5 stations with the best architecture

5 stations with the best architecture

1st Berlin Central Station, Germany.

Berlin Hauptbahnhof is Europe's largest station, Berlin Hauptbahnhof have a very modern building and has a futuristic architecture. The entire construction of this station was completed in 2006. This station has two levels, 14 and 80 are part of the shop that everyone remembers as convenient as possible for visitors because this station is an important railway station in Germany. The building permit is made up of metal and glass, the sunlight into the building

2nd Kuala Lumpur Railway Station, Malaysia.

Station in Malaysia is actually a pretty old train station, the station in ipun pambangunan recently completed in 1920, so do not be surprised if the shape is very stylish building kekuno his old child. But make no mistake, though old-fashioned, yet elegant look of this station. This is because the construction of this building combines western and Malay styles, so that the old idea that just looks more historical and cultural value, and some people just judge, that the station is more suitable when the castle called.

3rd Cable North Park Way, Austria.

North Park cable car is one of the largest stations in Austria, which is located in the city of Innsbruck. The construction of the building architecture Cable Way North Park was designed by architect Zaha Hadid in the studio. Although the roof of the station building was built like an abstract wave shape, but that's the roof, the tasiun adds to this impression of a futuristic train

4th La Gare de Strasbourg, France.

La Gare de Strasbourg, first developed in 1883 by an architect from Berlin named Johann Jacob Thal, then renovated again in 2007. During this renovation, added to the glass frame and glass construction of 120 meters on the outside, it seems that this station is a gem, which, if it seems to be hit by sunlight.

5.Kanazawa Station, Japan.

The first architecture, which can be seen by visitors to this station, a large gate dengahn height of 14 meters as a traditional Japanese style gate is sedngkan in the station, the architecture of the most impressive of the dome, that the part that connects the east covers and west consists of 3,000 glass panels. The station is also available as a station that combines traditional style with wood-metal-based modern architecture is known. 5 stations with the best architecture.

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5 The most dangerous spider in the world

5 The most dangerous spider in the world

1st the Redback.
Photo: Mike Blog
The first deadly spider is found in the list of Redback spider in Australia. The female Redback are usually in color with traces of red and orange stripes on (you guessed it) back in black. These spiders have neurotoxic venom and their bite can weaken muscles that cause nausea, vomiting and sweating.

2nd The Funnel-web.
Photo: M Hedin

The Funnel-Web Spider is also from Australia. The male Funnel Web spiders are the real killers and are colored black or brown with a shiny surface. These spiders, in the attack, stood up to the hind legs, put their fangs. They also have neurotoxic venom and their bite can cause sweating, muscle twitching, salivation, and tears. Tears can also be caused by them!.

3rd The Brazilian Wandering.
Photo: Techuse
Brazilian Wandering spiders are found in South American jungle. They are nervous and aggressive by nature and toxic poisons as well. Their bite is apparently very painful, because it releases serotonin in your blood team.

 4th The Brown Recluse.
Photo: pennywisdom2099

This is a small spider with her ​​back in the shape of a violin only on the back of his head. The venom of the Brown Recluse Spiders causes ulcers. While its bite is not painful and its venom causes the affected meat to rot and fall off. Yikes!.

5th The Black Widow.
Photo: dionysia
The black widow spider is probably the deadliest. These shiny black spiders can be found in North America. The neurotoxic venom they release caused great pain when he bites, with two fang marks clearly visible on it. Symptoms of their bite are abdominal and back pain, abdominal pain, muscle cramps, delayed breathing, blood pressure, agitation and in some cases lead to death.

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GCHQ lose staff to Google - Scotsman

GCHQ lose staff to Google - Scotsman

GROßBRITANNIENS of top secret electronic spy agency, GCHQ, struggles to keep cyber security specialists, as it wages of offered the same can not Google.GCHQ is reportedly no salaries, by the Internet search giant and Bill Gates' Microsoft company to offer rival.

