Ascending Emma Stone of Hollywood's new star - the Daily Telegraph

Ascending Emma Stone of Hollywood's new star - the Daily Telegraph

Emma StoneActress Emma Stone visited the 2011 teen choice awards in the universal amphitheatre by Gibson on the 7 August 2011 in Universal City, California. Photo: GETTY IMAGES. Source: The Sunday Telegraph

HOLLYWOODS fastest rising actress, Emma Stone, which was involved in the last year of school comedy easy A, is on the treadmill of gainful employment with no fewer than three upcoming major films.

First cab off the rank is help, based on the 2009 controversial novel by Kathryn Stockett on the turbulent and racially divided deep South of the 1960s.

Then it will appear stupid in the rom-com crazy love opposite Heartthrob Ryan Gosling (the notebook) before her, her rumors off-screen friend Andrew Garfield coveted role as the main character Gwen Stacy in blockbuster the amazing Spider-man,.

It seems that the Cheeky, 22-year-old Arizona native their Hollywood moment born.

"I do not it very well treat,", laughs they who speak adaptation to their growing movie star status, to insider.

"And I am very aware that there is a moment right now."

"Of course, it is very exciting, but will take time, so I try to appreciate the present, and to live in the moment."

"If I ever overwhelmed by everything that happened to me, I think:" get over it treasure. It will be gone one day.'

"It is an another 22-year-old redhead on my heels." It is inevitable, and there is nothing I can do about it. I am older and I must add it.

On the career of another Freckle-faced redhead eclipsing, is a subject, which them all to know, is often asked to replace Lindsay Lohan stone. Not only it bears a striking resemblance of the physical and talent for comedy, but her voice has a similar husky quality.

"Now, I'm actually a blonde and I red, color, one could say, I was," she quips. "I'm wrong a." She's the real redhead, "that adds stone, quickly to distance itself." With a good head on their shoulders it will probably have much more with the problematic Lohan.

"I am really happy with the family and the friends I have." They know, who I am and they never want to change me. "This helps me keep things in perspective."

In Los Angeles and help to promote stone is fashionably thin and wearing a figure-hugging, Midnight blue, Calvin Klein dress and Christian Louboutin heels. Signature red hair is worn long and style, and her make-up is impeccable.

She speaks about her years with the kind of wisdom.

"My biggest goal in life is to ensure that I think on straight head."

"I think it is not too strong they are all important." I get to play with Ryan Gosling, and flaps on a harness with Spider-man, ", she smiles." "You can to take it too seriously."

Their guttural sound explains it, "was actually deeper when I was younger." I suffer from nodules and calluses on my vocal cords of colic as a baby.

"I had to do speech therapy, if I learn a child was, how in a higher register to speak", she says. "But I have still a little Lisp." "I have not everything fix."

Far from the glamour of Hollywood, her father is a contractor and her mother stayed at home, Emma, and her younger brother to increase. She was intended for the stage from a very young age.

"I really obnoxious and loud in first class and always from the walls, bouncing was trying to get the attention of the people", remembers it.

"My teacher has me think in a school, it to calm myself down or at least I would an outlet to be loud."

"If they me on stage, young, for me, the rest was history." "Once I heard that laughter from the audience knew I that I made for was."

It was this Precociousness their parents after a PowerPoint demonstration, at the age of 15, of which it is to be moved to Los Angeles convinced to pursue their dream. Together with her mother she moved her training by home schooling completed and for hearings went.

She had roles in several television shows including medium and Malcolm in the middle. It was not until 2007 that stone made her film debut in the hit comedy SUPERBAD. Her career covered and went on they Zombieland and paper in the House Bunny, ghosts of girlfriends past, man.

Although 1-film offers comedic fare that help - your CV is charged with the number at US box office - something fleischiger. There are moments of joy; However, none is given the dark object of his time, with racism in ancestral rights Mississippi, the film laugh-fest.

Stone plays the central role of the Skeeter, a writer who discovered black Maid of privileged white families the world of bigotry and double standards employed by survey. These exhibitions AACS 'Help,' including their own family maid puts them the city on the head.

Stone hopes that the film is a message to send.

"This is a representation of a time in history where people do not have equal rights" she says. "This is still very true, many groups today and in many parts of the world."

"This film will hopefully people remember what we have fought through and how far we come are, in the last 50 years." Maybe we can continue to see the problems and disagreement, that is to hand. "Help teaches you that only one person can start a movement, and can change life."

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Young moved from Pacific surf in dramatic rescue - ABC News

Young moved from Pacific surf in dramatic rescue - ABC News

A 12-year-old boy who spent as long as 20 minutes in the Pacific surf dipped, before he was rescued, is amazing, that his family.

"Maybe it's a miracle, which here happens," said the young father, Chad Ostrander Spanaway, Washington, reporters Tuesday.

Charles "Dale" Ostrander attended of the southwest coast of Washington with members of his church youth group last Friday when he was caught in a Riptide North of long beach.

Doug Knutzen is part of the voluntary surf rescue team that discovered the young in the water. Knutzen Dale of the surf led and handed him over physician, the veteran rescuers feared the worst.

"I have done since 1978," said Knutzen the Oregonian ( "It is something you never get used to, but I knew that the young, absolutely had gone way."

Surf rescue swimmer Doug Knutzen Dale Ostrander leads approach Friday 5 Rd. Beach on the coast of cranberry Aug. 2011, in long beach, Washington rescue swimmers Eddie Mendez, links, and will green found him Ostrander in the surf. The young has been under water for up to 20 minutes, and is now hospitalized and aware. (AP Photo/Damian Mulinax/Chinook observer) Close

Recording of the scene was Damian Mulinix, a photographer from the Chinook had mentioned by the newspaper, the beach rescue observers. He says the other children from the Church Group sobbed and prayed.

"they were crying, face down on the ground, praying – it was a heart-wrenching scene" Mulinix said.

Paramedics started CPR. Finally, after Dale reached a nearby hospital, his heart rate returned.

He flew from the southwest Washington Coast on OHSU thorn Cup children's Hospital in Portland, Oregon/United States on Sunday evening he opened his eyes as he was facilitated by sedatives.

On Monday, he said a handful of words for the parents, Chad and Kirsten Ostrander. He replied as she encouraged him to cough to clear his throat, did "I don't."

Doctors have indicated his parents that although Dale survived, permanent brain damage could have.

The doctors "were very clear that he see been for too long, had too long without oxygen were" Kirsten Ostrander said, adding, "We trust (God), no matter what."

"If he chooses to take Dale in the sky, and if he chooses which still, then he is still good," she said. "And if he chooses our son bless us and us back, he is still good."

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Obama sparring with Boehner shows compromise on deficit reduction not close - Bloomberg

Obama sparring with Boehner shows compromise on deficit reduction not close - Bloomberg

President Barack Obama holds in the talk in the State dining room of the White House in Washington, D.C., United States, on Monday, August 8, 2011. Obama, breaking his silence on the demotion of a federal debt, said that the main obstacle to the United States is to solve the lack of political will in Washington, the country's problems.President Barack Obama holds in the talk in the State dining room of the White House in Washington, D.C., United States, on Monday, August 8, 2011. Obama, breaking his silence on the demotion of a federal debt, said that the main obstacle to the United States is to solve the lack of political will in Washington, the country's problems. Author: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

President Barack Obama and House Republican leaders showed up no signs of the backup from their attitudes how to cut the government deficit as U.S. stocks fell the best will hold since December 2008 on concerns that slowing the economy.

Make Obama, his first public comments since standard & poor's U.S. credit rating AA + AAA on 5 August, downgraded yesterday, said that "Common sense and compromise" should lead plan deficit reduction, spending cuts and more taxes includes.

"There is no shortage of plans or guidelines which is the problem here," said Obama in the White House. "There is a lack of political will in Washington."

House Speaker John Boehner and Eric Cantor majority leader responds with instructions say that both sides find cuts on compulsory expenditure, such as such as social security and Medicare, enough progress on the long-term deficit should be able.

"Republicans demonstrated that this problem can be solved without destroy tax increases," Boehner said.

Both sides sought to reassure global investors, while betting that should have already agreed a so-called super Committee of legislators, which with at least $1.2 trillion in deficit reductions of more than $900 billion, Republicans and Democrats positions for the negotiations on the alignment. The Panel was in the context of a law, the the nation debt ceiling raised set up, and if this fails, a trigger mechanism would slash expenditure equally kick in defense and national programmes.

Concern over the S & P credit downgrade and the State of the economy helped push U.S. stocks lower. The S & P 500 index lost 6.7 percent to 1,119.46 at 4 am yesterday in New York City, the Bloomberg fell its lowest level since September, as all 500 shares for the first time tracking data in 1996 since the beginning. The Dow Jones industrial average plunged 634.76 points, such as about US $2.5 trillion of global equities has been deleted.

Asian shares a sixth day with the MSCI Asia Pacific index to 4.1 per cent and the Japanese Nikkei 225 stock is average 3.74 per cent as of 1:08 pm in Tokyo! Standard & poor's 500 index futures slid 2.4 percent.

