Flowers Full of Toxins

Flowers Full of Toxins

Flowers Full of Toxins:
After discussing the rare flowers in the world, we now turn to see a collection of flowers contain substances which, when abused is very dangerous for the body.

A. Opium

Opium is actually used in the pharmaceutical world, but more often misused as a narcotic-producing flowers, because it has a powerful hallucinogenic effect.

Method of processing a drug, namely by cutting the fruit to remove the sticky white sap. Once dry, the sap will change color to brown. The content of the sap contains a mixture of natural narcotic alkaloids, including morphine and codeine. Morphine is acetylated to produce diacetylmorphine useful (or better known as heroin).

Opium is the most dangerous kind of narcotic. The content is consumed by direct swallowed or taken with tea, coffee or smoked with tobacco or sheesha (tobacco-style Middle East).

2. Daphne

Interest is also known by the name Daphne Lady Laurel or plant paradise. All parts of the flower is poisonous but the most toxic parts centered on the sap and fruit. Daphne contain mezerine and daphnin, which is a powerful toxin and can cause severe abdominal pain, headache, diarhea, and madness. If the fruit of Daphne in the consumption rate in excess, can cause coma and even death.

3. Lilly of the valley

Lilly of the valley looks very beautiful and seem harmless, but do not be fooled by appearances. This flower looks like Daphne is very toxic.

Although only consume one or two doses of this bell-shaped flowers that will not be fatal, but if eaten in sufficient quantities can cause a lot of pain in the mouth, vomiting, cramps throughout the body, and diarrhea. Toxins in this flower can also cause cardiac dysfunction and heart rate fell.

4. Aconitum

Some species are used as a poison Acotinum on arrows. Minaro tribes in Ladakh use to hunt goats napellus Acotinum male forest. While in Japan, interest Ainus use it to hunt bears. Chinese people also use it for hunting and war. If you touched the tip will result in a state of numbness and burning.

5. Atrope Bella Donna

Recognized as one of the most poisonous plants in the West Hemisphere, Belladona contain tropane alkoids potential for harm. All parts of this plant is dangerous, but the most dangerous part is the fruit that seems to good to eat.

Symptoms that would occur from the venom of this flower is dilated pupils, blurred vision, headaches, hallucinations and insanity. Atropine is a poison contained in this flower that can disrupt the nervous system and cause respiratory problems, frequent melehmahnya sweating and heart rate.

6. Conium

This poisonous flower belongs to the family Apiaceae and can be found in Europe and southern Africa. One species is conium maculatum, also called poison hemlock. These flowers are from Europe, western Asia and northern Africa.

This flower contains many alkaloids that can be deadly to humans and livestock. One example is very similar to coniine and nicotine, can interfere with the workings of the central nervous system. What will typically happen from conium poisoning is muscle paralysis and respiratory system so that the heart and brain are not getting enough oxygen.

7. Nerium Oleander

Oleander is known as one of the most poisonous plants on earth, is often used for suicide in South India. Various kinds of poison contained in all parts of this plant, such as oleandrin and neriine, which causes nervous system disorders, digestive disorders, and circulatory system work.

Worse, all the symptoms that will occur simultaneously. Victims will experience symptoms of loss of consciousness, body shaking, extreme pain, coma, and death. The sap can cause skin irritation and blindness in the eye.

8. Datura

Datura flowers shaped like a cone-shaped, contains alkaloids that enough. They have been used for hundreds of years as a toxic hallucinogen. In some places in Europe and Inda, Datura is used to commit murder and suicide.

9. Angel's Trumpet

Do not be fooled by its name, beautiful, these plants contain toxins that are deadly to humans and animals. These flowers can provide a powerful hallucinogenic effect because it contains tropane alkaloids.

10. Autumn Crocus

Autumn Crocus is one of the most poisonous plants in the world. These flowers contain colchicine which is a deadly drug that is used to treat gout. Toxins contained in this rate by a kind of arsenic that there is no cure. When this plant poisoning, can cause loss of blood pressure and heart disease.