Parliamentary Intelligence and security services yesterday said it was "concerned", GCHQ could keep a "suitable cadre of Internet specialists" to deal with the growing threat of cyber war.

The Committee, consisting of senior MPs and peers, blames GCHQ for loss of equipment worth up to £ 1 million in the last ten years. 5-Percentage - the about 450 items - cases could not guarantee it, there was no safety risk.

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Five die after Mystery explosion in LINCS - Sky News

Five die after Mystery explosion in LINCS - Sky News

Lincolnshire Fire and emergency services area manager Steve Moore said: "the first team came and found a very, very hot fire and an accident outside the building suffered burns."

"The initial reaction was that crew, to handle the incident." The second team came and fire-fighting.

"It was very hot very intense fire, so much, so that the steel shutters were strapped."

A total of six fire units were sent after several calls, and thick black smoke was seen coming from the estate.

Police at the Broadfield Lane Industrial Estate in BostonPolice sealed off area in front of investigators arrival

Hydraulic rescue equipment was required to cut their way into the building and once the flames were six firefighters facilities and the victims wear entered found breathing apparatus.

Sky's East of England correspondent Emma Birchley, reporting from the scene, said: "neither the police nor the fire crews to the cause of the incident would speculate."

Speech among locals, the immigrants, however, was running an illegal distillery in the industrial area, at least eight units housed.

Ian Nuttall, who lives 200 metres from the area, said: "it is quite well known that this kind of people are vodka operations and the like."

"I saw make a lot and people walking around and asked me what was going on, when we heard that there was an explosion."

Press the Lincolnshire police officer Nerys McGarry, said: "is there a full forensic investigation of the unit."

Boston, Lincolnshire, where an explosion has killed five menThe explosion was a small industrial estate in Boston

"It is not a large unit but will look at everything that is there and all the products it first a fingertip search throughout the building and were to see that what caused the explosion in this building."

The wounded survivor was first in the Boston Pilgrim hospital and later transferred to the Queens's medical centre in Nottingham.

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Clubbers dies after taking reportedly of Ecstasy in Ibiza - Mirror.co.uk

Clubbers dies after taking reportedly of Ecstasy in Ibiza - Mirror.co.uk

A young British holidaymakers has died, after ­reportedly ecstasy on a night out in Ibiza.

Jodie Nieman, days before her 21st birthday, reduced to the dance floor, as she celebrated with friends in the space nightclub in the resort of Playa d'en Bossa.

She can after the island missed was taken to hospital, but her heart beat stopped had, and she was pronounced dead later.

Police said a tablet in her handbag was found and that their friends had said that she had taken Ecstasy earlier in the evening.

A spokesman for which civil guard, said police: "we can confirm we investigate the death of a 20-year-old woman after she was ill in a nightclub".


"An autopsy is carried out is - to determine the cause of death." "We know from reports that they ecstasy."

A spokesman for the British Embassy, based in Madrid, said: "We are about the death of a British national in Ibiza". "Consular assistance be provided to the family."

Jodie, who had worked at LA Fitness in Croydon, Surrey, stay in a ­apartment, with a group of her friends.

A hospital spokesman said: "Ambulance staff attempts to revive it and arrived as physicians continue to try at the hospital, but you save, it was not possible." "You died to 5."

Jodie, who studied beauty therapy in the East Surrey College, previously worked with nails in Warlingham, Surrey, where Katie Price mum Amy clients include to see.

Sue Cook, employees in the salon, said: "Jodie was a member of staff." "We are all devastated."

Last night was too shocked to speak Croydon at the family home in Kenley, Jody mother Deborah.

Friends had gathered in the House to comfort her.

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Hacking outrage from selection for BSkyB - Herald Scotland kills

Hacking outrage from selection for BSkyB - Herald Scotland kills

RUPERT Murdoch was finally forced to abandon his lucrative offer for BSkyB in view of the overwhelming political pressure.