An increase in the treasuries, benchmarks of the United States 34 billion dollar-debt market, the 10-year note yield sent 22 basis points to 2.34%, its lowest level since January 2009, and the two-year rate slipped to a record low.

U.S. assets

Obama tried to ease public concern over the stock and credit ratings drop, relying on the productivity of US workers, the strength of the universities in the country and the country's history of entrepreneurship and innovation.

"Markets will rise and fall, but this is the United States of America," he said. "No matter what can say some agency, we have always and will always have an AAA country."

Still, he said, the S & P action "a renewed sense of urgency" for members of both parties to come to bring a plan for the State budget under control and shrink deficits should create.

Obama promised to provide its own recommendations in the "coming weeks." He repeated his attitude also, that any solution of logical values "tax reforms, that is those questions that their fair share and modest adjustments to health programs such as Medicare numbers can afford it."

Cantor, Virginia, said that "a trade we simply cannot afford cuts in taxes for modest changes in entitlement programs is to make."

As a result, S & P wrote the US budget position analysis, Republicans will come under "Pressure on tax increases trade-offs", Cantor was in a memo to House colleagues from his Office. "Will be said that there no other way forward." "I respectfully disagree."

While Obama's promise, welcome to claim certain reforms programs arrange said Boehner of Ohio, to raise taxes is "simply the wrong way." Legislator spending must focus on cutting, he said.

The business, the Obama House Republicans last week visited 917 billion dollars of spending cuts over the next decade. The Super Committee - the two top Republicans and Democrats in the House of representatives and Senate are three members of Aug. 16 call - attempts, with at least an additional $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction come.

Downgrade U.S. debt, said S & P in a statement that the plan "is left behind, which in our view, would be required in the medium term to stabilize the Government debt dynamics."

S & PS decision was with the other two major ratings services, Moody's investors service and Fitch Ratings. 2 Confirmed both their AAA notes on U.S. debt on Aug. Obama signed the debt deal.

Obama and the two Republican leaders agreed that the focus of the White House and Congress should on generating more economic growth, even as their recipes differ.

"The challenges go, the stock market", said Obama a lot of about 140 donors last night fundraiser in Washington. "Corporate were profits up." "The credit markets have stabilised, but what is absolutely correct, even before this last couple days on the stock exchange is the recovery was not fast enough happens."

Boehner said that the answer is the provision of "Economic security and creating an environment in which companies can invest and jobs to flourish."

Cantor said that House Republican leaders are preparing a package of legislation to a vote in early September, which would "reduce or eliminate jobs on regulatory obstacles."

Americans "want less intergovernmental-no more taxes, you will find under" as Cantor.

The reporter on this story contact: Margaret Talev in Washington at

The editor responsible for this story contact: Mark Silva in the

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London riots: police say their battles lie - the guardian

London riots: police say their battles lie - the guardian

Police officers

Police have said their battles and exhaustion during the riots in London. Photo: Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images

Police officers, the fight against of the rioting outbreak in London spoke last night to feel embattled by insurgents and public opinion.

Officers of units of measure in London were outside Homerton hospital in Hackney yesterday evening after three members violence after persistent their unit in the area were injured.

The officers, who wanted to be identified none of them, stand outside the hospital a short break from the day riots. You distributed headache tablets and bottles of water.

Suffer, after he was with hit in the head a brick a Sergeant from concussion. Another had a foot injury after a Rioter hurled a piece of concrete on him.

Officers described, as if an another policeman on the ground had fallen, two paramedics had hastened to help and were met with a hail of missiles from rioters.

"The sarge went, and he said he saw stars rated." Is to be not the best place on the ground in an uprising, ", said one of the officers.

That officer described how he had worked 24-hour shift on the day before, had three hours sleep, and was its layer in the 15th hour the next day.

All are expected to continue working during the night.

While waiting for their colleagues filed out and forms, detailing, if she had used on rioters to force. "All we do is observed on CCTV in the people's party phones, we have to justify everything we do, and it must be appropriate," he said.

His first care, not for colleagues, he said officers, but the police dog was used. "One of our dogs took a slap in the face, and got a glass in his paws." "You have their hold today evening deserved."

With waves of violence that shared from all sides the police had received words of support from some local - and offers from cups of tea - but some had screamed abuse from their Windows.

"It feels something ungrateful at the moment, truth be told," he said, "it seems that is the fault of the police from all sides." Brick would be much better at home with their families than if you threw all officers here. "

Ten years of experience with volatile situations leave had equipped well him, in order to deal with the situation, but other officers were life, he said. "For some of them it is the first time they ever something, and it is frightening for them."

Another officer said the unit had forced, only for non-threatening transport deploy used minivans, but left it vulnerable for attacks by missiles thrown by rioters.

He compared the unrest with student demonstrations. "It is completely different." "There was some violence, but you then not people in general you want to kill."

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Republicans hold on to Wisconsin Senate after recall vote - New York Times

Republicans hold on to Wisconsin Senate after recall vote - New York Times

SAYNER, Wisconsin, United States - two Republican State Senators lost their seats in recall elections to Wisconsin on Tuesday, but Republicans maintained their control of the Senate, ultimately groups and Democrats, the months and millions of dollars, try passing a union defeat, at least wrestling had spent some of the political power of the State.
State Senator Alberta Darling, R-River hills, links, and Sandy Pasch, right, a Democratic Senator, on Tuesday. The latest on President Obama, the new Congress, and other news from Washington and around the nation. Turn on the discussion.

The result was a victory for Governor Scott Walker, a Republican, whose move right to collective bargaining for public employees cut a firestorm of protests this year on the way then counterprotests, and finally a summer unprecedented recall effort seen.

Although two Republican - senators Dan Kapanke from La Crosse, Randy hopper the Fund you were from Democratic challenger Lac - removed on Tuesday, before the ends its term in Office, Republicans, still a majority keep - now 17 to 16 - over Democrats in the Senate. Until Tuesday Republicans had dominated by a majority of 19 to 14 but with six callback options in a single day, the damage to the Republicans had much worse, and Democrats and some national labor Group hoped it would.

Two Senate Democrats face also recall elections next week - more chapter of the same collective bargaining rights battle - but in the light of the results on Tuesday, this race doesn't have any impact on the party in the Senate, the question now controls, which had always been the ultimate concern on both sides. If anything, the Republicans could now increase next week their influence.

Seemed, the Lord Walker and leading Republican legislators assure that they can continue to pursue their agenda - which has included budget cuts, a hidden weapons provision and a request of identification, vote - with relative ease.

In the elections on Tuesday instead of four Republicans on their jobs, including Senators Robert Cowles Green Bay, Luther Olsen of Ripon and Sheila Harsdorf of river falls. The counting of votes in a challenge to Senator Alberta Darling, the powerful Republican co-Chair of the legislature last Joint Finance Committee and someone of the Democratic Party State Chairman week, as the "Crown Jewel of our efforts callback" is described in the early hours of the morning of Wednesday drawn; Finally, Mrs Darling held the winner, preliminary results by the associated press showed.

In a sense these elections - recall more than ever against Wisconsin legislator in the State tracks history - developed from a different choice. In November last year, to power in Wisconsin in a pattern, that changed in several States, Republicans, swept the Governor seat State Assembly durchgespielt control, as well as in the Senate and to promise to make large.

In February, Mr. Walker suggested a "budget repair bill", the benefits for State workers and future collective bargaining rights for most public employees would significantly impaired. Lord said Walker at the time the point was to solve the State budget deficit. But the move set off a wave of anger and demonstrators for the removal of the Republican legislator who supports who had the idea, and began, thousands of signatures collect petitions callback called. Others demanded the abolition of democratic legislators who fled the State weeks as a procedural maneuver to delay a vote on the question of collective bargaining, and began, collect thousands of signatures on other recall petitions. In March flaring, Republicans used their own a procedural maneuver with tension the collective bargaining approve measure with the Democrats still hidden in Illinois.

The recalls have been destroyed, time consuming, confusing (four separate elections were set for July and August) and remarkably expensive. From a rating be outside groups and the campaigns to remind at least $35 million, senators, so some of the races have spent the most expensive Wisconsin legislative campaigns in memory.

Up to now were the State reminds here legislators rarely. Because such callbacks 1926 first were allowed, only four such elections, one new challengers against an incumbent before the end of the term allow, rather than, and lost only two established operators.

Not only a certain amount of control over legislation in Madison was the recalls to some but is a larger referendum on Republican takeovers of Statehouses in 2010 and a device voters become mood, at least in a battleground state in the run-up to the presidential election 2012.

The campaigns were intense, personal, all-consuming. Campaign advertising non-stop have performed in several television markets and complaints about unwanted campaign methods on many fronts; been exchanged some have Democrats were as late as Tuesday night, questions about the fairness of the vote count in Mrs district trigger Darling.

A. G. Sulzberger contributed by Kansas City, MO., and Timothy Williams from New York reporting.

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The rule or ruin Republicans - daily beast

The rule or ruin Republicans - daily beast

Progressive label almost never get right. (To be fair, get conservative almost never policy right, which is worse.) What we promote an innovative tax credit for work day and reward to leave welfare? The earned income tax credit or EITC. Wow, is the gripping. Not.

