3 biggest giant catfish in the world's

1.Size Catfish Caught in Thailand-2005
The biggest catfish ever caught in the face of the earth is a giant catfish weighing 293 kg. This fish was caught in the Mekong River, Thailand in 2005

2.Monster catch: Chris Grimmer, left, caught the biggest albino catfish ever landed by an angler on the the River Ebro, near Barcelona, Spainn-2011

Chris, a 35-year-old ground worker, spent 30 minutes trying to reel in the white catfish after it took his bait.

Chris, from Sheffield, toasted the record catch with a bottle of champagne which he and his friends drank on the river bank.

The 8ft beast tipped the scales at 194lbs - 2lbs heavier than the previous best by blind woman angler Shelia Penfold last year.

3.Sheila Penfold, from Wandsworth, South London, caught her 192lb albino catfish-2010

This 192lb albino catfish that Sheila caught was comfortably the largest one ever hooked world record

3 biggest giant catfish in the world's