Work on Game Company paid 2.6 billion, will you?

Work on Game Company paid 2.6 billion, will you?

Work on Game Company paid 2.6 billion, will you?:
you never imagined working in the gaming company? What if you are offered a salary of Rp. 2 billion per year?

Yes, it works in the game industry could be a very promising career option because of the salary given to us quite far above the average. If the main attraction is the wage that makes you drool flowing, then Square Enix is ​​definitely the right place to find a job.

Nensyu Labo is a company that tracks the salaries of employees in various industries in Japan. One of the industries that interest is a video game and they have just published the latest compensation data for enterprise developers and a Japanese game publishers.

The following list of the top 10 largest gaming companies with a salary ...

10. Yuke - Rp. 678 million per year
9. Capcom - Rp. 688 million
8. Gala - Rp. 712 million
7. Tecmo Koei - Rp. 740 million
6. Namco Bandai - Rp. 770 million
5. Konami - Rp. 800 million
4. Sammy - Rp. 990 Million
3. Nintendo - Rp. 1.1 Billion
2. Sony - Rp. 1.1 Billion
1. Square Enix - Rp. 2.6 Billion

Square Enix is ​​where favorite games ane Birth: Final Fantasy. No wonder they were able to give the best to its employees since Square is famous not half-hearted in his RPG game design. They are not afraid to spend money on a lot in order to create the best games.

The figures above are average salary figure in any company, ranging from administrative staff, game programmer up to their top management seat. Interested in working for game companies?

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7 Strange Aircraft Design Ever There

7 Strange Aircraft Design Ever There

7 Strange Aircraft Design Ever There:
The VZ-9AV Avrocar

This is evidence of humans could make flying saucers, at least almost succeeded. Yes, The Avrocar projects developed in the 1950's by a Canadian. The goal is to help the United States are entering the phase of the Cold War with the Soviet Union.

Designer Avrocar is Jack Frost, who test-flew from November 1959 to finally retired in 1961.

The Pregnant Guppy

Developed by Aero Spacelines as cargo plane that aims to bring the components of the Apollo flight to the moon. Similar forms of cargo aircraft pregnant guppy fish have made them look ridiculous.

The Pregnant Guppy is actually a combination of other aircraft parts, such as the elderly and the Pan Am Boeing 377. Had operated from 1963 to 1979.


AD-1, or the Ames-Dryden-1, developed by NASA aircraft development program in 1979. What makes this strange aircraft as lopsided wings.

The wings can actually be shifted from 0 degrees to 60 degrees during flight so it looks lopsided. Its function is to increase the speed of the aircraft. Could be tested as many as 79 times, but no further explanation of why the plane was not used back then.

The Flying Pancake

The Vought V-173, also known as the Flying Pancake, is an experimental test aircraft built during World War II. Time to do the test flight since November 1942 until retired five years later.

Wings are weird shapes - nicknamed so as pancakes - enables these aircraft can take off and land without a runway length.

The Northtrop Tacit Blue

This is the first aircraft designed shape with square corners alias is not aerodynamic. Developed in the early 1980s and began flying in 1982. Only operates for 250 hours of flying before finally retiring in 1985.

The Kalinin K-7

K-7 is a project of the Soviet Union in the 1930's. Kalinin designer, because that plane is named after him. The story is really na'as plane. The only aircraft that made it did not allow for a smooth flight, even at the last test flight killing 14 people on board including one pengujui on the runway. As a result, Kalinin was executed and declared by Stalin as an enemy of the state.

The Spruce Goose

The Spruce Goose is arguably the most famous aircraft in history, designed by Howard Hughes. Name this plane actually Hughes H-4 Hercules.

The aircraft is made from wood because of wartime restrictions, designed as a heavy transport aircraft to carry personnel and logistics of war to England during World War II. After all, the plan did not happen because of the new Spruce Goose flown one time in 1947. That is, the war had passed.


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Thanks to the genius of Einstein Revealed Harvey..

Thanks to the genius of Einstein Revealed Harvey..

