7 Most tragic incident that ever occurred in the Elevator

7 Most tragic incident that ever occurred in the Elevator

7 Most tragic incident that ever occurred in the Elevator: Vertical transport freight elevator is used to transport people or goods. Lift is commonly used in high-rise buildings, typically more than three or four floors.

Buildings usually have only a lower stairs or escalators. The elevators in the modern era has buttons that can be selected according to the passengers their destination floor.

There are three types of machines, ie Hydraulic, Traxon or fixed pulley, and Hoist or double pulley, hoist type can be subdivided into two parts, the hoist hoist push and pull.

Elevator accidents are usually caused by the setting or the lack of elevator installation inspected by the building owner, or user who fails to lift yourself (climb out of the elevator jammed) or even misfortune lift users (their scarves caught in elevator doors closing).

However, we still have to be vigilant and cautious when using this device. Because if not, you are likely to experience tragic events follows.

A. Isaac Jordan

Isaac Jordan has a unique difference from other members of Congress who died in an elevator accident. He died in 1890, when Jordan stopped at the entrance to the elevator and turned to greet a friend.

As he was conversing with his friend with his back to the elevator door, he did not see the lift that had gone upstairs with the door still partly open. With a quick movement, with his back to the elevator door he stepped into an open elevator shaft and fell to the bottom of the elevator.

2. Pennsylvania Institute of Electrical Mechanical

Seventeen young people from the floor of the building using the elevator to the sixth floor. When they came, the elevator suddenly stopped after then plunged from the sixth floor to the first floor. Tons of elevator cables and crashed into the elevator assembly to fall below it.

When people are having a party to hear the voice, they hurried to the elevator. Four bodies were pulled from the wreckage and taken to the morgue. Their bodies were destroyed, and the officials had difficulty until they could be identified.

They can only be identified by the clothes they wear. Survivors is an approximately 3-year-old toddler. The accident was blamed on overloading of the elevator with 17 people, whereas the maximum allowable weight of only 10-12 people.

3. Minato Ward incident

Hirosuke Ichikawa, a 16-year-old high school student who lives in City Heights housing complex in the district public Takeshiba Minato, Tokyo, Japan. In June 2006, Ichikawa was backed his bike out of the elevator when the elevator suddenly not working.

When Ichikawa was half way out of the elevator, the elevator suddenly slid up to the door fully open, pinning him leaning against the door frame. He died of asphyxiation.

The police arrived and eventually released the Ichikawa, and as they do, even though the elevator was broken, the elevator is still trying to glide to the top, stopping only at the prevention of collisions.

The cause of the accident was placed on the failure of the braking system on the elevator, as well as the bad checks.

4. Sherwood and Caroline Wadsworth

The life they live together for 60 years ended in a terrible accident elevator, and less the good functioning of telephones.

Neighbors since they began to suspect Wadsworths not throw their garbage out. Sender newspapers saw their newspapers pile up at the door, and he immediately called the police.

The police have to go into the home by damaging the door of their house, but they only found a cat owned by Wadsworth.

Police found the elevator and when they opened the door they saw the elevator stalled between the second and third floors. Inside, police found the body lying in a position Wadsworths facing each other, they both died from the heat, with temperatures reaching 95 degrees in the elevator.

Police believe the couple were trapped in the elevator at least four days before being discovered.

5. James Chenault

On the first floor of an office building, Mr. Chenault and several other passengers riding the elevator, somehow, looks up the elevator to the top too quickly to the second floor.

When the elevator in an open door, the elevator had stopped a little over two floor levels. Chenault was a Vietnam War veteran and may have handled the situation much worse than this one.

He decided to help the female passengers out of the elevator. It does so by holding the elevator door open with her back while one foot in the elevator, one foot on the second floor. He helped the passengers got off the elevator when it suddenly rolled up quickly, cut off his head.

His body fell to the lobby floor and his head fell to the floor of the elevator. Chenault's head and the two remaining passengers in the elevator up to the ninth floor. One passenger explained, "I can not shake it from my mind. Head but the body does not exist. He was wearing a Walkman (earphone) on his head."

6. Betty Lou Oliver

Oliver is the lift in the building on Saturday's (WW-2). When the planes hit the building he was on the floor 75. Having survived the plane crash that hit the building, the danger has not disappeared.