But it seems that this time we got all the branding. Within hours of the announcement, progressives were that standard & poor's U.S. Treasury securities had downgraded all call it tea party-downgrade. I think, it will remain, because, as Henry Kissinger said in another context, it has the additional virtue is true.

It was used to be that even consider a refusal which raise debt ceiling was taboo. Ronald Reagan, in reference to then-Senate majority leader Howard Baker (R - TN), wrote: "the full consequences of default - or even the serious prospect of standard - by the United States are impossible to predict and to look at awesome." "Denigration of the full faith and credit of the United States would substantially on the domestic financial markets and the dollar."

Reagan concerned over "the serious prospect of even standard", because he knew that if a taboo as the subject is addressed the results can the same as if he were usually injured. For generations, there was no serious discussion not to increase the debt ceiling. Sure, politician self-serving statements and occupation showmanship "" voices (such as Senator Barack Obama, as President George W. Bush needed to increase the debt ceiling), but our leaders understood that our full faith and credit had to be sacrosanct.

Thus ended with the acquisition of the tea party. Even though they worship claim to America's founders, many tea party are anything but conservative politicians. Not, save such as the tradition of protecting our guilt. In fact, as asked by layoffs in the wake of his party was radical proposals, House Speaker John Boehner said, "To it."

This is the way with all taboos - whether it is divorce or body penetrate or hear even the idea of Rebecca Black "Friday" - it entertaining it is more likely that you will really do it. Sei's drum.

Tea party activists gathered on Capitol Hill on 27 July for a "Hold the Line" rally to protest, raising the debt ceiling, Win McNamee / Getty Images

Leaders such as speaker Boehner, tea party activists, flirted openly with standard CD. Even a veteran of Moneyman such as Mitt Romney, which should have known better, refused to oppose the tea party position. And downgrade came.

Now, counter to the prevailing stereotypes, it is progressive, the proudly wave of the flag and right displayed the America. Whines about "the failure of the leadership of the President of the United States in Washington, D.C." during Romney (glad you clarified that, Mitt.) (For a moment I thought, you were talking about the President of the United States in Baraboo, Wisconsin), the billionaire Democrat Warren Buffett defended our country and mocked announcement that "if anything, it can change my opinion on S & P" S & P, boldly and proudly explains that a rating of "A quadruple" earned the United States.

Against prevailing stereotypes, it is the proud wave of the flag and right displayed the America, progressive.

One hundred fifty-one years before, in his speech at the Cooper Union, Abraham Lincoln, the founder of the Republican party, handles his opponents bitterly: "Your goal, then clearly indicated, is that you be destroyed the Government, if allows you to construct and enforce the Constitution, what you want, in all respects in the dispute between you and us." You rule or ruin in all events. "

Tea party-downgrade. Brought to you by rule or ruin Republicans.

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Somali Government welcomes us help - voice of America

Somali Government welcomes us help - voice of America

Somali Government soldiers are patrolling in Mogadishu of the Bakaara market

Abdirahman Omar Osman, spokesman for the interim Government of Somalia, said that the funds will go a long way in the countries in the Horn of Africa famine will address.

The crisis has hundreds of thousands of people are either refugees or internally displaced persons forced.

"This is very good news that the Somali people wanted at this critical moment in our history," said Osman. "The United States was an ally and [it] has support us in the fight of against terrorism." And now for them to make more effort to humanitarian aid in the Particular… be greatly help [lightness] the suffering of our people. "

$565 Million in aid to Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya has already helped the United States.

The US delegation led by Jill Biden, wife of Vice President Joe Biden, came earlier Monday to assess the regional impact of the drought in Kenya.

Mrs. Biden tours in the Dadaab refugee camps and tens of thousands of famine Somali refugees who there have fled in recent weeks.

Many come from famine areas in southern of Somalia under the control of the Islamic terrorist group Al Shabab.

The U.S. offer comes as the African Union rescheduled a conference about money for drought and famine relief.

Several heads of State and Government in Africa are expected to participate in the Summit that is set for August 25.

The continental body has called on relief efforts in East Africa contributing Member States. Osman said his Government is funded by the support of the AU.

"The AU has a responsibility to pressure on countries [on] the continent [help] and for this reason, we are very grateful for the security and now also the [humanitarian]," Osman said. "This is the best time to remnants of the al Shabab and rehabilitate [it in] to bring society."

He adds that the recent withdrawal offers the militant opportunity Government get rid "terrorists and ensure that the humanitarian aid, who desperately reaches those in need."

Osman recognized, that called for the Transitional Government of the enormity of the disaster overwhelmed, and international intervention, to help manage.

"We will do everything."  The brightness or scope urgently for food aid and humanitarian aid is far greater than what we can do ourselves. "So this is, why we have called for [a] of the international community around us to help", Osman said.

The United Nations says that more than 12 million people in the Horn of Africa in urgent need of food aid are.

Editor's Note: your answers are used, create an interactive graphical how people around the world were changed by the events of 11 September. The graphic will be available in early September, 2011.

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Polygamist leader gets life sentence for assault - Boston Globe

Polygamist leader gets life sentence for assault - Boston Globe

SAN ANGELO, Texas - Polygamist became leader of Warren Jeffs sentenced to life in prison yesterday for sexual assault on a minor trailer he took as a bride in what his Church as a "spiritual marriage". "

The head of the fundamentalist church of Jesus Christ of latter day Saints was also a 20-year sentence for the sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl.

He had him quietly yesterday how to read the decision of the jury of Texas which was the maximum sentence on both counts. You are in a row served are.

Jason Clark, a spokesman for the Texas Department of criminal justice, said that the 55-year-old eligible for parole in 35 years.

Prosecutors had asked the jury for the life sentence after presenting their case more carefully and sometimes graphics and Jeff's claim that he was persecuted for his religious beliefs rejected.

"In this case points out that this"Prosecutor Eric Nichols in his concluding argument said no criminal prosecution of a people."This is a law enforcement to protect of the people. "

While the procedure prosecutors DNA evidence was used, a child with 15-year-old had Jeff's point and played an audio recording what they said the attack on the 12-year-old him sexually.

Jeffs, on acting as his own lawyer while which had existed earlier part of the study, was sentenced on Thursday.

He asked, in protest at the sentencing, excused be which ended yesterday with his refusal to answer, when the judge asked whether he wanted to bring a degree. A defender, said the judge, the Jeffs, his lawyers had not instructed to speak for him.

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A bus is attacked and vandalism in Ealing, West London - CNN International

A bus is attacked and vandalism in Ealing, West London - CNN International

A bus is attacked and vandalism in Ealing, West LondonSony warehouse catches fire, but the cause is not KnownA football match in East London, Tuesday night OffBritish is, Prime Minister David Cameron cuts from his holiday

London (CNN) --Spannungen between police and marauding gangs put into Tuesday in areas of Great Britain, after violence death of a 29-year-old man in London solved first by the shooting, to spread to other parts of the nation.

The number of people in London arrested, since the violence began to 334 rose is, the police said on Tuesday. Dozens of police officers was injured, was announced by the police.

The British Prime Minister David Cameron to shortened to hold his holiday in Italy and an emergency meeting Tuesday, about the riots. Home Secretary Theresa also their summer holiday canceled may to London back.

During the night hours spacers observed at several sites in London as police in riot gear to continue, only a few metres away carefully roaming gangs.

A bus was vandalized and lit, Ealing, West London, was the driver still on board. He escaped unharmed.

There was evidence of vandalism in the Centre of London, with visible damage to a number of shops.

Sony Corp., said his only stock the London caught between late Monday and early Tuesday with significant product damage, but no casualties fire.

The company works to determine the cause of the fire, but the warehouse is located in the North London Enfield neighborhood, the scattered protests has seen.

The violence has forced the postponement of at least a sporting event, such as West Ham United from Tuesday night called match with Aldershot Town.

"While neither the Club nor the police expect all questions about the game itself, the Club the police request must meet,", said a statement on the Club website.

The developments come as reports of violence and vandalism came from other parts of the country.

In Leeds about 170 km North-East of London, police reported no violence early Tuesday, but said there were "Disease isolated pockets." Set a car on fire and was a man after an alleged shooting incident in a hospital with serious injuries.

In Bristol in southwestern England, police said several shops and vehicles were damaged Monday night and "a number of major roads closed were for officers, control of what currently is a volatile situation."

"Officers urge people to avoid the city centre at this time." People already in the city centre should the area and go home, "said Bristol early Tuesday police in a statement."

Street errors seemed also to Birmingham, about 120 km northeast of London, have spread, where police said "several premises" in the center of town "with some shop windows smashed and in different locations of stolen property." had attacked

A police statement said early Tuesday about 100 people have been arrested in Birmingham and added, there were no reports of "large injuries member of the public or police due to a disturbance."

Errors also reported in the Liverpool area about 180 km north-west of London, with the police there say officers had responded to "reports of vehicles on fire and damage to property' in South Liverpool.

A representative of who said London Mayor Boris Johnson was Monday evening that the Mayor briefly his family vacations in North America back cut to London.

