10 Vampire Really There

10 Vampire Really There

10 Vampire Really There:
When it comes to blood-sucking creatures, can be immediately pictured a vampire or a vampire. Indeed in the real world, many creatures who must take blood to survive.

Do not worry, some of these creatures would not suck all your blood until they run out (unless attacked, anyway: P). While some others are dangerous and should be avoided.
Well, let us know what is being referred to.

A. Fleas
Although there are many insects that eat blood, lice are the largest group of more than 2000 species are known to feed on blood beradatasi mammals.

Have a slim but solid body like armor into the perfect weapon to burst among the thick fur, so made ​​it difficult to "host" to scratch or bite them out.

Ticks have never had a wing (which will slow their escape), but compensation, has legs outstanding, which allows them to jump over 200 times their body length.

They start life as larvae (eg maggots) that do not bite, but eat the dead skin secretions such as, hair, feathers or even waste their parents.

Some species are known as "sticktight" had a terrible meal method. They penetrate deep into the skin of mammals, swollen to the size of a pea, lay eggs and die, still embedded in the flesh. It is to be the cause of bacterial infections.

2. Chinch
Originally simply called insects of the order Hemiptera, which includes bugs, waterbugs, aphids, crickets, and many others. Most insects are harmless, but the wicked are "vermin" among some varieties of parasites.

In keeping with their name, these creatures hiding in various places (such as mattresses and pillows you) to suck the blood of its prey while sleeping.
They adapt quickly to pesticides so it is very difficult to eradicate. Rapid adaptation is due in part to their hard habit to reproduce; to mate, a man should beat a bigger, then mate with females by stabbing through exoskeletonnya (bladed genitals) and females must be strong enough to survive the wounds to lay eggs. This means that only a couple of tough bugs that will give birth to babies of new fleas.

In some exotic species, female bedbugs even has its own bladed phallus, making their marriage like a fencing match full of violence.

3. Leech
Related to earthworms and other annelids, leeches can be found all over the world both on land and in water. Most species are carnivorous, eating small invertebrates or even fish and frog eggs.
Haematophagous leeches are armed with a circle such as dental and anesthetic, anticoagulant compounds in their saliva, allowing them to make a small incision without the pain that ejects the blood of their prey for hours.

In the old days, the leech is believed to cure almost any disease by removing excess blood "bad". B ahkan now there are many alternative treatments used in this way.

It turned out that the leech is more complex than we think. Leeches have a heart, too much brain and the eyes of some species have a small group.
4. Vampire Moth
Most moths and butterflies feed on nectar or never eat at all, their survival is enough to mate.
Moths use to drill a sharp proboscis through the skin into the bloodstream of mammals. As blood flows through the host's mouth, it causes little creature is to hook into the meat until the meal is finished.
Converse with mosquitoes, only the male moths into a vampire - he uses alternative energy sources is fine, because female moths spend most of their time to rest and wait while the man is left for further adventure and looking for other couples.

5. Vampire Bats
Animals of this one seemed the most famous of all living blood drinkers.
There are only three types of vampire bats or Desmodontidae, all Native Americans. They are satu2nya bats can walk and even longer dwell in the land, it allows them to sleep close to the larger animals and crawling on them.

How to eat: like a razor sharp teeth to make a small incision in the flesh its prey with less pain, and saliva contain mengalirlancar antikogulan make ready to drink the blood of victims.

While almost all communal bats, vampire bats are bats that are known to care for their children, even vampire bats adopt another child orphaned and regard it as their own child.

6. Lamprey
Agnatha or "jawless fish" was once a planet vertebrates, appeared millions of years ago in the ancient world dominated by mollusks and arthropods bertentakel spiked.

At present, a living example of his ancestors were "slime hags" scavenging and faced bloodsuckers "lamprey."

Lamprey like to attach to other fish and infiltrate through the flesh until they reach the blood or other body fluids, and possibly kill the prey is not strong enough to withstand a lot of fluid or blood loss

Although they appear primitive and savage, lampreys also devoted mother who migrated away to lay eggs and carefully make a pile of rocks to be a protective nest their eggs.