Rescuers decided to take him to the ground floor as quickly as possible so he can be brought to the hospital. They decided to use the elevator to take him down 75 floors. What they do not know is that they use the elevator have been damaged by the crash.

Elevator cable is almost damaged and broken. They put Oliver in the elevator and, when the door is closed, the cable caused the tragic events response. Oliver and rode the elevator down 75 floors to the basement but, miraculously, he was not killed.

Thousands of meters of cable elevator down to the basement before the lift. Once again, Oliver had to be rescued, this time from the bottom of the elevator shaft in a pile of twisted metal. Mortally wounded, he was still alive to this day holds the record for the longest survivors in the crash descent elevator.

7. Hitoshi Christopher Nikaidoh

For four days elevator # 14 was closed for repairs. On August 16, 2003, the 'out of service' is no longer listed. A woman named Steinau decided to use the elevator. Beside him stood a young man, Nikaidoh.

Steinau pressed the elevator call button first on the floor. Lift # 14 arrived, Nikaidoh standing nearby. Steinau walk a few meters on the second floor lobby to join him.

He first entered the elevator and pressed the button on the sixth floor. Nikaidoh asked if the elevator was working. Steinau answer seems to already be in operation. Nikaidoh went in to join him.

It's just that when he stepped inside, the door suddenly closed and the clamp body. Usually when this happens automatically open the doors again, but not this time, Nikaidoh finds himself trapped by a closed door when the elevator began to rise.

Steinau said she saw Nikaidoh tried to free himself from the door clamps lift. Lift up forcing his head hit the ceiling and cut part of his head. His left ear, lower lip, teeth and jaws are still attached to his body, which then fall to the bottom of the elevator shaft, as the elevator continued to move upwards.

It stopped just below the fifth floor and it took time to rescue and liberate Steinau. During that time he has remaining in the elevator with her head Nikaidoh. "I just kept looking in his eyes," he told the officer.


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Tips for Work Completed On Time

Tips for Work Completed On Time

Tips for Work Completed On Time:
Procrastinate is most often done a lot of people. Feeling lazy or distracted because keasikan do something else, like playing games for example, so the most common cause.

Gravity, that often delay the work it could have spread to other things. We could get angry teacher, supervisor in the office, parents, or anyone who is disappointed with the results of our work.

The most important need we have is: will and determination, discipline, and time management. Mere intention without discipline only be a dream. Therefore, it must have a strong determination to stay focused on the tasks to be completed.

Get used to write a list of work to do, what to do list, time management in order to be able to walk properly. In the past, some successful people always write what should be done every bedtime in the agenda or the board what to do list, so when you wake up in the morning they were ready to do what is already written.


Now we're spoiled technology. Note or calendar on the phone can be a potent reminder tool.

Next, there are more other things to keep in mind, namely:

A. For and handle the task. Breaking heavy tasks and daunting tasks into smaller, more can be done

2. Begin your day to do the job the most difficult or most do not you like best. The rest of your day will be easier. This point is related to the points to 3, if we are to organize the work, we can choose the most difficult for the next easier. Sometimes, it must be flexible, if it makes the task of sweat improved mood, ya do first is easiest to hardest.

3. Determine a realistic target, but not too stiff. Remain flexible.

4. Start working on right now. Do not wait until you feel completely ready. Remember, keep this motto in themselves, "From now on, too!"

5. Write a list of backup task. The rights you want to do if there is time. Once you have, you definitely have time for shaking up the tasks.


6. Get rid of all the things that disturb your concentration from your office. Get rid of food, TV, magazines, games, internet, and other temptations. Try to learn from the advice your mother or grandmother, if you spend to market write what to buy so do not forget and do not buy another switch. Likewise, work, learn to keep to the discipline with a list of jobs that have been written.

7. Set aside more time for one task. For example, if you think writing an essay takes time 2 hours, then allocate 3 or even 4 hours to do it.

8. Be aware that the task of writing, schoolwork, or anything that you do not maybe perfect. If you understand this, you will not feel afraid to fail again. Well, this is related to the nature of a perfectionist, everything must be perfect. It's great to be the best, but not necessarily spend more time on trivial issues, or because of the feeling, "people want to be praised" or "what will people think of me?"

9. The latter is to increase our spirit. Note the progress that you can be in the book. Write down all the tasks you've completed each day. Read over and over again and you should feel proud of these achievements. When the holidays, treat yourself as a reward or a reward for successfully with all the tasks.