The collapse of his attempts to take over, the broadcaster it could cost billions and put large question mark over the future of his media empire.

Although his News Corp. in a statement that he said the right, revive the offer retained, experts believe that it may take years before the storm around the phone, that enough attempt scattered hacker scandal for a second takeover.

David Cameron welcomed decision covered the commandment, to say that he thought that the company had made the "right decision".

The people responsible, however high or low, need no future role in the execution of a media company in our country

Earlier, during a fiery Prime Minister's questions, Mr Cameron said that he had told News Corp that it arm to resign should have accepted the offer by Rebekah Brooks, Chief Executive of his news international newspaper. Their continued employment "Insult" to the phone of hacking victims was, he said.

The Conservative leader met the family of murdered 13-year-old Milly Dowler, whose Telefon was allegedly hacked after their abduction.

This revelation was forced to the catalyst for a wave of public revulsion to the activities of news of the world journalists, who the newspaper close to the company.

His comments the scandal came as he an extensive survey announced in a senior judge, Lord Justice Leveson newspaper executives, politicians and journalists grill is.

He will be asked, certain allegations about illegal behaviour at the news of the world, look at the shortcomings of the original police investigation and allegations of payments to the officers.

But he wears you broader media ethics and the relationship between politicians and newspaper executives.

The investigation is expected "at once", started with a report on the future of the press regulation within a year.

The Coalition is considering also Ministerial code changes that managers would force high-ranking politicians for publishing details of all meetings with media.

Statement of the investigation functions in the House of Commons, Mr Cameron said those found responsible should be excluded for misconduct on the news of the world from future participation in the media industry.

"The people involved whether they were directly responsible for the misconduct sanctioned it or covered, however high or low, that they go - must not only put on trial, they will have no future role in the design of a media enterprise in our country," he said.

News Corp already owns 40% of BSkyB but had hoped to take over the rest of the company.

Analysts believe that their profits will rise in the coming years in the midst of the growing public demand for a larger number of channels and pay-per events.

It is assumed that television as the future with his newspaper a remnant from his last incarnation view arm, particularly if it is less politically influential.

News Corp Deputy Chairman Chase Carey the company dropped the bid said that it clearly, it was "difficult" the deal "in this climate" progress. But the company made clear it would remain a long-term shareholder.

Shares in the broadcaster rallied slightly after the announcement.

They remained however still far below the 850 p, which earlier this month they make on the crest of the hopes of a business.

Last night of MPs support a labour movement to condemn the takeover plans without the need for a vote.

Some coalition of MPs predicted that yesterday's announcement followed much wider than just the BSkyB deal would have.

Simon Hughes, the Deputy Chairman who said Democrats, liberal: "at last the Sun is set up to Rupert Murdoch's British Empire."

"Journalism in the United Kingdom uses the reputation as the best in the world." "It is in the public interest, that you will restore this reputation now is."

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Dad says Court of mum evil eye last time he saw his children alive - Mirror.co.uk

Dad says Court of mum evil eye last time he saw his children alive - Mirror.co.uk

A father told, as the last time his ex-partner - were accused of murdering her two children - a glance "absolute evil", that he saw them alive.

Paul Donnison, 48, wept as he told a court in his last moments three and Elise, with Harry, two.

Three days later ex-partner will stifle accused the sleeping Tots as the "ultimate revenge" on her father, who had met someone else Fiona Donnison, 44.

He was allowed to see them with a police escort after they accused him of attacking her. He said: "Harry was in his pajamas." He came over and all around his arms around me.

"Fiona was located a few meters with a face of absolute evil and hatred of them." "The next time he saw it was to identify their bodies in the morgue."

Lewes Crown Court heard how Donnison suffocated the children at her rented house in Lightwater, Surrey, on January 15, 2010. You put the bodies in the trunk of their car and drove 90 miles of the family home in Heathfield, East Sussex.

