People may know the character of shoes, you know ...

People may know the character of shoes, you know ...

People may know the character of shoes, you know ...:
You know, they say we can know the character of the model was wearing shoes. And this can be proven scientifically, you know. At least according to the research psychologist and a team of Omri Gillath Kansai University.

Researchers at the university set up an experiment involving 63 students and 208 pairs of shoes. These students are given a list of questions relating to the photographs of 208 pairs of shoes from a variety of volunteers. They were asked to guess the various characteristics of the actual owner of the shoe through the photos. And guess they are mostly accurate.

The results of the study, found a variety of interesting conclusions about the relationship between a person's choice of shoes and his social life. Typically, expensive shoes have a high-income people. Yes, that's true and familiar. However, there is another conclusion, namely:
  • Simple and practical shoes owned by a pleasant and friendly.
  • Her right shoe worn by a person aggressive.
  • That looks uncomfortable shoes worn by people who are quiet.
  • Most users of expensive shoes and unkempt feel worried about the status of their social life.
  • Simple shoes are too expensive and not favored by those who have a liberal mindset.
Indeed, the researchers acknowledge that all of the above conclusion is not entirely valid. At least answer the question, "if the shoe has information on personality of the person wearing it?" Indeed they are.

Well, do you think about you, try to observe again a collection of shoes or a friend, whether above conclusion right there?

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Wow, this house 6 Location Weird

Wow, this house 6 Location Weird

Wow, this house 6 Location Weird : Choosing the location of the house in a place that is still close to nature is good. But, "not gini-gini also, kaleee ..." See the following pictures. The site chosen to build these houses are very odd bin magic.

Matterhorn, Switzerland
Swiss Alpine Club building 'seclusion' is at an altitude of 4003 meters. Really on the edge of the snow. How to reach the site? Jad is still a question. Not to mention the threat of avalanches glacier. What nonsense.

Hermitage of San Colmbano in Leo Valley, Italy
One more house built right on the cliff wall. The difference, this one without snow. Its location at Passo Pian delle Fugazze, Italy. Uniquely, this house was already established in the year 1319!

ElliĆ°aey, Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland
The house is lived alone in a green plain, near the cliff which borders the sea. Its location in Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland.

Canada Saint Lawrence River
It was the houses on the edge of Ciliwung yet nothing compared to this house. Isolated with no neighbors, there is only water around. Reportedly, if the water is low, then the residents could issue a chair for sunbathing. But what if the rainy season arrives? Do not fear the threat of flooding, that?

The Holy Trinity Monastery, Greece
For the monks did they need a quiet and peaceful getaway. As a result, he is the monastery complex in Greece that has existed since 1476. This place was built on the rock with a height of 400 meters.

Once the monks have to use ropes to climb to the monastery. Well, for you who love the sport of rock climbing can try testing the guts here.

Pillar Katskhi
Monastery complex in Greece has a rival. This one is the existence in Georgia, and Georgia's one of the monks who had lived for 20 years. It reportedly existed since the 7th century. Because the house was occupied by monks, women were barred from climbing up automatically.

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Cactus greatness of Bacteria Can Purify Water

Cactus greatness of Bacteria Can Purify Water

Cactus greatness of Bacteria Can Purify Water:
In the hot desert in the U.S. and Mexico region, since the cactus plant used to be the savior of the rover. Cactus stems store water that is often used when someone runs out of stock drinks.


Apparently not only that cactus functions. Recent research suggests the best pure water contained in the prickly pear cactus. Researchers from the University of South Florida has been experimenting with extracting the sap, and add into the dirty water due to sediment and bacteria.

Sediment and bacteria cause the sap to join, then settle to the bottom and separate the 98% of bacteria in the water.

Researchers looked at communities in developing countries using the cactus in their daily lives. They used to boil the sap of a cactus to get the sap is then added to the water, just as the researchers.

If some of these problems can be solved, it is cheap and clean water that can reach millions of people who lack these resources.

Well, again we learn from nature about the purification of water, is not it?

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Mi Ramen origins of the Chinese, not Japanese

Mi Ramen origins of the Chinese, not Japanese

Mi Ramen origins of the Chinese, not Japanese:
Any mention of ramen noodles, must have thought of a typical Japanese food. Is this so?

