his own team had to hire people to control it. During practice, coach Dick Tinkham bring a former football player who works to relieve brisker than when the transgressors.

A brisker feel stronger now, the football player said he would go to the locker room to retrieve a weapon. Brisker not feel troubled by it, let the football players to go into the locker and take his gun. Tinkham decided to cancel the exercises for one day.

Being a top figure in the ABA will not make you immune to the wrath brisker. Because in 1971, shortly after the All-Star game, league commissioner brisker Jack Dolph approached and asked for a bonus All-Star on the spot.

Instead of having to bonyok, Dolph directly pay brisker $ 300 from his own wallet. Imagine what if Kobe Bryant played in the ABA and his face was beaten by John brisker simply because they do not want unrivaled.

In 1978, brisker go to Uganda, as a guest mercenaries or Idi Amin, or both. After the month of April in that year, he was never heard from again. The speculation is that he was executed by firing squad.

Another theory is that he managed to escape the firing squad, changed his name and his diary adapted into the film Shaft in Africa.

3. Jack Youngblood (American Football Player)

Jack Youngblood is one of the wildest player in American football field. Playing in 201 games as the last row for the Los Angeles Rams for 14 years.

Unusual for him is how can he keep playing with your feet really hurt. In 1979, when playing against Dallas, Jack Youngblood hit by his opponent and his calf bone "like a broken pencil."

While almost all the players must accept the fact that at that season they will fail and will Youngblood young retirement due to injury, but instead he casts his legs and pull out the pads to play in the NFC championship game one week later.

And then a week later to play again in the Super Bowl. Subsequent years, Youngblood said, "Look, there was a lot of knife embedded in his leg. But I do not want to have it worse."

One week later he competed in the Pro Bowl, an annual friendly game meaningless and always crossed by hundreds of players. Youngblood said, "You must not miss these opportunities."

4. Rulon Gardner (American wrestler)

Rulon Gardner (born August 16, 1971) was an Olympic athlete who competed in the Olympic games in 2000, by winning the gold medal in the sport wrestling Greco-Roman wrestler after beating Russia Alksandr Karelin, who has never been beaten for 13 years in international competition.

The match between Gardner with John Candy against Karelin is like a giant bear in the outdoors. Olympic victory alone is not enough milk Mormon businessmen farmers classify this as a truly incredible.

And in fact he just won a bronze medal at the next Olympics. However, that makes it remarkable is that he played with a toe amputated due to frostbite diamputasinya. That makes it as extraordinary.

Tip of the amputated leg was the result of frostbite when stranded on a trip in the wilderness after the snow car breaking down. Several years earlier, while still in school, he was struck by an arrow in class performances. In 2004, he was hit by a car while he was riding a motorcycle.

Recent events (and spectacular) which almost killed Rulon was in 2007, he survived a plane crash. Gardner and two others were on a plane when the Cirrus SR-22 is sunk into a lake.

As a result, the trio swam about 1 hour and then had to survive the night without fire or shelter below freezing temperatures. It is really tough!

5. Ted Williams (Baseball Players)

Theodore Samuel "Ted" Williams (August 30, 1918 - July 5, 2002) is a professional baseball player and manager of the Americas. Simply put, Ted Williams is an American who is really a male.

He wants to be top scorer in the game of baseball, and refused any kind, including two world wars, the way. He cursed like a sailor, refused to wear a tie and write a hotel room number on the ball, signed for pretty girls.

On the final day of 1941 season, he refused to sit on the bench, although he has an average that should be hitting .39955 rounded to .400.

Achievement that has never been achieved at that time. However, Williams refused to sit down and play in the second game of doubleheader. He managed to score six of the eight occasions, and finished the season with a .406. No one has ever scored .400. Thereafter.

Williams career hampered by the war not once, but twice. During World War II, although classified 3-A, he finally entered the military voluntarily.

Williams could have received the agreement easier to play on the baseball team at the camp, however, he instead entered the V-5 program to be a pilot for the Navy. He spent nearly four years of playing baseball when serving.

Eight years later, he called to the Marines. Once again rejected an offer to play baseball with a seductive, Williams flew 39 missions into the war, survived a plane crash and is good enough to play its role as asistenn John Glenn.

After his retirement, and mastered baseball and war, Williams decided to complete the holy trinity in the first half of this century to become one of the largest deep-sea fishing.