Leave their bodies in the car she broke into the House and laid in wait for Paul with two knives. It is claimed that she hoped to him kill him and the blame for the Tot deaths. If he does not show up, she cut her wrist, took an overdose of sedatives, then went into a police station and confessed: "I have killed my children."

Mr Donnison told the Court she was "very upset" after they split up and used the children to try to control him. He said: "she knew, the children were my life." "It was the only what, which could hurt me with."

He said she had arrested him on a false domestic violence charge, then tried, breaking "it provoke" in his bail conditions.

He explained the Court, they threatened the House to take away that change children family name and his new girlfriend, saying that he never again would see the children when he slept with her rang.

Cheeks as she tears rolled births spoke of his delight in the tots, after the loss of her first daughter of cot death.

But he said, family life wild mood swings and controlling nature was marred by his partner.

In September 2009 she left with the children, so that a note which said that it was for the "sake of the children". Agreed, their relationship give a last try, but it's not and there he met someone else. Donnison denied murder. The process will continue.

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Widow's pension ruling as Chinook crash, its some deleted - the Belfast Telegraph

Widow's pension ruling as Chinook crash, its some deleted - the Belfast Telegraph

The widow of a man, in the accident of the Mull of Kintyre killed helicopters said the Chinook that crashed killing their husband would have to be non-operational.

Yesterday a new report in the 1994 accident ranking purged two pilots is gross negligence - more in Northern Ireland to life were the highest intelligence officials-

The fresh verification showed that flight lieutenants Jonathan Tapper and Richard Cook for the crash blame should have been the 29 killed.

Defence Secretary Liam Fox said that he the pilots families for the distress caused by the initial results of the RAF excuse had written.

Susan welcomes movement Phoenix, whose Ehemann Ian in the crash killed came - but said key questions remained about the Chinook security.

"This is a very good report - it's families a wonderful day for the pilots and I'm so glad they had deleted their names at last," told with Belfast Telegraph.

"I am pleased that Mr Philip [website of who-the review conducted] has board the right messages heard speaking and in the right way." "No one ever blame the pilots."

The announcement yesterday came after years of the campaign of the men's families to clear their names.

Flight ZD 576 popped everyone on board into the side of a mountain in dense fog in the evening of 2 June 1994, including four crew members killed. The passengers included some who flew Britain's leading anti-terrorism expert, visiting from Belfast, a Conference in Inverness.

After an RAF Board request, that the most likely cause of the rising ground beneath the selection of the wrong rate climb was found, a report of two air marshals - Sir William Wratten and Sir John-day-, concluded that the pilots "negligent gross mass" were.

But a Scottish fatal accident inquiry completed, it was impossible the exact cause of the crash, establish, during the RAF ruling also in separate House of Commons and House of Lords Committee reports was criticized.

In April it emerged that the chiefs two years before the crash had converted defense doubts about the safety of Chinook helicopters.

"Software which was that Chinook was been known as positively dangerous," added Mrs Phoenix.

"The crash must have not already done so, because these aircraft were not flying should."

Ann Magee, whose Ehemann Kevin in the crash killed came, she said "was absolutely by the findings". "This confirms what all together - the campaigns have said, the pilots blame was unfair and she did nothing wrong."

"It is a blessing for their families and I feel very emotional for them."

"The report makes many recommendations, but that's for another day." Today, something very special for both is easy families the pilots.

"Name has been deleted, call returned for these poor dead pilots, and their families can their heads hold back with pride."

Chris Cook, brother of flt lt Cook, said it never had evidence, to find the pilots guilty.

"The reputation of these two young officers were restored and we believe that a terrible wrong has been righted", he said.

Standing at his side after the announcement they had both waited so long for Mike Tapper, father of flt lt Tapper, said: "This is now closing."

Asked whether the two of its air, which had insisted were the pilots negligent fault should now apologize, he said: "It is the air his."