Thanks to the genius of Einstein Revealed Harvey...
Albert Einstein's genius continues to attract the interest of scientists, even years after his death. Recent research has successfully uncover the cause, and this is possible because 'obstinacy' Thomas Harvey, a doctor at the hospital where Einstein died.

Note National Public Radio (NPR), a U.S. media organization, said Einstein died in 1955 when his brain has been issued by Thomas Harvey. It is likely that Harvey never got permission to release the genius brain.

But writer Brian Burrell in "Postcards from the Brain Museum" said the doctor approved child Einstein. Harvey said that he intends to study Einstein's brain. Or at least, Harvey will attempt to find another scientist to do so.

Thanks Harvey, scientists can study Einstein's brain based on a number of photographs and slides of specimens that have been prepared by Harvey. Brain, which was photographed from different angles, also has cut into 240 blocks and slides it has been made histologically.

For the record the statement FSU, most of the photos, and slide block has disappeared from the public for over 55 years. Fortunately, a number of these documents have recently been rediscovered and some of the current document can be found at the National Museum of Health and Medicine.

The document was left as many as 14 files. However, Dean Falk, an anthropologist evolution of Florida State University and his colleagues were able to take a closer look and find out the mysteries that are stored in the brain of Einstein.

The cause of Einstein's Genius

What they found was a miracle. "Although the overall size and shape of brain asymmetry Einstein classified as normal, but the prefrontal somatosensory, primary motor, parietal, temporal and occipital cortex his incredible," said Falk.

"It may have given neurological underpinnings for some visuospatial ability (ability to understand concepts through visual representation) and mathematics," he added.

Falk explains, for example, part of the frontal lobes of Einstein's "extra hard". Parietal lobe is owned by the originator of the theory of relativity in some parts of "extraordinary asymmetrical". While the primary somatosensory and motor cortex (areas that usually represents the face and tongue) was "very extensive in the left hemisphere."

Falk also claim enthralled. Besides Falk, distinctiveness also raises questions for Albert Galaburda, a neuroscientist at Harvard Medical School in Boston.

"Among them is whether Einstein had a special brain that tends to make him a great physicist, or whether physical activity are major causes certain parts of the developing brain," said Galaburda, in Science magazine.

Einstein's genius, says Galaburda, it may be because "some combination of specific brain and environmental influences that Einstein lived."

"Some things seem normal," said Falk told The Huffington Post. "Normal size, shape overall brain asymmetry, and it is normal. What is unusual is the complexity and convolution (convex folds on the surface of the brain) in various parts of the brain," he said.

According to a written statement issued by the University, in a study published in the journal "Brain" issue of 16 November 2012, it emerged Einstein's description of the entire cerebral cortex. Cerebral cortex is a thin layer of gray consisting of 15-33 billion neurons.

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Identify Raw Food, Really healthful?

Identify Raw Food, Really healthful?

Identify Raw Food, Really healthful?:
Raw food is a term for people who eat raw vegetables. When some types of food to be cooked, it should not be more than 118 degrees Fahrenheit (47 degrees Celsius equivalent). Good fried, boiled, baked, meaning that all food should only be half-baked.

Is raw food lifestyle nourish our bodies? These revealed the positives and negatives:

1. The food is cooked or processed first causing the loss of 70 to 80 percent of the vitamin.
2. The cooking process also eliminates the amount of vitamin sometimes as much as 50 percent and 100 percent of the enzyme.
3. In many studies show, excessive consumption of animal products or cooked in particular could menimbulakn bad for health problems. To that end the researchers say, the consumption of food especially fruits and vegetables without cooking it first will provide and adequate nutrients needed by the body.
4. It therefore stated that raw foods that are free of chemicals, will further boost the achievement of health. Including increased levels of antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients, which in turn can protect humans from free radical attack are able to protect against the effects of aging.
5. In the journal American Sociaty for Nutritional, in 2005 says that eating raw foods as much as 70 percent, have a good ability to lower bad cholesterol that causes heart disease.

1. In people with certain genetic, food that is not thoroughly cooked cause disruption in the body's system.

2. A raw food lifestyle tends to be a vegan (eating only vegetables / vegetarian). In some cases, this causes the body can not mengasup nutrients from animal products.