7. Candiru
Creatures of the Amazon is famous for the rare habit of swimming into the uterus and drainage of large mammals (like humans) are stupid enough to urinate in the river.

Their small body, specifically tailored to the gills detect victim's body parts that are rich in blood, and that's when they use a small jaw to bite

8. Snails Torpedo
Maybe this is a creature who does not like vampires, Cancellaria cooperi.

Snail slow but persistent, can smell the slime layer of a few feet away, and using long, thin tube to drain blood without causing the fish to feel pain or discomfort.

9. Sparrow Vampires
No other animals that may be so bizarre as Geospiza difficilis septentrionalis, the only bird known to regularly consume dietary supplements with fresh blood.

Pipit is learning to take blood from the wound for a small additional food animals may be adapted well. Because when the food on this island is much reduced, so that they slowly moved into the blood-eating animals.

10. Fly
Diptera are flies that live by sucking blood. There's also called "horse flies" - a little more rough shape, using a mouth like a double-edged razor blade to slice open the flesh and drink the blood that oozes out.
More unusual is Hippoboscidae or "louseflies," some of which live in large prey till they mature and did not even have wings!

There is even a bloodsucking fly larvae, such as the "maggots floor of the Congo" drink the blood of victims who were sleeping with their mouths like a leech.

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Three Times a wealth Apple state budget

Three Times a wealth Apple state budget

Three Times a wealth Apple state budget:
Technology giant Apple to surpass the U.S. $ 600 billion or 5500 trillion yen for the first time in history and cemented its position as the most valuable companies in the world.

Apple shares have surged in value nearly 60% since the beginning of this year. With arguably the value of 3x larger than Indonesia's state budget is only about 1,500 trillion yen.

This is an important milestone achievement for the manufacturer of the iPhone is, when the new shares was U.S. $ 3.19 Rp30 thousand in 1997 when the company was founded, among others, the late Steve Jobs was threatened with bankruptcy.

Apple's closest competitor is Microsoft that is worth U.S. $ 260 billion or Rp 2380 trillion while in 1999, at the peak of the dotcom boom era, its value had reached U.S. $ 619 billion or approximately Rp5.677 trillion in market capitalization.

Speculation called boom era of new technologies will soon appear, followed by lethargy afterwards.

On Monday, the social networking giant Facebook has just announced a fantastic expenditure of U.S. $ 1 billion or Rp9 trillion to providers Instagram photo sharing application, a small company who only employ 13 new employees and was founded in October 2010.

Apple victorious in the hands of Jobs

Apple's resurgence under the wheel of Steve Jobs, who died last year from cancer, came thanks to a breakthrough in computer products and then the iPod music player, followed by the iPhone and the iPad.

Jobs also gave birth to the birth of Apple in Silicon Valley in the 1980s, but then fired at the end of that decade.

Jobs then asked to join back in 1997, to implement changes to the Apple production lines, culminating in the success of its iPhone and tablet, the iPad.

In January, Apple reported its biggest profit rate in the three months of 2011. At the end of that same year, the company reported a 97.6 billion in cash deposits or Rp893 trillion.

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Shifting plates and Sumatra Earthquake Causes

Shifting plates and Sumatra Earthquake Causes

Shifting plates and Sumatra Earthquake Causes:
Aceh back of the magnitude 8.5 earthquake rocked the Richter Scale (SR) on 11 April 2012. Not once only "gallery mecca 'experience of this disaster, we are even still remember the tsunami tragedy of 2004.

Did you know that the Sumatra earthquake made the position changed?

Maybe you wanted to know why earthquakes frequently shake the Aceh region of Sumatra or the other. The cause is: because there is a "Sumatran Fault".

Fault or Fault is a term in the science of geology which in English is called Fault.
The presence of fracture is not always a negative connotation as the cause of the earthquake, because it was useful in the earth fault in the process of formation of hydrocarbon traps either deposits or oil and gas industry.