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Art of Amazing Chewing Gum

Art of Amazing Chewing Gum

Art of Amazing Chewing Gum: Usually chewing gum for most people merely chewed and discarded. In fact, it is often 'waste' of chewing gum stuck in any place. Let's admit, anyone who likes nempelin and make other people victims of our fad?

Fortunately, there is also a creative process of chewing gum into beautiful artworks. Let's look at two artists a creative genius with the gum.

Jason Kronenwald

Kronenwald, a bachelor of fine arts graduate of Queens University in creating a work of art called Chewing Gum Music Portrait.

Truly unique way. He was chewing gum with a variety of different flavors and colors are chewed and then placed on a plywood base, then create paintings with various styles, realistic, pop-art and others.

No paint or dyes are used. Inherent color of the gum color mixing that occurs. However, Kronenwald not working alone. He has a team dedicated to chew trident and preferring texture.

The attractiveness of images of his paintings spread over a wide audience of several collectors in Canada, including TD Waterhouse, until the publication of popular culture such as this year at Ripley's Believe It or Not.

His work has also received many reviews from the Globe and Mail, National Post, and Elle Magazine. And appeared on Breakfast Television, MuchMusic, Inside Edition and Good Morning America.

Maurizio Savini

Maybe all this time the designers made the statue with a statue of most media is essentially a wood, earth or metal, but more with Maurizio Savini, sculptures by famous Italian designers are desperate to make a sculpture with the media is essentially a gum.

No half-hearted gum colors he chose the color pink. How did it go? Check it out below.

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5 Design Swimming Pool coolest

5 Design Swimming Pool coolest

5 Design Swimming Pool coolest: The thought of bathing in the pool of clear blue nan alone, it was fun. Moreover, if the pond is designed for and comfortable as possible for us was given the additional facilities such as games. Certainly more interesting and has its own uniqueness. So, what is it unique from the five pools below?

A. Swimming Pool Largest / Longest

The largest pool in the world according to Guinness World Book of Records is located in a resort called San Alfonso del Mar, Chile. The length of this pool reaches 1,000 meters and its depth reaches 35 meters.

No wonder it took a lot of water for filling swimming pools, that is about 250 million liters of water. Wow! Cool again, the water used to fill the pool is drawn from the Pacific Ocean water is filtered and processed first.

2. Swimming Pool scariest

Golden Nugget Water Slide

Glimpse of a swimming pool worth 1.8 billion dollars at the Golden Nugget Hotel may look ordinary. But, if we look more closely, in the pool, there are three levels of water slides, waterfalls, and a large aquarium containing sharks.

Exciting, we can swim in the shark aquarium, of course, with special precautions. Let's hope it's strong enough to accommodate aquarium sharks yah?

3. Swimming Pool darkest

It was very fitting that this pool is called the dark pool. Because the pool is located in the limestone dome, 17 meters underground. The temperature of the pool is in this cave was always kept warm, around 35 degrees Celsius.

Because, this subterranean pool is located around the ski area at Homestead Centre, Utah. Interestingly, the water is rich in minerals, you know!

4. Deepest Swimming Pool

No wonder the pool Nemo 33, located in Uccle, Belgium is most famous as the swimming pool. You see, the most in this pool reaches 32 meters.

Wow! We can not survive it, if you swim there? Do not worry, because this place is one of the largest scuba diving training in the world.

So, we can all learn to dive here. Moreover, there are two levels before we reach the deepest point, the depth of 5 meters and 10 meters.

5. Swimming Pool edge

There are many interesting stories about the swimming pool floating on the river Spree, Berlin, Germany. Badeschiff pool which means 'boat for a shower', made from old cargo containers and unused.

Sophistication of the swimming pool can be used in all seasons and weather. In the summer, these pools are outdoor pools and a lot of parties are often held here.

But, in winter, the cover pool will be raised to an indoor pool and sauna are added to warm


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Human transitional Ancient Hunting - Farming

Human transitional Ancient Hunting - Farming

Human transitional Ancient Hunting - Farming:
First is the type of early human hunters, then a shift to grow crops to meet food needs. During the transitional period, humans coexist with human hunters farmers.