According to the American Society for Nutritional Sciences October 2005 issue, the role of vitamin B12 is essential for healthy nerves and produces red blood cells can only be found in animal products. So if someone chooses to be vegan, you should have to use additional B12 supplements.

Being a vegan, raw food lifestyle or not of course depends on the choice of each individual. As long as they follow a particular attention to nutrients your body needs to stay healthy.

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Want to Have Many Lives? So Rockstar wrote ...

Want to Have Many Lives? So Rockstar wrote ...

Want to Have Many Lives? So Rockstar wrote ...:
Maybe too much mention of a rockstar - or rocker - had many lives as a cat. But the rock star experience below made us shake their heads, as if they were born to be being 'immortal'. Who are they?


Steven Tyler - Aerosmith

Aerosmith vocalist admitted downing a sleeping pill Lunesta (with the aim of getting drunk, not wanting to sleep) before the show in South Dakota, USA, in mid-2009.

Steven Tyler fell off the stage, causing severe head injuries, fractured shoulder, and of course, a bad reputation. One important lesson of Liv Tyler's dad: the stage is not a sleeping pill and a nice blend.

In 2011, Steven fall in the hotel bathroom, making one eye bruised bruises and a broken tooth.


Metal band that it was rather odd. In concerts, they often prepare hazardous properties, such as fire and flammable materials. In fact, in every action, Slipknot personnel always look attractive.

Predictably result, alternately, one by one personnel of the accident scene. Including third-degree burns because each burn, as well as a broken leg due to jump as far as two meters.

Two of the nine personnel of Slipknot, which is kept secret, had suffered serious injuries in the collision areas while headbanging.

Brent Hinds - Mastodon

After performing at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2007, guitarist of the band Mastodon is banging her head into the concrete floor. What article that crazy action? Drunk.

Brent Hinds took a long time to restore its condition. He did not spend a minute in the hospital. Fortunately, he can join the cool Mastodon return to album CRACK THE SKY (2009).

James Hetfield - Metallica

August 8, 1992, Metallica was holding a show in Montreal, Canada. Incidentally, James Hetfield wrong tread. He fell out of a kind of artificial fire tower as high as 12 feet.

He suffered a third-degree burns on the left side of the body, including the hand, arm, eyebrows, face and hair. 17 days later, James was back up on stage, even without his guitar.

Later, he drew a tattoo on his body to remember the event.

Till Lindemann - Rammstein

Lead singer of the German band, Rammstein was supposed to officially award the license to burn away the problem. No kidding, he loves to start a fire ... in himself.

Lindemann had been burned ears, hair and arms. Usually his band mates said the accident was just a manipulation to add exciting show, but who knows?

The vocalist himself did not seem bothered. Christoph Schneider (drums) once said, "Let him burn, he likes the pain."

Krist Novoselic - Nirvana

In Hollywood, the 1993 MTV Video Music Awards, Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic had to finish the show with a bloody head. He just threw his bass guitar into the air.

And the guitar was dropped on his head.

Ian Brown - The Stone Roses

In 2008, the founder of the band The Stone Roses veteran must leave the stage in the middle of the show to get 10 stitches over. Ian Brown fell off the stage after an unidentified man pushed. Strange.

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There's Most Beautiful Natural caves in Papua

There's Most Beautiful Natural caves in Papua

There's Most Beautiful Natural caves in Papua:
New Guinea is likened to an uncut gem. There are still a lot of hidden beauty in this land of Papua. One of them in our neighboring country, Papua New Guinea, which has a large cave under mountains Nakanai of New Britain, Papua New Guinea.

More recently researchers and explorers on a mission as they explore the caves beneath the mountains are. As a result the researchers were amazed with the view presented in front of them.

One of the French photographer Philippe Bence, who described it as an incredible adventure and unforgettable. They found a large room filled with stalagmites and stalactites-limestone formed as the trickle slowly calcium from the cave roof.


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Pinocchio Origins Of Real Story?