Similarly, the fault structure is very important as a way of passage of the magma when the magma is rich in valuable minerals it will form a mineralized precious metal minerals such as gold, silver, copper, iron, etc..

Fracture occurs due to a shift in the earth layers of the normal operating condition. That is, the movement of the Earth's crust. There is a movement to stop at all is called the Fault is not active, but there is movement continues, the fault type is called an active fault.

Sumatra Fault is an active fault that has moved thousands of years ago which is when the formation of islands of Indonesia as a result of the collision of three plates of the world's approximately 45.6 million years ago, the Indian Ocean-Australian plate is moving relative to the north-moving Eurasian Plate keselatan and the Pacific Plate is moving west.

Pressure Plate, Australia Indian Ocean island of Sumatra that caused such a position today and had shifted so that an angle of rotation with the Equator. Yet according to the geologist, first position the island of Sumatra with the island of Java that is parallel to the Equator line.

However, the current longitudinal position from the northwest to the southeast and across the equator, as the island dividing the two parts of Sumatra, Sumatra Sumatra northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere. The existence of plate collision also caused the emergence of the hills that became known as the Bukit Barisan position parallel to the fault.

Therefore there is a valley along the Bukit Barisan which is straight and elongated, these valleys are the Great Sumatran Fault zone is weak, where the Earth's crust cracks, and one side with the other side moves horizontally.

Patterns of movement in general to the right, the block moves to the south east and west blocks otherwise. The weak zone from the south includes the valley Semangko (Semangko in Lampung Bay), Kepahiang, Ketahun, Kerinci, Muara Labuh, Singkarak Maninjau, Rokan Left, Girls, Angkola, Alas, Tangse, and the valley of Aceh. Weak zone has the potential to trigger earthquakes on land.

Fault Semangko

Sumatra Fault widely known since the frequent occurrence of earthquakes in Sumatra mainland. Sumatra fault had resulted in a large earthquake on the island of Sumatra as of 1932 Liwa earthquake, 1994, 1909 Kerinci earthquake, which left 1995 men and material losses are considerable.

Keep in mind, Sumatran Fault has several segments in Aceh has been detected through geologic map information that has been mapped by Cameron et al (the map is published by the Center for Research and Development Geologi/P3G - Department of Mines and Energy). Evidence of faulting is further strengthened by the appearance of the interpretation of aerial photographs and satellite imagery (remote sensing).

For the Aceh region Semangko Fault is divided into several segments of the Fault-Kutacane Lokop, Blangkeujeren-Mamas Fault, Fault Kla-Alas, Fault-Blangkeujeren Reunget, Anu-Batee Fault, Fault-Sipopoh Samalanga, Banda Aceh-Anu Fault, Fault-Lamteuba Baro.

The fracture energy saving is great and if one day the energy is released it will cause an earthquake. If the release of energy is suddenly at the same time this is very dangerous because it will lead to a devastating earthquake, but if the energy is released gradually little by little the quake caused no less dangerous, and sometimes not felt by humans but only recorded by seismographs tool.

Many faults in Indonesia

For Indonesia itself a potential ground fault earthquake ground among other Sumatra Fault / Fault Semangko, Palu-Koro Fault in Sulawesi, Cimandiri Fault, Fault Lembang in Java, Sorong Fault in Papua.

It is inevitable that Indonesia generally have the threat of earthquake, then the policy should be based development made disaster, no longer as it is today just a sloppy planning. Because this has been mandated by the Act No 26 of 2007 on Spatial Planning Article 6, paragraph 1, point a spatial held with respect to the physical condition of the Republic of Indonesia are vulnerable to disasters.

[Source article: Faizal Adriansyah, Chairman of the Indonesian Geologists Association (IAGI) Pengda Aceh)

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Skin color not the integrity of Seeing

Skin color not the integrity of Seeing

Skin color not the integrity of Seeing:
Racial issues in America in the 60's still sensitive. White and colored race can not blend in as it is now. However, this story is quite touching.