This hypothesis is known based on evidence from DNA analysis conducted by researchers from Sweden and Denmark against four human skeleton excavated from a plot of land in Sweden. A framework is a farmer, while the other is a hunter.
These fossils are from the Stone Age, about five thousand years ago. A total of 250 million base pairs that were collected from the frame into the machine time for researchers to study human genetics in the past.

Preliminary results indicate the location of the origin of two kinds of people with different lifestyles. "Genetic profile matches the human farmer who now lives in the Mediterranean such as Cyprus. Three other matches human hunters of northern Europe," says genetic researchers from Uppsala University, Pontus Skoglund.

This finding is consistent with the theory of the agricultural revolution in Europe. The theory states that planting pattern taken from the people who live in the south to north. When the humans who live in the north still live by hunting and gathering. Both groups then met this man and lived together for thousands of years.

"They live together with different lifestyles and do interbreed," says Mattias Jakobsson evolutionary biology researchers from Uppsala University.

As a result of intermarriage, the European man living today no longer have the same genetic human hunters and gatherers of the Stone Age. However, according to Skoglund, several human genetic fragments of the stone age still stored in the body of modern Europeans.

Farmers from the Mediterranean gain knowledge about agriculture from the first farm in the Middle East about 11 thousand years ago. Farming spread across Europe 6,000 years later.

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Books: The success of Islam along the City Trail

Books: The success of Islam along the City Trail

Books: The success of Islam along the City Trail:
As to whether today's world view of Islamic countries, stigma and kekerasankah terrorist, or a source of mine that must be mastered? Whatever it is, in the historical record shows a place where Islam had planted, so evidence of just how massive and extent of these teachings of the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Not just wide, the Islamic nations also never felt the "golden age", both in terms of power was the center of world science. This story is a thread of the book "Walking the City of Glory Traces of Islam" published by Republika daily. 26 cities around the world to be the center of attention of a team of writers: Heri Ruslan, Desy Susilawati, Dyah Meta Meta Ratna Novi, Ferry Kisihandi, Muhammad Subarkah, and Syahruddin El-Fikri.
With six authors labeled "journalists" of course content and accuracy of reading pleasure no longer cause for concern. They are really reliable pick a catchy title. "Cordoba: Paradise Lost", or "Kosovo: The Return of the Lost", and "Jordan: State guard Al-Aqsa Mosque". That for example, is so typical of the feature.
Similarly contents. Many interesting things - maybe even do not know - that can make us aware of how much Islam (time). Dozens of scholars, inventors were scattered into the world of reference. Who does not recognize the father of algebra Al-Khwarizmi, and he apparently came from Aleppo, Syria. Foreign name in his ear? Though Aleppo one of the oldest cities in human history.
Or want to know what kind of Islam in Tibet and Islam has been 'discovered' America before Columbus? 234 pages full of science content was in it.

However, as a consideration, after devouring the book, ask for the self, "What happened to the Islamic nation now, to where it went Kecendikiaan tumultuous change in the Middle East that seems endless? Or it may arise zeal to restore the glory of it. Hopefully inspired ...

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Batik Login Curriculum in Italian

Batik Login Curriculum in Italian

Batik Login Curriculum in Italian:
The oldest fashion school in Italy, Koefia, plans to enter the fashion design with batik fabric into the curriculum of studies. The news was disclosed Koefia Artistic Director, Bianca Lami, along with Vice Chairman of the Parliament in Rome, Italy Raffaele D'Ambrosio who said it was aware of Solo as a batik center of the internet, this makes them very interested.

"I knew from the internet that the Solo is the capital of batik. Here many batik industry, I even heard the name of the village with batik. I want to see it directly," he said.
He said it would teach their students batik fashion design for three years. This is because it sees batik as a world cultural heritage of the Unesco-recognized Indonesia and could become a new fashion trend will be.
"We want to develop the fashion heritage. It is well to combine culture with European culture Solo and I think the result will be very good," he said.