Johnson called the violence "absolutely frightening."

He said "People their homes, businesses and livelihoods lost through blind violence,".

Police said the rioting and looting in other parts of the capital of "Copycat" events of opportunists and criminal have been carried out.

"It is not the black community and the police, it is about young people and the police," Shaun Bailey, a youth worker, said brought in a statement from the Office of Mayor in circulation. "And let you beat us around not the Bush and pretend this is a kind of social justice protest - it's pure crime."

The violence in Tottenham--the ethnically diverse, a working class suburb north of London Centre whose residents predominantly Afro Caribbean-after shooting death Thursday by Mark Duggan, a black man, as he was sitting inside a cabin started.

From operation Trident-a metropolitan police unit, the deal with gun crime-the cab stopped during attempted arrest. Soon after, said shots were fired, the independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).

Duggan, father of four, was killed. Shooting deaths are rare in England.

The Commission provided that shot Duggan neither why police the cabin with the incident yet in the investigation had stopped.

Some reports suggested, that Duggan was from the police recorded and in the head shot, but the IPCC has denied.

"Speculation that mark Duggan was murdered ' in design style with a number of shots to the head"are categorically untrue,"said the IPCC in a statement."

The IPCC said proof of Thursday at the shooting scene, including a firearm forensic testing was undergoing non-police are.

The man's family and friends, the police blamed for the death, gathered on Saturday night outside the police station to protest Tottenham.

The protest began peacefully but soon transferred in unrest as Demonstranten--whose numbers include white and reindustrialization-gasoline threw bombs, looted stores and burned police cars.

Tottenham was in turmoil. 1985 Floyd Jarrett was of Afro Caribbean origin was from the police close to control the Broadwater farm estate in Tottenham on suspicion of driving with a counterfeit disc, a document that all British vehicles must stop.

A few hours later, attacked officers of nearby home to his mother, who collapsed and died during the RAID. Riots broke shortly thereafter. As the current violence sparked a protest outside Tottenham police station 1985-Konflikt.CNNS Dan rivers, Annabel Archer, Phil Black, David Wilkinson, Atika Shubert, bryony Jones, Erin McLaughlin, Bharati Naik, Aliza Kassim and David Wilkinson contributed to this report.

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Court is dismissed Rumsfeld not by suit - warez.

Court is dismissed Rumsfeld not by suit - warez.

CHICAGO, Aug. 8 UPI) - A federal appeals court in Chicago ruled 2-1 - Monday not to former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld as a defendant in proceedings torture to remove.

The complaint was of two staff members from local officials for contracts the shield group security, Nathan Vance and Nathan Ertel, who say they were arrested in the Iraq without charge and tortured by the U.S. military for three months, after she claimed their company pays.

2006 "Released the two men from military detention without ever with a felony indictment." You then this action for infringement of their constitutional rights against submitted... Rumsfeld and other unknown defendants "under U.S. Supreme Court precedent, the majority opinion said.""Plaintiffs seek losses from Secretary Rumsfeld and others for their roles in the creation and implementation of policies that caused plaintiff of alleged torture."

Rumsfeld and the US Government moved, the claim must be rejected, but a US judge in Chicago allowed the claims for torture continue material, citing the fifth amendment due process clause.

"We agree with the District Court (judges) who can continue the applicants with their..." "Claims against Secretary Rumsfeld," said the majority opinion. "Take the problems in ascending order, we agree first standards (the federal rules of civil procedure) apply width, the plaintiff in enough detail facts support Secretary of Rumsfeld who claimed personal responsibility for the alleged torture." "Secondly, we agree with the District Court (judge), that Minister Rumsfeld qualified immunity on the pleadings is not entitled."

The opinion said under U.S. law "clearly in early 2006, which have claimed the treatment plaintiff was unconstitutional was found." "No reasonable public official could have believed otherwise."

The men "Bivens" claims, are named according to the judgment of the Supreme Court of Justice in 1971 Bivens vs. six unknown named agents make.

"Next we agree with the District Court Bivens remedy for the alleged torture of civilian U.S. citizens by U.S. military personnel in a war zone is available", the statement said. "We see no convincing justification in Bivens case law or otherwise for defendants at the expansive argument would civilian US citizens, take a civil remedy for torture or even cold-blooded murder of federal officials and soldiers at every level, a war zone."

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House page program falls victim to cuts - Boston Globe

House page program falls victim to cuts - Boston Globe

WASHINGTON — after almost 200 years the House page program, that allows that students serve as messengers and learn more about Congress stops you, obsoleted by the Internet and E-mail in rendered cutting times.

House Speaker John Boehner and minority leader Nancy Pelosi, said yesterday that the annual expenditure no longer can be justified by $ 5 million if messages and other materials are delivered electronically. The pages have now little to do, according to the two leaders.

The House program ends at the Aug. 31. The Senate page program will continue.

Two studies started in the year 2008 found that while the young helpers once "were stretched to the limit, providing large number of much-needed documents and other packages," now "rarely called for deliveries,.", as most documents are now electronically delivered

Boehner and Pelosi wrote, which, while they are "deliberately the special body shall keep the privilege of their unique experience in the memory of the young Americans, serve as pages in over the years, our decision that close the program reflects two current realities: changes in technology have the charges for most of the services of the page, and it is hard to justify high cost", decreased especially in the light of the benefits to the House. "

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Officials: Toll from drone strike in Pakistan reached 20 - CNN International

Officials: Toll from drone strike in Pakistan reached 20 - CNN International

Pakistani intelligence officials say that were fired two missiles at a hideout for militant, which include the militant Haqqani network, officials SayThe United States comment on not suspected drone strikes

Islamabad, Pakistan (AP) - the death toll from a suspected U.S. drone strike on alleged pro-Taliban fighters in Pakistan's tribal region rose to 20, Pakistani intelligence officials said.

Two Pakistani intelligence officials, that are not identified since they are not allowed, wanted to speak to journalists, said that fighters in the area of Gora Qabristan of North Waziristan, one of seven districts of Pakistan were fired two missiles at a hideaway volatile tribal region along the border with Afghanistan.

The officials said that the militants belonged to a network of Haqqani, a pro-Taliban militant group based in North Waziristan, the attacks on the United States and NATO forces in Afghanistan is accused of planning.

US officials have long start their Pakistani counterparts pushed against the Haqqani network in North Waziristan, but Pakistani officials have said that they were already involved in many areas against militant fighting.

Suspected drone strikes don't comment the United States. But it is the only country in the region known to have the possibility of missiles from Drohnen--start the remote control.

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Send Perry signals intention to race, a jolt to GOP candidates - New York Times enter

Send Perry signals intention to race, a jolt to GOP candidates - New York Times enter

Mr Perry has flirted with the term of running for months, but his decision comes as Republicans trying field on a downgrade of the country's credit rating, a collapse of financial markets and a longer period of time high unemployment respond. These problems have created an opening for his candidacy.

"Still a thirst there is another voice in, come", Craig Schoenfeld, an Iowa Republican, said Americans for Perry, that the Governor was signing up supporters leading a group with the name here. "they are looking for the kind of leadership he has shown in Texas, while the country has gone the other direction."

While Mr Perry stops short of making an announcement this weekend helpers said, he is worker of the campaign in critical States, obligations rent back up fundraising and engaged prepare the fully in the race from the beginning next month, when Republicans meet for three debates. Consultants said that he trial balloon stage of measurements on the support for a strategy was considered.

The first test of its impact on the race could come as soon as Saturday, as candidate for the Iowa straw poll, a test of organizational strength to Ames descend. Followers on a write in vote for him has turned his name not on the ballot, but the Americans for Perry, who financed independent group of several friends and maintained political pushed. Support by his rivals of erosion could these efforts.

In a week when Republican candidates hoped to imagine, to voters through the rituals of the fair, with the famous butter cow and old time talk Iowa State about the political soapbox, was South suddenly in the spotlight of the race moved. The introduction of Mr Perry future President bid threw a volatile new element in the competition.

The intentions of Mr Perry, which were the subject of considerable political chatter in Iowa and New Hampshire on Monday, have been carefully observed Republican from the rest of the field. The candidates, including Michele Bachmann, Tim Pawlenty, and Mitt Romney, traveled via both countries early vote delivers energetic reviews how President Obama has managed the latest line of grim economic news.

Mr Romney said voters in New Hampshire, which is the decision by standard & poor credit rating downgrade of the country was the most recent example of a failure of leadership in Washington. He said that the President should take ultimate responsibility for downgrade.

As they assess the Republican field, many voters seem more anxious to hear than for attacks on the President to hear about the candidates. In a town hall style meeting on Monday night will be "the question of whether he Mr Romney explained could compete in all regions of the country, I condemned to do well in Dixie."

"You know there was a survey, I think it was about month an ago, which was a little surprising," said Mr Romney, Perry making a veiled reference to Mr. "It had me as the only Republican candidate who could beat President Obama in Texas." I think I was eight points. "No one else was it before."