10. Do not forget prayer. If any job is always done in the prayer itself to add strength to finish the task as quickly as possible.

Discipline of time and write what to do list is sometimes boring, but if we get this, it becomes familiar. With the accustomed discipline, many tables, good things will come.

Remember, Japan, Korea, and China can be a developed country because they develop a culture of discipline. No need to wait and see others, do it now start from ourselves, who knows later on spread to others. The result, if all the people of Indonesia to implement proper time management, Insha Allah this country a better country.

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In 1987 Bill Gates' prediction is now proven

In 1987 Bill Gates' prediction is now proven

In 1987 Bill Gates' prediction is now proven: Microsoft founder Bill Gates to document his views on the book The Road Ahead (Future Road), published in 1995. Much earlier, in an interview in 1987, Gates has provided predictions of future technology.

Photos: cnbc.com

Gates predicts LCD TV, voice command recognition Siri, YouTube, Wikipedia, and the payment without the card.

In 1987, OMNI magazine contains predictions of geniuses, including Gates. Microsoft founder who was then aged 32 years has become the youngest billionaire. Windows began to dominate as the operating system software company working world.

Gates compared the predictions of the Smithsonian magazine in the world of technology conditions in 2012.

Gates was asked to predict when the world within the next 20 years ie 2007. But, some of which materialized in recent years.

In 1987, a new internet start surfaced. It's not easy to make predictions. But Gates had a vision of the internet. He described YouTube and Wikipedia touch the lives of today's match.

"In 20 years later, the Information Age has definitely come. Dream to get the database world with the touch of your finger will become reality," said Gates had as reported by the Daily Mail.

"You can make your own video content and load it yourself. Now, if you want to create an image on the screen, you have to capture it. For example, picture the beach and the waves," he added.

"In 20 years, you can create your own images and scenery. You will be able to store high-level representation of the image of the sun or the way the wind blows. Believe me, if you want any particular movie star looks were relaxing on the beach, you can make it. People started doing this, "said Gates fortune.

This last phase has not been fully realized. Visual industries such as movies and video games began menjajakinya. Gates predicted the ability to display images with the Apple iPad Retina Display.

"You are home. You already have an image library that will contain all of the world's best art," said Gates.

"You will also have flat screen device at an affordable price for home use. Resolution screen that is great for projecting an image as seen directly in the eyes of oil painting. Appearance to be very realistic," he added.

Apple technology, Siri also included in the vision of the future of Gates.

"We will have a quality of speech recognition technology. I can wake up and say, 'Show me the painting of Da Vinci.' The device can display high resolution images that I want on the ceiling. They also can display a music or video. World is going online. You can do a simulation of everything, "Gates predicted.

Although there is no TV in the ceiling, but other predictions close.

Some time ago, the technology could "turn on" celebrities who have died in three-dimensional form. Rapper Tupac could appear in shows in Las Vegas, United States.

Gates estimates that each person can be involved in determining the quality of their own entertainment.

"If you like Bill Cosby, there will be a digital description of Cosby. Gestures and appearance will be similar. You can create your own events from the look of it," said Gates.

"In 20 years, we can synthesize reality. We will do so with the realization of the super and at the same time. Machine will check the data and provide story ideas you will share later. Machine that also makes you learn the songs you sing and joke You've never heard before. Currently we can only do flight simulation only, "explained Gates.

Online transactions are also included in the prediction of Gates.

"Some things will be missing in our lives. Machine will shift the physical exchanges, either by voice data or a finger. Thus, credit cards and checks should slowly back away," he explained.

Although able to predict the future, Gates mentioned technologies many of which are made by Apple and Google. Microsoft has not provided a breakthrough innovation means in realizing the prediction Gates.

One thing missing from the forecast than the achievement of Microsoft competitors Apple and Google. Microsoft looks static since 2000.

umi - teknologi.news.viva.co.id
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10 Findings Announced A New Unique Species

10 Findings Announced A New Unique Species

10 Findings Announced A New Unique Species:
Earth still save a lot of mystery. There are many species of fauna and flora of the world's only known of its existence. International Institute for Species Exploration (IISE) on May 23 last announced the discovery of various new species. What are they?