How do we address this? Naturally, if there is a fear among these as a way out of the batik Indonesia annexed. Or maybe we should be encouraged to become more loving and learning batik that cultural heritage is still preserved in the hands of us and future generations.
For those in Jakarta, try the textile museum. In this place there is always a batik workshop. For the area, looking for location info to learn batik, because now almost every province to develop its local batik.

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Scientists Find Gene Trigger Answers Eternal Life

Scientists Find Gene Trigger Answers Eternal Life

Scientists Find Gene Trigger Answers Eternal Life:
Imagination 'eternal life' as Highlander McCloud may still be too far from reality. However, a lot of young people who are interested.

Scientists have discovered four genes 'Father Time' which determines how quickly the human aging and the control part. These genes turn on and off by environmental factors and lifestyle or have been programmed from the start.

Researchers believe, knowing how these genes will lead to a new generation of anti-aging medicine.
"We found that epigenetic changes related to the nature of the age. Using the knowledge that we can, we can better understand the biological mechanisms, "said Dr. Jordana Bell of King's College London.

On the other hand, as reported by Dailymail, campus director, Professor Tim Spector said, the results of this study provide the first view of the potential to search for genes related to aging and how to modify it to begin to create anti-aging therapies.

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Lego Celebrates 60 Years of the way the Queen of the Throne

Lego Celebrates 60 Years of the way the Queen of the Throne

Lego Celebrates 60 Years of the way the Queen of the Throne:
This year, the exact date is June 5 Britain's Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate 60 years on the throne (Diamond Jubilee). Various arrangements were made, even festive party planned to be there for one week.
Toy maker Lego has a way to welcome the warning. Namely to make a complete minatur palace, the typical red-uniformed guards complete with bearskins (black hat), and the queen alone.

At the height of 10 cm miniature lego, the Queen looks to join the royal balcony with new figures from the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.
Approximately 48 pieces of genuine diamonds are also pinned on a Lego model of Queen Elizabeth. Dinny Hall jewelery designer who is believed to be specifically assigned to make a crown, a silver coated with a size of 1.5 cm height.

"We decided to create a new Miniland figure of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations for. We wanted to do something special for an event that is very important," said Sue Kemp of the Legoland, as quoted by The Telegraph.
Lego will be on display at the balcony of Buckingham Palace theme park in Windsor Legoland Miniland starting in May.

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Earth Day? Indonesia's Older Peoples care of the

Earth Day? Indonesia's Older Peoples care of the

Earth Day? Indonesia's Older Peoples care of the:
Commemorate Earth Day (Earth Day) 22 April, then Google displays animated flowers (plants) in the search engine pages.

This awareness movement is good, banging on our conscience to keep back the earth. Once so the evidence, that the modernization of the industrial era created since the inception in the 18th century was brought to the destruction of the earth for hundreds of years afterwards.

Indeed, in the modern society which claimed most civilized, indigenous peoples who still live a 'simple' and untouched by modernity as it presents the fact that they are really true keepers of the earth.

7 of them are:

Dayak Iban

There are many Dayak tribes in Borneo, plus trying to keep fighting the forest. We take the example of one of the most popular: The Dayak Iban.

Dayak Iban in Sungai Dusun village of Batu Utik latitude, District Embaloh Hulu, Kapuas Hulu, West Kalimantan has a forest reserve in Utik River, the area is overgrown with meranti wood, lime, Ladan, and various species of rattan.

'Here there is one rule, a maximum of one year householders can cut down the rod 30'', said Raymundu Sremang, Batu Village Head latitude. Sanctions customary fines for offenders will be given,'' fined Rp 500 thousand, and it never happened.''

Dayak Iban realize that "Forests give us clean water, so that clean our blood. Our land intact, aging and cleared land. Our Forests capture carbon, a poisonous gas that we are protected and we are not affected by the disease."

Various reasons it also makes a Dayak Iban tribe in the area of ​​the River Utik investors refuse to convert forests into oil palm plantations, many of which opened in Malaysia's Sarawak border region.