In the same hour, the President said from the White House and tried, Americans about credit downgrade and which assure trembling economy, Mr Perry crept closer declared his candidacy and the presidential campaign in an extended interview on CNN as independent re-enter threatened Donald Trump.

The excitement threatened to overshadow the rest of the field Republican.

Mr. Pawlenty said, the future of his candidacy a strong performance at the straw poll is dependent on the, said a culture of entertainment and celebrity in the political arena had bled. At breakfast with reporters, he admitted to that "we do not always want to be the cable-TV, shooting star of the month!"

"At least for President, at least for the Oval Office" Mr. Pawlenty said, "I think the country is still to put someone here, the experienced, seasoned is strong, thoughtful, with a record of results."

On Monday, rolled as Mrs. Bachmann blue campaign bus in the parking lot of the Cass County Fairgrounds in Atlantic, Iowa, was a modest crowd on hand. It is committed, has the enthusiasm to turn that her candidacy in an organised force flared the first two months, which can pass their first test on the strength of the Party straw poll.

"So much bad news" this past week, said Mrs. Bachmann. "The problem is, we have had not someone in the White House, has the backbone to these difficult decisions to be taken."

The crisis back in Washington, together with the attack on a helicopter in Afghanistan, which threw 30 Americans killed one serious and somber tone of the presidential campaign. Each campaign to stop Mrs Bachmann offered a prayer for the dead and took a moment, Jon Tumilson, Member of the Navy Seal teams from Rockford to identify Iowa.

Michael Shear contributed reporting from Des Moines and Ashley Parker from Concord, n.h.

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Downgrading of the impact on the consumer wallet - Boston Globe

Downgrading of the impact on the consumer wallet - Boston Globe


What does exactly standard & Poors?

The rating agency downgraded its class for the Federal Government's long-term debt from the highest possible mark, AAA, AA +. Yesterday, it the credit ratings of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and other agencies with long-term U.S. debt downgraded.

What does this mean for me as a consumer?

Lower credit ratings often lead it to higher interest rates for bonds - for a chance, are standard, buyers more take on the additional risk paid. Could the prices consumers on mortgage and car loans figures - both entered to Treasury bonds - rise due to a higher interest rates on government bonds. And, in turn to higher prices on just about anything, if the situation does not improve.

"Long-term, downgrade is inflation, to the effect," said Rob Lutts, President of the Cabot money management of Salem.

But how likely is more cost loans and other loans mortgage soon?

A downgrade of the credit rating does not automatically translates into an increase in interest rates. Government bonds are still among the safest and the most liquid assets in the world, so that even if the cost of borrowing increases, financial planners say that does not expect dramatic increases. In fact demand was so strong yesterday after Treasury bonds — investors sought refuge for their money interest rates on these bonds went.

"The Federal Reserve will do everything, keep interest rates low, and it has more influence than standard & Poors,", said Bill Driscoll, owner of Driscoll financial, a financial planning firm in Plymouth.

But Driscoll said that if the Congress Committee be appointed with deeper into account the U.S. credit rating operates budget cuts by the end of the year not provided, probably more, not only by standard & Poors, but also will be reduced by the other two rating agencies.

An error by Congress to deal with that "A more dramatic effect on the credit rating of the nation and the economy can have public debt on a large scale," said Driscoll.

As the stock market has fallen, so have oil prices. There is not a good message here - cheaper natural gas and fuel oil?

Crude oil prices are indeed at the lowest level since November, down from the conviction driven, that a slower wachsenden-or fleeing - economy will reduce demand for oil. So yes, can the gas and heating oil prices drop. But probably not for long - demand from the emerging markets, especially China, will eventually upward pressure on prices, even if the US economy sags.

With the stock exchange in full-speed, withdrawal and consumer spending below the - about the credit downgrade - are we in a recession "Double-dip"? If so, how bad it could?

Double dip recession is refers to the economy slipping into the back following a brief recovery. Cheryl Costa, Managing Director of the AFW wealth advisors, and a personal finance blogger for, said that the S & P downgrades not, itself, cause the economy to go back. But an emotional response to the bad news late - could the of investors and consumers taken by fear - building momentum down.

"The S & P downgrades uneventful days should have been", said Costa. "But what we saw in [yesterday] has drop is an overreaction." "Fear and panic have a way to feed themselves, and that's what happens here."

In fact, Costa said, many companies do well, and even the latest employment numbers "not so bad."

It advises clients, "turn off the TV and do something other than flat on the bad economic news."

If people start yanked their money out of the stock exchange, and hoard money rather than spending, because they are now taken by fear, "Costa, said" this could lead to a slowdown.

Should I my money somewhere to be moved before I lose even more?

Probably not, especially if it, long term - such as a retirement plan invested in is - you say financial planners.

"The downgrades have an emotional impact, a visceral, but it is unlikely that have the kind of impact, which requires dramatic action for the average consumer,", said Daniel j. Galli, principal at Daniel j. Galli & Associates, a financial planning firm in Norwell. "The S & P downgrade changes not the fact that the United States is the safest place for a large institutional investor money."

Even as yesterday's financial markets in free fall, were, said Driscoll, it was moved to dramatic financial the wrong time for the consumer.

He said "If you do not need the money, stick your weapons,". "This is not the time to change your strategy." "A down market is not the time to sell."

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Stocks suffer sharpest drop since 2008 - New York Times

Stocks suffer sharpest drop since 2008 - New York Times

The Dow Jones industrial average fell 634 points or 5.6 per cent and the standard & poor's 500 - index deleted 6.7 percent, the biggest retreat since December 2008 in the financial crisis, accelerated a sell-off that began a few weeks. The S. & p. 500 is now up 18 percent of his April 29 Summit and approaching official bear market territory, defined as a case of 20 percent.

So concerned, many investors are that she poured money in government bonds, sold the debt of the Government to finance its operations. Although the rating agency standard & poor United States downgraded a debt score of Sterling AAA rating on Friday, judge it a slightly higher risk than, many more secure than any other investment still consider treasuries.

Typically, a downgrade to sell investors, but turmoil in financial markets in Europe and political gridlock in Washington would /og concerns downgrade. "This is investors from risk run they are, see where it", said David Kelly, Chief market strategist at JPMorgan funds. "The greatest danger that we have here is recession."

Has picked up sell-off speed, although President Obama trying to calm the markets told reporters that "our problems are eminently solvable and we know what we need to do to solve it." There is however sharp disagreement known to solve they like by the fierce partisan battle over the increase in the Federal Government's borrowing limit was dissolved only by a last-minute compromise.

After the financial collapse more than two years ago, the Government took out several steps to the economy, pouring money into the financial system and to the adoption of stimulus spending to revive. Some economists say they think more stimulus spending now is required to make sure that the economy will slow further, but this seems unlikely given the fact that many Republicans say that the country can ill afford the gaping budget deficit with more outputs added.

It was not only the stock market was rattled. Also signs of some stress showed some obscure, but important parts of the credit market. For example, paper of the commercial market, short-term loans with which enterprises finance less favorable, was. This was not nearly as bad as during the financial crisis, but people keep an eye on this, if conditions worsen.

"The cause of all was the marking this after growth expectations," strategist at Barclays Capital said Barry Knapp. "It has changed recession concerns in a global giant growth." The trading day opened ominously in the United States after fall sharp of stocks in Asia and Europe. The European Central Bank is trying to calm investors by aggressive bond markets with special measures to support financially troubled Spain and Italy, little success.

On the floor of the New York Stock Exchange Doreen Mogavero, a trader for Mogavero, Lee & company, notes that holiday in anticipation of a wild day had canceled other traders. Additional staff was on duty to ensure that computer systems were working correctly as volume increased.

The Exchange processes a record 390 million orders in the first hour of trade, eclipsing the last record in May 2010. All stock exchange gehandelten in all 18 billion shares on the nation, the most active day in a year.

Many investors - by the relentless decline in stocks in the months following the 2008 financial collapse burned - seem inclined to sell, rather than to wait. "It is the psychological impact of I am worried over confidence in the market," said Mrs Mogavero.

The power of the stock market sell-off that has - accelerated in the last two weeks, the wider S. & p. 500-stock index 16.8% 22 - lost since July is the creation of the growing sense that the economy a double-dip recession as everyone from consumers, company Retrench approaches can be.

The largest decreases were recorded in Bank shares. Bank of America fell 20 percent. Citigroup fell 16 percent. Morgan Stanley fell by 14 percent. JPMorgan fell 9 percent. And Goldman Sachs fell 6 percent.

Investors fear that banks of the economic slowdown could be affected and that with government spending, lenders would less likely be, that received public support in the future they it, if need, such as during the financial crisis action.

There was little positive news to calm investors. Standard & poor's, the rating agency, which took the latest uncertainty unleashed more action on Monday. It was a variety of financing entities that are by the Federal Government, including Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the two housing of giants in the middle of the country's mortgage market, thanks to the support get backed them by the Federal Government.

Contributed, Christine Hauser, Nelson D. Schwartz, Andrew Ross Sorkin and Helene Cooper have coverage.