A. Pug monkey

Snub-nosed monkey is an endangered species and there are only about 20,000 individuals in the whole world. As many as 4,000 of them dwell in the mountainous region of China.

To protect monkeys from the genus Rhinopithecus, the Chinese government established a National Nature Reserve Zhouzi. Latin name of this snub-nosed monkey Rhinopithecus roxellana is.

The origin of the Latin name of the monkey was inspired by a concubine in the Sultan's snub-nosed century - 15. These types of monkeys consuming a low protein moss and bark. To protect themselves from predators, the leopard, snub-nosed monkeys in the group gathered in the lot.

2. Jellyfish - Jellyfish are bound Bonaire

Jellyfish - Bonaire bound box jellyfish live in the Caribbean region. More precisely in the waters near the island of Bonaire in the Caribbean named.

Jellyfish - Jellyfish is a species of beautiful but deadly. This animal has poison in its tail is long and colorful - colorful. Shaped like a box kite - kite.

After compared with jellyfish - jellyfish in others, the Coalition of the Public Understanding of Science menyatakana that jellyfish - jellyfish is a new species. Therefore, a marine biology teacher named Lisa Peck to name the new species Tamoya ohboya.

3. Sausage-legged rover

New species in the family is still a thousand feet. But the difference, a thousand feet above the largest millipedes in the world that shaped like a sausage. This millipede has a length of about 16 cm with a diameter of 1.5 cm and has 56 rings of the body segments. Each body segment has two pairs of legs. The new species is named Crurifarcimen vagans and is found in the Eastern Arc Mountains, Tanzania.

4. Tarantula Sazima

Sazima tarantula tarantula is a rare blue color. Tarantulas are from Brazil. Brazil itself is one of the regions in the world who have biodiversity and a major source of discovery of new species. Because in Brazil alone there are mountains of the Andes and the Amazon jungle.

However, this tarantula is almost extinct and threatened his life for the multitude of illegal trade in animals for the pet. Latin name of this species is Pterinopelma sazimai.

5. Orchid Night of Radiance

An orchid that lights up at night, a new species of this type is the first of its kind. This orchid is found only be lit at night. According to the botanist, the reason why orchids can be lit in the evening still needs to be further investigated. This plant was discovered by a Dutch researcher in the expedition to Britain, an island near Papua New Guinea.

6. Cactus runs

Above species of cactus called the walk. This organism is a group that has a body lopodians plated steel and shaped like a worm. This organism also has spiked and jointed legs, which is an arthropod animals.

This cactus is running bergenus Diania. But unfortunately, this organism was already extinct. Evidence of the existence of this species was found in pieces the rocks of China.

7. Hornet Bomb - Divers

Parasitic wasps are found in the region over Madrid, Spain and beyond. This species has a unique way when laying their eggs. First - first, they hunt for ants that are their prey. They will fly about 1 cm above the ground to attack the ants. When the unsuspecting ant, wasp will lay its eggs in the back in less than 1/20 per second. The wasp will then wrap the body of the ants and their eggs are put. Ants that are intended to be wrapped in food for the larvae out of the egg.

8. Poppy flowers Autumn Nepal

Poppies is widely available in Nepal. Poppies in the picture above has a beautiful color and glow.

Poppies are living in extreme environments, ie at an altitude of about 3352 meters to 4200 meters in central Nepal. This species is not actually a new species merupaka.

In 1962, a botanist Adam Stainton has been found in the Himalayas. And in 1994, a staff of Tokyo Department of Plant Resources have also been found.

9. Satan worms

Satan worm is named after Faust Mephistopheles, is a type of nematode that can live in extreme environments in the worst condition. Species of this type of Mephisto Halicephalobus can live in environments that have large atmospheric pressure with temperatures of 37 degrees Celsius. The scientists found the animal after digging as far as 3.5 km in South Africa.

10. Spongebob Squarepants mushrooms

His name is similar to the cartoon character Spongebob Squarepants. Species over a mushroom-shaped foam sponge. This fungus can be squeezed his body and returned to the original like a foam sponge. These fungi belong to the genus Spongiforma and has a unique shape. Reportedly, the aroma of these mushrooms like fruit - fruit.