"Mi rather than Japanese ramen, ramen noodles from China," said John Chu, Executive Chef Pearl Restaurant Hotel JW Marriott, the Okezone at the JW Marriott, Jakarta, recently.

Delicious ramen noodles /

"Mi ramen originated from areas in China, precisely Lan Cao. From there, ramen has become popular all over the world, "he added.

John Chu is in fact the opinion is written in wikipedia. Unfortunately, not many people realize. According to the saga, from the Chinese original Ramen (Rupelle, Guy de la [2005] and Being Japanese American, Gil Asakawa [2004]). But the growing theory that the word "ramen" is pronounced by the Japanese from the Chinese word "Lamian".

Well, in this country there are lots of processed bamboo curtains are manifold including noodles with ramen noodles or Lamian earlier.

Making ramen, relying on arm strength. Hand movements during the manufacture of ramen noodles to be the key pleasures.

"If the noodles are made by machine, not just ramen noodles alone but all the noodles, then the results will not be good for a touch of the hand made noodles be tasty," he continued.

Then, why ramen noodles known as the menu that comes from Japan? "Keep in mind, ramen originated in China, not Japan. Ramen noodles from China and then brought to Japan. The problem is, Japan can make the noodles from flour whose quality is better, that makes it delicious, so identical to the Japanese ramen noodles, "said John Chu.

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Tor-tor know more..

Tor-tor know more..

Tor-tor dance and claimed magondang Malaysia, we panic. Of course, since this is the real cultural heritage of Indonesia. Let's know more familiar tor-tor in order to know the ancestral heritage of Batak land is very far from the traditions of Malaysia.

Dance tor-tor/

Tor-tor dance is typical dance tribal Batak of North Sumatra. Exactly Mandailing. These dance moves in rhythm with the music (magondangi) played using traditional instruments such as gondang, flute, trumpet Batak, and others.
Tor-tor dance was used in rituals associated with spirits. Spirit is invoked and "go" to the statues of stone (a symbol of the ancestors). The statues were then moves like dancing, but with a rigid motion. The movement is a movement of the foot (toe-toe) and hand movements.

This dance is usually held at a large party where earlier in the clean place and location of the party before the party began to away from danger by using lime. Tor-tor into the culture of indigenous people in every activity Batak.

Tor-tor dance is also in use at the wedding, the tribe Mandailing Tarin tor-tor is a dance that is the case until now. Many people who know the dance because dance tor-tor tor-tor is always in use by some of the dance studio to become one of the dance that was developed and in the case.

Everyone can definitely dance Mandailing tor-tor, because the dance is always in use in a variety of events in northern Sumatra. This dance is also very in love by people who are not tribal Batak. Dance in Indonesia has a hallmark of each area into a dance in pride.

Tor-tor as well dance not only tribal dancing Mandailing tor-tor, but a tribal jam Mandailing can also dance well-tor-tor.

This dance is very popular so sellalu in use on special occasions. Clothes that are used in dance clothes tor-tor is characterized by wearing ulos Batak.

Clothing worn when dancing was tor-tor is very good because the clothes on the dance tor-tor has its own hallmark. Then the dance is what we must uphold and preserve ever.

Range Tor-tor

Tor-tor dance types are manifold, namely:

Tor tor Pangurason (cleansing dance).
This dance is usually held at a big party. Before the party starts, place and location of the party first cleaned by using lime to be far from danger.

Tor tor Sipitu cup (Dance of the seven bowls).
This dance is usually held during the inauguration of a king. This dance is also derived from the seven daughters of heaven to bathe in a lake at the top of the mountain by an incoming pusuk Buhit sipitu sasarung piso (seven knife sheath).

Tor tor Single Panaluan
Usually held when a disaster-stricken village. Single panaluan danced by the shaman to guide the solution to resolve the issue. For a single rod is a combination of supernatural powers panaluan Debata Natolu above the continent, the continent was, and the Continent.

Tor-Tor on today for the Batak people are no longer just assumed with the spirit world, but it became an art because the Tor-Tor into the culture of indigenous people in any activities of Batak.