One day in 1965. Pouring down with rain, soon the middle of the night. A woman of color is being confused by the wayside. His car broke down. Several times she tried to ride 1-2 cars passing by waving his hand, but the cars that pass you by.

In the midst of confusion, she is trying to toughen up. He returned to continue the journey by foot. The cold water mengguyuri his onset of illness was ignored, he kept walking.

Suddenly there was a pedestrian, a white man came running. Without regard to conflicts of blacks and whites that was raging, the white man tried to offer to help him.

The white man and a woman find a taxi, gave him directions to where it should go down, and pay the taxi fare. Before the cab was gone, the man was given a business card to the woman as a reference if you get lost or encounter problems down the road.

A week later, he was startled by a loud knock at the door. Apparently, the courier officer - complete with his pickup truck had stopped in front of the house. The car was carrying a large color TV and stereo tape. Two objects are very luxurious time. In the color TV was attached a piece of paper as follows:

Designation. Bp. James,
Thank you for helping me that night. Help and guidance of the father was very meaningful to me, not just to protect me from the heavy rains, but also has managed to arouse me from despair.
Because of your help, I can meet my husband who was critically injured in hospital. If at that time I was late 10 minutes, then I will never meet again with her ​​husband forever. Thanks to the help of the father, I could see and be with my husband in his final moments.
May God protect and bless you.

Mrs. Nat King Cole

Nat King Cole - Nathaniel Adams Coles real name is legendary jazz singer. The daughter, Natalie Cole had a duet with the deceased through the hits "Unforgettable" (a technology breakthrough singing with people who have died)

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Alarm Mobil Jago treatment is

Alarm Mobil Jago treatment is

Alarm Mobil Jago treatment is: Sometimes annoying car alarm sounds. When there is lightning, or even when another car crossed the alarm is usually loud, but no thief who was tinkering with your car.

Honda also replace conventional alarm Terii. Honda claims a burglar Terii the most sophisticated ever built.

Unlike a regular car alarm which only sounded the horn and turn on the headlights, Terii using biometric technology systems.

So the user's fingerprint has been recorded in a car that could open the car door. But if the thief fingerprints are trying to open the door, the car will not make it easier.

"The car alarm is now less effective in preventing car theft," said project leader Terii Sidney Finch in American Honda's official website on Tuesday (03/04/2012).

"Technological advances in recent years has focused so that users can get the car back a stolen car. Our goal is to prevent theft. And we get it all in the Terii," he added.

Even the Terii who has a woman's voice will seek to negotiate with car thieves to target something else.

Or threatened theft by taking information from its own mobile phone so the thief can Terii know where the thief lived or acquaintance who the thief.

Burglar sensors placed in several parts of the car with the sound Terii out of the speakers at the wheel of a car.

Too sophisticated or reaching? To be sure this smart technology is still in the process of testing by Honda and is expected to be installed in Honda cars in 2013.

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How to Avoid Pirates e-mail

How to Avoid Pirates e-mail

How to Avoid Pirates e-mail:
Never suspected there that hijacks your e-mail? Suddenly there was a letter sent even if you do not feel ever made?

To avoid this, Google released a new tool that lets us know the activities of daily living using Google services. Tool called Account Activity can also detect suspicious activity.

As quoted from the official Google blog, the user can receive a report on its activities per month using Google services via email.

In a report every month, Account Activity will provide information such as how many emails were sent and received per month, web history, to anywhere they surf the web, the browser used and the information in the accounts relating to the user's email address.
Google mentioned, this tool will provide a wealth of information about the use of a Google service accounts. Furthermore, users can also find out if there are others who are attempting to access their accounts.

"For example, if you find a notification sign-in of the country is not where you live, or other device, you can be alert and immediately change the password," wrote Andrew Turek as the Product Manager of Google.

Those who wish to use this service can visit the link to the Account Activity report and sign up for their online activities.


A. Click the upper right corner and look for the "Account"
2. When entered into the Accounts window, click the "Products" (under Google +).
3. Then find the "Account Activity" by clicking on "Go to Account Activity".
4. Click the "Optin" or "OK" sign we activate this service.

