Champagne and harassment

Champagne and harassment

The streets of Monte Carlo are home to the most prestigious race on the F1 calendar.

Since they race around the streets of the city in 1929, was the Grand Prix of Monaco of one of the most glamorous sporting events of the year.

Within a few days in may, EUR 70 million in the economy of the small Principality are cast as movie stars and models, the rich and famous, herd, the trackside.

It is for the driver to win the race. For all others it is to see the race.

But it's not all fun and games. It is a serious matter for the teams and their riders like the meandering miles from Monte Carlo are more demanding than most.

Last year's winner Mark Webber told me, that it a "nightmare" for the pit crews, just an another former Monaco winner, Jarno Trulli, said: "It is terrible."

I saw for myself the facilities as a burly truck driver were how overloaded and tired mechanics trying to unload their equipment in their small garages.

It did not help that one of the truck Mercedes bad was - been parked a severe offense in a community proudly on his careful Maneuverings, and one in the neighbouring minds frayed garages - but it clearly never enough room for all, without to the toes come to wanted to unload. And it was only Monday.

Loaded with high performance race cars, spare parts and space age tool kits, the team Force India five trucks take (others have more) for each race in Europe. But there is only room for a truck on the Monaco track a point, so that inevitably occur, is when they need something in a hurry and it will be on the other side of the city.

And is always in the city not just not.

On a "tour of the track" with 2004 winners Jarno Trulli was to drive the idea for us after the iconic tunnel, to hear hairpin and harassment and forensic analyses as to you. Jarno was enlightening, but angry was confused in the rush hour traffic to the same extent as we and fought parking. It was not long before he was his horn honking and leaned out the window and wild hands.

A part of Monaco's charm is that I could have any track with a current driver though. Everything is so accessible, and I think that one of the reasons is it so popular with the fans. At one point this week, I found line me waiting for a taxi from the start / goal. I was sitting on the podium.

It's quite amazing how near you the action, before the event both can access during the race. If you mind the mixture of exhaust gases and foie gras, you can just metres from the line at the Paris Hotel food. It is 1350 euro costs you only for the privilege.

This is a microcosm of the energy and eccentricity, which makes Monaco so captivating and unforgettable. Let's just hope that does justice to the race of the 2011 billing!


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No way José, you gone too far this time

No way José, you gone too far this time


Mourinho is an ironic thumbs until after Pepe was sent to officials.

For broadcasters around the world, the Royal Wedding is week - but love has spread to Spain. And the histrionics of Jose Mourinho: another night can not conceal that his team are real Madrid just not as good as Barcelona.

Regular Mourinho observers are used to see him hog limelight. It is a managerial tactics, alleviate the pressure on his team and is part of the reason why he has won trophies in Portugal, England and Italy Cabinet burst numbers.

But Jose is toxic verbal attack on UEFA, several referees and Barca after Wednesday night Champions League defeat by real Catalan rivals finally a step too far.

Although Barcelona enjoyed 72% ownership and 140 passes, known as Los Blancos 593 to Real Madrid coach team be 2-0 defeat "a scandal." He railed against Barca's influence in UEFA, he felt that say "disgusted life in this world."

Mourinho has now crossed the gap between master of mind games and crazy Ranter.

His theatrical silence at a press conference last week prompted a furnished by the Spanish media. And its incite PEP Guardiola, on the eve of this match, led by Barcelona coach, unusually his cool, twice losing swearing on live television.

Governing body UEFA European football is certainly far more respond to Mourinho's latest outbreak.

He is already prohibited the return leg at the Camp Nou stadium of Barcelona and, at 2-0 down, Mourinho even Real Madrid was "impossible" with the label a comeback.

If this prohibition is extended to sideline that a promising for Los Merengues decay is - season - with only after the arrival of their high announced Portuguese boss show King's Cup.

In a sense, José managed to. Many post match will be headlines about his latest mega moan. Buried deep in the articles the fact the one be bad mood, boring match in the dying minutes through a moment of football genius has been saved: Lionel Messi second goal, his 52nd of the season.

The beauty of his breathtaking dribble and Mourinho's should have offset media crafts strike the game. It has not. And that is a shame as one of the real coach more wild accusations.


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Spain's Golf Maestro reminds

Spain's Golf Maestro reminds


CNN's Don Riddell with Seve on Tenerife in the year 2005.

We all have our heroes, men or women who have inspired or talk. Very few of us are able to meet these people, still less can say that they close saw their genius and charisma.

I think me so incredibly happy not only Seve Ballesteros have taken, but Golf have played with him to the start went with have a fairway beside him, talking with and tips from a man who transcends his sport and an indelible mark on you.

Towards the end of 2005, Seve was planning a comeback. He was golf courses design, but this was not enough to scratch the itch. He missed the thrill of the chase and the roar of the masses on a Sunday afternoon and was therefore, that I got the opportunity, meet him in December in Tenerife.

Unfortunately Seve was late run, and he said he was too tired, to an interview in the afternoon record. All he wanted to do was to relax the golf course. We would be nothing, when we were playing an interview, fact as we? Would we not? Of course not!

Dithering over a range of clubs and pray that I was doing so I found myself on the tea, in addition to a living legend, not to make a fool of me. Seve could have handled better, isn't it. He gave me some tips, also gave me his rider and was very free, when I tapped on the fairway.

Seve won 87 in an illustrious career, lifting the jug claret at the Open Championship three times and create the jacket twice at the masters. He was the driving force in the European golf, leads a revival in the Ryder Cup and help to the European tour as a global force to establish.

Seve was a pioneer and he loved barriers. He was not the most popular man in America, when he began their tournaments win but he loved hearing the taunts in the locker-room, "here the Spaniard comes, to take our money!"

But it was not only the cheques, the he banked or the title which he won. It was won as he. Seve often the panoramic road to the hole took, that take other pictures could not have presented even with skill, that no one else had.

As we that green approached in Tenerife, I discovered that my ball came to rest to only a few inches of a stone wall. A shot to the Green was not possible and I ready, back side tap it on the fairway. Seve had none of this; He grabbed the wedge of my hand, turned his back and it to the hole against the wall - lined on the green. With a shrug of the shoulders, he returned my club. This was pure Seve. Creative, daring, HMS brilliant.

Comeback came Seve's tragically never too much, and within a few years he was involved in what he when you described the toughest fight of his career. Four operations and a bout of chemotherapy was no match for the cancerous tumor on his brain and he died at the age of only 54.

He told me that he recalls as a man be, who gladly would "for Justice and for freedom fought". Now that he has come to pass, he will be remembered for so much more. Seve Ballesteros inspired, entertained, and true size reached. There will never be another and he will sorely.


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King Kenny should come back for good?

King Kenny should come back for good?

Kenny Dalglish is of the Liverpool fans who sit on the Kop at Anfield.

O.k. Liverpool FC there is time. Caretaker manager Kenny Dalglish deserves it, a nice meaty contract now passed! What do more do the King?

Acquired by the unpopular Roy Hodgson (, which since then has very well done bromine at West) Dalglish have 27 points from 14 secured League games - and a considerable amount of time he without influential Captain Steven Gerrard.

The Kop loves him, love him fans all over the world and it is obviously his players to love him. I saw the first hand at Anfield in March when the crushed reds arch-rivals Manchester United 3-1. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed that win!

Recently, also Sir Alex Ferguson said that Liverpool in the settlement next is season and how Kenny rightly said, Fergie is not often wrong.

What was most impressive about Dalglish's second stint in his use of the 'kids' was free of charge.

Look at the Teamsheet for the 5-0-victory over Birmingham and you Flanagan, Robinson, Shelvy, spearing and C. sehen-- name really only relies on Liverpool supporters.

And these are just some of the young people, either on the great brought Academy, or were signed by others unite before it is too expensive.

There are also 16-year-olds Raheem Sterling and Adam Morgan, get excited about, as well as a number of others.

