Turkish FA awaiting Hiddink exit

Turkish FA awaiting Hiddink exit

BBC Sport News correspondent  Hiddink was Turkish national coach since 1 August 2010 has accepted the Turkish Football Federation that Guus Hiddink is expected to leave to return to his job as national team boss and in Chelsea.

According to a senior source in the the TFF of the Dutch "can not say no, Chelsea, we believe that he would like to leave".

Hiddink, 64, led Chelsea to an FA Cup victory as interim coach in 2009.

Despite one indifferent qualification remain Turkey in conflicts for a Euro 2012 play-off place after the 1: 1 draw against Belgium on Friday.

But Hiddink is unhappy that the man who brought him to Istanbul, TFF Chief Mahmut Ozgener, should be replaced after presidential elections on 28 June.

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"If Ozgener lived, also remain Guus, would," said the source. "Ozgener on vacation is gone and yet not decided if he will stand for re-election." Even if does, he is likely to lose.

"Hiddink says he has no value a contract, but this promise." Chelsea is too good to reduce an offer and the TFF understands this.

"He feels Hiddink or one job to do has there [{Chelsea}.]" He would like to work every day and Championships, maybe win the Champions League.

"We will understand that he has coached his last game in Turkey, as long as Chelsea numbers compensation."

The TFF is still preserved a formal approach from Chelsea Hiddink talk but expect one this week for the permission request.

May 2009 - vows Hiddink returns to English football

However, the TFF says all possible negotiations must wait until next week, such as Ozgener and Hiddink went on vacation.

"There is nothing official happens, because both parties away, are", TFF said spokesman Turker Tozar. "Nothing can happen at the moment and Mr Hiddink has signed a contract until 2012".

With one year left on a 3 euro contract, which will run until the end of 2012 euro, could release Hiddink Chelsea around €4 million in costs.

Hiddink, who has had spells as Manager of Netherlands, Republic of Korea, Australia and Russia, won the FA Cup with the blues at the end of the 2008 / 09 season at Stamford Bridge during a three month period.

He enjoys a close relationship with Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich, the Balkan diaspora of as Russia Manager and use as a consultant in football.

2012 Qualifier is the Turkey next euro against Kazakhstan on 2 September but Hiddink denied that he will still be responsible for the Group A game on the question of the draw in Belgium.

By: Dan Roan


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Yemen opposition was accepted - in

Yemen opposition was accepted - in

says that it remains unclear if Mr Saleh is back, but anti-government demonstrators are already celebrate victory in SanaaYemen of the main opposition party coalition, that he accepted a transfer of power to the Vice President, after President Ali Abdullah Saleh for Saudi Arabia.

Otherwise would try the opposition, which said joint meeting Parties, form an interim Government.

Vice President Abdel Rabbu Mansour Hadi appeared as Mr Saleh on Saturday for medical treatment.

Mr Hadi said Mr Saleh, who was wounded last week in an attack on his marriage in Sana'a, Yemen, would return within days.

Mr Saleh, ruled since 1978, has refused to leave office despite protests and a tribal insurgency, which has brought the country to the brink of civil war.

'More options'  President Saleh has refused so far, sign a contract under which would he makes to cede his Deputy

Now, at least three people died Monday in the capital Sanaa in clashes with security forces, according to the Ahmar tribe.

"The opposition supported the full handover of power to the Vice President," said Sultan el-Atwani, one of the leading figures in the joint meeting Parties, Reuters news agency.

"In the event that this is by the opposition and the youth of the revolution have alternative options, so a Transitional Council."

Mr Saleh had refused three times to sign an agreement mediated by Gulf countries in which he makes passed on Mr Hadi in exchange for immunity from prosecution would have.

Saudi Arabia said, that continue to parties to the transaction, accept it encourage would according to the country's State-run media.

Mr Saleh have thousands of people celebrated descent.

But there are fears for the stability of the country, installation, home to an al-Qaeda wing conflict with tribal and political divisions and.

Continue reading the most important story 27 January: thousands take to streets of Sanaa in protests inspired by events in Tunisia and Egypt2 February: President Saleh says he does not produce the re-election in 2013; Demonstrators holding "Day of anger" on the next day18 March: 45 protesters die in Sana'a, Yemen to open fire security forces, and international condemnation. Saleh declares state of emergency22 may: Saleh refuses to sign Gulf Cooperation (GCC) deal - power to his Deputy--for the third time; transfer GCC stops mediation23 May: followers of the powerful Hashid tribal Federation get their support for protests against the Government, after the declaration4 June: President Saleh leaves for Saudi Arabia after AttackChest is injured and neck surgery said Saudi officials Mr Saleh had from surgery shrapnel remove subjected to his chest.

There were reports that he would stay in Saudi Arabia for two weeks. a week to recover and another for meetings, but it was not known what he planned to do.

Mr Hadi said the President was good and "home in the coming days, according to the State News Agency Saba would return to" restore.