Wisdom to keep these forests in 2008, River Forest Peoples Utik is the first ecolabel certified, sustainable forest management of the Indonesian Ecolabelling Institute.

Rejang Jurukalang

Jurukalang indigenous peoples in several areas of Bengkulu have local knowledge in conserving the forest. They had the following legislation:

Cahayo Simbur Act. Although the law was made by the Netherlands (van Bossche) and then made some changes in it are one source of customary law is written that is always used as referency in dispute settlement in the Community Jurukalang

Taneak Tanai. Designation for a stretch of land within the indigenous communities that are owned communally and typically is the area of ​​citizen governance.

Any party who manages a particular region in the taneak tanai obliged to plant-Tamanan harsh economic and conservation value such as banana, durian and the other as a sign the region has been owned by certain individuals and families.

Utan or built-in Piadan. This mention of the forest which is believed to have supernatural guardian so that there are some prerequisites to unlock the region's rare people who dare to open forest of this prohibition, in Bukit Serdang Jurukang region is a region that is believed to have magical powers that keep the region

Rian indigenous Cao. It is customary terms of local ordinances or local wisdom to mention, this ordinance berkembangan custom fit your needs and the development of community residents
Honey Tree Felling called the beehive is to cut down the weight restrictions, if the cut will be fined half awake or half of the penalty kill.

So is by cutting down trees in the surrounding trees as well as the beehive is considered taboo customs, beehive regarded as communal rights and when the harvest is usually known by the whole community and the community there are certain parts of the crops that should not be taken and allowed to stay around the tree because thought it was the right magical guardian of the tree, the harvest was accompanied by nyayian-nyayian good compliment and praise to the praise of penunggunya wood.


Wana cultural practices (Tau Taa Wana Bulang) in Central Sulawesi manifest in a number of rituals which still considers the forest has a 'kekuatab supernatural'.

These local cultural practices have a positive impact on the conservation of forests which do Wana.

There are 14 forms of indigenous ritual practices carried Wana in preserving the forest and the surrounding environment. Some of these rituals is Manziman Tana (ask permission), Monguyu husband (the ritual first planting), Mpopondoa Sua (gives strength to the tree of life), Palampa Tuvu (rejecting the danger), Nunju (demonized), Ranja (drive out the plague), and Polobian (treatment).


Naga tribe settlements in West Java is sandwiched between two pieces of woods. The first forest located on the side of the river called Leuweung Biuk Ciwulan. Leuweung in Sundanese means forest.

However, what distinguishes the forest in the area with other areas outside of Kampung Naga is, the state of plants and especially plant Leuweung Biuk in Leuweung ban is maintained intact. The region was green with a variety of plant species that are deliberately left to grow naturally. Against the plant, no member of the public interest because the two Naga dare spoil the sacred forest.

The second forest area called the ban a wide LEUWEUNG approximately three acres, sacred ancestors are buried there because the people of the Naga Tribe, Worship Dalem Singaparana Grandmother.

Events such as floods, drought, pests and diseases of rice plants that resulted in crop failure or reduced production, for example, are considered as events that can not be separated from the law of cause and effect. Therefore, when the encroachment of lands which are then used as industrial forests and plantations, indigenous Naga tribe already predict what will happen next.

Kajang tribe
Also called indigenous Ammatoa. Living in Bulukumba, South Sulawesi, to manage forest resources sustainably, although geographically the area is not far (about 50 miles) from the center of economic activity and government Bulukumba.

This is caused by the relationship of indigenous peoples with their forest environment based on the wise philosophy of life, which treats the forest as a mother who must be respected and protected (Suriani, 2006)

They practiced a very simple way of life by rejecting all things technological. For them, technology objects can have negatively impacted their lives, because it is damaging the sustainability of natural resources. Community who always wore black clothes is then referred to as indigenous Ammatoa (Widyasmoro, 2006).