Former coach Rafael Benitez must be credited for the Academy revival, but it is Dalglish, has the foresight and courage, use these young men, and show them that she have a future in Liverpool.

To other clubs, these players are often at the money spent, to experienced talent - buy sold - but certainly Liverpool's way is the way of the future.

New owner of Fenway Sports Group appear directly behind Kenny. Since money is, if he will-- buy as he in January as Suarez and Carroll in came - but it's not Manchester City type situation, and the majority of Liverpool fans must certainly happy.

If you want to see, not home-grown talent is by come? It is much more exciting to know that this young the next Gerrard, Jamie Carragher or Owen even could be. And bring on Dalglish for them to our attention.

The future at Anfield is bright and King Kenny must responsible, permanently!


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F1 would be better off with various owners?

F1 would be better off with various owners?

Rupert Murdoch is part of a consortium, F1 buy, but would be good for the sport?
It seems not to make that formula 1 is running, the sport is practically a license to print money. But the team owners, mechanics, drivers and fans would be better off if someone else was responsible? A group of investors seems to think.

Last year, the formula one reports administration that its increased annual revenue to over $1 billion and only, his popularity appears to be increasing.

The action of this season was access has, is it five world champion now compete for the title and new tracks in India, Russia and the United States built

It is not hard to see why it would be an attractive investment, but, if it is not for sale, it is a moot point.

This is the position of CVC capital partners, one of the world's largest private equity firms and the current owner of formula one.

You have recognized a concept of Exor News Corporation Consortium that is "friendly and at the preliminary stage", but note that F1 is not currently on the market.

"Any investment in the formula 1 requires the CVC agreement and must demonstrate that it is in the interest of the sport and their stakeholders."

Of course, everyone in the business know that everyone has a price and the friendly approach and warm rebuff leaves room for negotiations in the future.

But it can also sweat, that this is a strategic manoeuvre, and the name behind the approach have ulterior motives. Although F1 a cash cow, not everyone thinks, that they get a fair slice of the pie. Many believe that team sponsors are underexposed, and therefore stand.

In addition, it is argued, CVC takes revenue without reinvesting in the sport. These needles especially the F1 the longest existing patron - Ferrari, who also fear they forced, technology develop she may want to use ultimately road in their cars.

It happened just like that Agnelli, a powerful dynastic family is one of the names behind the Consortium, ensures the Ferrari.

It's just so that the agreement that binds Ferrari and other 11 F1 teams to CVC - the Concorde agreement - is up for renegotiation at the end of next year.

Should one materialize solid bid always there are reasons to think it would get very far. Keep in mind that the European Commission NewsCorp's purchase of Manchester United and this acquisition is blocked for 12 teams, not just one.

In addition, why would the other eleven teams race in a series of one of their rivals, Ferrari controlled?

But they go along with it, more to the negotiating table next year use it gives them all could be a bit interested.

Abraham Lincoln said, that you all everyone please can not at the time, but who is to say that there are no better way of doing business as the current F1 model?

It is a debate that some could have run more round.


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Djokovic's dream year shows no signs of slowing down

Djokovic's dream year shows no signs of slowing down

Novak Ðokovic runs on an incredible 2011 with 32 of straight WINS to his name.

As Pete Sampras large track number 14 won, I thought, no one would ever break the record. Then came Roger Federer.

If I thought the Swiss Maestro was the undisputed greatest of all time, along came Rafael Nadal.

If I thought the Federer/Nadal rivalry would be the best in a generation, Novak Djokovic came.
It seems that men's tennis is only getting better and more interesting every year!

Since the death of Seve Ballesteros on Saturday morning which is word ' inspirational ' used frequently in the sports world. He was a golfer, who managed to capture the imagination of any observed. Maybe it was his good looks, maybe it was his tremendous talent, maybe it was his imagination. Seve take shots that no one else would.

Seve had something special and Djokovic also has it. The Serbian focused yet entertaining; brilliant, still normal. Although it is not clear, he comes on as if he is just like the rest of us.

And he has personality in spades. Think of this hilarious impressions, the by his fellow tennis stars? Yes, he made some flak from fellow players, but the fans loved it, and Djokovic knew when enough was enough.

It is because has done an incredible ad on a biplane and organized the 'football game for Japan' all while he on a sensational tennis run win him one seen world rankings six titles and edge closer to the point.

Novak sets victory over Rafa Nadal at the aptly named magic box in Madrid was particularly impressive as it ended the Spaniard 37 of straight WINS on clay and his own streak extended 32 victories in 2011. If you're wondering, only John McEnroe has started a season better. At the beginning of 1984, he won 42 consecutive games.

The Serbian white now, that if he wins the Rome masters and Rafa reach semifinals then be number one - and it one of the French Open begins as world number.

Modest Rafa, winner of last year French open, Wimbledon and the US Open title, and to defend, with all of these points is already sent to the fact it by, namely Djokovic is passed: "this number is a ranking not in Gefahrdie number one is already gone."

Novak has come an awful long way. At one point not too long ago, Novak was together in the second level with Andy Murray and title were held between Rafa and Roger.

But now, thanks to a new confidence high gluten-free diet, an incredible fitness level, and dizziness, he has become that a to beat and so far this year, no one has managed to do it.


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Pinto's Picks: European season in hindsight

Pinto's Picks: European season in hindsight


Rated Barcelona stars settlement claiming lived just Spanish title up to their pre-season one-third.

Every time, if you make a prediction, you run the risk, such as a genius or an idiot.

Back in August last year I looked in my crystal ball and tries, forecast, what would happen in Europe's major leagues this season. Time to recall the action; see what were the big stories and what I did right and wrong.

Alex Ferguson with his 12 Premier League title.

Manchester United won 18 of their 19 home games on the way to a record 19 Premier League title. Their dismal away form was enough a factor like no other team consistently challenge Sir Alex Ferguson of well mounted squad.

Told you so:
Prior to the season ahead I would be crowned champions United and arsenal would again finish empty handed. It is Arsene Wenger willing, his philosophy and tactics change, go the "Gunners" nowhere fast.

I thought really Roy Hodgson would do well in Liverpool, but he was very disappointing at Anfield. I actually had the reds finishing before the Chelsea in the standings. Despite a late revival under Kenny Dalglish, Liverpool threatened to stop four never in the first.

Biggest surprise:
How are West Ham with Avram Grant, if everyone who I talk in the world of football says he is of the most uninspiring Manager to? Had a decent squad and infinitely much more potential than she had in this year showed, winning only seven matches all season.

José Mourinho error in its offer, Barcelona at the top of La Liga to overthrow.

Make it three titles in a row for Barcelona as they add another case the argument, which they have the best team of all time are. Leo Messi was again fantastic the best football from all sides as the Catalans was in this season, and easily the José Mourinho galácticos won in the League.

Told you so:
I had Barca underachieving win the title and Atlético Madrid. To say I got both these predictions right happy!

I thought Cristiano Ronaldo hit not the back would be expected more players of the net as often as the previous season, because I share the load. Of course, I was totally wrong about, as a new record with 40 goals in the Spanish first Division set.

Biggest surprise:
Deportivo down. Obviously, the Galician side had recently fought, faulty Europe since 2004, but I still claim to believed had they finish enough talent from the drop-zone. That is not and will play in the second Division for the first time in two decades.

AC Milan won their first League title since 2004.

AC Milan win their first title in seven years in Maximiliano Allegri first season at the San Siro. The Rossoneri ended their rivals Inter Milan strangle a keep of the series. The Nerazzuri had won the last five SSC.

Told you so:
Rafael Benitez wanted to fight to the following in the footsteps of Jose Mourinho. Rather than keep faith with the tactics that worked so well for so many years, the Spaniard tries the team put its stamp and it back triggered. The first sign of difficulties arose during the early defeat to Atletico Madrid in the European Super Cup. After I advance this match I would last at the San Siro Rafa not long and I was right.