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No child exemptions in States - the Detroit News

No child exemptions in States - the Detroit News

Last updated: August of 09 2011 1:00 pm

Washington-In of a movement, the efforts to reform statement on some who worried most Michigan school districts increase could, is the U.S. Department of education begin exemption States of no. child left behind testing standards this school year.

An announcement Monday from Obama of White House on one of the most controversial provisions of the law of Bush era States would have to continue their own reform efforts, to increase graduation rates, as also the White House favors - from tougher evaluation systems for teachers and principals to programs, the fight against of the power for minorities students.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan and melody of Barnes, President Barack Obama was domestic policy adviser, Monday, that the exemptions would to help students, graduates, and they better for college level work and prepare the workforce, there would be not necessary teachers, so much instructional time is preparing students for standardized tests to focus.

Critics have called the No. child left behind testing of the law to improve unrealistic, often branding schools as error benchmarks even if they are on the way.

"We can have so many wrong incentives no law of the country which has," Duncan said.

Michigan officials, last week expressed waiver requested test requirements no. child, relief at the announcement, would say, it will ease pressure on teachers, which now would not "Teaching the test."

"I really appreciate it," Mike Flanagan, Michigan school inspector, said Duncan's announcement. "We have really increased our standards although this US Federal sanctions issues."

Michigan request for an exemption from the U.S. Department of education asked for an exclusion from federal requirements that all students reach 100% competence on the tests by 2014. State education officials call for the Federal Government also on the competence time to ten years to extend and the goal of 80 percent lower.

The Federal announcement comes the State test score problems expected. A steep fall in the competence should be considered this school year, after the Government recently increased where students demonstrate basic knowledge of subjects dominated this topic "cut results" - the cutoff point prices - parents and taxpayers to a more accurate assessment be what students learn in school.

Michigan's third-grade reading proficiency was 90 percent, before the State of his average scores, such as amended. Flanagan expected that those who will drop to 50 percent below the new standards.

"I am at a point where we need to do the right thing for the State." … We need to let know the parents and teachers, the children are not "said he." they are as ready as we think "The reality is that really the half not competently use."

Republicans move bristles in Duncan's.

"I felt parts the sense of urgency by State and local education officials across the nation." Unfortunately, more questions than answers surround Secretariat exemptions proposal, "said Republic John Kline, R Minnesota, the Chairman of the House Committee on education and the workforce."

No child left behind, one of President George W. Bush's signature domestic policy have achievements, every public school student knowledge in mathematics and reading by 2014, forcing States to their standards for schools every year based on tests, spring boost.

After nine years, schools have increasingly labeled failures, funding and support for some threatening, so, how they begin, academic turn around.

Reform of the law has to be entangled in the increasingly cross-party mood on Capitol Hill despite repeated calls to Obama and Duncan for changes. Obama an overhaul proposal to Congress 16 months sent.

Duncan has warned that 82% of U.S. schools error next year could be labeled when the law is not changed. Education expert question, that estimated.

Of waiting tired for Congress to act, said Obama move forward Duncan with exemptions.

Details on the waivers are provided to districts next month.

Duncan and Barnes would not tip their hands on all opportunities to get waivers, but admitted that she have a bar for States that had set the exceptions.

"I'm really interested, the States which try to do better," a big part of it said Duncan, pointing out that accountability would be. "I have not met, teacher, or a principal, the accountability wanted." "You want to be only fair."

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The Syrian people new weapon against Assad: boycott - HA' Ha'aretz

The Syrian people new weapon against Assad: boycott - HA' Ha'aretz

A videovertretung soldier still walking next to a tank in the Syrian city of Hama.

Why the Facebook page of the Syrian protest movement decided to harass Nutella of all products? Since announced its importer, Habib Betinjaneh and his sons Tony and Iyad, support for the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Betinjaneh is also one of the largest distributors of staple foods such as rice and sugar, Member of the Board of Directors of the largest insurance companies in Syria, and a close friend of the Assad of family.

Betinjaneh of the company is not the only company to be on the boycott list the Syrian protest movement. Dozens of companies and enterprises were named last week by the movement, to refrain from which citizens, called business with them.

To do this also by Assad's cousin Rami Makhlouf was controlled car company and the companies owned by Firas Tlass, the son of former Defense Minister, Mustafa Tlass, and the company of Habib Al-Houli, was previously head of intelligence in the Syrian air force and now serves as Special Adviser to Assad. Dozens of companies owned by Majd Suleiman, including the Lebanese newspaper Al-Balad - fierce defender of the Syrian regime are also on the list.

The organizers of the boycott say the United States and Europe imposed sanctions had no effect on the regime and, if the citizens of Syria start comprehensive consumer boycott against those with connections to the Assad regime able continue to for the actions of the murder to pay and feel sure that it can survive.

The efforts of the boycott are organizers much more broad. Would she like to the freezing of foreign investment and the cancellation of trade agreements and future projects, in particular for Arab investors to see. Saudi Arabia, for example, paying for 22 agricultural and industrial projects in Syria and a few months ago, it Damascus borrowed 100 million; There are also employment for thousands of Syrian workers.

Only two years ago decided that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia renew relations with Bashar Assad after Riyadh it four years previously in the wake of the assassination of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri truncated. When 2009 he visited, the Saudi monarch Syria with him a large delegation from commercial transactions with the Syrian regime signed.

At the end of last week, Saudi Arabia in the Castle but the important statement by the Council for cooperation between the six Gulf States the scathing criticism to the Syrian regime to the expression. On Sunday, Riyadh recalled its Ambassador from Damascus.

It is however not only Saudi Arabia, the partners in the Syrian economy is. In 2008 Qatar real restate, that company, Qatari Diar invest $250 million city of Latakia, one of the focuses of the uprising in the construction of hundreds of housing units in the coast.

Doha sends also millions of dollars to the Assad regime. A large project, a 6 billion dollar current project of the Qatari electric Corporation was of Syria after Damascus refused you a permit retaliation for unfavorable coverage on the television station Al-Jazeera Qatar-based frozen.

Kuwait is also a massive investor in Syria, and Kuwaiti companies hold about 11 percent of the Syrian insurance market.

Turkey threatens sanctions for now. The honeymoon of the last three years between the two countries, which led to a large increase in bilateral trade, more than $ 2 billion to a peak of $5 billion fell apart after the Deputy Prime Minister civil uprising and described Turkey as "Acts of terrorism."

In the last few days, Turkey Syria a "final warning" but the nature of this ultimatum is unclear: Turkey will want to withdraw its investment in Syria, Turkish companies from that country or to reduce freezing its diplomatic representation in Damascus? For the Syrian regime, it is possible that even Turkish sanctions will make no difference, but for the Syrian 21 million citizens who could life, foreign investment, such sanctions warm up protests.

The extent of consumption in Syria (minus staple commodities) has dropped just under half, since unemployment of about 10 percent (the official numbers) to nearly 20 percent has shot. Syria has started, that print large amounts of money during the Syrian capital estimated at 20 billion $ is smuggled from abroad is.

Citizens, the loans with promoting Government buy new cars took (the Department in the Makhlouf and his staff have control) are not they pay more and the Syrian banks (many of whom have Lebanese partner) are concerned about collapse.

The boycott campaign by the protest movements in Syria could turn in an effective instrument against the regime, in particular, if the large merchants in the cities made Aleppo, Homs and Damascus - where the Sunni elite begin life granted far-reaching benefits in an attempt that political legitimacy win - to understand the nature of the "deal" with the regime.

But this economic considerations come against a regime which has no intention of letting go, a regime that continues to speak of "national unity" and "Collapse cause the nation foreign agents, who are trying." The State will not hesitate to punish, which is against the law all those. While in the West, time brings change bets, are Syrian is mown by the dozen, down.

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Search for brothers and sisters wanted to achieve in bank robbery shootout Colorado - CNN International

Search for brothers and sisters wanted to achieve in bank robbery shootout Colorado - CNN International

Manhut for "armed and dangerous" ReiheDie brother, sister and brother are "the Dougherty family" a federal arrest warrant bindings that they are to an armed bank robbery in GeorgiaThey suspected in the attempted murder of a policeman Florida during a ShootoutOne of them sent a text of his mother, who say "It is a time for us all to die" called

(CNN) -three brothers and sisters in an alleged armed bank robbery in Georgia and the attempted murder of a police officer of Florida suspected may have sighted in Colorado, authorities said.

"The Colorado Department received a report that the people were discovered Springs police, in the area last week began a crime spree in Florida, the Woodmen and I-25, compared to the description of the siblings Dougherty," the Colorado Springs police said Department in a statement on Tuesday. "The trio is associated with crime in Florida and Georgia, where allegedly officer, who tried shots, the vehicle to stop them."

They call officials identified; "Dougherty family" and the suspect as Ryan Edward Dougherty, 21 Sister Lee grace E. Dougherty, 29; and half-brother Dylan Dougherty Stanley, 26.

On Tuesday, a U.S. magistrate ensures arrest in connection with a bank robbery in Valdosta, Georgia, where an AK-47-type assault rifle and an apparent submachine gun were used on display for the brothers and sisters.

They are also suspected in the attempted murder of Zephyrhills, Florida, police officers, which was the same day--but five hours earlier and 200 miles held.