He is very clever, so go to the International Game Fish Association Hall of Fame level with Ernest Hemingway and S. Kip Farrington. Although he died in 2002, the most remarkable moments of Williams has not arrived. Because shortly after died, his body, or at least his head, frozen kriogenis.

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5 incident long sad history of the Olympics

5 incident long sad history of the Olympics

5 incident long sad history of the Olympics: Olympics are still going on in London right now is apparently in the annals of travel for approximately 100 years left a lot of dark notes.

Of the bombing that killed innocent civilians, the killing athletes, up to the athlete who died too hot. Well, without a lengthy one by one let us see the tragedy of what happened at the Olympics.

A. Pipe bomb at the Atlanta Olympics

Without warning his name is also a tragedy. In the Summer Olympics events precisely in the hometown of the human rights fighter Martin Luther King, Atlanta, had been an explosion of three pipe bombs.

Three pipe bombs were exploded right in Centennial Park, the garden of a specially prepared as a sign of the 100th anniversary of the Olympics. At least 100 people in this tragedy have suffered injuries at the scene and two people have lost their lives.

2. Terrorist actions in the 1972 Munich Olympics

For those of you who've seen the movie, which stars Eric Bana Munich and documentary film entitled One Day in September, must have been aware of the themes raised by both the film what it is.

Yes, the Olympic tragedy in Munich in 1972. Event known as Black September, at least 11 people in the Israeli Olympic contingent must be dying by the radical Palestinian group

3. Knut Jensen was killed during a match

Pesepada from Demark is not going to think that the 1960 Olympics that followed was his last Olympics. In hot weather the heat of Rome when he, Knut suddenly fell off his bike.

Given medical Pertolangan whore but what Knut lives could be saved a few days later. From the autopsy, he died because of heart attack and no substance amphetamine in his heart.

4. Francisco Lazaro died "hot" when competing

This athlete is a marathon runner from Portugal, and for some reason when he competed in 1912 at the Olympic Games Stockholm, Sweden, instead of running and touching the finish line, and it had collapsed and died the next day after being treated. His body was reportedly unable to withstand the heat 106 degrees when the game lasts.

5. The Dane was killed in the 1960 Olympics

Naas, what can I say fate would to eight players this Danish football. On July 16, 1960 Denmark's football team is experienced with the use of airline accidents aviation-Redningskorpset Zone, in Copenhagen.

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Do not be Afraid of Sweating, this benefit is ...

Do not be Afraid of Sweating, this benefit is ...

Do not be Afraid of Sweating, this benefit is ...:
For fear of thirst and fatigue, often we avoid a lot so do not sweat. In fact, there are some people who did not want to sweat, though is not in the month of fasting. The road a bit, lazy. Out of the air-conditioned comfort especially.

Indeed, there are many benefits for the body to sweat. Namely, among others:

A. Removing toxins from the body
Sweating can clean up hazardous substances such as alcohol, cholesterol and salt from the body. The study found that 30% of toxins from the body removed through sweat. Kidney takes 24 hours to remove harmful toxins from the body, but sweat to eliminate toxins faster.

2. Improving blood circulation
Sweating can also help improve heart health and blood vessels. When the body heat and sweat, the heart works harder to improve blood circulation. This mechanism is useful for long-term health.

3. Beautify the skin
Sweat contains small amounts of antibiotics that fight bacteria found naturally in skin. Sweating can also clean the pores making the skin look bright and smooth. Sweating can also slow the signs of premature aging and reduce the effects of skin damage.

4. Burn calories
Sweating can also help you lose weight. When the body is heated during exercise, fat soluble in water and out of the body through sweat. Sweating can burn 300 calories per hour.

5. Lowering stress
Sweat does not directly can reduce stress or improve mood. However, increasing body heat through exercise or sauna has a positive effect. Endorphins and other chemicals that are released during exercise are naturally improve mood and reduce stress.

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Skyscraper homes are Made Of Wood

Skyscraper homes are Made Of Wood

Skyscraper homes are Made Of Wood: Believe it or not that building a house made of wood it's just one person, he was named Nikolai. Over the years, in solitude in his prison cell, he dreamed of building a magnificent building, a big house so it can be seen from many miles away across a small village.

Once out of prison he began to work, with no experience in architecture and construction, start step by step, wood to wood, crop to crop. To build a house that is now known locally as the 'House of Nikolai Skyscraper'.