I predict that AC Milan would be too old, to the Scudetto win, but I was completely wrong. Their experienced players such as Clarence Seedorf and Alessandro Nesta, was once again and helped lead the Rossoneri on course.

Biggest surprise:
Udinese invented such as Juventus and Lazio to the final Champions League spot. With Chilean winger charts Alexis Sánchez from age and Captain Antonio Di Natale, increase the scoring come back once the Bianconeri finished fourth thanks to a draw on the last day of the season.

Dortmund fans turned out thousands for the team victory parade.

Borussia Dortmund won the Bundesliga for the first time since 2002, eclipsing powerhouses Bayern Munich, which not to meet the expectations. Jurgen play a series of 14 wins in 15 allowed Klopp page a big advantage at the top take the ranking, and his young players showed surprising maturity and class, to hang in the first place.

Told you so:
While many people thought, would challenge Schalke for awards this season, I was never convinced that would be the case. Their midfield was very poor and Felix Magath had always been a good reputation for his players with his intense style burning out. Raul had a good season, and they obviously had a great run in the Champions League, but they have never any sort of consistency in the Bundesliga.

I predicted Bayern again in the light of the fantastic season she had the title in 2010 would win, but a combination of injuries key actors and tactical error by Louis van Gaal meant that they hardly succeeded, third stop.

Biggest surprise:
There were so many unexpected twists and turns in the Bundesliga campaign with Hanover and Mainz qualification for Europe and Werder Bremen finishing in the bottom half of the table, but I have to go with Dortmund won the title. In the recital, that they had so many young players, I thought she would crumble under the pressure, but that does not happen, and they deserve much applause for their implementation


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Is the time for change in the soccer arrived?

Is the time for change in the soccer arrived?


Encrypted to try Heurelho Gomes and to prevent that Frank Lampard shot has crawling over the Linie.Ereignisse in England and Spain in recent weeks once again shown that football, need technology to their credibility with fans, keep in the present and in the future.

In the English Premier League managed at the weekend, Chelsea, their title hope against Tottenham thanks to a goal, which was not and another one that was the was in an offside position.

Meanwhile in the Champions League semi-final between Real Madrid and Barcelona was damaged, if wrongly sent the match referee from real money players, after he not have contact with his opponent.

How we do know the referee the wrong decisions taken? Now, we had the luxury of just countless replays from different angles on television. It didn't take long for us to know what had happened and what the officials don't see.

Let's start with what at the Stamford Bridge leaked last Saturday in the match between Chelsea and spurs.

The Blues were 0-1-defeat, when a shot was spilled by Frank Lampard from Heurelho Gomes.

The ball trickled towards goal but was saved by the Brazilian keeper offered on the line. This was clearly all viewers seconds.

However went to the referee and his assistants, it. Chelsea were again on a goal, which was not equal.

Salomon Kalou hit in the second half, with the game a draw direction, the back side of the network for the home page.

Again, within seconds spectators to the game on TV saw that the international ivory was coast in an offside position, when he beat Gomes.

The officials do not have the benefit of replay and validates the target. End of the game. Chelsea beat spurs and only three points moved League leaders Manchester United.

Now don't get me wrong. I am not in any way that suggests that Chelsea were helped intentionally by referee in this game.

What I am saying is that the officials made two honest mistakes, as they often do in important games. Is the OK? No No more.

Must something be done, so the fans feeling like they in and week out cheated will be to stop.

I'll get in the solutions later, but first, let me is another problem in football these days.

In Santiago Bernabeu, Real Madrid 2-0 defeat last Wednesday, Barcelona deservedly.

There is no doubt that PEP Guardiola team was better and I not in the question am.

But Barca's job easier is when Real Madrid's Pepe sent the referee. The Portuguese international a red card received, after giving a challenge on Dani Alves.

The Brazilian defender rolled around on the ground as he fired at was, and the official Pepe gave his marching orders.

It was the wrong decision. Replays showed that the real player not contact with Alves and do not foul should have been awarded.

If you watched the game on television, I'm sure you were disappointed. An intense, hard battle had been tainted.

Barcelona went on to win with two goals from Leo Messi as impartial fan, I stayed with a bitter taste in the mouth.

Now the question is not here, who benefited from the decision and who is not. In contrast to Jose Mourinho alleged I think not, there are dark forces behind the scenes of Barcelona in the Champions League win help work.

What I believe with all my body, mind and soul, is that we need transparency in all decisions made by referees in the world's top competitions.

So what needs to be done?

First of all all important should accept continental competitions goal line technology starts next season.

FIFA and UEFA have enough money in the Bank, that their play a better game to invest.

I have spoken with FIFA President Sepp Blatter various times about this issue and he has admitted that there are various systems that work.

How to choose an and start it. There are just too much at stake for the players, coaches and teams for the wrong goal decisions in and week out.

Secondly, instant TV of replays should be tested tournaments all over the world for young people and she should be adopted at the top level within the next five years.

At a time when technology all in our jobs each day us helps, why doesn't it help referee also?

Perhaps three teams would have TV replay challenges, while to use a game. The fourth official, which already has a monitor available, could easily decide seconds.

He was away from decisions, to review penalty decisions and controversial incidents in an instant. Would it be to waste no need too much time.

And also you have thought about the time that is wasted now if players fake injuries and if they argue with the referee?

In my opinion, these two changes would help, us all football otherwise consider. There would be less controversies, less negativity in the sport, and more discussions about what should be discussed: the game itself.


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Lennon intimidation has no place in football

Lennon intimidation has no place in football

Neil Lennon, the Manager of Celtic Football Club, was by a fan of the opposition in the final SPL game hit.

The alleged attack on Celtic manager Neil Lennon, during a 3-0 victory over Scottish Premier League rivals heart of Midlothian on Wednesday, led to change in a nation so proudly calls his football heritage.

European champion in 1967 and one of the two giant clubs in the "old firm" in addition to Rangers, Celtic Glasgow are to play only a point from the top of the League with a game left. But the highlight of what certainly a dramatic end of the season, as Celtic hunt their arch-rival, has been overshadowed unsavoury scenes.

Lennon's Club statement an on Thursday by Scottish society as a whole to address "fundamental and serious issues" questions after confirming that another package with ammunition to the team's home ground was sent and removed by the police. Finally, it is not the first time that Lennon has been subjected to such measures.

In January another package with bullets caught addressed to Lennon in Northern Ireland. There followed in March which police as two "viable parcel bombs" were also stopped are sent to the football coach, before you reach your goal.

This was that monitoring by the perceived threat their Manager under 24-hour at a time when Celtic confirmed. Football is a game that stirs the souls of many fans around the world, but it is rare, such high-stakes escalate. And more the pity that now has it.

It is fair to say that Scotland and Glasgow had a history of sectarian fighting. The friction between Celtic - a club geared traditionally Catholic and Rangers, a page Protestant and British and Irish sentiment - one is proud of her heritage as partisan as passionate as it is,.

It is this tribalism, which the Glasgow Derby of the most exciting atmospheres in club football world, but it is also the same schism, resulting in its extreme, strong to the violence and tension.

And tensions have certainly raised in the last times. European football governing body UEFA fined Rangers $118,000 in April for the sectarian songs his fans during a fight with Dutch PSV Eindhoven and imposed ban on ticket sales for a game.

The 39-year-old Lennon is certainly a fiery figure, which is more than capable without the background which is the historic rivalry between Rangers and Celtic Glasgow, controversy.

Lennon angered many Rangers fans earlier this season, when he in a mocking way towards waving supporters in response after Celtics draw 0-0 in the Ibrox.

Before the game with heart, were interested in also about Lennon, show that his will was unbowed in the light of the recent provocation. He told reporters: "the fact that I to on a football field foot a lot seems to provoke people." "Only my very presence - so I not much the juice flow to get to do." How right he proved to be.