The officer was not injured although occupants in the vehicle many round weekend while a Chase obtain up to 100 miles per hour, fired according to the Pasco County, Florida, Sheriff's Office. A round went into the police clear vehicle tyres, the automobile, the sheriff's Office said.

Since then the siblings were plastered subject of an international manhunt, with their faces over hundreds of digital billboards from Florida to Kentucky to Texas.

After Ryan Dougherty Monday was to provide a chronology of the events, officials in Volusia County, Florida, 10 years probation and two years of community control monitoring for convictions on two counts send harmful information to minors sentenced.

After the sentencing Monday, he sent a text message his mother: "It is a time for us all to die," according to the sheriff's Office.

On Tuesday, a witness saw at 6:30 am ET, all three siblings, who left in a white four-door sedan from their home Lacoochee. At 6:59 am, Ryan Dougherty cut off his GPS monitoring ankle bracelet near Zephyrhills, said the sheriff's Office.

At 7:12 am on Tuesday, the police officer was shooting with the Florida, 20 high-profile case at the scene were found in which the sheriff's Office said. The five mile pursuit began after the officer tried, drag on the vehicle because of speeding at State Road 54 in Zephyrhills, located 30 km northeast of Tampa, authorities said.

Then came armed bank robbery on a CertusBank in Valdosta, Georgia, 12:24 am on the same day that said FBI.

During this robbery dressed in black with masks of the Bank front entrance, said the FBI issued three people. Shots fired, to the ceiling, and everyone to get, said, the Bureau said. At least two of the robbers were armed, and the third was given an undisclosed amount of cash, the FBI said.

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Willits, Angwin seals killed in helicopter crash - Santa Rosa Press Democrat

Willits, Angwin seals killed in helicopter crash - Santa Rosa Press Democrat

Jesse Pittman said family members and friends, a former fireman from Willits, and Darrik Benson, grew in Napa County town Angwin, both members of the US Navy SEAL team were killed early Saturday on a mission in the province of Wardak.

"It is sad thing and a great shock, one" said Willits high school principal Gordon Oslund, the Pittman knew.

As of late Monday, the Pentagon had not released the names of the 30 Americans and seven Afghan troops, and interpreters, who perished in the helicopter crash in the bloodiest day for US troops in the almost decade-long Afghan conflict.

But in Willits and Angwin, family members and friends mourned the loss of two young men, who were members of the elite SEAL commando team and repeated her life is in danger bring to serve their country.

Pittman attended Willits high school in 2002 and worked two seasons as a seasonal firefighter CAL fire before joining the Navy, according to friends of the family. He was smart, hard-working and, according to those who knew him.

"He was just a big kid," said Chris Wilkes, a friend of the family.

Pittman had dreamed of, a member of the seals and his work on CAL announced fire, to pursue it, Wilkes said.

"I have tried to talk it out." I told him who chances of becoming a Navy SEAL slim to none, "said Wilkes."

But Pittman would not deter.

"If he actually passed the training and came back, we all proud him were," said Wilkes.

Pittman's parents, Terry and IDA Pittman of Willits, was achieved not Monday for comment. Terry Pittman is a heavy equipment operator for CAL fire, said his supervisor, norm Brown, a battalion chief.

Benson, 29, was a third generation resident of Angwin from Saint Helena high school in 2001, his grandmother, Claudia Benson, said the Napa Valley register.

He trained seal in 2003, according to the Angwin reporter. He performance not brag about, Editor said Duane Cronk KGO-TV. From the Navy register selected 209 ended only 19.

"He was even speaking not the kind of person, a lot about themselves, and some people would have been, you know, really, everyone wanted to know." "But he was not that kind of person," said Cronk KGO-TV.

Her grandson said Claudia Benson often spoke on record in the military.

"He loved this kind of stuff," she said, Napa Valley register. "He was in the free fellow, he loved life and loved to ride motorcycles."

His parents, life in Angwin, and his fiancée and 2-year-old son was living in Virginia, where Benson stationed grandparents and other family members, said his grandmother. The couple marry, after Benson carried out its current deployment, which is expected to end next month planned.

This was his fourth tour of duty, his grandmother said.

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Bad news for Obama in Gallup polls - even before shares fell - Christian Science Monitor

Bad news for Obama in Gallup polls - even before shares fell - Christian Science Monitor


Here is the good news for President Obama: extensive polling by Gallup shows that his work approval rating above 50 percent in 16 States and the District of Columbia.

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The bad news: Mr. Obama is under 50 percent in most of the battleground states, which next year will determine the choice. And this result is aggregated Gallup tracking data that have been taken from January to June of this year, so that it is not in the factor high debt ceiling Act, the uptick in unemployment and the falling markets.

Chances are if each State was asked now, the numbers would be lower. His current Gallup three-day moving average is 43 percent job approval.

"Currently a majority of States approval ratings below 50% point, although whether Obama is victorious partly will depend on who runs a major third candidate is his GOP challenger, and the degree to which the President supporters be vote on it," writes Gallup's Jeffrey M. Jones.

His report also noted that President George W. Bush won re-election in 2004 with a 48 percent national approval rating.

In many States, battlefield Obama can take heart that even if he was less than 50% in the first half of 2011, he was not far from the mark. And in four States, where he asked less than 50% in the first half of 2010, this year he is at or above 50 percent: Maine (50 percent), Michigan (50 percent), Minnesota (52%) and Wisconsin (50 percent). Two considered swing States this, Michigan and Wisconsin. Obama will win expected to Maine and Minnesota, although the latter could swing Republican, if a North American wins the GOP nomination.

To win re-election, Obama must win not the battleground states, which he won in 2008. And this is good news for him, because he will not. His campaign has already abandoned reportedly all in Indiana, where Obama of the job approval is 42 percent.

The approval numbers work in other way explains range from tolerable the President pretty bad: Colorado (44 percent), Florida (47), Iowa (49), Nevada (44), New Hampshire (40), New Mexico (46), North Carolina (46), Ohio (45), Oregon (44), Pennsylvania (48) and Virginia (46).

Obama of the best State is Connecticut, with 60 percent. (District of Columbia, that no State, but which has three electoral votes, watches 83 percent.) His worst State is Idaho 27percent.

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Fullerton is looking outside expert, probe PD - the associated press

Fullerton is looking outside expert, probe PD - the associated press

Fullerton seeks outside expert could this PD(AP) - 21 minutes ago

SANTA ANA, California (AP) - the Fullerton city manager says he wants an independent consultant with an internal investigation of Police-Department process after the death of a homeless man who died after a confrontation with the police.

City Manager Joe Felz said Monday that he will ask the City Council of hiring Michael Gennaco approve at the tip of the probe. Gennaco is a specialist in the examination of the law enforcement agencies and Chief Attorney for the Los Angeles County Office independent review, a civilian control Committee, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department monitors.

The Orange County Register ( says Gennaco checks the Fullerton Police Department training, force policies and methods on dealing with the homeless and mentally ill people use.

Felz the City Council is planning a special meeting to speed up, to organize the setting of Gennaco.

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The markets slide will surge - Boston Globe

The markets slide will surge - Boston Globe

Var ArchivedState = 0;

Stock markets plunged, and gathered yesterday, after the Federal Reserve said it would hold interest rates at historically low levels for at least two years and may have additional measures if economic conditions worsen.

It was another wild day of trading in the battered market. Shortly after the Fed has issued the policy statement, fell the Dow Jones industrial average about 200 points before it recovered to add 429.92 points and close to 11,239.77 on the best one-day gain since March 2009.

Stuart Hoffman, Chief Economist at the PNC Financial Services Group in Pittsburgh, said that the spins display to reduce, as nervous investors after a week the feeling that saw angry Sales Manager, a European economic concerns, and a US credit downgrade.

"The fed, this is a strong sign that they are concerned about the economy and that it what it do be to prevent that a weak economy to a recessive"Hoffman, said."It is nothing he can do for you as your doctor tell you you are sick and he has medicine rather than there. This is the strongest medicine, but it is helpful. "

The rally made available to some relief after weeks of sliding stocks and large losses by two days. Last Thursday, the Dow over 500 points fell, followed by a point drop on Monday, which called memories of the financial crisis in 2008 achieved the nation into one of the longest recession in the aftermath of the second world war drove history.

In addition to concerns about a weaker U.S. economy financial markets are for sale all over the world with panic because of worry about the European debt crisis affected. Earlier this week the European Central Bank appeared ready to buy Spanish and Italian Government bonds as a way to help those Nations avert default.

If these Nations in arrears, it could paralyse European banks, which hold the debt, and spread throughout the international financial system to violate us and other banks to do business with European institutions.

The debt crisis has more and more pressure on stronger European economies, such as Germany. The most important German share index has lost 19 percent since the end of July.

In the United States, the economic growth at a snail's pace has slowed. The economy grew at a rate of less than 1 percent in the first half of this year, far lower than expected. The pace of setting remains anemic, while the US Government plans to the slash its massive debt, put an end to areas, which is a drag on the economy issues.