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Funny thing is, Girls Clothes Make the School of Mathematical Tasks

Funny thing is, Girls Clothes Make the School of Mathematical Tasks

Funny thing is, Girls Clothes Make the School of Mathematical Tasks:
There is a unique story of a girl's school in Canada. Kara Koskowich, the name of this student who had just graduated from school Lethbrige. What did he do?

When graduation party (such as prom night), usually girls got busy looking for a dress, makeup make-up, and cutting-edge style of ornamentation to make it look 'wow' when the show. Understandably, the fair-puberty is attracting attention from the boys.

However, what Kara? Instead he chose to wear a unique dress made of paper sendri use dozens of mathematics tasks.

Yes, he is stringing dozens of papers that have a math assignment from the first grade and some colored paper post it becoming a beautiful dress. In total there are 75 pieces of mathematical tasks used.

Koskowich admitted recently completed her dress the night before prom. Actually, he has begun to make the dress in March, but due to his penchant delay, new Koskowich do most of the work to make the dress in the last week before the prom.

The idea came to mind when looking at a dress Koskowich 'one arm' is seen in the store. He thought it would be more attractive and save if you could make your own dress for her party.

"For me, this (graduation party) is not about spending money to look good, but about how you can interpret it as part of graduation," said Koskowich on CBC and was quoted by Yahoo.

What nonsense, yes. Well, try the clothes worn during the exam, would be a most valuable source of cheat, he ... he ... he ...

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Determining mixing Ambition

Determining mixing Ambition

Determining mixing Ambition:
Anyone know Mark Victor Hansen? Maybe just a few of you remember the name. OK, now I change the question slightly. Anyone know the book series "Chicken Soup for the Soul"? Taste, this book has much to read, or at least hear it.

Yes, Mark Victor Hansen is the author of the world famous series. This time we will learn something from Hansen and his friend, Anthony Robbins. Two friends were both a motivator for many.

At a time when earnings Hansen at U.S. $ 1 million, he asked Robbins, "Your income is so great, how can I achieve it, too?"

When asked, Robbins even asked, "Who are your main schools of thought?"

"The millionaire," said Hansen.

"That's your mistake. You have to get along with the billionaire, they will definitely make you think at their level, "said Robbins.

After Hansen got the answer, he soon managed to earn up to U.S. $ 1 billion.

Chicken and Eagle

How do we learn from the story of Hansen and Robbins? The association that we choose, friendship or a particular community will bring influence to us in the future, good or bad.

This was also confirmed by research conducted by Dr. David from Harvard University, who concluded a friend or a community will affect the success after 25 years.

Basically, humans are happy to adapt to or follow the pattern of living environment.

That is, if we work among the people who are diligent, disciplined, always keep the quality and quality, honest, then sooner or later we will imitate their lifestyle. But conversely, if we work in an environment in which people tend to be lazy, late, undisciplined, like absenteeism, cheating, then slowly but surely we will do the same.

In line with the conclusions of Dr.. David, also became one of the important points in the book "The Secret" (Rhonda Byrne) or even the advice of Mario, the famous motivator in this country.

To achieve what we aspire, it will be more easily achieved when we are interacting with people who are in line with our goals. If you want to be a powerful music player, would be more rapidly achieved if you hang out with musicians, especially from the seniors, is not it?

Of course, Hansen, Robbins, Rhonda, or even Mario does not mean only select people from a particular class as social friends. Making friends and getting to know people from various circles would be useful to expand the association. The more friends the easier life for mutual assistance to each other.

But has a limit so as not to be too late in the association that do not comply with the goals we can certainly keep our steps to stay on track. So, if we are to succeed, put us on the right track. Establish ourselves to always get along with individuals who can provide a positive influence, and the bright future that was available to us.

We may not be able to fly like an eagle if we live in a collection of chicken.

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8 Mighty Grandma on Earth

8 Mighty Grandma on Earth

8 Mighty Grandma on Earth: When parents get older, the ability of a person will be much reduced. The more myopic eye, bone loss, easy to get sick, gray, and more. Finally, older people are often overlooked by the younger group.