Real of Madrid's Jose Mourinho is also controversial, but he needs not security guards to protect him threats against death. The fact remains that what ever the historical context of Scottish football, however the rivalry between two very tribal clubs and not matter how provocative a sign Lennon I - no coach should have, to go on a pitch out of fear for his life and well being.

Many would, if he went to escape the line of fire, but sure football governing bodies and do more politicians, could be to ensure that football is played in an environment you forgive Lennon, where can a man, the passionate about the game declared his religion and continue to work without fear of retribution.


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Barca, better Man Utd in the battle of Champions

Barca, better Man Utd in the battle of Champions

Alex Ferguson: on the edge of the backup of the English Premier League title to Manchester United.
Manchester United and Barcelona within a point of the English Premier League and Spanish Primera Division title-clinching moved this weekend.
These two teams are now clearly the best on the planet and should guarantee a fantastic Champions League final in this month. So far, which will come up no doubt that it will be the Spanish giants to lift the trophy at Wembley Stadium.
If line up with the team before recently Chelsea in the Champions League and the premier to beat League, United, they have no chance. There are a few reasons why I think this, and the most important is the quality of their midfield.
There is no way their Quartet of Antonio Valencia, Park JI-Sung, Michael Carrick and Ryan Giggs with Barcelona can compete. They can well enough to Chelsea, come by, which can probably boast the best midfielder in England, were but they are grown with the speed and accuracy of Barca's passing in the title game.
Let's break it down. I give the central midfield partnership of Carrick and Giggs has been good so far and has, which surprised me. Thought to be honest, this pairing was a game of chance by Alex Ferguson and that it would pay, especially against Chelsea. But I have been wrong. Of course it helped that neither Frank Lampard or Michael Essien close to their top form, but still, I recommend both United players for setting the tone in the play against the Blues.
However, until now, they are as good as they were getting still nowhere close to have the ability to threaten the physical presence or the tempo, Barcelona.
There is no doubt Ryan Giggs is a legend. Recently, he was the oldest player to score in the Champions League and his career has been nothing spectacular. In addition, his influence in the games against Chelsea and Schalke in the k.o. phase of the Champions League was amazing. Barcelona are a step too far for the 37-year-old, but. He is about to fight, in Wembley Stadium. He has effectively the endurance in this position not in the final just play.
Giggs role would be facilitated if it rough and ready had a tougher player behind him - midfielder with a passion for making great tackles. Carrick is not that player. The England International has impressed me recently with version, but he is still an average player. It's like an engine, which has only one gear and I see him always by Xavi, Sergio Busquets and Andrés Iniesta in the Centre of the Park engulfed.
Last but not least, we take a look at the wings. Park and Valencia are two hard-working player, have again proved that they are extremely reliable, but as far as I'm concerned they are not good are enough to Barcelona's defence problems. You do not have the ability or the explosion of pace, you need to get past Dani Alves or Eric Abidal. United need not more than only consistency from their wing to threaten their opponents, and they go, to get it out of the park or Valencia.
So there is a hope for Ferguson's side in the final? Yes, it is natural. Their central defensive partnership of Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic is probably the best on the planet and inspired with a Wayne Rooney, everything is possible. However, the Premier League Giants must change their tactics if they want to have a chance against Barcelona at Wembley Stadium.
So would I do?
I would definitely go for a 4-3-3 formation. In midfield, I would choose Anderson to play behind the central midfield partnership of Carrick and Giggs. The Brazilian would some resilience, physical presence and fresh legs Barcelona passers-by to hunt Add. He would also Giggs give a bit more freedom to attack his energy, instead of defending to use.
Up front, I would with Nani on the right side, Javier Hernandez on the left side and Rooney in the middle. Chicharito and Rooney could switch positions often during the game, and with this line-up, you would have three players who all could make a difference in individual situations and a trio, all running pace with Barca's back line.
This is my request. What is the largest manager of all time? We will soon find enough.

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French talent drain no reason for black and white approach

French talent drain no reason for black and white approach

Laurent Blanc was rocked French football recently in the middle of a race quota row.

French football was recently a racial quota row which exposed to saw a governing body of football and interrogated shaken coach Laurent Blanc from the country's Sports Ministry.

Both men were at a meeting where was discussed a limit on the number of black and Arab players in the nation training academies introduction. A recording of the meeting has been leaked to a Web site and the rest, as they say, is history.

Blanc was any wrongdoing in the subsequent investigation by the French Football Federation (FFF), showing with the governing body, that it renewed its "full confidence" in the coach of Les Bleus had instead deleted. Blanc Himsef allowed with language, the "offensive, to some sensitivities." may have been

For me, there were two issues behind the headlines that deserve further analysis. The first talent leave as an outflow of youth it before its to stop potential in the national team. This second as merit Trump should always race.

At a meeting rather than in November last year, French football officials their frustration over the number of players with foreign roots expressed, that - after shown promise to the nation's top then turned academies - the back France, decide to play instead for countries, where her parents were born.

It is a simple economic by FFF here put forward argument: If a nation invested resources in development it young talented players, of which there are many France in the field of youth, is fair to loyalty in return expect. The hope would be that they do not turn their backs on the system, the them of benefits.

Sébastien Bassong is such a player, that FFF regret lost to have. The 24-year-old Cameroonian parents was born in France. He showed promise as a footballer and Academy, was enrolled in the Clairefontaine probably the best of the country. He got decided accommodation and meals to play for the indomitable Lions benefited the best infrastructure in France, France on various youth tournaments, represented, but when the time came, pick a country.

Is the country in which you call your own, often a decision by heart, and who to make Bassong of the grounds in question? However argues the FFF were there too many cases like Bassong's, where nurtured talent in a French Academy, on the other shore at senior level represent leave had.

This development can also be done, and that is not only France but the idea that quote could solve a heinous thought a race.

The only factor to the people for national award should merit, not the color of their skin are addressed. In particular, bearing in mind that racial tensions in the national team and in France has spread long was a problem at the top of the news agenda.

This idea should not have discussed. By you to a theme everyday conversation within the coaching team was only a matter of time before it created controversy, as it as leaked.

I think the system needs to change. For example, if a player in a national training program begins, should he have represent a contract with that country on senior level sign. In this way it would be no grey areas and no hurt feelings. When a young player unsure he wanted to do what, he should try then, the development support of somewhere else to get. I believe this would it fair for everyone.

What is strange that a race odds even in a country like France would be discussed. Their League is one which seem to the most multicultural in the world, where players from their former colonies in Africa prosper. In addition, the national team has a great story of stars with foreign roots. In the squad for the 1998 World Cup, had selected more than half of the player by Aimé Jacquet parents in countries outside of France was born.

Perhaps, a way is for it to reform systems in France and elsewhere, so that the amount of the Fed talent being lost is minimized front for Academy. But what should be absolute is that no one treated that selection as a game with numbers, white and black balance.

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Netanyahu defiant on Obama plan

Netanyahu defiant on Obama plan

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu rejects us before 1967 border agreements CallIsraeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu rejected President Barack Obama has call for peace with the Palestinians are based on pre-1967 borders.

After tense talks at the White House, a defiant Netanyahu said Israel was ready, but it endanger "illusions could be based on" no peace.

Mr Obama, that the principle on Thursday adopted formally, there were admitted between the views of "Differences".

But he said that such differences "between friends" were possible.

In his speech to the Foreign Ministry on Thursday, Mr Obama declared open for the first time that the peace talks on a future Palestinian State within the boundaries prior to the Middle East war of 1967 should be based.

He said "The borders of Israel and Palestine in the rows 1967 should be built with mutually agreed swaps, so that secure and recognised borders for both States are established".

This proposal was a major demand of the Palestinians in the negotiations.

But speaking in the Oval Office after their meeting, Mr Netanyahu flatly rejected this proposal, saying that Israel be "peace", the real.

"We both based voice, that peace finally East reality will crash illusions on the rocks of the Middle, and is the only peace that will endure one on reality, on unshakable facts."