With 12 plants and more than 38 feet high, this eccentric home construction was successfully established in the rest of the house, two stories high, with a forward slash and the profile of the tower.

According to Nikolai, the building is not finished and may never be completed. Or at least, the building will continue until the government stopped him, because apparently, this skyscraper safety at risk to collapse.

Although they admit that the house he built in this small town has managed to attract tourists come in droves just to see and take pictures in it.

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Old Mosque of the Magic Tree Sago

Old Mosque of the Magic Tree Sago

Old Mosque of the Magic Tree Sago:
In eastern Indonesia stood a very old mosque Wapawue historic and always filled with wonders. Not just parents, but the oldest in Maluku because it has been in existence since 1414 AD

In terms of architecture, it could be this is the only mosque made of sago midrib and maintained its authenticity throughout the centuries. Stands on a plot of land by local residents were named Teon Samaiha. Located between the settlements Kaitetu.


Gaba-gaba-walled construction (dried sago midrib), still works fine as a place of prayer, though there's a new mosque in the village.

The main building mosques Wapauwe measures just 10 x 10 meters, while an additional building which is a porch measuring 6.35 x 4.75 meters. Typology of four square-shaped building.

Nico Wijaya / Detik.traveler

In this mosque that supposedly saved the Qur'an manuscripts, including the oldest in Indonesia. The oldest is the Mushaf Imam Muhammad Arikulapessy who completed written (hand) in the year 1550 and without illumination (decorative edge). While the other manuscripts are manuscripts that Nur Cahya completed in 1590, and also without illumination as well as hand-written paper on European products.

Well, now we see the magic that always surrounds the mosque ... believe it or not.

A. The mosque itself moved
At first mosque was called Masjid Wawane because it is built on the slopes of Mount Wawane by Pernada Jamilu, a descendant of the Islamic Sultanate of Moloku Jailolo Kie Raha (North Maluku). So it's not in Kaitetu.

Hitu Jamilu came to the land around 1400 AD to spread the teachings of Islam in the five countries around the mountains Wawane, ie, Assen, Wawane, Atetu, Tehala and Nukuhaly.

When the VOC control the earth Moluccan spices, Netherlands disturb the peace of the population of five villages that have embraced the teachings of Islam in their daily lives. Holland then do the decrease in the population of the mountainous area is no exception fifth of the population this country. Feel insecure with the act of the Netherlands, the mosque in 1614 Wawane moved to the village Tehala within 6 miles east Wawane.


There is a saga which is then told from generation to generation ... when the public is told Tehala, Atetu and Nukuhaly down to the coast and joined a country Kaitetu, Masjid Wapauwe Tehala still on the plains.

But one morning, when people wake from their sleep by occult mosque has been at the center of human settlement in the land of Teon Samaiha, complete with all accessories.

"According to our belief (the Kaitetu) mosque was moved by magic. Because according to the story of our elders, when people wake up the mosque was already there," said Ain Nukuhaly, Kaitetu residents.

2. The leaves do not dare

As told earlier, the mosque was originally called Wawane later renamed Wapawue. Place this mosque is in a lot of growing forest of mango trees or mango berabu. In the language of Kaitetu called "Wapa". For this reason, Wapawue means "the mosque which was established under the mango tree berabu."

There is a weirdness that always happens. If there are leaves of the trees in the neighborhood fall, miraculously none of the leaves that fall on it.

3. Can not be destroyed?
Nico Wijaya / Detik.traveler

Wapawue mosques are among the historic sites, including an old fort "New Amsterdam" and the old church relics of the Portuguese and Dutch.

When riots erupted in Ambon in 1999, many buildings were destroyed because of the religious conflict. Including the old church was. While Wapawue mosque still standing strong with no interference at all, but is located only about 150 meters from the historic old church and castle.

Miracle or coincidence, Walahu'alam Bishowab

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10th Place in World Nuclear Test

10th Place in World Nuclear Test

10th Place in World Nuclear Test:
How the countries in possession of nuclear weapons testing in the most deadly? Testing in remote places far from residential areas.


In fact, these data indicate a sad outcome. Soldiers and residents in the area around the test site later reap a variety of radiation-induced diseases. Flora and fauna, too, felt the impact. Unfortunately, still persists in many countries still maintain their nuclear weapons technology.

For the uninitiated, This is the 10th nuclear test site owned by the countries 'nuclear club'.