Pinocchio Origins Of Real Story?

Pinocchio Origins Of Real Story?:
Recent research reveals that the story written by Carlo Collodi 130 years ago on July 7, 1881 has deep roots with the real world.

According to Alessandro Vegni, a computer expert, who compared the story with historical maps, Pinocchio tale set in the Tuscan village of San Miniato Basso, which is halfway between Pisa and Florence. The original name of the village is actually a "Pinocchio."

The story of the wooden puppet Geppetto and pine, were also serialized in the children's magazine with the title La Storia Italian in un burattino (Story of a Marionette) in 1881, and later converted into a book two years later, entitled "The Adventures of Pinocchio."

Believed to be the second book, after the Bible, the earliest translated into other languages, the novel that inspired hundreds of new editions, stage drama, knick-knacks, and films such as Disney animated films.

But the latest details about the city Florentina in the story reveal new details about the work of iconic menkajubkan it.

"The name of the village (San Miniato Basso) are now given in 1924," said Vegni. "We know from historical records that the village was originally 'Pinocchio,' possibly named after the river that was near the village."

Collodi certainly know the village. His father, a famous chef, lives near the village for several years. In 1825, a year before the birth of Carlo, her father moved from Pinocchio to the Florensi to work for Marquis Lorenzo Ginori Lisci.

Vegni believe that Collodi not only visited San Miniato, but also met some people there and very likely he uses those people to inspire her characters.

"When the puppet named Geppetto, he said that he knew the whole family Pinocchio: Pinocchio's father, mother Pinocchio, Pinocchio and children. Natives San Miniato called Pinocchi or Pinocchini."

Starting from San Miniato, Vegni research shows a number of similarities with the Collodi story.

There is a "casa Il Grillo" (Cricket House), a rural building whose name may refer to Jangkring The Talking and villages Osteria Bianca (White Lodging) where there is still a Vegni pubnya believe inspired Lodging Red Shrimp in the story.

Interestingly, the Fox and the Cat who met Pinocchio seems related to two terms in the map: Rio delle Volpi (Fox River) and two houses called "Rigatti" (derived from the word "gatti" which means the cats).

Not far away, the village of La Lisca (Fish Bone) could be an inspiring story line Pinocchio swallowed by a whale.

To be sure, the names of places that play a role when the author of Pinocchio chose his pen name.

Ter l ahir with the name Carlo Lorenzini, the author uses the name Carlo Collodi as his mother's hometown name, Collodi, near Pistoia in Tuscany.

But not everyone agrees with this Vegni claim.

According to Gianni Greco from the Association of Pinocchio, Pinocchio berseting between Florence and Castello, in a small box nearby.

"This study is interesting, but I do not believe that Lorenzini inspired by San Miniato and the environment," said Greco, who has a large collection of knick-knacks Pinocchio, including the first edition.

"He spent his summer villa at Castello, her brother, and there he wrote his story. Giovanna Di Castello he met Ragionieri, a little blonde girl said denagn eyes inspire new Blue-haired fairy character," says Greco.

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HandSteady: the World's First Glasses The handle can Spins

HandSteady: the World's First Glasses The handle can Spins

HandSteady: the World's First Glasses The handle can Spins: During your life, how often do you spill a drink in the glass due to any position in the hold? Especially for people who have health problems (such as Parkinson's) so it holds something like out of balance (shaking).

HandSteady is the first in the world's first glasses that can handle rotates so that the glass remains in the flat position.

With a rotating handle this, anyone who holds a glass HandStedy can more freely without having to worry that hold the water in it will spill.

Besides being very useful for people with Parkinson's or other HandSteady also makes us more comfortable when using a glass to drink it, let me see the video more clearly.

The handle itself is quite comfortable to hold because it is designed to be able to fit 4 adults fingers to be able to hold it properly.

Chris Peacock as the creator HandSteady glass was inspired by one family member suffering from Parkinson's disease. HandSteady scheduled to be sold at a price of U.S. $ 64.