'Demographic changes'

Israel was "ready, generous compromise for peace", he said, but could not return to the 1967 borders "because those rows are indefensible".

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the Israeli Prime Minister could be not clear: at the moment there is no basis for fresh talks, and he will buy the President plans "


end quote  Mark Mardell BBC North America editor he said that took the old boundaries not considered" demographic changes", which have taken place in the last 44 years".

An estimated 500,000 Israelis now live the built in settlements in the Palestinian West Bank, which lies outside these limits.

The settlements are illegal under international law disputes although this Israel.

Mr Obama said it apparently "some differences" in the "Precise formulations and language" by Israel and the United States were used, however, that this "happens between friends".

He brought not the matter of borders in its joint conference with Mr Netanyahu.

But he said Palestinians faced "tough decisions" after the recent reconciliation deal between Fatah, which is running in the West Bank, and Hamas, which governs to still exist Gaza and Israel's right denied.

Mr Obama said real peace could occur only if Israel was allowed to defend themselves against threats.

The BBC's Paul Adams in Washington says that while term of a peace agreement based clearly has angered not news, Mr Obama Mr Netanyahu to 1967 lines by adopting it formally.

Netanyahu has come under increasing pressure as world figures and organizations, including the American partners in the Middle East peace Quartet, EU, UN and Russia - lined up on Mr Obama position back.

Arab League Chief, Amr Moussa, urges President Obama obliged to remain in the plan.

But in the absence of a viable peace process, it is not clear, what says our correspondent U.S. Israel talks, will come.

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Deadly Pakistan NATO tanker blast

Deadly Pakistan NATO tanker blast


officials say NATO tanker come under frequent attack in the Pakistani Afghan border, a NATO oil tanker in the north-western Pakistan, killed at least 15 people, exploded.

Police said the tanker to NATO troops in Afghanistan, by a bomb overnight near the town of Landi Kotal in the Khyber region was taken.

People gathered to spilt fuel capture said when another fire broke out, a senior police official.

At least 14 other NATO tankers have damaged a separate attack near the border town of Torkham.

No one was reported injured in this incident.

The region is an important transport route for deliveries to the armed forces of NATO in Afghanistan, but the convoys often come under fire from militant and criminal.

Local official Shafeerullah Wazir said the Landi Kotal tanker was hit in the early hours of the morning by a small bomb.

"The oil tanker caught fire after an explosion caused by a small bomb before dawn," the news agency AFP quoted him.

"Villagers from nearby houses collapsed and began oil to collect from the destroyed tanker after the fire had extinguished."

"Suddenly the fire broke out and at least 15 people including five young boys who had oil in their buckets workbooks were burnt to death."

An official Torkham, Iqbal Khattak, said the tanker it seemed a remote controlled bomb are affected.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attacks, but it has an increase in Taliban activity was killed as al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in the Pakistani city of Abbottabad on 2 May.

In the deadliest incident, more than 80 people were killed by a twin suicide bombing targeting police recruits in the Northwest.

On Friday a person killed and 10 of the first attack on us injured when the Taliban U.S. Consulate in Peshawar - attacked a convoy interested, because U.S. commandos killed bin Laden.

The Pakistani Taliban said to avenge the bombing to his death.

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Armstrong doping allegations grow

Armstrong doping allegations grow

21 May 2011, last updated at 02: 51 GMT George Hincapie (L) and Lance Armstrong (2009) (Hincapie left) was "like a brother" Armstrong an other teammate said of cyclist Lance Armstrong, it is reported that he use performance-enhancing drugs consumed said.

George Hincapie, which Armstrong once described as "like a brother" would be the latest former team member to testify against him.

Hincapie told CBS News officials had said he and Armstrong had supplied each other before the race with EPO and discussed with testosterone.

Armstrong has consistently rejected the accusations against him.

Earlier this week he wrote on Twitter: s "never a failed test." "I rest my case."

Hincapie was the most loyal teammate Armstrong's US postal team one, and rode with him in his seven tour de France victories.

But the CBS program that 60 minutes claimed that he had on an U.S. federal investigation into doping that had testified, he and Armstrong combined EPO.

Hincapie declined to participate in the program, but told reporters that it was "unfortunate, that is all people want to talk".

"I want to focus on the future of the sport what it is being done to clean itself up." "I believe in cycling and it should be supported."

He then released a statement about his Attourney, says: "I confirm that I said never '60 minutes.'" I have no idea where they get their information.

"As for the substance for the history, nothing in the ' 60 minutes can't I on something about the ongoing investigation comment."

The claims come daily to Tyler Hamilton, he and Armstrong EPO said during the tour de France 1999 used.

"I saw [EPO] in his fridge..." I saw this fit him more than once, as we all have, "said 60 minutes program. Hamilton the CBS" "Like me, many, many times."

A two year ban on so-called blood doping from 2005 to 2007 was Hamilton, 40.

A spokesman for Armstrong dismissed the allegations and accused Hamilton to search advertising.

Floyd Landis-, which US postal team drove for several years - also a number of similar allegations against Armstrong has in the past year.

Erythropoietin (EPO) is a hormone naturally produced by the kidneys. It is under the skin, red blood cells stimulate injected, and the overall effect is to increase endurance.

Armstrong won the tour de France for seven consecutive years from 1999 to 2005. He retired after the last of the triumphs.

The Texans returned to drive in the 2009 race and was in a creditable third place. He took it again in 2010 but could only manage 23rd, although he helped his team to win the team competition to Radio Shack.

After his retirement from competitive cycling the 39-year-old announced earlier this year.

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Country was ' ' techniques revealed

Country was ' ' techniques revealed


Landbanking victims William McNaught paid more than £ 100,000 for almost worthless strip of land. The strategies that sell Landbanking brokerage from a strip of land to unwary investors have set out from a former employee of the BBC.

The man worked for the property partnership, which sold virtually worthless plots in the United Kingdom.

Many were convinced numbers which should hardly ever be built tens of thousands of pounds for land.

The company, believed to ultimately control businessman Scott of ACE lemur, from Kent, is now in liquidation.

Sale of pressure

William McNaught, from Yorkshire, was three years ago by the property partnership contacts and convince her, pay £ 101,000, buy to eight strips of land in various locations around the UK.

He said that he was taken by the high returns that was promised.

"they were so compelling." The broker told me that the investment a profit of 100-130% would reach over a period of 12 to 18 months "said he."

Radio box 4's money is a strip of land Mr. McNaught bought a partnership in the vicinity of Towcester in Northamptonshire for £ 10,000 in September 2009 from the property. A local real estate agents values the country now only £ 75.

Recruitment tactics

"Gareth", whose name was changed, worked for for the company for three months in the year 2007, recruited, while he worked as a salesman in Spain. He told piggy bank brokers have been tried with huge rewards.

"They will be told if you keep only with the company for 12 months they guarantee that you are a millionaire." He said "It was very easy for me to go with them".

Gareth load land to eight clients, she sold £ 10,000 for each. He said, the agents were given scripts to move people part with their money.

"We have been told to lie." The scripts were pretty much 100%. "The top broker were given free will, the script go off and promise were all manner of made it", he said.

"As long as this check in, was then the management were not harassed."

Big is

Gareth said that it was said the promise of a fantastic profits, to offer their customers.

He said "We said that to 100% on your investment should be the very least we consider that at the moment,".

Money spoke box Gareth and other credible sources, to say that the property was operated by Scott ACE lemur partnership.

"About other managers, told from other brokers, it only commonly known, was known, was," said Gareth.

Gareth left the company after three months, as he was unhappy about how the company was treating his customers and warned the police about their activities.

"Guilt was strong on my shoulders." I knew that I out, "he said."

Shareholders in the property have been very interested partnership to hide their identity. The shares for the parent company - known are anonymously held as Ultraclass - by third parties. Only a court order or demand on the part of the police or the regulatory authority can show who is the real owner.