But not with a collection of these grandmothers, they remain strong despite the age is not young. Hopefully, what they do can be an inspiration to us, the young, to the spirit and work better.

A. The oldest climber of Mount Everest

A 73-year-old grandmother, Tamae Watanabe, crowned the oldest climber to conquer Mount Everest. Watanabe get that record on Saturday.

Watanabe climb left for Kathmandu, Nepal, in early April, and up the mountain to the summit.

2. Russian Girl Band grandmothers

A vocal group known as the Buranovo Grannies became a byword in Russia after being elected to represent the country in the Eurovision singing contest, as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald, Saturday (03/10/2012).

As the name 'grannies' alias 'granny', personnel "girl band" Russian style has been around 80 years old. If the age of six members of their total, the number more than 400 years.

3. DJ 73 Years of Poland

Szmyt Wika is a 73-year-old grandmother. Although he has retired, Wika use their spare time to work as a DJ three times a week at a nightclub in Poland. Wika is also often involved in the project of modern music, where he invites people - younger people to experience music.

4. Granny 98 Year Winning Judo Black Belt

Keiko Fukuda Sensei make history. Female 98 years has become the first woman to get degree black belt in Judo level 10. This is the highest level in the martial arts sport.

In addition to women who still teaches judo in Noe Valley, San Francisco, United States, there are only 16 people in the world to achieve the highest degree in judo. Of the sixteen people were only four people who are still alive: Fukuda and the other three were men living in Japan.

5. Granny Acrobatic Advanced 72 years

A 72-year-old grandmother because sports attract people who do it everyday. Though in old age, he did not look like an old woman in general, but he can still do sports with an amazing level of flexibility of the body.

Retired named Tan Zhauxian, from Nanning, capital of Guangxi Province, South China is able to bend his legs close to almost every part of her body.

6. 104 Years Brave grandmother Parachute

A 104-year-old grandmother became the oldest person to take part in a daredevil skydiving. grandmother was named Peggy McAlpine, he has two children, four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Now he is awaiting confirmation of the official record by the Guinness Book. Mrs McAlpine's oldest parachutist broke the record after five years ago by Mary Allen Hardison, Utah U.S. of 101-year-old.

7. Grandma Shuffle Dance

Not wanting to miss when many people are trying to shuffle dance style LMFAO, a 90-year-old grandmother was in accordance with the fun dance song Party Rock Anthem.

As if not to be outdone by his age began to eat away, grandma was eager to do the shuffle dance with though hindered by the strength of his body. No matter, what matters is slang grandmother once!

8. Grandma Snipper

Tomar Chandro looks like an old woman in general. He was 78 years old, have 6 children and 15 grandchildren loved. But make no mistake! Ramahnya white hair and a smile can make you fall.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, Grandma Tomar is believed to be a sniper or snipers in the world's oldest professional. Grandmother from Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh, India has won 25 national sniper shooting contest. And more astonishing, he began holding a rifle for the first time 10 years ago or when he was 68 years.

This means that within a decade he was able to master the technique of shooting sniper fluently. When Vasily Zaitsev is still alive, maybe there will be a penalty shot in between them.

It all started when my grandmother Tomar accompany her granddaughter to a shooting club. His grandson is very interested in this world but he is shy to go alone. "When I'm with her, I decided to try," said the old grandmother. "The coach saw me and was amazed by bidikanku."

After that he was practicing on a regular basis. Farooq said the grandmother Tomar Pathan very proficient to the point of no men who trained together for fear of being humiliated. "He has qualified expertise, a firm hand and keen eye," he said.

My grandmother owned Tomar talent seems to have been ingrained in the family. As quoted by the BBC, Seema, her daughter is one of the first Indian woman to win the championship revolver and a rifle in 2010. Meanwhile, one grandson, Neetu Solanki, an international marksman who represented India at the championships which took place in the world countries such as Hungary and Germany. Both women were admitted Tomar story has inspired them to become more advanced.

"He was so awesome," said Seema. "If he can do it, so we certainly can. He showed us that anything can happen. He has really helped improve our lives. "

Neetu, her granddaughter, adding that in a society dominated by men such as in India, his grandmother gave hope to the younger generation.