IISE scientists are working closely with the Arizona State University and a committee of taxonomists from around the world to classify the species discovery - new species.

photos: junglemagazine.com
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Reasons Dog Bite Love Bone

Reasons Dog Bite Love Bone

Reasons Dog Bite Love Bone:
For those of you who care and dog lovers had not asked, why not bite the dog bones? Even include a toy bone, the bone must be shaped so long as directly bitten by the doggy.

According to the expert team led by Dr. Joao Munoz-Doran of the National University of Colombia, the habit of eating dog meat began about eight million years ago. At that time, a group of ancient dogs to search for larger prey.


The habit of making derivative ancient dogs, like wolves and modern dogs, a hiperkarnivora or 70 percent of the animals that eat meat.

This conclusion was obtained after Munoz-Doran team up 'pedigree' dogs that describe the relationships among more than 300 species of dogs. "We found the same evolutionary history among a number of types of dogs," explains Dr. Munoz-Doran.

"Eight million years ago a lot of open habitat in Asia, Europe, and North America. Competition is getting very tight and prey of these conditions make ancient dogs must be grouped when looking for and stalking prey," he explained.


He explained, from the habit of hunting in packs, the new emerging breed of dog with a different head shape, with a more powerful jaws, and larger canine size. They are able to survive the natural selection and continue this form into the next generation of dogs.

The researchers say that is why pet dogs, though no longer have to hunt for prey in the open, still 'continue' habit of eating meat or freezing.

"They have the tools to perform these habits and they want to use it," said Dr. Munoz-Doran.


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Recognizing the existence of CIA agents on the Roswell UFO

Recognizing the existence of CIA agents on the Roswell UFO

Recognizing the existence of CIA agents on the Roswell UFO:
July 8, 1947 Roswell, New Mexico.

In the midst of the storm, found a flying saucer-shaped aircraft, badly damaged condition. There are three bodies of human-like metallic dress around it. Many people suspect that it is a UFO, but the U.S. government announced it was a hot air balloon.

Recently the 65th anniversary of the Roswell incident, an agency the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) out about the incident, at once reveals the secret CIA report. He said, "it really happened."


Chase Brandon, the name of an agent who has 35 years of service in the intelligence agency said the information about the Roswell hidden in a secret vault at CIA headquarters in Langley. "In the vault area, there is a box that caught my attention. Because there is the inscription: Roswell. I tear apart anything in it, then return back to the box on the shelf, "he said.

However, he did not want to reveal in detail what is in the city. "There are some written material and a number of photographs. That's it, I will not elaborate on what's on the box, "he said on the Huffington Post.

To be sure, he adds, "it's not a blimp, the truth is the first report," said Brandon. "It was a plane that is not from this planet." Also the bodies in it, true to the allegations.

For 25 years his job at the CIA, Brandon joined the corps of elite Clandestine Service. Its work undercover, conducting covert operations related to international terrorism, global narcotics trafficking, arms smuggling, and operating antigerilya.

When the Roswell incident occurred, the military issued a release: "The many rumors about flying saucers became a reality yesterday, when the 509th Bomb Group intelligence officer of the Eighth Air Force, Roswell Army Air Field was fortunate enough to get it. "

Within 24 hours later, the military changed its story and said, who initially thought the object was a weather balloon flying saucer that crashed on a nearby farm. Remarkably, the media and the public at that time accepted the explanation without question.


Earlier, an FBI document released strengthens Brandon's story, or at least, support the notion that the U.S. authorities deliberately cover up the relationship with the alien or creature ekstraterresterial.

In the memo titled "Flying Saucer", to the director of the FBI in 1950, agent Guy Hottel, said Air Force investigators are investigating three things called flying saucers were found in New Mexico.

He described the object was circular, convex to the center, about a diameter of 50 feet or 15.2 meters. "Each one contains a human-like bodies, pliers height is only 3 feet or 0.9 meters."

The bodies were wearing metallic fabric that has a very smooth texture. Similar garments used pilot tests.

True or not, the mystery still need to be revealed. While this could only say yes, "Allaah knows best Bishawab".

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Foods packed with funny and interesting composition

Foods packed with funny and interesting composition

Foods packed with funny and interesting composition: Let alone a child, even if you brought your lunch as it appears below, make sure you really do.

The author, Heather Sitarzewski said:

I decided this past summer, I want to create a fun bento lunch every day for my child this school year.

I searched the internet to see the ideas and found some very good sites that have recipes and tutorials for how to manipulate the food into shapes and patterns that are very interesting.


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