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Uniquely Ballet Presence in Everyday Life

Uniquely Ballet Presence in Everyday Life

Uniquely Ballet Presence in Everyday Life:
Balet tidak selalu dipertunjukkan di atas panggung dengan kostum putih yang khas. Ketika tarian dari Italia ini berpadu dengan konsep fotografi, kita akan dihadapkan para inovasi nan kreatif.

Seorang fotografer dari New York, Jordan Matter membuktikan hal ini. Sejak 2009, ia membuat konsep fotografi "Dancers Among Us" dengan bantuan kelompok tari Paul Taylor Dance Company. Balet ternyata bisa hadir dalam aktivitas sehari-hari.
Setelah tiga tahun, kini kita bisa menyaksikan hasilnya seperti termuat di bawah ini:


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Well, Venice is now so Giant Swimming Pool

Well, Venice is now so Giant Swimming Pool

Well, Venice is now so Giant Swimming Pool: Venice was flooded with a large water level reached 1.5 meters. Tide levels this time including the sixth highest in the last 150 years. Some spots are usually crowded looked deserted.


Venice is often referred to as the Floating City is now submerged in almost every area. Followed by heavy rain continues to fall, the Floating City is no longer floats. Do not want to panic, some tourists are still in Venice continue to enjoy their holidays with a variety of unique activities, such as swimming and playing in the rain.

Some tourists even looks fun swimming in the courtyard of St. Mark's Square, which has been under water. Other travelers also seem taverns went to relax, but still had to stand.


Reported by the Daily Mail (12/11), 70 percent stated the Venice area has been submerged in water. Thus, most of the population decided to flee to the area dry. To that end, the government has put up some emergency bridge that can be passed by the citizens.

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20 Year Splitting Hill For the Love

20 Year Splitting Hill For the Love

20 Year Splitting Hill For the Love:
An epic true story of a man shown in India. Because he worked selflessly, not for the nickname 'hero', not complain one bit when no one is helping. Importantly, many people can benefit from their work. Here's the story.

Dashrath Manjhi living in a remote village and isolated from other areas. This is because the location of the village which is surrounded by steep rocky hills. There are no schools, markets, hospitals, and places of other public facilities in the village. So to all different places, the inhabitants had to climb and downhill so far.

It is often the local residents expressed their concerns to the government, the residents asked that the road be built in their village. But the demand was futile, the government was never granted it. Perhaps because of the difficulty of geographical structure in the village.

Various independent business conducted villagers try to open a new path, but all failed. Until finally one Dashrath Manjhi take the initiative and start doing my level of "Hercules".

Dashrath Manjhi spent the past 20 years to make way for he and all the villagers ask the government.
Capitalize improvised tools such as chisels, Dashrath Manjhi managed to split the rock into two parts.

The road is a hill formed from splitting wide enough to be able to pass the motorcycle and carts transporting goods.

What makes Dashrath Manjhi capable of doing a very tough job for the past 20 years?

He said that, his love for his wife who had given him the strength to start this heavy work, although he is no longer alive to witness the results of his labors.

"My wife, Faguni Devi, fell and seriously injured while crossing this hill. At that time he intends to bring drinking water to me. I work in a farm located in the hills behind it. That is the day I decided to sculpt a hill and a road menjadikanya . " Dashrath Manjhi said.

Dashrath Manjhi's wife died after falling ill and was taken to the hospital given the difficulty of the journey must be traveled between their villages Hospital.

"My love for my wife is the initial spark that lit the fire has been my desire to carve this path. However desire to see thousands of villagers across the hills whenever they want, make me able to work for years without any fear and worry."

He also said that when I first started this work, he was alone. "In the beginning most of the villagers mock what I do, but eventually they started supporting me. Someone gave food, there is also a buy equipment for my work."

"What I do is for everyone. When God be with you, no one can stop you. I'm not afraid of the punishment imposed by the government on this job, just as I also do not expect any reward from the government, said Dashrath Manjhi.

Ironically, Dashrath Manjhi did not receive any recognition from the Government, even when he died in 2007, he only received a state funeral arrangement, nothing more.

Love is able to cleave the mountain. Love also can make the earth a better place for all beings.

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