Piggy bank examines the property partnership in March. The company was put into liquidation in April.

At companies House on the winding up documents confirm that Mr ACE lemur had a great interest in the firm: they show him as the individual owed as much money as the property of partnership, of £ 53,000.

Similar operations

Piggy bank is Mr ACE lemur has sold also land by another company called Burnhill land investments limited, and engaged himself with a third company, just launched, to the same thing, complete building systems limited called to do.

The similarities between the complete building are striking systems limited Web site and the site of the property of partnership and Burnhill land investments limited.

Invited piggy bank, Mr of ACE lemur, comment, but he not respond to the program requirements.

The financial services authority (FSA) said, that it had closed five country investments last year, in which 42 million pounds were had invested. It can only be, if it is able to prove that a company effectively a collective investment scheme is running, in which it promises, you take connection with potential developers in the name of the client.

Jonathan Phelan, head of the unauthorized business at the FSA, piggy bank in March said that his organization will do their best, was to stall on the issue below.

"Where have can we hire a collective capital investment." We would appreciate it to some 200 million GBP problem. We said 20 companies in question have, "he."

He urged those who believed that they submit had been a victim.

"Please, join us as there are a dozen, a hundred, a thousand people who are going to come after you and similar amounts of money to lose." We really need to say ", he said."

BBC Radio 4 money box is broadcast on Saturdays at 1200 GMT, and repeated on Sundays at 2100 BST.

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Vince cable warns of economic woe

Vince cable warns of economic woe

21 May 2011, last updated at 01: 02 GMT  the financial crisis had made "extensive damage", said Vince cable business Secretary Vince cable says it is a challenge for the Government publicly declared a State of the economy, how badly in is.

He told the guardian, the country due to the banking collapse and the recession - and was poorer by a "squeeze" out of the changing global economy.

Is part of the United Kingdom no longer the "price-setters" on world markets, he said.

He warned "We a very, very profound crisis had, which take a long time of digging,".

Speaking about the State of the economy, Mr cable said: "it is a challenge for us, it is better to communicate." I don't think that you will understand that the British economy 6 or 7% rejected...

"We are actually a poorer country, mainly because of the recession, banking the crash that followed it, and we are partly due to the squeeze now see from the changing balance of the world economy."

He added: "Britain is no longer one of the worldwide price setter." We take our prices of international commodities markets driven by China and India.

"This is something we have to life and to adjust." It is painful. It is a challenge for us in the Government. "The political class as a whole is not preparing the public for how massive is the problem."

'Model failed'

"Ultimately it back to this defensive and not accept, that United Kingdom is a model that worked... makes failed for us, the public of the extent of the problem to get through difficult." "This is to everyone's loss."

He said Britain's deficit was "only one of the Symptoms" of the financial crisis.

"We had the complete collapse of a model based on consumer spending, a housing bubble, a preponderance of banking system - three banks, each of them with a balance greater than the British economy."

"It was a disaster waiting to happen and it could happen." "It has done significant damage and there is damage, which is a long time to the last."

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Queen ends historic Ireland tour

Queen ends historic Ireland tour

20 May 2011 last updated at 21: 33 GMT, the Queen and Prince Philip the rock of Cashel and Cork English MarketThe Queen visited their historic tour of Ireland with a visit to a market in Cork, where thousands of cheering spectators lined the roads end.

They visited one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Republic of Ireland, the rock of Cashel in Tipperary before the departure from Cork Airport.

During their four-day visit, the Queen of the 'troubled past"between the UK and Ireland spoke.

They offered their sympathy for those who had suffered during the recent conflicts.

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh aboard a plane at the airport of Cork, where they Kenny were seen ENDA of the Taoiseach [Prime Minister], out.

Earlier, she met the public in the mass for the first time after their tour of the UK market.

They contain hundreds of loud cheering school children, as all schools in Cork City in honor of the visit were closed.

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The Queen was shortly after 1400 BST on Friday and on the obstacles along the route of the due, they waited their cavalcade three and four deep, clapping and cheering any passing motorbike, that their arrival can have announced.

If they have finally passed, they receive their welcome usually reserved for all-Ireland of champions, charge forward, to get any kind of view.

Then, the younger looked especially, to see what was recorded for posterity in their mobile phones and digital cameras.

Traders and staff within the market, how to inspects the Queen applauded packed stands with meat, fish and food.

In the meantime, a peaceful rally in the opposition staged Sinn Féin.

The name was given the English market in the 1840s by the Protestant upper class was visited by another market to distinguish it used more Irish Catholic by the inhabitants of the city.

The rock of Cashel was the seat of the High Kings of Munster, long before the Norman invasion of 11th century, but most of the buildings on the current site date from the century.

According to legend was the rock spit from a piece of the mountain as the devil, that he had bite during a battle with St Patrick.

The Queen and Prince Philip were shown around the complex, harp playing and singing by schoolchildren listened and signed the visitors book.

The British monarch switched to wear green for their last day in the Republic of Ireland. She came on Tuesday, green, and the color of choice for their travel carry much coverage in the press generated.

The BBC's Chris Buckler said the Queen saw the beautiful castle in perfect conditions. He said the rain clouds that perhaps more synonymous with journeys disappeared after Ireland, and the Sun came out, how she landed.


The flags of both countries flew 'very real' in Cork

Their goal was Cork Tyndale Institute met them students and professors.

On Thursday the Queen was shown, the Irish national stud horse breeding centre in Kildare, West of Dublin and later attended a show by fashion designer and Irish artists of Dublin's National Convention Centre.

Royal BBC correspondent Peter Hunt, following Queen's visit, says that the monarch Ireland, "in the know for sure that it has played a significant and distinctive role Anglo-Irish relations in the latest improvement" will leave.

Former Taoiseach [Prime Minister] John Bruton told BBC Radio 4's today program that Ireland had "waited a very long time for what normal should between two neighbouring States" and the Queen's visit was very "symbolic".

"The fact that even the Queen has come that she has inserted so much trouble that much endurance displayed and has of the people here, a difference to the tone of the relationship is so warmly welcomed" he said.

"Will make it much easier many Irish in the United Kingdom life life for that now find that their membership in the United Kingdom and their loyalty to Ireland are easy to arrange more."

Sinn Fein leader of Gerry Adams said that the relationship would are not fully normalized, while Ireland remained partitioned. He said, was "another page in the book".

But he added: "I was taken by Queen Elisabeth sincere expression of sympathy, to all those, suffered in the conflict and I think that was very real."

The first was the Republic of Ireland, of a reigning British monarch, the Queen's historic four-day visit.

The security operation for the visit was one of the largest mounted by the Republic of Ireland and there were no planned Walkabouts for the Queen and Prince Philip, due to the threat from dissident Republicans.

However, the visit was only a few small scuffles between demonstrators and the police.

Missiles, flares and Fireworks appeared recovered twelve people in court in Dublin on Thursday night after Irish police.

The 11 men and one woman were arrested Connolly Station in the city and is said to be on their way to the Conference Centre.

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Spain demonstrators defy rally ban

Spain demonstrators defy rally ban

police stood by as protesters celebrated the ban coming into effect tens of thousands of Spanish protesters have defied a government ban and camped out overnight in a square in the capital, Madrid.

The protesters are angry with the government's economic policies and have occupied the square for the past week.

Spain's electoral commission had ordered them to leave ahead of local elections on Sunday.

But as the ban came into effect at midnight, the crowds started cheering and police did not move in.

The protest began six days ago in Madrid's Puerta del Sol as a spontaneous sit-in by young Spaniards frustrated at 45% youth unemployment.

The crowd has grown to some 25,000 in the capital and has spread to cities across the country. Hundreds have camped out each night in Madrid.

They are demanding jobs, better living standards, a fair system of democracy and changes to the Socialist government's austerity plans.