Many households feel simply poorer and have some of the benefits of the economic recovery that began more than two years ago. Values at home remain depressed, while retirement accounts and other investments have fallen. Consumer spending, which more than two-thirds of U.S. economic activity which, has hardly increased.

The Fed yesterday downgraded its Outlook for the economy, predicting "slightly slower recovery in coming quarters"as in June, in view of the increasing risks to growth." In an unusual move the Fed said it would keep its benchmark short-term interest rates close to zero until at least mid-2013.

In the past the Fed has been rarely, if ever an explicit time frame for their policies. Analysts said that move - sends a signal to markets that the Bank carefully monitored developments and is ready to act. The Fed has not ruled out that additional measures, such as such as recovery momentum in the economy to pumps further buying of government bonds,.

Gregory DACO, principal economist at IHS global insight, said stocks of one fell after the Fed statement because "strong negative response"from investors who thought the Central Bank would do more to stimulate the economy." He said, it may have been an expectation that the Bank another round of Treasury purchases, a movement which aimed bond, long-term rates to borrow low and encouraging businesses and households and spend to keep.

But some analysts question whether low growth in confidence is so low and companies is concerned, and consumers remain reluctant to lend.

"The Fed keeps no silver bullet;" Not the economy itself will save it "DACO said.

He noted that many solutions with the legislators and policy-makers in the Federal Government are. For example, an extension of the payroll tax cut and emergency benefits boost unemployment benefits, which this year could be many American households expenditure and the economy.

Congress out of session for the summer and is expected that after a day of work. But the drive to reduce the federal debt makes policy that would unlikely add to the deficit.

Christian Weller, Economist and Professor at the University of Massachusetts Boston public policy and senior fellow at the Center for American progress in Washington, said that he believes that the US economy has enough momentum to keep it to fall into a second recession.

Weller said that the US economy is missing the speed, the nation to reduce persistently high 9.1 per cent unemployment rate anytime soon. The Fed also predicts high unemployment in its statement yesterday it noted that its revised Outlook for the nation called unemployment rate "only gradually go back." "

This is a dark message to 14 million Americans currently in search of work.

"The Fed has a limited mandate," said Weller. "And a limited tool kit. "

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Fowler charges in tie for first - 19 action news

Fowler charges in tie for first - 19 action news

Rickie Fowler shot a 6-under 64 on day 2 of the Bridgestone Invitational, 17 points in a tie for first place to climb. Keegan Bradley, Adam Scott and Ryan Moore are also knotted with him at 8-under. Bradley's day was nearly as impressive, he made a 5-under.

Jason day, Robert Karlsson and Martin Laird are all sitting at 7-under par for the tournament.

Tiger Woods finished in a 1-for the day and 1-over par heading into the third round of Saturday's aufgesetzten.

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Tiger Woods VIDEO: caddie Steve Williams interviewed after Adam Scott win - international business times

Tiger Woods VIDEO: caddie Steve Williams interviewed after Adam Scott win - international business times

After Adam Scott deserves called his first World Golf Championship title in the Bridgestone Invitational, a fan, "Him now, Tiger as you?"

The fan was not point Scott as "him", rather it was dismissed on Scott's caddie, Steve Williams, back of Woods.

Yet another episode in the Tiger Woods Saga--he didn't win, but its can long-time caddie.

Woods ended the 12-year partnership with Williams last month, and more flack is its way to Scott's momentous victory run. Williams, Scott's victory known as "the best victory of my life."

As in the direction of green 18 Williams, he gave a smile to the fans who were singing his name. It was almost literally "add insult to injury" because Woods has finally returned to the tour after not the four rounds since the masters in April, due to Achilles and knee injury.

Bad blood between Woods and Williams seems pretty obvious. Woods claimed that he fired Williams, said in person while Williams on Sunday, Woods fired him over the phone.

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Unfortunately, not Woods, his game in Akron PR hit could make up for. Woods the Bridgestone Invitational closed with a 70, 37. and 18 shots behind to bind.

Check the Williams interview with CBS.

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Favre SN correspondent says that he is not interested in Miami -

Favre SN correspondent says that he is not interested in Miami -

HATTIESBURG, Miss - in the wake of the recent speculation about a possible Union between the dolphins and Brett Favre, that future Hall of Fame said Friday that he has no interest in this possibility.

"I've heard everything, and I am not interested" Favre told sporting news correspondent and Miami Herald writer Jeff Darlington. "No."

Brett Favre tells SN correspondent Jeff Darlington, he not play in the NFL for Miami interested in is. (AP Photo)

If you said not the words of a man who has a thing more than once, and indeed believe another, maybe this helps: Favre went very slowly and cautiously Friday, as if each step required, it is your own conscious effort. He saw more as a man who ended just one season – not as an athlete poised to start a new.

Darlington brought Favre at Oak Grove high school, not far from his sprawling Ranch. Favre, who a team picture with the high school football team, certainly appeared unable to handle the rigors of an NFL season, which is only five weeks away.

His last two back from retirement, Favre Oak Grove football pitch, used is ready to receive, by throwing pathways to high school receiver.

A source in Hattiesburg said that Favre has not participated in such activities this summer. The dolphins are without him signing of Kevin O'Connell as the team third veteran quarterback now forward move. Coincidentally, O'Connell was Favre's backup with the jets in 2008.

More NFL: training camp reports of all 32 teams

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Hockey Sean Avery arrested in Los Angeles, accused of shoving COP - Los Angeles Times

Hockey Sean Avery arrested in Los Angeles, accused of shoving COP - Los Angeles Times

Hockey player Sean Avery is well-versed in contact sports, but was he audacious enough to roughhouse the law?

That's the allegation being placed on the 31-year-old, who was arrested on suspicion of battery around 12:30 a.m. Friday by police who'd responded to a complaint of loud music at his Hollywood Hills home, L.A. Now reported.

The athlete and sometimes fashionista was said to be argumentative with the officers, allegedly pushing one of them before slamming his door.

Looks as if that door was opened up again real quick, after additional police officers were called to deal with the former Los Angeles Kings player, who's now with the New York Rangers.

Avery was arrested on suspicion of battery, taken to the clink and released a little after 8 a.m Friday on $20,000 bail. He'll answer for the alleged fisticuffs in court Sept. 2.

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Hawks sale expected - New York Times

Hawks sale expected - New York Times

To keep with the latest news on the Court and, with the times basketball blog.

The Atlanta Hawks have planned a press conference Monday amid reports that the team and Philips Arena to Alex Meruelo are sold.

MERUELO, the son of Cuban immigrants founded La pizza loca which has more than 50 franchise and own restaurants in Southern California. He would become first Hispanic majority owner N.B.A..

MERUELO, who will attend the news conference, would keep the team in Atlanta.

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Cristiano Ronaldo rank 'world's most popular footballer' - the independent

Cristiano Ronaldo rank 'world's most popular footballer' - the independent

Football players have social media status and its glory in the social media world ranked according to their., an online analytical tool that quantifies and aggregated levels according to social media fame numbers, has drawn up a list of the most "popular" stars.

Cristiano Ronaldo has the world's most popular footballer Lionel Messi and Kak? completed the first three classified been.

England internationals David Beckham (4), Wayne Rooney (6), Steven Gerrard (13) and Rio Ferdinand (14) are also the top-20.

Premier League Star Fernando Torres (8), CESC Fàbregas (9), Didier Drogba (17) and Robin van Persie (18) also feature.

The site rated like the number which, following or views on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, as well as taking into account "fan engagement" ("Retweets" and comments of football players) by using a weighting system is complicated.

Players like Ronaldo, with all three social media platforms are catapulted unsurprisingly the hierarchy of social media.

Ronaldo has an amazing 32 million Facebook fans, 3.7 million twitter followers and almost five million YouTube views.

Kak?, on the other hand has 5.3 million twitter followers (more than any other professional football player), but compared to Ronaldo, has only a scant 10.7 million Facebook fans. On the other hand, Messi, has 23 million fans on the social networking website.

England star Rooney and Ferdinand are some way behind in the Twitter inserts with only 1.2 million and 1.4 million followers, while Gerrard Karg has 10,000.

Famecount also examined the social media status of football and suggests that by far and away the most popular Premier League club are United Manchester.

More than 18 million Facebook have followers, while third placed Chelsea have 6.8 million compared to runner-up, only 7.2 million have arsenal and Sir Alex Ferguson Seite.

At the opposite end of the table of Wigan Athletic are on place lowest, sitting in 19th place with almost 3500 Facebook fans. Bolton Wanderers have no Facebook fans page and are then not included in the list.

On the world scale, take third place in social media status Manchester. The Red Devils attract fans from around the world and even sit up American sports teams LA Lakers, Boston Celtics and the New York Yankees in the popularity stakes.

Real Madrid take look place overall with about two million twitter followers and almost 40 million YouTube. Barcelona bitter rivals 55 million YouTube sitting in second place with a million twitter followers and a staggering view.

The Famecount analysis shows the growing importance of social media sites in the perceived gap between fans to close top level athletes and professional teams.

However, if the negative influence of social media platforms like Twitter was well documented in recent weeks and their use by individuals in the eyes of the public remains a controversial issue.

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