A. Nevada
Between 1951 to 1992, the Nevada desert, 107 miles north of Las Vegas into a nuclear test area most often on the planet. In the desert region is an area of ​​3500 square kilometers, more than 800 nuclear explosions occur - usually in the ground.

In fact, the city of Las Vegas gambling mafia built by also selling nuclear explosion scene attraction for tourists. Most, photographs and films that circulated about a nuclear explosion is taken from the Nevada desert.

Later, the U.S. government to give serious attention when the effects of nuclear radiation began to spread. Levels of blood cancer in the vicinity of Nevada has doubled in the U.S. compared to other regions. In 2009, Nevada was officially declared the most contaminated places on the planet second radioactive after Chernobyl.

2. Bikini Atoll
In addition to Nevada, Bikini Atoll is located in the Marshall Islands in the Pacific northwest, also known as a nuclear test the United States. Bikini Atoll test site used since 1945 as a replacement for the Trinity test site, New Mexico.

Dated July 1, 1946, the first nuclear explosion carried out by means 250 warships obsolete as a test target.

Initially, native moved to the nearby island with a guarantee they will be back in 3 months. In fact, in 1957 when they returned, finally had to leave again because a lot of radiation-induced disease. Other harm, the fish that live in these areas were also contaminated so it is not safe for consumption.

Bikini Atoll was designated a World Heritage site in 2010.

3. Kiritmati
Formerly known as Christmas Island, now part of the Republic of Kiribati. Atoll nuclear test site may be the most unique, because there are two countries that are testing their weapons.

Britain is taking place to test a hydrogen bomb in 1957. Then the United States took over in 1962 and detonated at least 22 nuclear Kiritmati before leaving the island in 1969.

4. Maralinga

Although the test site is owned by the UK, Maralinga in Australia. Strictly speaking there are two places in South Australia as a test, the Maralinga and Emu Field. Two trials conducted at Emu Field in 1953 before moving to a permanent site in Maralinga.

The next test took place in 1956 and 1957, one of which is the first time dropping a nuclear bomb from RAF aircraft. Testing continued until 1963. Clean-up operations continued until 1967, but the site is still dangerous radioactive.

Aboriginal population living in these places was expelled, though ultimately they keep coming back. In the 1980s, Australia and British soldiers, as well as Aboriginal people show symptoms of radiation. The result, both the UK and Australia were forced to pay massive compensation to their soldiers and Aboriginal people are exposed to radiation.

5. Semipalatinsk

While still incorporated in the USSR, Semipalatinsk region in the Republic of Kazakhstan to nuclear testing sites most often for the communist state. At least 465 explosions occurred between 1949 to 1981.

Now, the Republic of Kazakhstan inherited a serious public health problem around the Semipalatinsk region. According to local health reports, health problems began to be felt 220 000 inhabitants including cancer problem.

6. Novaya Zemlya
The Soviet Union also has a nuclear test site (nuclear test site) Another in the Arctic region.

Novaya Zemlya, a remote island is the target of Soviet nuclear explosions between 1954 and 1990. Reportedly, the largest nuclear explosion measuring more than 100 megatons've done here.

7. Mururoa
France was once the most problematic countries with respect possession of nuclear weapons. Countries 'Eifel' is in the 60's nuclear test at Mururoa and Fangataufa, French-owned territory in the Pacific. Between 1966 - 1996 there were at least 147 tests on the two islands.

The problem is, the area is close to New Zealand that has been declared a nuclear-free zone policy. Countries 'kiwi' is also disappointed with the French, and had sent its naval fleet in protest. Relations between the two countries also reached a low point after the French secret agents blew up a Greenpeace ship in Auckland harbor in 1985.

8. Lop Nur
This area is located in Bayingolin, Mongol. China began to conduct a trial in October 1964, and subsequently followed by 44 test - 22 22 explosions in the atmosphere and underground, which finally terminated in 1996.

The problem is, the area is very close to the location of the site Tarim mummies, ancient relics from the era 1800 BC.

9. Pokhran
India began developing its nuclear capability after the border war with China in 1962 and a confrontation with Pakistan. Pokhran in Rajasthan which is chosen as a test site since 1960.

Although the Indian government claimed Pokhran is a remote desert area, in fact, near the location of settlements. Pokhran is a city with a population of about 15,000 people when the first nuclear test conducted at the nearest military base in September 1974.