"The young woman said, 'if my grandmother can, why can not we?' I tell them: work hard and keep your chin up and you still would have ventured to many places, "says Neetu.

BBC, Dailymail,

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Wuih, being 6 feet even Ramaikan Follow Euro 2012

Wuih, being 6 feet even Ramaikan Follow Euro 2012

Wuih, being 6 feet even Ramaikan Follow Euro 2012:
Euro 2012 euphoria inspired a photographer, Andrey Pavlov, who plays the ball to capture the ants. Of course this is only the creation of Pavlov created a unique concept nan photo., Andrey Pavlov

Interestingly, Pavlov used the leaves as the foundation of a football field, and six-legged ant forces the ball so players who do not know the rules "hand".

Why Pavlov chose ants as a model picture? "I used to work in theater so easy to obtain the required properties - and I chose the ant as a symbol of my respect for their way of life.", Andrey Pavlov

Ant, according to Pavlov, the animals are very concerned with their children. Ants also have lived millions of years ago.

With a snap of this unique moment, Pavlov recalled often read stories to their children every night before bed.

"Over the last seven years I was always with my camera. Then when I have kids, I always read him bedtime stories. It was then that I realized there is something 'missing' when I was a kid. So now it's time I built a fairy tale for me own, "said Pavlov reported dailymail.
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Adele song Waking Girl 7 Years of Coma

Adele song Waking Girl 7 Years of Coma

Adele song Waking Girl 7 Years of Coma:
This is testament to the strength of a song. Not only as an entertainer, but also the inspiration and creator of magic.

April 2011, at a hospital in England, a mother, Leila Neve overcome with grief. Arms around Charlotte (7), his daughter who was in a coma.

Leila's heart was crushed when the doctor told him that they have given up. Charlotte illness, brain haemorrhage, could not be saved again. Charlotte was nearing the end of life. So, Leila could only hug her little girl in farewell.

The atmosphere is quiet hospital room. Leila sobs sounded just off the departure of Charlotte and ... the faint sound of the radio.

Suddenly the radio play songs Adele "Rolling in the Deep" ... and a faint smile appeared just when Charlotte heard.

Leila was surprised. He was immediately cried with joy. His little girl's back.

"I do not believe it," Leila said in an interview with The Telegraph. "It was the first time Charlotte reacted after coma due to brain hemorrhage. Sister was surprised and asked me to continue singing the song Adelle. When heard, Charlotte smiled back."

"Rolling in the Deep" is a song craze Charlotte.

After this thrilling event, a few days later, Charlotte was able to get out of bed. Then, after passing a series of tests physiotherapy, speech therapy, he continued gradually improved and ready to go home.

Although it is now Charlotte was still experiencing some problems of blindness and loss of memory in his brain, he was back to being a normal kid who could go to school, even got to dance lessons.

Where the magic can happen anytime. Because, this world is full of wonders. Adele sounds like in the song "Rolling in the Deep" follows, "There's a fire starting in my heart ... Reaching a fever pitch ... And it's Bringing me out the dark.

Yes, Charlotte is back out of the darkness of his life ...

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Bacteria alert 3 Places of Power at Home

Bacteria alert 3 Places of Power at Home

Bacteria alert 3 Places of Power at Home:
Cleaning the house a measure of family health. Although a cursory look is clean and tidy, be alert to the possibility of bad bacteria hide and multiply in some unexpected places.

Dr Nurrahmiati, MKM, Public Health Specialists from the Ministry of Health said that bacteria likes to inhabit the place is dirty and damp. Therefore, the quality of lighting, ventilation and waste regulation noteworthy.

There are many loopholes in the house which allows the growth of bacteria that cause illness. Therefore, identify a favorite source of spread of the bacteria that lurk in families. Especially in places the most frequently used: kitchen, bathroom and family room.


Glance may look clean, but did you know that the kitchen is the dirtiest area of ​​the house. Save millions of bacteria that comes not only from the waste materials but also raw foods like meat.

Raw meat has the potential to carry bacteria E Coli and Salmonella are easily attached to the cookware and tableware in the vicinity. One study even called the sink contaminated with bacteria 100 thousand times more than those in the toilet.