"They want to leave US without public health, without public education, half of our youth is of penniless, they have risen the age of our retirement as well," said protester Natividad Garcia.

"This is an absolute attack on what little state welfare we had."

Growing protest

Another protester said she was taking part because she had no employment prospects despite having a degree.

"This should make the political classes aware that something is not right," said 25-year old inma Moreno.

Many of the participants have drawn parallels between their actions and the pro-democracy protests in central Cairo that revolutionised Egypt.

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the protesters' demands, pasted up all over Puerta del Sol, are impossible to ignore"
end quote  Sarah Rainsford BBC News, Madrid political rallies are banned under Spanish law on the day before elections to allow for a "day of reflection" - a ruling which which upheld by the electoral commission.

Some protesters had said they feared a police crack down, but Interior Minister Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba said the police were "not going to resolve one problem by creating another".

As the midnight deadline to disperse approached, many of the protesters wore tape over their mouths to imply they felt they were being prevented from speaking.

The BBC of Sarah Rainsford, in Madrid, said there was a moment's silence as the ban came into effect, before the square erupted in jeers, cheers and PERC.

Police were on the scene but did not intervene and the outdoor sit-in appears to be growing rather than ending, says our correspondent.

Spain's 21.3% unemployment rate is the highest in the EU - a record 4.9 million are jobless, many of them young people.

Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has expressed some sympathy for the protesters, noting their "peaceful manner".

"My obligation to listen is, be sensitive, try to give an answer from the government so that we can recover the economy and employment as soon as possible," he told Cadena Ser radio.

However, his Socialist government is expected to fare badly in Sunday's local and regional elections.

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Military personnel allegedly attack police

Military personnel allegedly attack police

Military police detachment of Pekanbaru, Riau, arrested 10 staff of the Indonesian army, which allegedly involved attacks on the Kampar police were station, Riau. While they were suspected of letting go of the burglary truck driver, the previously illegal logs from the Kampar police prison transports.

"We collect evidence." Commander of the military police detachment of Pekanbaru, Lieut. Colonel Sain Musta'in said in question provided are "VIVAnews, on Friday."

Earlier, dozens of men claimed is truck driver of the prison when the Indonesian army appeared at Kampar police station and brought in custody.

You set fire to chairs and tables on the scene.

Deputy Head of the Kampar police, come. Alps, said that the driver not relevant documents about the protocols is distributed was arrested.


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Indonesia Garuda not investigated scandal still

Indonesia Garuda not investigated scandal still

Garuda Indonesia President Director said the purchase Garuda "Quantum leap" is one.

Minister of the State-owned enterprises (SOEs) Mustafa Abubakar, claimed that no reports of PT Garuda Indonesia aircraft procurement for alleged fund misappropriation carried out.

No reports [are still], he said on Wednesday.

Garuda Union previously had an official report of the corruption eradication Commission on alleged corruption Garuda aircraft procurement filed. The Trade Union put on the House of representatives due to unresponded claims several reports of the judicial Commission.

As of February 2011 PT Garuda Indonesia Tbk received three new aircraft from Airbus 330-200 types and nine other 737-800 NG of Boeing.

Garuda Indonesia President Director, Emrisyah Satar, said that the purchase of Garuda "Quantum leap" is one of vision. Garuda plans to own 153 aircraft by 2015 the 737-800 NG, ER is A330-200 and B777-300.

Pujobroto, Garuda Indonesia Corporate Secretary, wanted evidence of suspicion, that the national airline committed embezzlement. He said the company always forward e-procurement method, a solution to corruption anticipate offset.

"We are the pioneer of the programme, in fact", said Pujobroto.


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ASEAN supports new defense initiatives

ASEAN supports new defense initiatives

the 5th ASEAN Defence Ministers meeting (ADMM) in Jakarta on Thursday approved two new initiatives - the establishment of ASEAN of peacekeeping network of and the ASEAN defence industry cooperation, said the ASEAN secretariat.

ASEAN of peacekeeping network cooperation in peacekeeping operations under the ASEAN Member States facilitates the planning, training and exchange of experience.

"The ASEAN defence industry cooperation, now ways to promote intra-ASEAN trade at defense products and services on the principles of flexibility, voluntarily and without any obligation is participation,", said the Secretary in his statement to VIVAnews.

Set the path for future defence cooperation of ASEAN, took the Defence Ministers of the new ADMM three-year work programme 2011-2013. The work programme will lead to issues such as humanitarian aid and disaster relief and sustaining measures the ADMM in the implementation of concrete cooperation.

Capacity-building, training and other practical interaction between the armed forces of the ASEAN Member States are the major scope of delivery of the work programme.

Five years after it was conceived in the year 2006 the ASEAN defence ministers have now reached a certain level of trust to discuss common concerns among themselves to sensitive topics.

At the meeting demand were ASEAN defence ministers and their representatives in unison border dispute to a peaceful solution to the Cambodia and Thailand. The role of Indonesia as the current ASEAN Chair was also recognised, bring both countries on the edge of the meeting on 18 may meet.

South China Sea issue

The Ministers also agreed that the South China Sea territorial disputes continue to special attention received.

In connection with the tenth anniversary of the Declaration of the implementation of the members in the South China Sea, ASEAN Defence Ministers reaffirmed their support for ASEAN would promote efforts to adopt a regional code of conduct in the South China Sea, the peace and stability in the area. The Defense Minister also appeals to all parties, self-control, unnecessary escalation of the tension exercise to avoid.

The session ended with the signing of the Joint Declaration of the Defense Ministers of the ASEAN to strengthen defence cooperation of ASEAN in the global community to face new challenges.

The Indonesian Defense Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro chaired the meeting. At the meeting, Ministers from Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand and Viet Nam were the defense. Brunei Darussalam was represented by the Minister of energy, and was the Minister for education and second Minister for defence, is Singapore.


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Indonesia of 2,000 specialists

Indonesia of 2,000 specialists

Advisor to the Minister of health, Krisna Jaya, said that more specialists in different hospitals provincial work Indonesia required.

Krisna "The nation needs about two thousand specialists for various hospitals across the country", said on Thursday.

He believes that the central problem, which is the nation with, that doctors or specialists for work in distant hospitals have rejected.

In the meantime, Chief of Indonesia Provincial Association said hospitals, Kuntjoro ADI Purjanto, provincial hospitals have or provide better services as they depend on much of provincial governments.

He said "Hospitals in the provinces not their profits to local governments should have contributed".

The mentioned practices helped hospital services be affected because they tend to gain more profits from disadvantaged patients.

According to Kuntjoro, the discrimination of poor patients is common in regional hospitals.


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Ruined 41,000 hectare National Park area

Ruined 41,000 hectare National Park area

 the Agency for Kerinci and Seblat National Park (BBTNKS), that 41,303 hectares of woodland are seriously damaged. to extend and critical in this National Park is damaged. The highest proportion of Deforestatoion takes place in Jambi province.

"Ground check box results and data updates show that forest damage reached 28,255 hectares,", said II of West Sumatra, John Askar, in Padang Chief of national park area.

According to John, is this special damage of national parks in four provinces: West Sumatra, Jambi, Bengkulu and South Sumatra. In West Sumatra, 3,520 hectares covers the damage.

Bengkulu and South Sumatra reached the damage level in any field 6,470 hectares and hectares of 3,058. The damage is located in West Sumatra, the immediate rehabilitation is District of 500 hectares in Solok district 185 hectares, South Solok district of 380 hectares and Dharmasraya.

Forest degradation in the National Park consists of wild life. It is feared that it will affect also Sumatera tiger population in the Park.

Not less than 25 percent of the Sumatera tiger population inhabit the area. Basis of the Ministry of forest data, Sumatran tiger population today remains the only 400, 12 percent of the
entire Tigers around the world.

The national park covers a total 1,389 million hectare increase in four provinces in Sumatra, which is divided into six regional zones: main zone, wild zone, zone, load zone, special zone and traditional zone. The main zone covers 53.6 per cent of the total area.