Ammatoa community memraktekkan an indigenous religion called Patuntung. This doctrine relies on three main pillars, namely respect Turiek Akrakna (God), the land the Turiek Akrakna, and ancestors (Rossler, 1990).

Trust and respect for Turiek Akrakna is the most fundamental belief in religion Patuntung. Indigenous peoples believe that Turiek Akrakna Kajang is the creator of all things, the Supreme Eternal, All-Knowing, the Mighty and the Almighty (Hasbi, 2005: 270).

They believe that in the forest there is magic that can be prosperous and disastrous at a time when it is not preserved. Power is derived from the ancestral spirits Kajang community that preserves the forests to be free from the evil intentions of humans (Aziz, 2008).

If anyone had dared to destroy the forest, such as cutting down trees and killing animals in it, then the spirits of the ancestors will reduce the curse. It can be a curse of disease suffered by the person concerned, or could also lead to the cessation of water flowing in the Tanatoa Kajang.

One more exemplary life principle called tallase kamase-Mase. Literally, tallase kamase-Mase is living miserably, what life is. Pleading, in the sense that the purpose of life according to the tide Kajang community is solely dedicated to Akrakna Turek.

Tallase principle kamase-Mase, means not having an excessive desire in everyday life, whether for food, clothing and in need. In that way, then the desire to get the excess of the forest can be avoided,

Indigenous residents Molo

This is a story of struggle tribal peoples in the Middle East to maintain their forests. As forests, soil, water and rock can not be made then and Pubabu Besipae Molo tribe in East South Central, will never sell natural resources.

"Buy a table, would we build, let us buy rice planting." So they call upon a number of mining companies that want to tear the mountains and their forests
Yes, the rock Naitapan located near the area they are sliced ​​up by PT Marble Natural Resources.

Then the protest was made. A few men sit while menggelung foot Molo, the local customs house called Lopo, in Nausus, Molo North, East Nusa Tenggara. They sang a song called Stone Naitapan, while following the rhythm of a recording on a cell phone. The song was created due to the action of the exploration of indigenous miners.

Planting on mined lands

Then the people occupying the slopes of Mount Batu Fatuliki, stop the activity that cut the rock quarry, continued a Wiliambae One traditional leaders.

"All the people here we have a garden around the stone, do not want to destroy nature. If the defective nature means we want to live where, what to eat? Garden rocks all around the tree. We sat together, the title mat, sleeping like a cow. Day and night. Rain-wind. Because we have the stone are the names and history of the ancestors. So we do not want to ruin it. "


Lastly, I want to tell you when visiting the Mentawai experience of post Tsunami hit 2010 ago.

Photo: MR Tirtoandayanto

When our team visited the island of Siberut to see whether the disaster was down to the countryside, we headed to the Village Matotonan. How to reach the farthest village in the headwaters of South Siberut, should be winding down the river using pompong nan. Namely, a kind of motorized dinghy.

Along tens of kilometers, we do not see any trash. And, just found out the reason as 'snack' during the trip, Mr. Anwar told aloud, "Do not throw garbage into the river, yes." This is proof of how indigenous Mentawai it is keeping their forests.

Still bercawat tribal tattoos all over his body and is believed Sabulungan confidence. They believe there are three natural rulers in the Tai Kabagat Koat (Holy Sea), Tai Ka Leleu (Spirit of the woods and mountains), and Tai Ka Manua (Spirit of the sky).

Photo: MR Tirtoandayanto

So, not easy for local residents in cutting trees. Any existing trees to be felled rituals, and led by Sikerei (shaman / healer).


Any description of all indigenous peoples on a real picture, that Indonesia's indigenous people to maintain the earth. On another occasion I'll write another evidence about the original architecture, making it clear that our peoples can live 'at peace' with the ground beneath her feet.

We, for modern urban society and claimed to have the most noble religion, often condemned syncretism beliefs (pagan) rural population as the heathen and godless.

In fact, they have their own way of love with the Almighty. Amazingly, they had a "real action" as proof that the earth was created to keep the Lord of Heaven.

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notes / eka-pasers
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