Although virtually cleaner than the kitchen, this area certainly save a lot of bacteria from the feces of the body. There are at least four points of bacterial contamination-prone: the sink faucet, lavatory faucet, an area for bathing, and cabinet handles. Ironically, many users were not aware that the bathroom shower becomes the source of untreated disease.

Living room

The area that is often used as a space to spend time with family is also potentially a breeding place of bacteria. The telephone, television controllers and light switches that are there to be a place that is often inhabited bacteria.

Menimimalisir bacteria in the home is actually very easy. In addition to diligently clean every surface, also need to do a good arrangement of space for air circulation and lighting up.

"The more ventilation and light inside, furniture and surface area of ​​the house easier to clean. Dust and dirt will not last long, "said Interior Designers, Dianing Mahdiawaty in the event Scotch-Brite ™ Campaign House Kept Clean, healthy family.

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What sophisticated car in 2020?

What sophisticated car in 2020?

What sophisticated car in 2020?:
What kind of technology will be applied on the car 8 years? From page collaboration with Intel, here it is the concept cars of the future are being developed by several leading manufacturers.
courtesy of GEElab

A. Wifi
Future cars will have WiFi in the car. Ford and Toyota are developing in this direction (Toyota in collaboration with Intel). Later, this system will connect us with home networks, and can transfer all information from the laptop or computer in your car.

2. Voice Recognition
courtesy of GEElab

Voice recognition or voice recognition system as Siri on the iPhone or Robin is being developed by Google for Android. With this technology it is at the wheel when we can not be bothered to call or send an sms, even do the activity on the internet. All can be done only with a simple voice commands.

3. Digital Dashboard
It seems that the Digital Dashboard is a tool that should be mandatory in future cars.

If now we still have to rush to use GPS devices to locate the address, or look for hotel location, the location of the nearest gas station, then the future can all be done by a digital dashboard.

This dashboard is like a giant iPad. Toyota calls HMI (Human-Machine Interface), their system is working in partnership with Intel and Microsoft.

4. Holographic displays
courtesy of GEElab

The system is being developed by GEElab (Games and Experimental Entertainment Laboratory), an institution that currently owns the project "Enjoyable Interactions in the Rear Seat." This system will appear as a hologram for the passengers sitting in the back seat.

5. Car-to-car communication
courtesy of Car2Car

With this system, each car will communicate as a warning to avoid accidents. Another function is to share data with other cars so that we can find an alternative route in order not to get stuck.

6. Car-to-X communication
One current research project is the PROTON-Plata (Telematics onboard programmable radio - radio telemetric program), developed by this DEUFRAKOProyek overcome the problems posed by a variety of digital and radio frequency standards that are used in digital broadcasting and mobile telecommunications.
The system includes a radio transponder that can tell the driver when there are people or other objects at a crossroads in order to avoid accidents that may occur.

7. Remote control
At the Busan International Motor Show in South Korea, Hyundai Motor introduced Bluelink, the control system that allows smartphone owners to find, open, and turn on their car from a distance. Even turning on the AC and received notification from the computer if there is damage to the car. In the future, this system will evolve even further.

8. Intuitive safety features
Right now some cars are equipped with sophisticated systems will crash if the declarant, but in many cases sound "beep" added the driver instead create panic.

Later, an emergency car can take control and guide to a safer place. For example, if the car detects a sudden we had a heart attack or loss of consciousness, then the system will trigger the automatic control sensor, video to monitor the surrounding traffic, lead us to safety, and emergency contact numbers (eg 911 or 112 in Indonesia) .

9. Invisible chauffeurs and copilots
courtesy of Car2Car

Technically, this co-pilot system already exists. Google is currently testing the "car without a driver" in California. In fact, General Motors claims it will have this system in 2018.

With this system, it can drive your own car, we are only using voice commands (voice recognition) to name the destination, find and park itself, as well as detecting the speed and the distance between cars.

10. Health monitor
Ford recently announced that they are developing a car seat with a sensor to monitor heart rate using electrical impulses.

"The position of the chair can be customized for all types of people. Can automatically measure heart rate, and control the driver's medical condition," said Kiyoshi Matsutani, Manager of Automotive Electronics Development Center at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show last year.

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