Evidence that the population affected by the Pokhran nuclear tests had been kept secret by the government of India.

10. Koh Kambaran

The latest member of the nuclear club, Pakistan has a long time before finally testing. This country has a nuclear capability in early 1983, but the first new nuclear test occurred in May 1998.

Koh Kambaran himself selected as a test site in early 1976. Located in the province of Baluchistan, the site was chosen because of the mountains above the underground site is composed of granite, so it provides - at least one kilometer - and explosion protection between the open air above.

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4 Amazing Natural Phenomena

4 Amazing Natural Phenomena

4 Amazing Natural Phenomena:
Nature always has the magic that makes the wonder. In fact, from the collection of water can create a view that is not common. 4 events below menjad example of the beauty that happens here on earth.

The fire Falls (Horsetail Falls)

This phenomenon of Fire Falls in Yosemite National Park are located in California. Named Fire plunge because when the water falls from a height of about 2000 feet, similar to the liquid lava falling from above. Actually, this phenomenon is not the falling lava, but water is being plunged get the effect of sunlight that will go down.

magiclitephotography.com / yosemiteblog.com


This phenomenon must be supported with sunny weather, the presence of the sun shining on the water right now, and the flow of water enough to make a similar waterfall falling liquid lava.

Ice Circle


Ice Circle phenomenon can happen anywhere. Usually this phenomenon often occurs in an area that has particularly river flow is slow and cold climates. Shaped like a disc which rotates slowly. This phenomenon also occurred around the year 1930 in Toronto, Canada.

Ice circles can also occur in lakes that are sources of methane gas at the bottom. This gas to the surface to form a warm whirlpool. When the vortex reaches the surface of the lake water, lake water melt the ice, forming a circle like a ring.

This ice circle phenomenon only occurs in a frozen river or lake that has a slow stream, or on a bend in the river, which flows in the bend of creating rotational motion. This rotary motion to break the ice blocks and twisted so as to form perfect circles. The emergence of these ice circles have occurred in Scandinavia, England, also of Toronto.

Frozen waves

This phenomenon occurs in the Antarctic region. The main cause is caused by a reaction between the snow conditions in Antarctica. For example, an iceberg that crashed into the ocean will cause a wave. Well, it reacts with the wave will produce a wave of snow and frozen.

When an iceberg falls into the sea carrying algae, then the wave form will have lines like the color, green, brown, black and yellow.

Morning Glory Cloud

This phenomenon is considered a very rare phenomenon. However, it never happened in the Gulf Carpenataria, Australia. This cloud of elongated shape, can reach 1000 km and there are at altitudes between 1-2 km.

Morning Glory Cloud or often called Solitary Wave Solitons, because of its shape like a wave moving with a speed of 60km / h.

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Let's Been to Paradise Rabbit

Let's Been to Paradise Rabbit

Let's Been to Paradise Rabbit:
An island inhabited by thousands of rabbits in Japan. In fact, the population was much greater than humans. His real name Okunoshima Island, near Hiroshima. However, now people named Usagi-Shima Island, meaning "Rabbit Island".
Rabbits have a dark tale of the island before the island was transformed so funny as it is now. In 1925 the Japanese army to build chemical weapons development center on the island.

After Japan lost the war in World War II, all the documents concerning the existence of biological weapons factories on Okunoshima destroyed. Residents around the need to keep, and it seemed deserted island for decades.

Are the subject of biological weapons experiments is a rabbit. After World War finished, the island is left blank and the rabbit was removed free.

1988, Okunoshima opened to the public, marked by the inauguration of Poison Gas Museum. The attractiveness of the island also supported the growing rabbit population. That's why people know him as the island later Ushagishima.

Most tourists who come here because they want to see cute rabbits that are not afraid of humans. Is a lot of rabbits here, most of them do not run away if approached, and even went without fear.

In addition to playing with rabbits, we could surround the island using a rented bike, and visit the Poison Gas Museum - built in 1988 to educate the public about the toxic gas plant ever built here.

The original building is still standing though it was not neglected. Tourists may not cross the borders that surround the building because they can be dangerous. But many tourists still go in and ignore the dividing line.

After visiting the museum and play with rabbits, we could swim with the satisfaction of Rabbit Island has beautiful beaches. White sandy beaches line the favorite people around Hiroshima who want a vacation to the beach.

Well, bunny lovers have come to this island, nih ...
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