Then we will see activity reports gmail so that it can be controlled if there is suspicious activity.

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Dangerous to Sleep Through the Midnight?

Dangerous to Sleep Through the Midnight?

Dangerous to Sleep Through the Midnight?:
Hours is shown at 00.00 but the eye still difficult to screwed. Situations like this are fairly common, especially in young adults. So the question arises, if I have insomnia?

The answer is no. According to medical practitioners of sleep Mitra Kemayoran Hospital, dr. Andreas Prasadja, RPSGT, many people have misinterpreted it difficult to sleep at night for insomnia. In fact, this is a normal condition and is consistent with one's biological clock.

"Only one in the morning to sleep in young adults (under 30 years), it's normal," said the doctor.

According to Andreas, every person has a biological clock that is different. The older age seseeorang, the need for sleep tends to decrease. In children, sleep needs can be up to 12 hours, the young adults of about 8.5 to 9 hours. whereas older adults a maximum of only 8 hours.

"For people over 30 years, at 10 pm are usually sleepy, so their biological clock," he said.

But for those aged in the early 20's, generally it will be difficult to get to sleep at 10 pm. Because in the late teens to young adults, have a biological clock that is very typical.

Adolescents and young adults when at 10 pm, the brain actually more fresh-fresh and full of creativity. This is exactly the right time for them bekarya and learning.

"Because normally, they just sleepy after midnight," he explained.

Only unfortunately, at this age they should follow the schedule of mostly adults, in which the activity must have started at 8 am, while if the school had to go at half 7 in the morning. So, do not be surprised if this age group is a group that is less time to sleep.

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Tyson attacks Tipping Trackbacks Canoeing

Tyson attacks Tipping Trackbacks Canoeing

Tyson attacks Tipping Trackbacks Canoeing:
Tyson, so a ruler of the Grand Union Canal, Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire, England. Anyone who tried to enter or disturb the area, would be attacked out.

Tyson is a male white swan as high as approximately 1.2 m. Not too high, right? But the overall wing span can be up to 2.5 meters.

This white swans living in the Grand Union canal as mentioned above. Incidentally the month from March to May is the mating season. Apparently, Tyson will be a partner and were getting ready to build a nest for his new family.

The problem is, the white swan is so over-protective alias too aggressive. He would not allow anything close to his territory, around the radius of 3 (three) kilometers.

Incidentally, many people often exercise kayak (canoe paddle above) at the Grand Union canal.
Tuesday (3/27/2012), Joe Davies (20 th) drove over the canoe close to Tyson's territory.

Joe Tyson look so canoes from a distance, the white swan is swimming fast direct attack Joe.

As time drew near, his face looked very angry Tyson
Finally, Joe KO!

Local residents, Linda Sgoluppi (34 years) said, "This white goose was being aggressive, especially just got a female partner, and they were preparing a nest."

"Lately, it's three people who were attacked."
However, the behavior is a sign of Tyson as head of household who would do anything for his wife and children.

Photo Credits: Adam Gerrard / SWNS.com
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12 Funny Animal Pictures

12 Funny Animal Pictures

12 Funny Animal Pictures: Photographing some of the animals are always interesting, even if the shots are at the right moment will produce images such as photographs bercerita.Seperti following, hopefully you can refresh a tired day with a variety of daily tasks.

A. Aaaaah ... that small planes could still be pursued!

2. Bird can "nyate". Hap, was arrested three lives.

3. Eits, where to go? First take care of ya kids hungry. Basis of recalcitrant husband, wants to play on.

4. Horeeee .... I was finally invited to fly

5. Well, once a straight lick the whole body, dong.

6. Choose where, yes? Walnuts good, but just had a telephoto lens nemu, here.

7. Easy, easy ... demo do not have to anarchists. [Chipmunk style if longer oration]

8. Jiaaah, fits really at the mouth of the shark: (

9. Tos used, laaaah ...

10. Mak, I can fly ...

11. For food, ya way behind Stand on the water.

12. Waks, bear loads. Come on who can?


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