The Boeing CH-47 Chinook, which had crashed into the Mull of Kintyre a twin-engine, tandem rotor heavy lift helicopter. Chinook to 16 Nations, with the army and the Royal Air Force is the largest user sold.

However, they took part in several serious accidents. In November 1986, a British International helicopters Chinook at Sumburgh airport Shetland Islands, 45 people crashed killed.

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Emergency special session to combat the effects of the riots - Belfast Telegraph

Emergency special session to combat the effects of the riots - Belfast Telegraph

An emergency meeting convened today in the wake of the recent violence in North Belfast at Stormont.

The first and Deputy First Minister are to discuss the impact of the rioting to flared an orange order parade in Ardoyne Castle as Chairman of the talks at Stormont.

In a joint statement of OFMDFM, both Ministers led calls to rest on the infamous flash point, which was for the third year as a result of violent scenes on the twelfth dogged.

"Participating in riots must realize that she only results to damage, in their local communities", she said.

"We appeal for calm and ask everyone to think about the consequences of their actions."

On Tuesday, an orgy of violence broke after a feeder parade the Ardoyne shops pass.

Sixteen police injured, raised round more than 50 baton and four water cannons were deployed to the nationalist youths petrol bombs, explosion of bombs and other missiles to suppress rest.

Martin McGuinness, on Monday visited the Ardoyne, added: "People clearly made me, that she wanted to see no violence in their community about the twelfth parade."

"It is disappointing that a small number of people have chosen to ignore their demand and instead went to damage attack the police and the local community."

"There were also a number of other violent incidents in Armagh, Derry, Ballymena."

In the meantime inhabitants and their civic representatives in the Republican enclave "away from the field remain pleaded for riot-hungry young people".

"I would come calling for people not here," said Sinn Fein Gerry Kelly.

"The parade is over." There are no reason for people. "Only the whole thing go on."

A massive clean-Up operation swung into action yesterday in the early morning to at least four cars, a flood of broken stones and a massive metal security door by its been torn hinges on Brompton Road had burnt out to remove.

Shattered glass and other masonry was also scattered on the Crumlin road, which was damaged by heat from torched vehicles.

"If we go no orange parade through a Catholic area, we have the excuse at least would not for what happen," added Mr Kelly.

"We argued are involved with young people not to violence, because it affects people living in this area."

Meanwhile, there was also criticism of the PSNI deal with the situation.

Some residents said they believed that the PSNI would rather a riot in a nationalist area police because they know what to expect.

Cross parish priest, FR Gary Donegan Holy, was on the ground on Tuesday evening, said people police tactics viewed as inflammatory.

He said "People have asked why baton get as early provided plastic round".

"There is criticism of the moderate people." Yes, there were stones was thrown, but it is necessary to provide water cannon and plastic baton rounds?

"We are trying to promote the normalization of policing and there is criticism that the response was disproportionate."

Mary Murphy, lives in the Balholm area, just behind the shops of Ardoyne, her anger was vent among those who are interested in.

"No one two hoots a damn about people here are," she said.

"they are away from each other."

"Look at what happens - such as Holy Cross - not a thing about it was here." And last night (police) were their large jeeps to the wreck of the place.

"We get no help." It is a shame.

"The new Lodge, Ligoniel and Ardoyne have nothing - everywhere else has it all."

An another 68 year old woman, the life at the Estoril Court refused to enter the violence its name out of fear of reprisals, condemned but.

"I am only from hospital and come back to is ridiculous," she said.

"It no point at all." "It is terrible and now look at the State of the area."

During the worst problems in Ardoyne, there were also disorder in South and East Belfast.

Trouble broke out also in parts of Ballymena, Armagh, Strabane, Londonderry and Newry.

Ulster Unionist leader Tom Elliott said it was "regrettable" that celebrate the twelfth were affected by a minority.

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