He added that he had spoken with Mr Saleh on Sunday evening and Monday morning by phone, the news agency said.

Information Vice Minister Abdu al-Janadi, said that, if Mr Saleh left, would it be "in a constitutional way".

In the meantime, thousands of people to the President have dedicated loyal express support for the leaders Monday as a day of fasting.

Even if President Saleh would like to return, it is unlikely is it Saudi Arabia, BBC Middle East correspondent can Jon Leyne says.

Acting President Hadi has already U.S. Ambassador Gerald Michael Feierstein, met State News Agency Saba reported, "the importance of cooperation with the [opposition] common forum" to discuss Alliance.

He can however with Mr Saleh son little real power, and other relatives of the main units of the security forces.

Friday's attack on Mr Saleh came after days of street battles in Sanaa between Government forces and fighters loyal to Sheikh Sadiq al-Ahmar, head of the powerful Hashid tribal Federation.

This power struggle overlaid began widespread street protests earlier in the year, inspired by the riots in Tunisia and Egypt, for democratic reforms and an end to the Mr Saleh rule call.

Some analysts say that Saudi Arabia now used his presence in the country, sign pressure to him on the agreement.

Map of Yemen

Sanaa: Government hostile demonstrations began in the capital this year. In March, Sheikh Sadiq al-Ahmar of powerful Hashid tribal Confederation declared his support for the demonstrators. Fierce fighting broke out between tribal fighters and security forces.

Aden: As in Sanaa, thousands of anti-Government protests have connected. The port was the site of USS Cole suicide bombing on the USS Cole in 2000.

Saada: Truce between Government and Houthi rebels against was agreed in 2010 after six years of struggle. Occasional clashes and anti-Government protests continue.

Abyan and Shabwa provinces: operational bases for al Qaeda. In the year 2010 an offensive against the separatist government thousands of people called to flee.


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Take, caught on stage robot

Take, caught on stage robot

Take that singer Mark Owen and Howard Donald both on a stage robot were caught during their concert in the city of Manchester Stadium on the weekend.

The couple were on the stage to the palms of the Group's giant robot man, OM, should be reduced, but the mechanics failed.

It meant that they were festgeklemmtes singing love love 3 m (10 ft) above the rest of the band on Saturday night.

Ladders were used to save Mark Owen, so that he could continue his performance.

Howard Donald had to remember singing for the next singing while still on the robot put in helping to track yourself.

Largest tour

Read a statement by the Group: "the mechanical man heard of love love in motion at the end but the matter was resolved and end of the show he stood tall again."

Howard Donald was on a mechanical robot singing never forget

"There is no guarantee the size of OM, no repeat at some point is it with mechanical structure but all seems well now."

Take that take to the United Kingdom as part of their progress live tour.

The group play come visit with 27 events in Cardiff, Glasgow, Birmingham and London.

The production cost around 15 million £ to put together with the robot in which shows 30 m (100 ft) high, when fully upright uses.

Progress live is the largest ever UK tour and is the first time the five founding members of take that who together since 1995 toured.

You will play almost two million fans across Europe this summer.


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Royal wedding dress go to the display

Royal wedding dress go to the display

the Duchess dress the Duchess of Cambridge's is placed, wedding dress on display over the summer, appear on the display at Buckingham Palace.

A multi tier replica of the wedding cake going also to see if the Palace next to the public is opened.

Meanwhile, St. James's Palace says that move the Duke and the Duchess in a house in Kensington Palace.

The couple spends time there and North Wales, where Prince William is helicopter is currently working as an RAF search and rescue pilot.

The Prince had previously in the Palace with Prince Harry and Diana, Princess of Wales lived after her divorce from the Prince of Wales.

The London apartment, which he will release his bride will not be, which he used to in life.

The couple share a home in Clarence House currently with Prince Harry when they are in the capital.

You are expected to be within the next couple of weeks move.

A spokesman for St James's Palace, said: "We can confirm that the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge's official residence in London temporarily become a property at Kensington Palace."

"A number of options for longer-term solutions are still considered."

"Of the pair of main home continue to their house on Anglesey, and its budget office is still in the St. James's Palace based."

Dress information

Buckingham Palace will be next July open to the public from 23 to October.

The top applique dress was handmade by the Royal School of needlework for the bodice and skirt.

Individual flowers were hand-cut from top and hand logo on ivory silk tulle to a design with the rose, thistle, daffodils and Klee to create.

The bride veil, made from layers of ivory silk tulle with a trim by hand embroidered flowers, was also of the Royal School of needlework embroidered and tiara, the Duchess was awarded by the Queen was held in position by the Cartier Halo.

The tiara was in 1936, and by the Duke of York - King George VI - the Duchess of York was purchased. She later became Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother.

The multi-tiered was British ingredients handmade traditional fruit cakes for the wedding and decorated with sugar, flowers.


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