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Road construction, 1, 502 trees to be cut down

Road construction, 1, 502 trees to be cut down


the public works agency Jakarta plans to expand Transjakarta routes through the construction zone XI Kampung Melayu off and ends in Pulo Bekasi show. The future way cuts the 1,502 trees along the Jakarta Administration to allow the development.

Chief Jakarta Agency, ery Baskoro, said public works, the logging as an anticipation of the road construction was made.

Ery said that the decision of the logging by a meeting between the public works agency, housing, parks and cemetery Agency and transport agency went.

He estimated that around 1,502 trees along Jalan Raya Bekasi, Jalan I Gusti Ngurah Rai and Jalan Xterra Primer in East Jakarta topics to which will be held in May 2011. The trees have an average diameter of 20 cm to 40 cm in 15 to 20 M height.


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Officials in NY return artifacts to Indonesia

Officials in NY return artifacts to Indonesia

Five hand-carved, 18 and 19 human skulls, Indonesian officials have returned award ceremony in New York was.

The decorated skulls from the root of the Dayak raised suspicion when they came in a mail facility in Newark, n.j., last summer.

She had of Bali, Indonesia, with a declared value of less than $5 into shipped have been. U.S. investigators determined that the artifacts are everyone in the value of $3,000 to $5,000.

Officials planned to send them back immediately. The ceremony was held in the Indonesian Consulate.

The study on the origin of the skull is on.


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US Generals discuss Indonesia's role

US Generals discuss Indonesia's role

 a series of us now talks instead of the military with Indonesian Minister of defence, Purnomo Yusgiantoro, in Jakarta to discuss the country's important role in the maintenance of peace and stability in the Asia Pacific region.

More than 15 US officials were participants of the CAPSTONE, a course specially developed by the National Defense University for the newly promoted Brigadier generals and rear admirals, established in the United States military. CAPSTONE tutor, Admiral (ret.) Bud Edney, helmed the delegation.

"The meeting discussed on regional peace and stability as also Indonesia important role in the issue," said Edney.

"We are not only underline issues on South-Eastern Asiam region, but also ASEAN + 1 and ASEAN + 8, in which China, Japan, Russia, and other countries are included," Edney said.


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TechCamp launches us 2011 in Jakarta

TechCamp launches us 2011 in Jakarta


TechCamp Jakarta 2011 (

which launches U.S. Embassy Jakarta, Indonesia, a workshop on technical issues "Techcamp Jakarta," called today on @ America, a high-tech cultural centre in a shopping mall in the Indonesian capital.

40 Social agencies on disaster risk reduction and climate change, as well as top tech companies such as Alcatel-Lucent, Novartis, Intel, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Yahoo!, Telkomsel, Indosat are on stage.

The participants are involved in lectures and tech sharing sessions.

"TechCamp is launched by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, 2.0 initiatives part of civil society" said Philip Roskamp, US Embassy Jakarta Assistant of press attache, on Thursday.

Roskamp said, that the two day worshop aimed communities in facilitating the social groups at motivating tech worldwide through the promotion of skills, resources and helps to improve the capabilities of the organizations in digitisation.

Michael Jones, Google Chief Technology advocate, gave a presentation on Google's countless applications that can be during the disasters of benefit.

He said "Google Earth, for example can be used to find out about situations in certain areas affected by disasters".

Jones cites the tsunami disaster that hit Indonesia in 2004. Google updated stored materials such as aerial photographs and State of the ocean waves.

2008 Jones said, has made an extension of Google maps Google Map Maker available.

"In some countries it remains difficult to comprehensive maps of their territories." "But Google Map Maker local people with more accurate data more quickly fit to allow", he said.

TechCamp 2011 focuses on disaster risk reduction and climate change issues.

Menurut Walter North Mission Director United States Agency for international development (USAID), Indonesia Adalah Salah Satu Negara Dengan Populasi Terbesar di Dunia. "Selain ITU Dari data Terakhir, about 50 Juta Masyarakat Indonesia Sudah Menggunakan Ponsel Yang supported Internet," Ucapnya.

Walter North, United States Agency for Internationanal development (USAID) Mission Director, said Indonesians are actually updated by current tech development. "Recent data shows that 50 million connected Indonesians with mobile phones to support the Internet access," he said. "In fact, Indonesia is now Facebook's second largest market and largest Twitter users in Asia."

"During disasters all over the world is eager to help find the best solutions in the handling of the crisis..."Therefore TechCamp draws players in tech industries together and those specializing in social services, "he said."

TechCamp Jakarta is the second event, the the US State Department, according to the first one in Santiago de Chile, last year held.


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Indonesia uninformed hostages conditions

Indonesia uninformed hostages conditions

Indonesian Minister of Defense, said that no messages to the Government in terms of the conditions of 13 Indonesian hostages by Somali pirates on board a vessel Singapore, MT Gemini was redirected.

"In the end, I think they propose will ransom demand," he said on Friday.

Purnomo had on the subject of piracy with the Singapore discussed authority. Singapore has provide yet another answer.

Somali pirates of control of the ship on Tanzania seized waters on 30 April 2011. The Singapore authorities need to acquire more updates on the conditions of the ship and its crew.

"Details the pirated ship not yet, been", said Minister of Foreign Affairs Marty NATALEGAWA earlier last month.

Marty would nevertheless declared Indonesia contacts tend to the Singapore authorities in an effort to accumulate all the information of the hostages.


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Dichten Rauch behindert Flüge in Riau

Dichten Rauch behindert Flüge in Riau

"The smoke was very thick." "Visibility is only 150 m from our observation."

still Pekanbaru Riau influenced thick haze from forest fire. Last week, the city covered despite the reduction in hot spots, dense smoke significantly.

Head of the Pekanbaru Agency of meteorology, climatology and Geophysics, Marzuki, said that visibility in Pekanbaru was only 150 meters on Friday morning. "The smoke was very thick this morning." From our observation, the visibility is only 150 metres, "Marzuki said"

This condition is not only due to the thick haze, but also the high humidity. "The short visibility lasts only until 8 pm." Now, the visibility reaches 3 km, "said he."

According to based on satellite observation tends to be set to reduce Marzuki, hot spots in Riau. "There are 45 points in the Sumatra where nine of them are in Riau." In the meantime, the temperature goes on normally at 32.7 Celsius, "said Marzuki."

The poor visibility in Pekanbaru Sultan Syarif Kasim II had interrupted schedules in Pekanbaru airport. "Garuda and Lion Air, which were scheduled to fly"
Their flights must delay Jakarta at 7 am, for more than 30 minutes, "said Pekanbaru airport duty manager SSK II, Gurit Setiawan."


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Indonesia receives US$ 38.7 bn to April

Indonesia receives US$ 38.7 bn to April

the Government income and Rp331 donation received in the first four months of the year 2011,. 1 trillion, 30 percent of the targeted 2011 State budget.

Over the same period 2010, has been an increase of 19.8 per cent, or Rp54. 8 trillion, included.

"Gained the amount of domestic income and donation is to later than 2010," Anny Ratnawati said Deputy Finance Minister, on Thursday.

Data from the Ministry of finance shows that tax income Rp262. 6 billion or 30.9% of the State budget targeted 2011 achieved. International trade in the value of Rp18. 1 trillion tax and largest tax income was by domestic tax of Rp244. 5 trillion contributed.

In the meantime not tax state income hit within the first four months in the year 2011 Rp68. 4 trillion. Non-oil - and gas resources lined in highest State does not tax income of Rp6. 5 trillion.

In terms of expenditure, Anny said the Government Rp279. 6 trillion or 22.7 per cent of the allocated budget.

You realized Government expenditure recorded Rp161 trillions or 19,25 per cent of the allocated budget. Employment expenditure reached Rp51. 7 trillion, were achieved Rp16. 4 trillion.


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